James F. Campbell

Obituary: Warren Weekly, July 24, 1884

  James F. Campbell was born near New Paris, Ohio, September 18th, 1833, and died at 
his home in Van Buren township, Grant county, Ind., Thursday afternoon, July 14th, 
1884, aged 50 years, 9 months and 29 days.
  The deceased came to Indiana in November, 1847, and was married to Rachel Heffner, 
September 24, 1867. He was very highly esteemed by his neighbors, and was considered 
an excellent citizen by all who knew him.
  At the beginning of the Rebellion, he was among the first to answer the call of his 
country, and remained in the service until the close of the war. Soon after enlisting 
he was exposed to the measles which settled on his lungs. From that time on he was more 
or less troubled with his lungs, and for the last four years was unable to do much work. 
From the 15th of last March he was confined to the house and suffered greatly. He was 
perfectly conscious to the last, and a few minutes before death took his wife and children 
by the hand and bade them good-bye. He was prepared and willing to go, having made his 
peace with God and joined the Christian church about three weeks ago. Funeral services 
were conducted at the house by Rev. W.G. Parker, and were attended by an unusually large 
number of sympathizing neighbors and friends. The remains were laid to rest in a grave 
walled and cemented with brick in the Corey cemetery. Peace to his ashes.