Park Cemetery

Section 1B

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.

FROH, William M.            b. 5-5-1866   d. 11-2-1931        s/s with Idella
FROH, Idella I.             b. 4-20-1869  d. 12-23-1958       s/s with William
MONTGOMERY, Leonard E.      1887-1971     freemason           s/s with Marie
MONTGOMERY, Marie T.        1900-1992                         s/s with Leonard
LINES, Charles              1890-1974     m. 8-23-1924        s/s with Norma
LINES, Norma                1907-1985                         s/s with Charles
KEEVER, A. Jay              1880-1967                         s/s with Etta
KEEVER, Etta G.             1881-1984                         s/s with A. Jay
SCHREIVER, Ethel D.         1880-1965                         s/s with George
SCHREIVER, George W.        1873-1961                         s/s with Ethel
BREWER, Hortense            1896-1945
BREWER, John                1897-1954
KELSAY, Gene E.             1924-1941
KELSAY, Oren W.             1893-1990                         s/s with Josephine
KELSAY, Josephine B.        1894-1988                         s/s with Oren
HASTY, Erastus T.           1868-1948     "daddy"             s/s with Caroline
HASTY, Caroline             1869-1960     "mother"            s/s with Erastus
BANTER, Dorothy E.          1910-1994
RICH, Rachel J.             1880-1962
RICH, Herman E.             1878-1957
RICH, Glenn H.              1917-1931
WEBB, Charles Ronald        1957-1964     "Ronnie" 
ANDERSON, Mildred Manlove   1912-1965
MANLOVE, Jesse L.           1882-1952                         s/s with Erma
MANLOVE, Erma B.            1889-1975                         s/s with Jesse
HARDWICK, Alma G.           1894-1985
SHRONTZ, Glenn              1900-1979                         s/s with Mary B.
SHRONTZ, Mary B.            1909-1993                         s/s with Glenn
SHRONTZ, Leroy              1850-1929     "father"            s/s with Leona
SHRONTZ, Leona              1873-1961     "mother"            s/s with Leroy
SHRONTZ, A. Dean            b. 7-11-1938  d. 5-18-1999        "US Navy"
SHRONTZ, Harry A.           1902-1965     "Beyond the sunset" s/s with Margery B.  
SHRONTZ, Margery B.         1904-1987                         s/s with Harry A.
HAISLEY, Warren G.          1897-1945
FOLAND, W. Parvin           1909-1959     freemason           s/s with Beatrice
FOLAND, Beatrice E.         1916-         Eastern Star        s/s with W. Parvin
JOHNSON, Ernest N.          1912-1996     freemason           s/s with Margaret W.  
                                          "In God we trust"
JOHNSON, Margaret W.        1916-         Eastern Star  s/s with Ernest (recent grave 2001?)
JOHNSON, Charles W.         1879-1955     "at rest"
JOHNSON, Minnie Mae         1884-1976
JOHNSON, Clarence E.        1901-1929     "at rest"
ROBERTS, Lee M.             b. 4-20-1897  d. 11-14-1964       "ROBERTS    CASSELL" 
                                                              s/s with Leola Cassell Roberts
ROBERTS, Leola Cassell      b. 4-18-1897  d. 11-1-1964        s/s with Lee M.
CASSELL, Gurnee E.          b. 5-24-1889  d. 9-11-1956        "IL Pvt Co I 21 Inf WWI"
CASSELL, M. Marie           1891-1961     "at rest"
WILLIAMS, William Thomas    b. 5-26-1877  d. 12-25-1976       s/s with Margaret Idelta
WILLIAMS, Margaret Idelta   b. 1-9-1898   d. 12-19-1978       s/s with William Thomas
BONAR, Maude W.             1876-1956     "mother"
TAYLOR, Eliza               1849-1930     "mother"
MEYERS, Charles R.          1914-1984
MEYERS, Violet M.           1919-1988
FRAZIER, Phillip Max        1925-1995                         	s/s with Donna & Vickie
FRAZIER, Donna Charline     1926-                             	s/s with Phillip & Vickie
FRAZIER, Vickie Joy         Mar 2-July 6, 1949                	s/s with Phillip & Donna
COULTER, Lloyd Laverne      1936-         m. 6-18-1960    "dad" s/s with Marcia Ann
COULTER, Marcia Ann         1941-1986     "Monahan"       "mom" s/s with Lloyd Laverne
MILLER, Edith G.            1900-1995                         	s/s with Herbert E.   
