Park Cemetery

Section 1C

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.

HAYDEN, Lenna               1886-1968                          s/s with Lora
HAYDEN, Lora                1882-1966                          s/s with Lenna
OWEN, Merle Hayden          1907-1953
SMALL, William E.           1924-                              s/s with Catherine
SMALL, Catherine I.         1927-                              s/s with William
TURNER, James J.            1897-1958  "IN PVT 16 Balloon Co Air SVC WWI"  s/s Bessie
TURNER, Bessie M.           1901-1982                          s/s with James
BEHR, Larry "Buck"          1936-1981   m. 8-5-1956            s/s with Kaye 
BEHR, Kaye F.               1937-                              s/s with Larry
BEHR, Wayne                 1913-1977  mail man insignia       s/s with Betty 
BEHR, Betty                 1927-      nurse insignia          s/s with Wayne
BROWN, Mary E.              1925-1985  funeral marker on a wooden post
KIERSTEAD, Eli J.           1893-1955                          s/s with Agnes
KIERSTEAD, Agnes A.         1895-1963                          s/s with Eli
KIERSTEAD, Ellen Faye       b. 1-10-1914  d. 12-15-1996
BALDWIN, Girstal F.         1900-1952                          s/s with Iva
BALDWIN, Iva L.             1899-1979                          s/s with Girstal
LEWIS, Howard M.            1926-         m. 11-1-1946         s/s with Ruth
LEWIS, Ruth E.              1928-                              s/s with Howard
LEWIS, John W.              1888-1983                          s/s with Grace
LEWIS, Grace M.             1889-1952                          s/s with John
LEWIS, Mary M.              1904-1999  "wife of John W. Lewis"
BEHR, Max H.                1915-1965   veteran
DOCKREY, Paul Martin        1954                               s/s with Lonnie & L. Irene
DOCKREY, Lonnie A.          1912-1954     m. 1-15-1939         s/s Paul/Irene
                                       has individual stone also     	
DOCKREY, L. Irene           1920-                              s/s with Paul & Lonnie
DOCKREY, Lonnie A.          1912-1954
HUDLIN, Joseph Michael      May 17, 1971
LAMBOUR, Charles J.         1893-1952                          s/s with Fern
LAMBOUR, Fern I.            1893-1964                          s/s with Charles J.
BREWER, Fred                1882-1954                          s/s with Rebecca
BREWER, Rebecca             1885-1958                          s/s with Fred
TUTOROW, Clarence E.        1893-1955                          s/s with Fern
TUTOROW, Fern O.            1891-1953                          s/s with Clarence
MANNING, M. Elizabeth       b. 7-16-1916
MANNING, Raymond G.         b. 9-6-1914    d. 7-31-1997
MANNING, Joyce Ann          b. 6-26-1937   d. 9-10-1980         "daughter"
MANNING, Opal H.            b. 5-13-1912   d.4-3-2003		Hinds
MANNING, Harry Jay          b. 12-10-1911  d. 11-23-1951
HASTY, Robert C.            1903-1973      m. 12-24-1925       s/s with Hazel
HASTY, Hazel M.             1903-1989     			   s/s with Robert
MAHONEY, Harry A.           b. 2-16-1923   m. 1-29-1948        s/s with Iva
MAHONEY, Iva Jean           b. 4-26-1927                       s/s with Harry
MAHONEY, Walter             1873-1944                          s/s with Edith
MAHONEY, Edith              1893-1976                          s/s with Walter
NEELEY, William M.          1919-1998      m. 3-24-1941        s/s with Vera
NEELEY, Vera M.             1919-                              s/s with William
HOHEIMER, Alonzo M.         b. 5-5-1913    d. 8-7-1993   m. 1-5-1932     s/s with Vena F.
HOHEIMER, Vena F.           b. 8-4-1913                        s/s with Alonzo M.
