Grant County Legion - Home Guard

The following were the officers in the companies of the Legion (Home Guard) formed in Grant county Indiana: Minnie Rifles of Marion: Robert B. Jones, Captain-commissioned 8-1-61; later entered service as Captain in 34th Regiment. Carolus M. Crawford, 1st Lieut.-comm. 8-1-61; later entered service as 2nd Lieut., in 34th Reg Thomas C. Moore, 2nd Lieut.-comm. 8-8-61 Fairmount Guards: Roland Smith, Captain - commissioned 7-16-63 Joseph Macy, 1st Lieut - comm. 7-16-63; later moved from state Columbus Moore, 1st Lieut-comm. 4-9-64 William Dillon, 2nd Lieut - comm. 7-16-63; later entered service as 1st Lieut., in 130th Reg Dennis Montgomery, 2nd Lieut, comm. 4-9-64 Marion Guards: John G. Hedrick, Captain - comm. 7-28-63 Benjamin Crowell, 1st Lieut.-comm 7-28-63 Francis M. Moore, 2nd Lieut.-comm. 7-28-63 Liberty Wide Awakes ( of Oakridge): Jesse Butler, Captain-comm. 8-27-63, later entered service as Capt. in 130th Reg. Ruel J. Garnett, Captain-comm. 6-11-64 Joseph H. Hannah, 1st Lieut.-comm. 8-27-63, later entered service William Jackson, 1st Lieut.-comm.6-11-64 Andrew J. Fite, 2nd Lieut.-comm. 8-27-63 Jonesboro Home Guards: Daniel H. Hillman, Captain-comm. 9-26-63 William Roush, 1st Lieut.-comm. 9-26-63 Jesse H. Nelson, 2nd Lieut.-comm.9-26-63 Franklin Township Home Guards (of Roseburg): John M. Marshall, Captain-comm.10-1-63 Levi Lloyd, 1st Lieut.-comm. 10-1-63 Eli O. Small 2nd Lieut.-comm. 10-1-63
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