MILLER, Herbert E.          1899-1987                         	s/s with Edith G.
                            (Miller's on back of Phillip, Donna, & Vickie Frazier stone)
RICKS, Dorothy Whiteman     1923-1987  m. 3-31-1949           	s/s with Herbert E.
RICKS, Herbert E.           1919-1996  "WWII"                 	s/s with Dorothy Whiteman
RICKS, Alice Myers          1923-      m. 12-6-1941  "L.P.N."  	Eastern Star  s/s with Joseph
RICKS, Joseph R.R.          1917-      "WWII"     freemason   	s/s with Alice Myers
RICKS, Wayne W.             1892-1982  m. 8-14-1916  freemason  s/s with Blanche B.
RICKS, Blanche B.           1898-1973                         	s/s with Wayne W.
RICKS, Joseph R.            b. 6-18-1946  d. 8-17-1998  	"Sgt. Vietnam"
     						   "In memory of a beloved son, 
						    brother, husband, dad and grandpa.  
					Son of Joseph R.R. and Alice (Myers) Ricks" 
SMALL, John M.              1926-      m. 11-8-1951  "WWII"   	s/s with Carol Ricks
SMALL, Carol Ricks          1932-                             	s/s with John M.
HALL, Harold S.             1931-1981  m. 5-19-1962           	s/s with Delores L.
HALL, Delores L.            1923-                             	s/s with Harold S.
HARROLD, Herbert G.         1925-1987                         	s/s with Phyllis A.
HARROLD, Phyllis A.         1927-                             	s/s with Herbert G.
HARROLD, Hubert             1925-2001  (funeral marker only)
HARROLD, Blanche J.         1892-1972  "mother"
HARROLD, Glen A.            1894-1957  "father"
HARROLD, Wayne Edward       1922-1940
RUMFELT, Barbara J.         b. 7-24-1931  d. 3-18-1991         	s/s with Albert
RUMFELT, Albert             b. 6-14-1930                       	s/s with Barbara J.
GRAHL, John R.              1889-1982                          	s/s with Hazel H. & Wesley
GRAHL, Hazel H.             1893-1988                          	s/s with John R. & Wesley
GRAHL, S/Sgt. Wesley        1921-1944  Navy Insignia           	s/s with John R. & Hazel H.
ADAMS, Emery C.             1893-1943                          	s/s with Dora
ADAMS, Dora E.              1895-1974                          	s/s with Emery
KINZIE, Adam Ross           June 23-June 24, 1995  "our beloved son"
HOWELL, Gordon C.           1901-1963                          	s/s with Wilma
HOWELL, Wilma J.            1907-1985                          	s/s with Gordon
CRAIG, Dale A.              1942-1994                          	s/s with Ellen
CRAIG, Ellen E.             1944-                              	s/s with Dale
UNDERWOOD, John             1900-1994                          	s/s with Ethel
UNDERWOOD, Ethel            1903-2000                          	s/s with John
KIRKPATRICK, Virgil T.      b. 1-22-1928                       	s/s with Marilyn
KIRKPATRICK, Marilyn J.     b. 5-3-1930
ADAMS, Mary Ellen           1928-                              	s/s with Jay C.
ADAMS, Jay C.               b. 12-2-1927  d. 6-21-1996         	"US Air Force Korea"     
     shares stone with Mary Ellen
MONTGOMERY, Bueford "Boo"   1910-1976  "dad"
MONTGOMERY, Willie          1943-1943                          	s/s with Sammie
MONTGOMERY, Sammie          1937-1943                          	s/s with Willie
ADAMS, Dorothy Ann Ratliff  1930-1991      "Dottie"
RICH, Nettie                1875-19--                          	s/s with Lillie R.