DILLON, John B.             1905-1983                          s/s with Edna
DILLON, Edna May            1907-1999                          s/s with John
DULING, Earl H.             1884-1953                          s/s with Mary
DULING, Mary L.             1887-1958                          s/s with Earl
DULING, Harold Wayne        b. 9-26-1914   d. 7-17-1976  m. 12-25-1942   s/s with Hattie
DULING, Hattie Draper       b. 9-19-1917                       s/s with Harold
WILSON, Warren L.           1881-1966                          s/s with Darthula
WILSON, Darthula V.         1876-1949                          s/s with Warren
HAISLEY, Theodore           1868-1952                          s/s with Ellena
HAISLEY, Ellena             1876-1969                          s/s with Theodore
HAISLEY, Jesse J.           1902-1967                          s/s with Evelyn
HAISLEY, Evelyn             1908-1967                          s/s with Jesse
MILLER, Margaret            1918-2002
MILLER, Susan H.            1894-1978
PERNOD, Amanda B.           b. 7-10-1874  d. 5-5-1955
COAHRAN, Ethel M.           1879-1951
COAHRAN, Walter A.          1892-1971     freemason            s/s with Bessie
COAHRAN, Bessie F.          1894-1982                          s/s with Walter
GIBSON, Walter W.           1885-1963                          s/s with Ione
GIBSON, Ione L.             1888-1958                          s/s with Walter
GIBSON, Earl R.             1910-1969     m. 8-13-1933         s/s with Lura
GIBSON, Lura A.             1913-1969                          s/s with Earl
BRILES, Glen H.             1905-1950                          s/s with Beatrice
BRILES, Beatrice M.         1910-                              s/s with Glen
FUEL, Judith (Rautenkranz)  1941-1999     
RAUTENKRANZ, Ralph R.       1915-1951
COX, Clarence G.            1883-1957     "dad"                s/s with Eva
COX, Eva F.                 1888-1967     "mom"                s/s with Clarence
COX, Margaret K.            1912-1990                          s/s with Willard
COX, Willard L.             1906-1970     freemason            s/s with Margaret
COX, Edwin C.               1909-1982     "at rest"            s/s with N. Louise
COX, N. Louise              1909-1994                          s/s with Edwin
COX, Garnet L.              1916-2000                          s/s with Francis
COX, Francis A.             1908-1992                          s/s with Garnet
HOWELL, Everett R.          1886-1962                          s/s with Hazel
HOWELL, Hazel F.            1891-1973                          s/s with Everett
SPENCER, Ruth M.            b. 2-24-1926  d. 6-20-1996
WAKEFIELD, Agnes Zike       1876-1955     "mother"
ZIKE, Lewis F.              1873-1946     "father"
LAMB, Clifford Roscoe       b. 9-1-1917   d. 11-25-1972     
                            		"IN SFC 87 Transportation Co WWII Korea"
LAMB, Cassius C.            1861-1946     "father"
LAMB, I. Pearl              1882-1960     "mother"
LAMB, Thomas J.             1906-1945
LAMB, Herbert Harold        b. 7-13-1908  d. 9-9-1973          "IN PFC US Army WWII"
LAMB, Kenneth L.            b. 6-24-1911  d. 1-16-1978         "PFC US Army WWII"
LEMON, Harry Woodrow        1916-1949                          s/s with Cecil
LEMON, Cecil                1900-1982     "mother"             s/s with Harry
PETERSON, Lawrence E.       1904-2000     "thy will be done"   s/s Frances & Meredith
PETERSON, Frances M.        1908-1997                          s/s with Lawrence & Meredith
PETERSON, Meredith R.       1939-1954                          s/s with Lawrence & Frances
PETERSON, Charles G.        1862-1955                          s/s with Ida
PETERSON, Ida M.            1877-1958                          s/s with Charles
FARLEY, Margaret J.         1907-1989     "daughter"
FARLEY, Claude              1879-1953     "father"             s/s with Bertha
FARLEY, Bertha B.           1882-1955     "mother"             s/s with Claude
COX, Beulah                 1901-1976
STOCKDALE, Harry D.         1874-1957                          s/s with Rena
STOCKDALE, Rena J.          1881-1970                          s/s with Harry
KIERSTEAD, James T.         1921-1997                          s/s with Barbara Ann
KIERSTEAD, Barbara Ann      1924-1997                          s/s with James
OWEN, Cherri Beth           March 7, 1957
LAWSON, Orville B.          1898-1953                          s/s with Georgia
LAWSON, Georgia M.          1901-1984                          s/s with Orville
THOMAS, Robert B.           1881-1961                          s/s with Emma
THOMAS, Emma J.             1882-1950                          s/s with Robert
McCONE, Martha M.           1898-1977     "child wife"
McCONE, John A.             1892-1951     "Man of great Courage"
COUCH, Lorena M.            1894-1968     
COUCH, Ernest B.            1895-1966
BARE, Delmar C. Smith       1915-1985              s/s with Ruth A.S. & Danzel Bare
BARE, Ruth A.S.             1909-1985              s/s with Delmar C. Smith & Danzel Bare
BARE, Danzel                1902-1963              s/s with Delmar C. Smith & Ruth A.S. Bare
DAY, Ida E.                 1903-1982                          s/s with Frank
DAY, Frank E.               1888-1979     veteran              s/s with Ida
PHILLIPS, William E.        b. 3-8-1926   d. 3-8-1957     
                                  "Missouri TEC5 390 AAA AW BN CAC WWII"
PAYNE, Lloyd R.             1914-1969     m. 6-30-1934         s/s with Mila M.
