Park Cemetery

Section 1A

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.

HUNTER,  Oren P.            b. 8-6-1887  d. 11-15-1950  "Indiana Pvt. 15 Engineers WWI"  
HUNTER,  Beatrice           1886-1907                        s/s with Oren P. Hunter
HUNTER, Oren P.             1887-1950                        s/s with Beatrice
TODD, Juanita N.            1923-                            s/s with Raymond
TODD, Raymond E.            1922-1993                        s/s with Juanita
TODD, Verlie C.             1894-1947                        s/s with Gladys
TODD, Gladys V.             1897-1983                        s/s with Verlie
TODD, Byron Paul            1940-1946     "son of N.J. & R.E. Todd"
LISTENFELT, Mildred L.      b. 9-30-1915  d. 10-13-1992
JARVIS, Margaret            1917-
JARVIS, Joseph              1915-1999
JARVIS, Hazel E.            1894-1988
JARVIS, Charles L.          1893-1950
JARVIS, Joe C.              b. 3-28-1938 d. 12-22-2000  (Jones on back- Jarvis on front)
THOMAS, Donald P.           b. 6-2-1924  d. 10-8-1944        "Pvt. 179 Inf. 44 Div  WWII"   
THOMAS, Bernard             1897-1968                        s/s with Lola
THOMAS, Lola Elva           1898-1947                        s/s with Bernard
THOMAS, Thelma              1912-1997
SWAFFORD, Barbara           1942-1948     "daughter"         s/s with Margaret and Vernon
SWAFFORD, Margaret          1923-1976     "mother"           s/s with Barbara and Vernon
SWAFFORD, Vernon            1914-1977     "father"           s/s with Barbara and Margaret
SWAFFORD, Clyde A.          b. 1-15-1881  d. 8-12-1972       s/s with Mary J.
SWAFFORD, Mary J.           b. 2-3-1879   d. 9-26-1946       s/s with Clyde A.
FOREMAN, Clem A.            1891-1967                        s/s with Evva F.
FOREMAN, Evva F.            1894-1947                        s/s with Clem A.
MART, Violet                1916-1994     (no headstone, funeral marker only)
DAVIS, Leslie A.            1905-2000                        s/s with Sarah E.
DAVIS, Sarah E.             1905-1997                        s/s with Leslie A.
STEELE, Amanda Anne         July 18, 1986
STEELE, Olin                1894-1966                        s/s with Mary Margaret
STEELE, Mary Margaret       1908-1948                        s/s with Olin
STEELE, Flossie V.          1908-1971
JONES, Rose L.              1934-1999                        s/s with Minnie E.
JONES, Minnie E.            1903-1946                        s/s with Rose L.
JONES, --------- third marker on stone with Rose L. and Minnie is blank
JONES, Tashwa Marie         June 6, 1977  "My Precious Daughter"   "Little Ones to Him Belong"
SPEARS, Seth W.             1884-19--    s/s with Florence I. (date of death incomplete)
SPEARS, Florence I.         1876-1946                        s/s with Seth W.
RICHARDSON, Watt            1878-1957                        s/s with Flossie A.
RICHARDSON, Flossie A.      1885-1947                        s/s with Watt
LITTLE, John R.             1871-1955
PERSINGER, Charles L.       1910-1984    "father"            s/s with Mary E.
PERSINGER, Mary E.          1914-        "mother"            s/s with Charles L.
McNUTT, Emery E.            1913-1984                        s/s with Marie
McNUTT, Marie               1918-                            s/s with Emery E.
CAREY, Clarence L.          b. 4-30-1877  d. 11-21-1945      s/s with Washtella
CAREY, Washtella E.         b. 3-10-1876  d. 10-12-1970      s/s with Clarence L.
COAHRAN, John L.            1885-1945                        s/s with Ruth H.
COAHRAN, Ruth H.            1886-1955                        s/s with John L.
PLESCHER, James H.          1928-                            s/s with Marshall & Janet
PLESCHER, Marshall Eric     June 17, 1962                    s/s with James and Janet
PLESCHER, Janet H.          1936-1994                        s/s with James & Marshall
----------------  Veteran------------ flag signifies grave, no name, no dates, no markers
FOWLER, Clifford A.         (no dates, but has a flag signifying he is a veteran)  
					                               s/s with Bertha A.
FOWLER, Bertha A.                                            s/s with Clifford A.