RICH, Lillie R. Chasteen    1873-1947                          	s/s with Nettie
EBER, Debra Ellen           b. 11-11-1964  d. 5-13-1966
PIERCE, Etta B.             1876-1941
PIERCE, James A.            1856-1951
PIERCE, Louise              1907-1973      "mother-wife"
PIERCE, Delvia A.           1904-1978      "father-husband"
CADWELL, Arthur B.          1880-1942                          	s/s with Ethel 
CADWELL, Ethel R.           1894-1966                          	s/s with Arthur
WHEELER, Allbon P.          1890-1973                          	s/s with Charlotte
WHEELER, Charlotte P.       1899-2000                          	s/s with Allbon
MONAHAN, Paul E.            1893-1952                          	s/s with Hazel
MONAHAN, Hazel M.           1891-1975                          	s/s with Paul
PAYNE, Clarence E.          1907-1977                          	s/s with Freida
PAYNE, Clarence             1907-1977     "Sgt. US Army WWII"
PAYNE, Freida M.            1922-1977                          	s/s with Clarence
POWELL, Leo B.              1900-1980                          	s/s with Lula
POWELL, Lula F.             1903-1998                          	s/s with Leo
HOWELL, Howard              1915-                              	s/s with Mary I.
HOWELL, Mary I.             1916-1998                          	s/s with Howard
HOWELL, George E.           1892-1973                          	s/s with Dollie M.
HOWELL, Dollie M.           1896-1979                          	s/s with George
GARETT, Helen L. Howell     1919-1940
TRACY, Marie                1895-1952
TRACY, Richard              1878-1942
STEELE, Carl                b. 4-6-1892  d. 8-4-1954  "IN PFC 330  Bakery Co QMC WWI"
DULING, Mary Ellen          1922-1992     (funeral marker only)
HOWE, Dorothy Wheeler       1905-1983
HOWE, Otto                  1883-1972                          	s/s with Lida
HOWE, Lida                  1886-1969                          	s/s with Otto
COLEMAN, Rev, Jno. J.       1866-1948                          	s/s with Adelia
COLEMAN, Adelia C.          1861-1930                          	s/s with Rev. Jno. J.
ALBERTSON, James C.         1873-1945                          	s/s with Eda
ALBERTSON, Eda J.H.         1875-1954                          	s/s with James C.
ALBERTSON, Valeen           b. 12-5-1901 d. 5-24-1902          	"daughter of J.C. & Eda"
ALBERTSON, James Phillip    1919-                              	s/s with M. Jeane Snyder      
ALBERTSON, M. Jeane Snyder  1919-1986                          	s/s with James Phillip
FERREE, Inez Albertson      1898-1932
PAYNE, Joseph W.            b. 1-29-1906   d. 12-20-1982       	s/s with Zora
PAYNE, Zora Albertson       b. 10-19-1904  d. 7-21-1987        	s/s with Joseph
CHAPEL, Richard A.          June 11, 1936
CHAPEL, Herman A.           1912-1969      m. 2-3-1934         	s/s with Helen
CHAPEL, Helen M.            1913-2003                           s/s with Herman
PATTISON, Carl Jr.          1943-1991                          	s/s with Carl               
PATTISON, Carl              1907-1957                          	s/s with Carl Jr.
PERNOD, Arthur              b. 11-12-1898  d. 10-3-1968  m. 4-30-1921  "dad"  s/s with Bessie
PERNOD, Bessie B.           b. 9-30-1902   d. 8-21-1966                "mom"  s/s with Arthur
PERNOD, "Jake" Harold E.    b. 11-16-1925  d. 12-1-1994
BERRY, Louis E.             1884-1932
BERRY, Leona                1884-1932
NAANES C. Pierson           b. 9-28-1902   d. 9-12-1947        "IN CPL CAC WWII"
WILTSIE, Margaret Mahoney   1909-1994
MAHONEY, Fred               1879-1929
MITTANK, Myrtle Mahoney     1886-1970
KELSAY, Infant Stephen A.   1968
KELSAY, Infant Diane Lynn   1952
KELSAY, Ruth Ellen          b. 11-2-1927   d. 11-21-1998
KELSAY, Robert W.           b. 12-21-1920  d. 8-10-1983        "US Merchant Marine WWII"
DUE, "Rusty" Russell M.S.   b. 7-23-1952   d. 10-19-1982
MILLER, Rebecca A.          b. 9-12-1907   d. 2-10-1910     	"daughter of E.M. & M.A."