PAYNE, Mila M.              1917-2002                          s/s with Lloyd R.
PAYNE, Herschel Frank       1935-1987     "US Army Vietnam"
BRILES, William L.          1926-2000     m. 3-16-1947         s/s with Marianne
BRILES, Marianne            1929-                              s/s with William
BRILES, Chris               1956-1957
ANDERSON, Hugh A.           1904-1965     m. 4-23-1925         s/s with Florence
ANDERSON, Florence E.       1907-1979                          s/s with Hugh
ALLRED, Mabel M.            1899-1992                          s/s with Frank
ALLRED, Frank B.            1895-1985                          s/s with Mabel
HAISLEY, Marvin W.          1890-1950     veteran              s/s with Helen
HAISLEY, Helen E.           1903-1995                          s/s with Marvin
KIRKWOOD, Lillian L.        1901-1950                          s/s with Russell
KIRKWOOD, Russell A.        1899-1959                          s/s with Lillian
BREWER, M. Purn             b. 2-9-1894   d. 3-16-1975         s/s with Nettie M.
BREWER, Nettie M.           b. 5-29-1892  d. 4-25-1954         s/s with M. Purn     
On the back of M. Purn & Nettie Brewer's stone is William A. & Jeannette B. Brewer
BREWER, William A. 	    b. 8-20-1918 				   s/s with Jeanette B.
BREWER, Jeanette B.         b. 11-22-1922 d. 5-18-2000         s/s with William 
HARRIS, Otto O.             1881-1964                          s/s with Stella S.
HARRIS, Stella S.           1881-1972                          s/s with Otto O.
WIGNER, Ronda Gayle         b. 10-16-1956 d. 10-22-1956
WIGNER, Roland E.           1929-2001     funeral marker only
McGAULEY, Bernice E.        1896-1956
LOUGHRIGE, Antoinette J.    b. 2-13-1896  d. 4-19-1969 
LOUGHRIGE, Pearl C.         b. 8-19-1894  d. 12-23-1961 
                                          “IN Wagoner 157 Ambulance Co. WWI” 
BRIGHT, Charles “Frank”     1927-1997     “Dad” Chicago Cubs insignia 
SANDERS, Albert P.          1880-1966
DICKERSON, George W.        b. 4-2-1922   d. 1-25-1961
                                          “IN PFC 411 AAA Gun BN CAC WWII”
DICKERSON, George W.        1922-1961     “Dad”                s/s with Lorene
DICKERSON, Lorene           1928-1994     “Mom”                s/s with George W.
HIPES, Glenn F.             1916-1976                          s/s with Glenn Docia
HIPES, Glenn Docia          1918-1990                          s/s with Glenn F.
HARRINGTON, William F.      1899-1972     “Together Always”
MAINE, John R.              1931-1979     m. 6-3-1979          s/s with Anita J.
MAINE, Anita J.             1939-                              s/s with John R.
MAINE, John                 1901-1957                          s/s with Virginia
MAINE, Virginia             1906-1993                          s/s with John
BRUCH, Charles V.           1887-1958                          s/s with Grace B.
BRUCH, Grace B.             1893-1981                          s/s with Charles V.
FRY, Francis G.             b. 3-30-1923  d. 7-1-1994          s/s with Virginia C.
FRY, Virginia C.            b. 7-29-1927                       s/s with Francis G.