HENSLEY, Stella L.          1898-1945     "Mother, we miss you"
RUSSELL, Frederick H.       b. 12-4-1922  d. 4-30-1993   "Tec 5 US Army WWII"  s/s with Mary 
RUSSELL, Mary (Thomas)      b. 1-7-1925                      s/s with Frederick H.
ACKERMAN, John V.           1878-1946     s/s with Daisy Z. & John H. Lambert Ackerman
ACKERMAN, Daisy Z.          1883-1970     s/s with John V. & John H. Lambert Ackerman
ACKERMAN, John H. Lambert   1875-1944     s/s with John V. & Daisy Z. Ackerman
RIBELIN, Robert E.          1915-                            s/s with Ruth L.
RIBELIN, Ruth L.            1918-                            s/s with Robert E.
RIBELIN, Stella G.          1888-1947                        s/s with Edward C.
RIBELIN, Edward C.          1886-1965                        s/s with Stella G.
YOUNG, Earl B.              1898-1974   flag indicates he is a veteran, s/s with Eulalia J.
YOUNG, Eulalia J.           1893-1969                        s/s with Earl B.
COSTNER, Stacey R. (Jarvis) b. 6-29-1971  d. 1-22-1999  "mother"  s/s with John Huston 
HUSTON, John M.             b. 5-25-1989  d. 1-22-1999  "son"  s/s with Stacey Costner (photos)
-------------- memorial included "In memory of our friend & teammate forever 
                                       John Mark "Johnny" Huston          
                                        Fairmount L.L. Pirates"     
              Stacey Costner and Johnny Huston drowned when Stacey's car was swept 
              off a bridge during a rare flood in Liberty Twp.
HUSTON, Claude              1872-1935                        s/s with Lula E.
HUSTON, Lula E.             1879-1929                        s/s with Claude
MUNNS, Margaret (Safford)   1915-1965     s/s with Cynthia M & Henry W. Safford        
SAFFORD, Cynthia M.         1881-1929     s/s with Henry Safford & Margaret Munns
SAFFORD, Henry W.           1878-1952     s/s with Cynthia Safford & Margaret Munns      
------------ (?) missing stone possibly a Safford
ALLRED, William D.          b.  8-16-1919 d.  8-22-1990    freemason; veteran  
							s/s with Willie Marie
ALLRED, Willie Marie        b. 3-26-1918  d. 2-23-1996  Eastern Star   
				shares stone with William D.
ALLRED, L. Ethel            1890-1970     Eastern Star  on back of William D. Allred's stone
ALLRED, Bernard L.          1886-1966     Freemason     on back of William D. Allred's stone
HARVEY, Edwin B.            1865-1931       
HARVEY, Locia L.            1870-1951
HARVEY, William R.          1871-1946                        s/s with Retta
HARVEY, Retta               1875-1960                        s/s with William R.
HARVEY, Walter A.           1886-1972     "father"           s/s with Mahala and Bertha
HARVEY, Mahala Mae          1924-1936     "daughter"         s/s with Walter and Bertha
HARVEY, Bertha A.           1889-1973     "mother"           s/s with Walter and Mahala
HOWARD, Paul                1922-2001     veteran      (no headstone yet, funeral marker only)
FLOREA, John W.             b. 6-30-1904  d.  5-19-1986  m. 11-15-1924  "father"  
							s/s with Bertha M.
FLOREA, Bertha M.           b. 2-27-1906   d. 10-7-1974      "mother"  s/s with John W.
FLOREA, Raymond W.          b. 12-31-1930  d. 7-22-1976      "dad"
FLOREA, O.W.                1879-1946     "father"           s/s with Ethel
FLOREA, Ethel               1879-1947     "mother"           s/s with O.W.
WOOLLEN, Glen A.            b. 4-12-1912  d. 3-8-1964    "IN T Sgt 792 Base Depot Co Tc WWII"  
WOOLLEN, Jane Garthwait     b. 6-20-1916  d. 12-10-1990      veteran
WOOLLEN, Charles E. "Spiv"  1916-1994
WOOLLEN, John L.            1879-1971                        s/s with Jennie M.
WOOLLEN, Jennie M.          1879-1962
SCHAFFER, Gay               1892-1956                        s/s with Adeline
SCHAFFER, Adeline           1902-1987
MOON, Everett E.            1895-1973                        s/s with Margaret L.
MOON, Margaret L.           1899-1992                        s/s with Everett E.