MILLER, Elwood M.           1864-1947                          	s/s with Martha A.
MILLER, Martha A.           1868-1955                          	s/s with Elwood M.
ALBERT, Charles W.          1918-1991                          	s/s with Ozetta
ALBERT, Ozetta M.           1923-                              	s/s with Charles
PLUE, Viola                 1896-1969                          	s/s with Elton
PLUE, Elton                 1897-1983                          	s/s with Viola
RABER, Ida M.               1882-1930                          	s/s with Nevin
RABER, Nevin W.             1883-1948                          	s/s with Ida M.
PLUE, James Archie          1908-1950
PLUE, Emmett                1867-1929      	"father"      	s/s with Jessie
PLUE, Jessie A.             1870-1955   	"mother"     	s/s with Emmett
PLUE, Marcile B.            1908-1936 
MAHONEY, Harold C.          1907-1999	                     	s/s with Margaret B.
MAHONEY, Margaret B.        1907-1986                          	s/s with Harold C.
HARVEY, Xen Worden          1922-1993                          	s/s with Betty Haisley
HARVEY, Betty Haisley       1923-                              	s/s with Xen Worden
DEETER, Carl W.             1910-1994   	"ever faithful" s/s with Karon     
DEETER, Karon M.            1914-                              	s/s with Carl
DEETER, William J.          b. 6-9-1916  	d. 12-7-1997    s/s with Ruth
     					"Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, & the Life"
DEETER, Ruth E.             b. 3-21-1916                       	s/s with William
STEWART, James C.           1868-1930                          	s/s with Nancy
STEWART, Nancy B.           1872-1953                          	s/s with James
STEWART, Mary E.            1901-1976
KIRK, Samuel M.             1853-1933
KIRK, Mary                  1859-1939
KIRK, W. Doyte              1914-1979   m. 1-2-1937  "father"    s/s with M. Fern
KIRK, M. Fern               1905-1966  	"mother"  "memory lane"  s/s with W. Doyte     
HAISLEY, Doris Ann          b. 1-27-1933  d. 6-7-1933     
					s/s with Anna, Burr, Charles, Ethel, Harlan, & Wanda
HAISLEY, Anna L.            1910-1985   s/s with Doris, Burr, Charles, Ethel, Harlan, & Wanda
HAISLEY, Burr L.            1905-1980     freemason     
					s/s with Doris, Anna, Charles, Ethel, Harlan, & Wanda
HAISLEY, Charles A.         1939-       s/s with Doris, Anna, Burr, Ethel, Harlan, & Wanda
HAISLEY, Ethel L.           1939-       s/s with Doris, Anna, Burr, Charles, Harlan, & Wanda
HAISLEY, Harlan A.          1936-         freemason     
					s/s with Doris, Anna, Burr, Charles, Ethel, & Wanda
HAISLEY, Wanda M.           1936-       s/s with Doris, Anna, Burr, Charles, Ethel, & Harlan
WRIGHT, Richard L.          1935-1980     m. 9-14-1973         	s/s with Bonnie J.
WRIGHT, Bonnie J.           1949-                              	s/s with Richard L.
WRIGHT, Kenneth E.          1914-1966     
WRIGHT, Ruth M.             1914-1980
CHAPEL, Arstella            1889-1962                          	s/s with Chauncie O.
CHAPEL, Chauncie O.         1889-1951                          	s/s with Arstella
DILLEY, Lucion              1871-1953
DILLEY, Hattie              1880-1939
PETERS, Elizabeth           1873-1961                          	s/s with Harry
PETERS, Harry J.            1873-1945                          	s/s with Elizabeth
NEWBY, Gertha M.            1886-1952     "sisters"            	s/s with Clessie & Delpha  
NEWBY, Clessie L.           1899-1980     "sisters"            	s/s with Gertha & Delpha
NEWBY, Delpha I.            1889-1968     "sisters"            	s/s with Gertha & Clessie
NEWBY, Eleazor              1851-1938                          	s/s with Rev. Celia C.