                                          “The Floyd Family”
FLOYD, James L.             1930-1981     freemason; “husband of Madonna”
FLOYD, Vere L.              1901-1975     “husband of Belle”
FLOYD, Frances Belle        1902-1971     “wife of Vere”
MASON, Illa Maxina          1935-1962     “daughter of Vere & Belle Floyd”
MAHONEY, Michael L.         1957          “Baby”
MANNING, John H.            b. 7-29-1893  d. 6-26-1960
MANNING, Varena             b. 10-30-1893 d. 4-23-1967
MANNING, John H. Jr.        b. 4-6-1917   d. 4-25-1999    veteran
MANNING, Leila              b. 11-22-1919 d. 9-21-1969
TRENT, Charlie              b. 9-8-1937   d. 8-3-1982     “Loving husband and Dad”
BURTON, Dimple              b. 5-17-1912  d. 11-27-1986
                                          “Our darling wife and mother” “At Rest”
BURTON, Paul                b. 12-1-1904  d. 10-14-1968
                                          “Our darling husband and dad” “At Rest”
BURTON, Ned                 b. 3-7-1935   d. 11-25-1954
                                          “Our darling son and brother” “At Rest”
NEEDLER, Ray A.             1903-1982     “Father”             s/s with Edith M.
NEEDLER, Edith M.           1902-1963     “Mother”             s/s with Ray A.
WOODRUFF, Ernest M.         1909-1982     m. 5-29-1930         s/s with Mildred E.
WOODRUFF, Mildred E.        1910-1985                          s/s with Ernest M.
KNOPP, William J.B.         1899-1984 	s/s with Mildred, Paul, Joseph, & Marjorie
KNOPP, Mildred H.           1897-1972 	s/s with William, Paul, Joseph, & Marjorie
KNOPP, Paul J.              6-1-1953 	s/s with William, Mildred, Joseph, & Marjorie
KNOPP, Joseph E.            1922- 	s/s with William, Mildred, Paul, & Marjorie
KNOPP, Marjorie A.          1924- 	s/s with William, Mildred, Paul, & Joseph
PAPPAS, George E.           1925-1966 	“Father”
BUTLER, Marie M.            1897-1979 	“Mother”
DAVIDSON, Clessie           1888-1964 	“Holy Bible”			s/s with Ona
DAVIDSON, Ona M.            1888-1965					s/s with Clessie
PAYNE, Howard M.            1911-1963 	freemason			s/s with Helen
PAYNE, Helen L.             1913-1998 	Eastern Star			s/s with Howard
MACY, Clifford C.           1922-1963					s/s with Rosemary
MACY, Rosemary              1928-     					s/s with Clifford
HILL, Mary Lucille          b. 5-21-1906  d. 1-11-1976
HILL, Clemens Lamont        b. 12-29-1906 d. 8-7-1971
JONES, George D.            b. 6-29-1920  d. 3-31-1990   m. 9-28-1947   s/s with Mary
JONES, Mary M.              b. 10-3-1930                       		s/s with George
  On the back of George Jones’ headstone, “George D. Jones CPL US Army WWII”
ALLEN, Katlyn Marie         b.. 5-31-1991 d. 6-2-1991
JONES, Robert L.            b. 5-14-1955  m. 6-29-1985         		s/s Lora
JONES, Lora Lynne           b. 2-15-1961  d. 12-6-1999         		s/s with Robert
JONES, Herman               1896-1963                          		s/s with Pat
JONES, Pat                  1899-                              		s/s with Herman
JONES, Max H.               b. 5-12-1922  d. 3-12-1967
							“IN FLT O Army Air Forces WWII”
JONES, Patricia C.          b. 9-10-1924  d. 9-21-1987
WILLIAMS, Arthur T.         1899-1981                          s/s with Mary & Martha
WILLIAMS, Mary L.           1905-1963                          s/s with Arthur & Martha
WILLIAMS, Martha            1877-1963                          s/s with Arthur & Mary
STITT, Altus E.             1908-1969     m. 3-5-1933 “daddy”  s/s with Thelma
STITT, Thelma N.            1909-1993                 “Mother” s/s with Altus
STITT, Harvey L.            1880-1967                 “Dad”    s/s with Grace
STITT, Grace C.             1890-1960                 “Mom”    s/s with Harvey
MASON, Thomas L.            b. 7-17-1955  d. 10-16-1993   Purdue insignia
WARREN, William H.          1913-1991                          s/s with Lois
WARREN, Lois L.             1918-                              s/s with William
