Page Cemetery
Center Township - Gibson County - Indiana
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Coordinates: 38 23.41' N Latitude; 87 29.09' W Longitude
Congressional Location: NE-1/4; NE-1/4; SECTION 35; TOWNSHIP 1S; RANGE 10W
Owned / Controlled By: Eleanor Litherland
Contact for Permission to Access: Eleanor Litherland
Common Directions: 5 miles northwest of Francisco. Located back a lane about 3/10 mile west of County Road 465E, about 4/10 mile north of the intersection with County Road 200N.


The following list is an attempt to show all known graves, using several different sources. There may be other graves which are unknown due to missing, unreadable, destroyed or broken markers. If you have knowledge of any other graves which may not be shown below, please drop us an e-mail and let us know.

AYDELOTTE, Arminda J.   14-Feb-1833 10-Oct-1914    
AYDELOTTE, Mary E.   4-Oct-1866 21-Jul-1934   "Mother"
AYDELOTTE, Nina Pearl     8-May-1888 1 yr. 2 mos. 13 dys. Daughter of H. F. & Mary E. AYDELOTTE
AYDELOTTE, Oscar   3-Nov-1834 16-Mar-1878   Company "H", 113th. Regiment, Indiana Volunteers
AYDELOTTE, William F.   27-Nov-1859 2-Jun-1915   "Father"
AYDELOTTE,         (Surname only)
BAIRD, Dante Angelo   7-May-1854 18-Nov-1854   (Twin of Santa Pizarro)
BAIRD, Santa Pizarro   7-May-1854 18-Jan-1855   (Twin of Dante Angelo)
BOAL, James     26-Nov-1890 57 yrs. 6 mos. 9 dys. Company "H", 17th. Regiment, Indiana Volunteers
BOAL, William J.   28-Oct-1866 3-Feb-1880   Son of James & Jane BOAL
BOSWELL, James H.   8-Mar-1848 29-Mar-1911   Husband of Sarah B. BOSWELL
BOSWELL, Sarah B.   9-Oct-1851 3-Mar-1933   Wife of James H. BOSWELL
BURNS, Lillie E.     14-Oct-1894 2 mos. 4 dys. Daughter of Thomas & Julia BURNS
CONNER, Bessie G.   17-Aug-1888 1-Nov-1934   "Our Mother"
CONNER, Clarence D.   10-Jul-1884 16-Sep-1970   "Our Father"
CONNER, Clarence Robert         1912
CONNER, Daniel         Company "B", 1st. Indiana Calvary
CONNER, Herschel Glen   1919 1933    
CONNER, Martha   1913 1917   Daughter of C. D. & B. G. CONNER
CONNER, Sarah V.         Daughter of Horace B. & Sarah "Sallie" (HOLDEN) PAGE; (Colvin Funeral Home records give date of death as 16-Dep-1921, aged 74 yrs. 1 dy.)
CORNELIUS, George D.   31-Aug-1854 6-Apr-1925   "Father"
CORNELIUS, Mahala C.   24-Aug-1865 3-Apr-1961   "Mother"
CORNELIUS, Susan   30-Nov-1903 18-Feb-1982    
DECKER, Effie L.   12-Jan-1869 31-Apr-1900   Daughter of Jefferson & Martha A. DECKER
DECKER, Jefferson   27-Nov-1841     Husband of Martha A. DECKER
DECKER, Martha A.   7-May-1848 26-Aug-1906   Wife of Jefferson DECKER
FARMER, Fleming     6-Sep-1841 31 yrs. (Stone broken)
FARMER, Mary Jane     15-Feb-1845 8 yrs. 2 mos. 15 dys. Daughter of Fleming FARMER
FLICK, Amos T.     21-Mar-1878 2 yrs. 2 mos. 6 dys.  
FLICK, Thomas J.     5-Oct-1877 19 yrs. 7 mos. 12 dys.  
