Silhouette of Phebe Hand Tucker wife of Ephraim Tucker, Jr.
Progenitor of our Tucker families that moved to Shelby/Johnson Co., Ind.
11 July 1775 - 27 Nov. 1850
Buried in the 2nd Mt. Pleasant Cem., Johnson Co., Ind.
It is believed this silhouette was done when Phebe was about 16 yrs. old.

Ephraim Tucker III William Hood Tucker
Aurilla Morris Tucker
Thomas Dudley Gill
Phebe Tucker
Elijah Brenton Tucker
Malinda Jane Tennell Tucker

Anna Sosbe Bowman Brant

Anna Sosbe Brant
and her new Plymouth
Bertha Ponsler Cousins
Cletha Brant
Opal Brant
Elizabeth Ann Brant
Adam Danford Family-1894
Etta Brant Crosby
Clara & Lizzy
Gas City Inez
Hannah & Vonnie
Hannah Brant Crosby
Hannah Brant McClain
Helen Smith Brant
ca. 1930
Helen Smith Brant
ca. 1940
Henry & Jane Thurston
Orin & Bertha Ponsler

James William
Anna Danford Brant

Mary Nancy Brant Tennell
Hannah Belle Brant Crosby
Charles F.
Lettie F. Collins Brant
Olla & Zora
Elizabeth Ann
Adam Danford
Sarah Brant Smiley Thomas, Hannah,
Vonnie, Roscoe
Aunts Family
Tom & Zora Danford
Unknown Smiley
Vonnie Crosby
Vonnie Crosby John Thomas Brant John Crosby
John Robert Brant John Thomas Brant
Ada Carpenter
John Robert Brant -
fishing in the '70's.
John Robert Brant
in the doorway
of his darkroom.
Elizabeth Chance Brant
2nd wife of Wm. Brant

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