NEWBY, Rev. Celia C.        1859-1933                          	s/s with Eleazor
GARNER, Thomas Milton       1915-1971                          	s/s with Dorothea Dale
GARNER, Dorothea Dale       1914-1997                          	s/s with Thomas Milton 
WEST, Henry A.              1891-1932                          	s/s with Elizabeth
WEST, Elizabeth             1891-1995                          	s/s with Henry
WEST, Henry Daniel          1924-1933
MART, Ernest                1888-1955                          	s/s with Olga
MART, Olga                  1892-1976                          	s/s with Ernest
STEELE, Rex                 1883-1954                          	s/s with Lillian
STEELE, Lillian             1886-1959                          	s/s with Rex
MONAHAN, James A.           1863-1941                          	s/s with Addie
MONAHAN, Addie L.           1865-1947                          	s/s with James
STRASHUN, Grace Hasty       1891-1968     "mother"
SMITH, Jeannette A.         1893-1959     s/s with George - also has individual stone
SMITH, George               1880-1960     s/s with Jeannette - also has individual stone         
SUMMITT, Cloyd Eugene       b. 4-15-1921  "WWII"        
EASTBURN, John A.           1922-1990                          	s/s with Lois
EASTBURN, Lois J.           1924-                              	s/s with John
HOLLENBECK, George B.       1881-1948                          	s/s with Mattie
HOLLENBECK, Mattie D.       1884-1942                          	s/s with George
HOLLENBECK, Eugene R.       1912-1991
HOLLENBECK, Merlin          June 26, 1933
MIDDLETON, Cecil F.         1903-1981     "Cec and Betty"      	s/s with Elizabeth
MIDDLETON, Elizabeth        1904-1980                          	s/s with Cecil
ANDERSON, Dorthy            1917-1944     "mother"
McCORMACK, Estella M.       1881-1944
McCORMACK, Everett          1894-1967
McCORMACK, Alice A.         1895-1965
OSBORN, Edmond J.           1881-1956
OSBORN, Nora B.             1886-1965
OSBORN, Barbara L.          1933-1943
OSBORN, Elizabeth E.        1908-1958
OSBORN, Charles F.          1907-1987
VanNESS, Frank T.           1888-1976                          	s/s with Mary
VanNESS, Mary L.            1897-1968                          	s/s with Frank
HOWELL, J. Blaine           1892-1977     m. 9-3-1916          	s/s with Lelah
HOWELL, Lelah M.            1896-1979                          	s/s with J. Blaine
DUNCAN, Leroy W.            1897-1974     m. 6-13-1916         	s/s with Dot
DUNCAN, Dot A.              1896-1994                          	s/s with Leroy
WORTHEN, Richard E.         1912-1983     "T Sgt ?AC"
BRILES, Walter A.  Jr.      1913-1947     freemason
NORRIS, George              1905-                              	s/s with Ruth
NORRIS, Ruth                1902-1973                          	s/s with George
HURLOCK, Dale               1906-1950                          	s/s with Opal
HURLOCK, Opal               1901-1975                          	s/s with Dale
HUSTON, baby Karen          April 12, 1950
EBERT, David A.             1941-1944
EBERT, Ralph                b. 1-30-1913  d. 2-24-1958  "IN Tec 5 Med Det 656 Td Bn WWII BSM"
EBERT, Kathryn A.           b. 1-11-1915
PERNOD, Pearl M.            1885-1976
PERNOD, Harold E.           b. 12-16-1920  d. 2-7-1995         	s/s with Rebecca
PERNOD, Rebecca K.          b. 2-17-1913   d. 7-6-1996         	s/s with Harold
BEEVER, Bessie E.           1891-1955
BEEVER, Joseph N.           1902-1975
BEEVER, Laura I.            1862-1942                          	s/s with Charles
BEEVER, Charles             1869-1954                          	s/s with Laura
LEWIS, Anna Mae             1913-
LEWIS, Grace                1879-1974                          	s/s with J. Mack
LEWIS, J. Mack              1871-1942                          	s/s with Grace
SIMONS, David W.            1861-1943                          	s/s with Martha
SIMONS, Martha A.           1869-1949                          	s/s with David
HOSIER, Thomas A.           b. 2-26-1965  d. 8-20-1986
JONES, George R.            1955-1985
ADAMS, Allen Augustus       1967-1967     (funeral marker only)
ADAMS, David Allen          1967-1967     (funeral marker only)
ADAMS, Irving D.            1899-1959     "dad -- The Lord is my Shepherd" s/s with Margaret
ADAMS, Margaret F.          1912-1989     "mom"
SMITH, Kitty                1870-1951
PICKARD, Caroline           1855-1944
PICKARD, Stephen            1853-1943
MOZINGO, Leota Belle        b. 6-11-1862  d. 10-2-1940         	s/s Mary Feuchtinger
FEUCHTINGER, Mary Elizabeth b. 9-28-1895  d. 6-23-1982         	s/s with Leota Mozingo
      					"They lie within our memory and will forever more."