KISTLER, Jack E.            b. 9-24-1929  d. 7-21-1999       barber pole
SHANE, Floyd C.             b. 7-31-1894  d. 3-2-1965        "father"
SHANE, Dotsy                b. 11-18-1900 d. 9-15-1976       "mother"
SHANE, Fred E.              b. 9-29-1924  d. 1-8-1986        "PFC US Marine Corps WWII"
SHANE, Mamie A.             b. 1-8-1929   d. 2-3-1993        "mother"
SHANE, James Henry          b. 6-26-1923  d. 4-27-1962       "IN Pvt US Marine Corps WWII"
BREWER, Tamra Ann           b. 7-11-1954  d. 9-18-1997       "mother"
BATES, Linnie Bell          1876-1971
MARSHALL, William E.        1885-1982                        s/s with Myrtle
MARSHALL, Myrtle Fritz      1882-1971                        s/s with William E.
FRITZ, Reuben               b. 1-22-1852  d. 4-23-1928
FRITZ, Catherine            b. 10-18-1856 d. 3-8-1928
FRITZ, ------------huge stone inside a large bush. Could not read given names due to branches
FRITZ, Harley               b. 9-27-1877  d. 4-16-1937       Ladies Aux. VFW star 
						(this stone inside large bush)
LEWIS, Mary E.              1860-1952
LEWIS, William R.           1853-1933
LEWIS, R. Guy               1893-1951
BOSWELL, Lester L.          b.  8-1-1915                     s/s with Mary E.
BOSWELL, Mary E. (Lewis)    b. 10-3-1920  d. 6-24-1997       s/s with Lester L.
FLITTNER, Goldie M.         1894-1977
CROSLEY, Richard W.         1912-1977                        s/s with Delores
CROSLEY, Delores E.         1910-1988                        s/s with Richard
STOUT, Charles L.           1896-1988                        s/s with Irene
STOUT, Irene G.             1900-1970                        s/s with Charles
BLISS, Osborn B.            1880-1959                        s/s with Dora
BLISS, Dora M.              1886-1982                        s/s with Osborn
HOSKINS, Charles W.         1882-1960                        s/s with Florence
HOSKINS, Florence V.        1887-1966                        s/s with Charles
HOSKINS, John C.            b.  2-12-1927 d. 8-27-1998       "S1 US Navy WWII"
HOSKINS, Glenn R.           b. 11-4-1910  d. 6-29-1999       "S Sgt US Army Air Forces WWII"
HOSKINS, Rebecca J.         b. 1-22-1952  d. 4-15-1994
---- on the back of Rebecca J. Hoskins headstone:  
			"Becky was a kind lady with a heart of gold 
			-- The kindness Becky had -- could not be bought or sold 
			-- she always had a smile -- that cheered
			-- we will miss her and -- cry many tears 
			-- but we can be inspired by her -- willingness to move on with 
			-- her life inspite of adversity -- she was a model Christian for 
			-- the world to see.        M. Dorsey"
HOSKINS, Joan A.            b. 9-20-1924  d. 7-23-1986       "mom"
HOSKINS, Wilbur W.          b. 1-20-1906  d. 12-25-1983      "dad"   freemason
HINTON, Madeline            b. 1-10-1928  d. 5-20-1928
HINTON, Dale                1899-1973
HOWELL, Charles B.          1918-1996     (no headstone, funeral marker only) 
HOWELL, Clark               1894-1928                        s/s with Opel Howell Jones
JONES, Opel Howell          1899-1963                        s/s with Clark Howell
JONES, Lillian F.           1871-1951
JONES, Joseph H.            1863-1939
HAZZARD, Mary Lutitia       1877-1929
McTURNAN, Lawrence          b. 7-13-1927  d. 10-14-1993
McTURNAN, Joan Lea          b. 10-20-1923 d. 2-29-1988       "wife of Robert A. Gemmill"
McTURNAN, Mary Latham       b. 12-27-1888 d. 3-14-1977
McTURNAN, Lea V.            b. 4-10-1876  d. 11-13-1948      veteran
McTURNAN, Lea               b. 3-20-1929  d. 4-25-1953       veteran
KEPLER, Jacob               1860-1949                        s/s with Barbara
KEPLER, Barbara             1858-1928                        s/s with Jacob
KEPLER, Edward L.           b. 9-12-1891  d. 11-23-1937      "Pvt US Army WWI"
LYNCH, Alva A.              1902-1957
DRUART, Emile               1852-1932                         s/s with Elizabeth
DRUART, Elizabeth           1852- ????                        s/s with Emile
CASE, Louie Monahan         1878-19--