FLICK, Uley P.     16-Oct-1876 4 yrs. 4 mos. 16 dys. Daughter of J. & M. J. FLICK
GRIMES, Asa Lorn     29-Jul-1879 1 yr. 3 mos. 19 dys. Son of Robert & E. M. GRIMES
GRIMES, Lena A.     7-Sep-1881 2 yrs. 2 dys. Daughter of E. & V. GRIMES
GRIMES, Robert     11-Nov-1879 30 yrs. 3 mos. 21 dys.  
HARBINSON, Cleon   18-Mar-1907 15-Aug-1920   Son of James & Emma HARBINSON
HARBISON, Lilly E.     27-Nov-1876 3 mos. 17 dys. Daughter of R. J. & S. M. HARBINSON
HARTLOFF, Lilly Dale     18-june-1883 5 mos. 10 dys. Daughter of A. & M. E. HARTLOFF
HARTLOFF, Mary E.     8-Mar-1883 24 yrs. 6 mos. 4 dys. Wife of A. HARTLOFF
HOPE, Julie E.   1853 1915   "Mother"; Wife of Samuel J. HOPE; (Daughter of Horace B. & Sallie [HOLDEN] PAGE); (Death Certificate gives date of birth as 5-May-1853 & date of death as 22-Jan-1915)
HOPE, Samuel J.   1840 1922   "Father"; Husband of Julie E. HOPE
KING, Adelia   4-Feb-1831 24-Jun-1853 22 yrs. (Nee MILLS); Wife of C. D. KING
KING, Frank   17-Jan-1871 20-Apr-1899    
LEGIER, Amos         Company "D", 58th. Indiana Infantry
LEGIER, Thomas         Company "C", 136th. Indiana Infantry
LEGIER, William L.     18-Dec-1864 29 yrs. 10 mos. 16 dys. Company "F", 33rd. Regiment, Indiana Volunteers
MAHAN, Nancy Ann     13-Apr-1884 10 yrs. 6 mos. 7 dys. Daughter of William & Eldora MAHAN
MAHAN, Samuel   8-Mar-1857 27-Jul-1936   "Father"
MERCHANT, Allis   22-Sep-1853   1 mo. 12 dys.  
MERCHANT, Elisha   1800 18-Sep-1851 51 yrs. Consort of Sarah MERCHANT
MERCHANT, Frances M.   15-Apr-1834     Consort of J. T. MERCHANT; married 28-May-1856
MERCHANT, Richard   20-Feb-1831 18-Sep-1851 20 yrs. Son of Elisha & Sarah MERCHANT
MERCHANT, Sophea   7-Mar-1836 6-Feb-1854 18 yrs. (Nee BECK); Consort of J. T. MERCHANT; Married 7-Nov-1852
MILLS, H. L.   5-Sep-1859     Husband of Martha E. MILLS
MILLS, Horace Anes   20-Mar-1838 9-Mar-1856 18 yrs. Son of D. & L. MILLS
MILLS, Martha E.   6-Jun-1861 17-Mar-1901   Wife of H. L. MILLS
MILLS, (Infant son)   15-Mar-1901 15-Mar-1901   Infant son of H. L. & M. E. MILLS
MORROW, James   1-Oct-1831 12-may-1911   Husband of Mary A. MORROW
MORROW, John S.   17-Feb-1866 3-Feb-1886   Son of James & Mary A. MORROW
MORROW, Mary A.   15-Oct-1829 21-Dec-1906   Wife of James MORROW
MURPHY, Annetta B.          
MURPHY, Emaline     5-Jun-1871   (Nee BARTON); Wife of Samuel D. MURPHY
MURPHY, Howard S.     11-Aug-1879 22 yrs. 10 mos. 12 dys.  
MURPHY, John     15-Mar-1834 44 yrs. 11 mos. 27 dys.  