DALE, Ruth Rosetta          1918-                              	s/s with Esther Jane
DALE, Esther Jane           1918-1984                          	s/s with Ruth Rosetta
DALE, Hal Victor            1877-1935     veteran              	s/s with Angora
DALE, Angora E.             1881-1972                          	s/s with Hal
HOCKETT, Howard             1909-                              	s/s with Esther
HOCKETT, Esther             1912-1961                          	s/s with Howard
HOCKETT, Ella               1877-1933                          	s/s with Oliver
HOCKETT, Oliver J.          1869-1935                          	s/s with Ella
PULLEY, H. Maedoris         b. 10-23-1903  d. 11-23-1960  
						American War Mothers marker---veteran
PULLEY, Ralph J.            b. 7-14-1895  d. 4-30-1957  "IN PVT Flying Sch Det Air SVC WWI"
PULLEY, Ralph James Jr.     b. 2-28-1928  d. 3-15-1938
DAVIS, Jesse E.             1893-1989     "dad"
DAVIS, Lilla J.             1887-1935     "mother"
DAVIS, Lucille Pence        1894-1982     "mom"
DAVIS, Robert A.            1911-1996     fireman metal marker 	s/s with Clayetta
DAVIS, Clayetta E.          1916-1997                          	s/s with Robert
DeVORE, Elsie               1885-1947
DeVORE, Walter O.           Sept. 9, 1939  "IN PVT 31 US Vol Inf"  metal military marker
PARISH, Ted A.              1902-1976     m. 2-17-1940         	s/s with Vera
PARISH, Vera E.             1918-2000                          	s/s with Ted
-------------------- 2 unknown graves---------------------
CLIFFORD, Carl Russell      1919-1933
DEETER, Howard A.           1913-1980                          	s/s with Clara
DEETER, Clara               1912-2002                           s/s with Howard
DEETER, William             1882-1965                          	s/s with Grace
DEETER, Grace               1882-1945                          	s/s with William
DEETER, Claude E.           1905-1930
HARVEY, John M.             1882-1951                          	s/s with Forest 
HARVEY, Forest E.           1887-1976                          	s/s with John
HARVEY, Enos                1854-1932                          	s/s with Mary
HARVEY, Mary M.             1858-1930                          	s/s with Enos
CLYMER, Vannas              Sept. 15, 1950
BREMER, Barbara             1916-1990
BREMER, George              1908- 
EDWARDS, Xen H.             1880-1963                          	s/s with Ethel
EDWARDS, Ethel H.           1880-1971                          	s/s with Xen
JONES, Clymer               1901-1949     veteran
JONES, Claud A.             1883-1934
JONES, Wealtha A.           1884-1961
JONES, John S.              1907-1944
NORRIS, Lewis Ed            1870-1967                          	s/s with Lillie
NORRIS, Lillie M.           1872-1930                          	s/s with Lewis
MAY, Paul O.                1877-1947
TEEGARDEN, Paul             1897-1977                          	s/s with Lucille
TEEGARDEN, Lucille          1903-1978                          	s/s with Paul
ARCHIE, Helen M. Wright     1910-
WRIGHT, William Leslie      1886-1919
SCHRAMM, Myrtle Wright      1891-1960
DAY, Bonnie Esther Wright   1908-1944
KIRCHER, Roscoe W.          1882-1965     freemason            	s/s with Clista
KIRCHER, Clista S.          1884-1973     Eastern Star         	s/s with Roscoe
UNDERWOOD, Wanda Jean       b. 9-27-1928  d. 1-6-1998    "daughter of Russell & Alma"
UNDERWOOD, Alma Pattison    b. 4-14-1904  d. 8-10-1995   "wife of Russell"
UNDERWOOD, Russell Clyde    b. 2-27-1901  d. 1-31-1983
UNDERWOOD, Phillip C.       b. 6-28-1932  d. 10-4-1981   "CPL US Army Korea"
UNDERWOOD, Benjamin G.      b. 2-19-1936  d. 10-14-2000  "AIC US Air Force"  m. 3-29-1962
     								s/s with Doris
UNDERWOOD, Doris M.         b. 12-12-1938                      	s/s with Benjamin G.