NELSON, Aldus “Al”          b. 2-15-1925  d. 1-17-1998    WWII Veteran
HARSHMAN, Walter G.         1914-1957                          s/s with Virginia
HARSHMAN, Virginia M.       1928-2001                              s/s with Walter
EASTES, James A.            1902-1980                          s/s Mildred
                                          P.A.P. Loyal Order of Moose 
EASTES, Mildred F.          1910-1979                          s/s with James
HARSHMAN, Herbert           1890-1962                          s/s with Anna
HARSHMAN, Anna L.           1890-1984                          s/s with Herbert
HARSHMAN, Lester H.         b. 8-31-1911  d. 6-17-1973
                                          “IN PFC US Marine Corps WWII”
CORN, Edwin J.              1915-2000                          s/s with Sylvia
CORN, Sylvia                1902-1979                          s/s with Edwin
CORN, Cecil J.              1888-1957                          s/s with Lena
CORN, Lena                  1889-1970                          s/s with Cecil
MARLEY, Lita Jane           1958
MARLEY, E. Jay              b. 9-23-1912  d. 1-12-2000         s/s with Edith
MARLEY, Edith J.            b. 5-27-1918                       s/s with E. Jay
MURRAY, Willis “Bill”       1930-2002    freemason, Eagles #32 	s/s Willowdean
MURRAY, Willowdean          1930-
MURRAY, Joseph C.           1955-1995   “Beloved son & brother”
ARBUCKLE, Gladys            1904-1973   “Mom”
WILKINS, Robert L.          1928-1957   “Father”  Veteran      s/s with Richard L.
WILKINS, Richard L.         1951-1990   “Son”
LOVE, Nancy Kay             10-23-1961
MICHAELS, Wilbur E.         1884-1975                          s/s with Bessie
MICHAELS, Bessie L.         1886-1966                          s/s with Wilbur
JUSTUS, Wilbur              1929        m. 10-16-1948          s/s Barbara, Joanna, Linda
JUSTUS, Barbara Coleen      1929-1992                          s/s Wilbur, Joanna, Linda
JUSTUS, Joanna              1959-                              s/s with Wilbur, Barbara, Linda
JUSTUS, Linda               1949-                              s/s with Wilbur, Barbara, Joanna
    On the back of Justus, Wilbur with Barbara, Joanna, & Linda:
                                        “When God puts a tear in your eye, 
                                        it’s because he plans to put a rainbow in your heart.”
JUSTUS, James               1954-       m. 4-4-1981            s/s with Maria
JUSTUS, Maria               1954-1992                          s/s with James
SMITH, Garnett L.           1912-1992          s/s Jesse & Della, on back of BARE
   Eastern Star also an insignia with a capital R and a dove flying in front of crescent moon
SMITH, Jesse L.             1913-1975   freemason,             s/s with Garnett & Della
SMITH-JUSTUS, Della C.      1890-1974                          s/s Jesse & Garnett
                                        “In loving Memory, Mother” 
SMITH, Matt                 1916-1980                          s/s with Martha
SMITH, Martha               1920-                              s/s with Matt
SMITH, Charles David        1939-1959
OWEN, Betty I.              b. 4-27-1919  d. 9-27-1986         s/s with Bryce
OWEN, Bryce H.              b. 7-14-1911  d. 3-20-1967         s/s with Betty
							“IN PFC HQ CO 2 BN 349 INF WWII”
EARNEST, Martin W.          1916-1992     m. 1935   “Father”   s/s with Audrey
EARNEST, Audrey B.          1916-                   “Mother”   s/s with Martin
EARNEST, Gloria Marlene     1935-1959               “Psa 27:1”
BOWEN, Earl H.              1900-1959                          s/s with Georgia
BOWEN, Georgia M.           1899-1985                          s/s with Earl
TRICE, Ralph                1894-1975     m. 8-9-1921          s/s with Myra
TRICE, Myra M.              1898-1991                          s/s with Ralph
TRICE, Paul M.              b. 6-7-1922	"We Trust in God”	s/s Nina
TRICE, Nina J.              b. 9-13-1923			s/s with Paul M.
