Contributed by Adrian "A A" Smith

Direct line of names include Smith, Williams, Johnson, Davis, Creek, Redwine, Riggs, Harmon, Pollard

Sharp, Clark, Wright

My grandfather on my fatherís side of the family was Malchus Anderson Smith he was born in Gibson Co. In

His parents were David Smith And Manessa Williams


Davidís parents were Peter Smith And Sally Davis

Manessaís parent were John Williams Jr. and Elizabeth Creek


Donít know who Peter Smith parents were

Sally Davis was the daughter of Robert Clark Davis and Elizabeth Redwine

John Williams Jr. was the son of John Williams Sr and Henrietta Johnson

Elizabeth Creek was the Daughter of Jacob Creek and Jane Riggs


Robert Clark Davis Was the son of David Davis and Unkn

Elizabeth Redwine Was Daughter of John Redwine and Unkn

John Williams Sr was the son of Simon Williams and Polly Ann

Henrietta Johnson was daughter of Arthur A Johnson and Lucy Harmon

Jacob Creek was son of Killion Creek and Unkn



My grandmother on my fatherís side was Margaret Elizabeth Johnson and she was born in Gibson Co. In

Her parents were George Johnson and Anna E Pollard


George Johnson was the son of Arthur Lewis Johnson and Elizabeth Harmon

Anna E Pollard was the Daughter of William Pollard Jr and Sarah Sharp


Arthur Lewis Johnson was the son of Arthur A Johnson and Lucy Harmon

Elizabeth Harmon was Daughter of William Harmon and Elizabeth Williams

William Pollard Jr was son of William Pollard Sr and Amy Clark

Sarah Sharp was Daughter of BENJAMIN SHARP and Elizabeth Wright


Arthur A Johnson was son of Nathaniel Johnson and Winney ?

William Pollard Sr was son of Henry Pollard and Rachel ?


BENJAMIN SHARP  was one of my Great Great Great Grandfathers


(31 Aug 2015)