I recently came across a photo from a 1988 Massey-Milburn reunion.  This family has had reunions over the years, some of which I have attended, since I am a descendant of the Gibson County Massey family.  Most of the Massey-Milburn branch are descendants of Samuel Burke Massey (1880-1959) and Sophia Milburn (1880-1952), who lived in Princeton and are buried in Maple Hill Cemetery.  Sam and Sophia had five children:  Helen McEllhiney (Joe), Lillian Hull (Homer), Edward Massey (Elsie), Edna Davis (Lewis) and Margaret Zuckschwerdt (Carl).  I contacted Carol Hull, dau-in-law of Lillian Massey Hull, who was able to provide names for most of the people in the pic.    Sam's Massey family was pretty well-known around the county.  His father was John Bedford Massey, and his mother was Julia Kirkpatrick. 

Contributed by Gerald "Jerry" Spore