UNDERWOOD, Ray              1896-1978     freemason            	s/s with Opal
UNDERWOOD, Opal             1904-1978     Eastern Star         	s/s with Ray
UNDERWOOD, Basil E.         1892-1964     veteran              	s/s with Hattie
UNDERWOOD, Hattie C.        1895-1949                          	s/s with Basil
ROWSON, Harry               1871-1937
CASKEY, Lew                 1881-1953     "father"
CASKEY, Clara K.            1884-1937     "mother"
CASKEY, Martelle            1907-1986
COUCH, Thomas M.            1860-1937                          	s/s with Emma
COUCH, Emma                 1866-1945                          	s/s with Thomas
PAYNE, David L.             1903-1964                          	s/s with Hazel
PAYNE, Hazel M.             1908-1972                          	s/s with David
SIMONS, W. Thomas           b.12-10-1941  d. 5-28-1992         	s/s with Diana
SIMONS, Diana Kay           b. 9-18-1942                       	s/s with W. Thomas
SUTTON, Charles E.          1916-1996                          	s/s with Margaret
SUTTON, Margaret M.         1917-                              	s/s with Charles
HOLDER, Michael T.          b. 8-17-1972  d. 7-3-1990  	   	s/s with William & Patricia
-------------------On the back:  "Holder-- God, you were Mike's father before I was.  
				   He belonged to you before he belonged to us.  
				   As you gave him to us, we give him back to you------    
HOLDER, William T.          b. 10-11-1945                      	s/s with Michael & Patricia      
HOLDER, Patricia A.         b. 9-2-1946   m. 9-3-1965    	s/s with Michael & William
-------------------On the back:  "Holder--God gives us memories so we might 
				have roses in December --Doug, Michelle, Mike--------               
WILSON, Bert                1883-1943                          	s/s Lena
WILSON, Lena M.             1885-1956                          	s/s Bert
PAYNE, Joseph E.            1907-1974                          	s/s Freda
PAYNE, Freda A.             1907-                              	s/s with Joseph
SMITH, Will C. Jr.          b.10-24-1916 	d. 6-25-1992  	"M Sgt US Army WWII"
SMITH, Will C.              1886-1951
SMITH, Ethel J.             1888-1972
WALSH, James H.             1908-1993     veteran              	s/s with Evalyn
WALSH, Evalyn Ruth          1914-1996     funeral marker  and  	s/s with James
YARBER, Creed               April 12, 1941     "IN PVT US Army"
CLOCK, J. Russell           b. 4-3-1908	d. 9-3-1987
CLOCK, Everett E.           1882-1960				s/s with Elizabeth
CLOCK, Elizabeth Davis      1884-1981                          	s/s with Everett
CLOCK, Willis L.            b.11-26-1920	d. 12-6-1995	s/s with Marjorie
CLOCK, Marjorie M.          b.12-19-1921 			s/s with Willis
KING, Betty J.              1930-1953
HAND, Russell               1880-1954    freemason             	s/s with Rose     
HAND, Rose                  1885-19--  (d/d incomplete)  Eastern Star  s/s with Russell     
WORTHEN, Harry E.           1888-1957                          	s/s with Lena
WORTHEN, Lena               1895-1957                          	s/s with Harry
WORTHEN, Donald L.          1927-1989   "PVT US Army"
WORTHEN, Elizabeth Ferne Greene    	    1931-1969

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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