MURPHY, Lena K..     2-Oct-1867 1 yr. 3 mos. 2 dys. Daughter of S. D. & E. MURPHY
MURPHY, Samuel D.     23-Nov-1871 38 yrs. 10 mos. 28 dys. Husband of Emaline MURPHY
PAGE, Amy F.   27-Jan-1851 12-Mar-1917   Wife of James L. PAGE
PAGE, Edward, E.   1860 1943    
PAGE, Horace B.   20-Nov-1824 24-May-1881 57 yrs. Husband of Sarah "Sallie" (HOLDEN) PAGE
PAGE, James     21-Feb-1862 78 yrs. 7 mos. 7 dys.  
PAGE, James L.   23-May-1848 12-Oct-1915   Husband of Amy F. PAGE
PAGE, James K.         (Son of Lewis PAGE); (Colvin Funeral Home records dives date of death as 15-Aug-1918, aged 71 yrs.)
PAGE, Olive   1891 1891    
PAGE, Ophelia   1898 1898    
PAGE, Sarah "Sallie"         Nee (HOLDEN); Wife of Horace B. PAGE (Death Certificate gives date of birth as 7-May-1827 & date of death as 20-May-1905, aged 78 yrs. 13 dys.)
PAGE, Susann   1855 1914    
PAGE, Thankful   7-Mar-1795 14-Mar-1868 73 yrs.  
PAGE, William V. H.   27-Jan-1862 15-Feb-1863   Son of H. & S. PAGE
REDBURN, Jane   10-Jul-1802 28-Dec-1890   Wife of Rev. William REDBURN
REDBURN, Lydia O.   9-Nov-1846 11-Apr-1902 56 yrs. Wife of W. J. REDBURN
REDBURN, Martha   25-Jul-1841 7-Oct-1842   Daughter of W. J. REDBURN
REDBURN, Maud   3-Apr-1884 3-Jul-1904    
REDBURN, W. J.   26-Jan-1844 10-Mar-1892   Company "B", 58th. Indiana Volunteers; Husband of Lydia O. REDBURN
REDBURN, William   14-Feb-1805 13-Nov-1879   Reverend; Husband of Jane REDBURN
REDBURN, (Infant)   20-Nov-1881 23-Nov-1881    
THORNE, F. M.         Company "M", 3rd. Kentucky Calvary
TURPIN, Mariah T.     30-Mar-1877 25 yrs. 1 mos. 14 dys. Wife of Asa TURPIN
TURPIN, Nina May     20-Dec-1874 1 yr. 8 dys. Daughter of A. & M. T. TURPIN
UTLEY, Thomas L.   7-Mar-1879 8-Jul-1879   Son of L. W. & J. C. UTLEY
VANCAMPEN, Jane     6-Dec-1878 20 yrs. 3 mos. 25 dys. Wife of L. H. VANCAMPEN
VANCAMPEN, Lutecia     30-Sep-1878 1 yr. 3 mos. 21 dys. Daughter of L. H. & J. VANCAMPEN
VANCAMPEN, L. H.     1-Aug-1880 37 yrs. 1 mo. 26 dys. Company "F", 33rd. Indiana Infantry
VANCAMPEN, Rebeckey   10-Aug-1842 15-Aug-1873   "She was a tender Mother, and an affectionate wife. She's gone to mother baby"
VANCAMPEN, William A.     26-Jul-1871 3 mos. 14 dys. Son of L. H. & R. VANCAMPEN
WEST, Alice     21-Apr-1878 50 yrs. 9 mos. 2 dys.  
WEST, Harvey R.   29-Jan-1851 21-Jan-1867    
WEST, Maggie F.   25-May-1864 2-Feb-1867    
WEST, William H.     26-Mar-1869 49 yrs. 2 mos.  
YOUNG, Bertha   1879 1889    
YOUNG, Lizzie   22-Feb-1878 3-Nov-1879   Daughter of H. E. & M. A. YOUNG
YOUNG, Mary Ann   1840 1905   (Death Certificate gives date of birth as 20-Jan-1840 & date of death as 3-Aug-1905); Wife of Henry YOUNG; (Daughter of Amos & Nancy [WOODLAND] LEGIER); (First married to James E. PAGE)
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