MONAHAN, Thomas E.          1869-1931    "Loyal Order of Moose   PAP"
MONAHAN, Fred L.            1913-1981                         s/s with Reba
MONAHAN, Reba H.            1914-                             s/s with Fred
MONAHAN, William            1874-1932                         s/s with Della
MONAHAN, Della              1877-1958                         s/s with William
SMITH, Esom L.              1862-1954                         s/s with Bertha
SMITH, Bertha A.            1879-1936                         s/s with Esom
CORN, Earl Eugene           b. 11-18-1917  d. 4-22-1976       "PFC US Army WWII"
CORN, Earl E.               1917-1976      m. 8-10-1935       s/s with Margaret
CORN, Margaret L.           1917-1996                         s/s with Earl
CORN, Dickie                1940-1940     "son"               s/s with Judy
CORN, Judy                  1942-1945    "daughter"           s/s with Dickie
CORN, Marcus D.             1910-1984                         s/s with Sylvia
CORN, Sylvia A.             1913-1974                         s/s with Marcus
FISHER, Terry Lee "Fish"    b. 4-18-1956  d. 8-20-1999 "Beloved father, son, brother" veteran
O'SHAUGHNESSY, J. Paul      1896-1988     "Cook US Army WWI"  on back of J. Paul & Thelma
O'SHAUGHNESSY, J. Paul      1896-1988     m.  12-31-1921      s/s with Thelma
O'SHAUGHNESSY, Thalma G.    1902-1999                         s/s with J. Paul       
O'SHAUGHNESSY, John P.      1866-1957     veteran
O'SHAUGHNESSY, Mary E.      1870-1932
ANDERSON, Paul M.           1896-1982                         s/s with Hilda
ANDERSON, Hilda M.          1894-1981                         s/s with Paul
HIMELICK, R. Waldo          1899-1979     m. 1-1-1920               s/s with Fern
HIMELICK, Fern              1902-1939     "mother of my children"   s/s with R. Waldo
HIMELICK, Jerry R.          1928-                             s/s with Anna Louise
HIMELICK, Anna Louise       1928-1955                         s/s with Jerry R.
ROE, O. Everett             1894-1961                         s/s with Nellie
ROE, Nellie                 1896-1985                         s/s with O. Everett
ROE, Anderson               1870-1942                         s/s with Ida May
ROE, Ida May                1872-1960                         s/s with Anderson
ELLINGWOOD, Herbert E.      1913-1940
PHILLIPS, M. Lois Ellingwood Stutsman     1911-1992
RICKS, Edith L.             1893-1940
RICHARDSON, Earl John       b. 1-25-1891  d. 3-22-1979    "PFC US Army WWI"
RICHARDSON, Lillian E.      b. 7-14-1895  d. 1-10-1984    "wife of Earl Richardson"
GRAHAM, Lucille H.          1927-1947
GRAHAM, Harriett E.         1890-1972                         s/s with Fred A.
GRAHAM, Fred A.             1886-1952                         s/s with Harriett E.
BROWN, Emma A.              1858-1943
EVERETT, R. Lee             1884-1951                         s/s with Emma O.
EVERETT, Emma O.            1887-1967                         s/s with R. Lee
HOLLOWAY, Ernest W.         b. 11-29-1909  d. 9-15-1969  m. 12-27-1931  s/s with D. Martelle
HOLLOWAY, D. Martelle       b. 9-26-1913   d. 4-18-1997       s/s with Ernest W.
GIBSON, Herman LeRoy        b. 1-2-1943    d. 11-19-1945   "son of Wayne & Francis Gibson"
JARVIS, Franklin C.         1943
CARR, Rev. John Paul        1912-1946     "Daddy... Well done, good & faithful servant"
MINCH, Sylvia R.            b. 11-4-1891   d. 4-17-1966
MINCH, Edward F.            b. 7-21-1878   d. 3-25-1966   "IN Sgt Btry C 139 Field Arty WWI"
SMITH, William A.           1911-1964     s/s with Martha C.
SMITH, Martha C.            1912-         s/s with William A.
STONE, Ruth                 1898-1983     s/s with John, Minnie, & George
STONE, John                 1898-1991     s/s with Ruth, Minnie, & George
STONE, Minnie               1876-1941     s/s with Ruth, John, & George
STONE, George               1875-1950     s/s with Ruth, John, & Minnie
WILEY, James B.             1854-1941                         s/s with Nettie B.
WILEY, Nettie B.            1861-19--     s/s with James B.  (date of death incomplete)
PAYNE, Roland D.            1933-1934
PAYNE, Claude G.            1908-1935
PAYNE, Ida Mae              1874-1952                         s/s with Rev. Charles
PAYNE, Rev. Charles         1873-1945                         s/s with Ida Mae
MOSIER, John K.             b. 8-20-1916   d. 11-28-1980     "Love beyond understanding"    
MOSIER, Mary Ricks                         d. 5-13-1975  "our mother"  s/s with John K.
---------------------------new grave, no marker.  Beside James S. Scott   "Husband"
SCOTT, James S.             1892-1933      "husband"
PATTISON, Bessie Mae        1893-1934
PATTISON, Alva H.           1893-1971
PATTISON, Nellie J.         1885-1956
RATLIFF, Oliver             1887-1952     "father"            s/s with Eva L.
RATLIFF, Eva L.             1889-1945     "mother"            s/s with Oliver
RICKS, Basil B.             1911-1986
RICKS, William E.           1898-1931     "brother"
RICKS, Ella M.              1868-1928
RICKS, George A.            1859-1934     "father"
SWANAGIN, Thomas W.         1837-1928                         s/s with Emma
SWANAGIN, Emma              1863-19--     s/s with Thomas W.  (date of death incomplete)
SMITH, Ruth A.              1912-1977
SMITH, Esta Z.              1889-1954                         s/s with Noah & Robert
SMITH, Noah E.              1888-1956                         s/s with Esta & Robert
SMITH, Robert M.            1918-1932                         s/s with Esta & Noah
BITNER, Hazel M.            1898-1971
BITNER, Floyd E.            1897-1964
BITNER, Nora D.             1872-1965
BITNER, John L.             1861-1928
KENDALL, Morris M.          1910-1963
MOORE, Mary C.              1869-1937
RATLIFF, Alice              1890-1984
RATLIFF, Ancil E.           1862-1954                         s/s with Ruth H.
RATLIFF, Ruth H.            1864-1955                         s/s with Ancil E.
MARSHALL, E. Howard         1893-1979                         s/s with Eurah R.
MARSHALL, Eurah R.          1896-1989                         s/s with E. Howard
RATLIFF, Willis H.          1894-1985                         s/s with Cecile
RATLIFF, Cecile V.          1900-1969                         s/s with Willis
WOOD, Claude O.             1897-1969                         s/s with Mary
WOOD, Mary N.               1896-1980                         s/s with Claude
WOOD, Anna D.               1875-1951                         s/s with Charles
WOOD, Charles C.            1873-1960                         s/s with Anna D.
NEAL, Carl J.               1890-1920     
     "In memory of Carl J. Neal, missionary buried at Mahabaleshwar, India.    
                     Greater Love Hath No Man"
NEAL, Luna B.               1871-1952                         s/s with Joseph R.
NEAL, Joseph R.             1867-1947                         s/s with Luna B.
VANBLARICOM, Jennie C.      b. 10-30-1866  d. 1-17-1930       s/s with Samuel M.
VANBLARICOM, Samuel M.      b. 4-27-1865   d. 4-13-1928       s/s with Jennie C.
GARRISON, Mary E.           1875-1951                         s/s with William H.
GARRISON, William H.        1870-1928                         s/s with Mary E.
DILLEY, Martha E.           1847-1928     "mother"
JOHNSON, Mary E.            1871-1956                         s/s with Delman
JOHNSON, Delman F.          1877-1956                         s/s with Mary
THOMPSON, Maude P.          1888-1959                         s/s with Willie
THOMPSON, Willie W.         1887-1951                         s/s with Maude
MOW, Rev. Schuyler          1866-1939                         s/s with Clara
MOW, Clara B.               1869-1953                         s/s with Rev. Schuyler
BREWER, Chester M.          1900-1983     m. 3-12-1919        s/s with Ethel
BREWER, Ethel F.            1899-1971                         s/s with Chester
RICH, Emma P.               b. 2-1-1876   d. 2-5-1953         s/s with John E.
RICH, John E.               b. 1-27-1870  d. 7-10-1928        s/s with Emma P.
KIMES, Nondis M.            1898-1966
KIMES, Russell R.           1901-1969
KIMES, Ada A.               1900-1928
COSBY, Myrtle Allred        1900-1985

Updating to May 25, 2003
Chambers, Natalie Joy d. 7-26-2002 "We love you, mommy and daddy" McTurnan, James Latham b. 4-30-1917 d. 1-3-2003 Persinger, Mary E. 1914-2002 mother Boswell, Lester L. b. 8-1-1915 d. 4-7-2002

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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