THOMAS, Albert W.           1898-1964                          s/s with Alma
THOMAS, Alma A.             1903-1981                          s/s with Albert
THOMAS, Ralph H.            1923-1960              “Son”       Veteran
ROY, Jason                  1899-1958              “Father”    s/s with Effie
ROY, Effie                  1902-1995              “Mother”    s/s with Jason
MASON, Alva M.              1882-1957                          s/s with Lydia
MASON, Lydia L.             1890-1977                          s/s with Alva
BROWN, V. Kenneth           1907-1982                          s/s with Alice
BROWN, Alice E.             1910-                              s/s with V. Kenneth
KIMBROUGH, Eli W.           1885-1958                          s/s with Minnie
KIMBROUGH, Minnie M.        1897-1972                          s/s with Eli
MITCHENER, L. William       1897-1959                          s/s with Eula
MITCHENER, Eula W.          1905-1983                          s/s with L. William
MITCHENER, Lotus W.         b. 7-8-1897   d. 2-15-1959
							“IN PVT 5 Trench Mortar BN CAC WWI”
SELLERS, U.R. “Pood”        1899-1959                          s/s with Pearl
SELLERS, Pearl N.           1906-1988                 	   s/s with “Pood”
BRILES, Walter A. 	    1887-1960 			         s/s with Tillie
BRILES, Tillie M. 	    1893-1975 				   s/s with Walter
BROOKSHIRE, Kenneth 	    1912-1993    “Together Forever”    s/s with Mary
BROOKSHIRE, Mary E. 	    1918- 					   s/s with Kenneth
CROMER, Melvin M. 	    1913-1968 				   s/s with Martha
CROMER, Martha E. 	    1917-1985 				   s/s with Melvin
STANLEY, Bailey S. 	    1898-1977 				   s/s with Mary
STANLEY, Mary E. 	    1895-1986 				   s/s with Bailey
BROOKSHIRE, Edward J. 	    b. 3-4-1909  d. 9-12-1961
STACKHOUSE, Stanley J. 	    1899-1960    “Dad” 			   s/s with Ira
STACKHOUSE, Iva Marie 	    1902-1967    “Mom” 			   s/s with Stanley
STACKHOUSE, Stanley J.	    b. 5-11-1899 d. 4-19-1960
						     “IN PVT CO A 407 Infantry WWII”
STACKHOUSE-BRILES, Martha M. 	1921-1996
						     “Beloved, Mother & Grandmother, 
						     Mammaw, Granny, Mother or Mom. 
						    She answered to all & favored none.”
McCARTER, Jearl D.	    1934-1961    “Until we meet again” 		s/s with Carolyn
McCARTER, Carolyn S. 	    1940- 					s/s with Jearl D.
MACY, W. Leonard	    1877-1961 					s/s with Goldie
MACY, Goldie 		    1891-19-- 				   	s/s with W. Leonard
FOLTZ, Frances L.	    1894-1969
LEWIS, M. Lucille           1908-1959    “Mother”
SCOTT, J. Riley 	    1907-1957 				   	s/s with Zola
SCOTT, Zola M. 		    1907-1991 				   	s/s with J. Riley
CURFMAN, Malcolm D. 	    1907-1968 				   	s/s with Mildred
CURFMAN, Mildred 	    1908- 					s/s with Malcolm D.
ADDISON, Albert 	    1892-1959 				   	s/s with Mary
ADDISON, Mary E. 	    1901-1973 				   	s/s with Albert
WILLIAMS, Ira O. 	    1887-1979 				   	s/s with Cleo
WILLIAMS, Cleo S. 	    1896-1976 				   	s/s with Ira
PACE, Gerald R. 	    1918-1991 				   	s/s with Gladys
PACE, Gladys E. 	    1913-1999 				   	s/s with Gerald
HYATT, Paul E. 		    1918-1982 				   	s/s with Lavonne
HYATT, Lavonne E. 	    1918-1991 				   	s/s with Paul
HARRELL, Doris & Denise	    3-21-1966
PETERSON, Alva C.	    1887-1962 				   	s/s with Rebecca
PETERSON, Rebecca	    1885-1980 				   	s/s with Alva
WOOLLEN, Georgiana Peterson 1917-1998 
HENSLEY, Silas C. 	    1900-1969 				   s/s with Bertha
HENSLEY, Bertha M. 	    1911-1957 				   s/s with Silas
KING, Leon M. 		    1945-1993    m. 3-1-1968 		   s/s with Emma
KING, Emma L. 		    1945-1999 				   s/s with Leon
LISTENFELT, Othel V. 	    1888-1961 				   s/s with Barbara
LISTENFELT, Barbara R. 	    1922-1988 				   s/s with Othel
MAINE, Paul Sr. 	    1934-1995    freemason & KOC    m. 11-21-1956    s/s Berthala
MAINE, Berthala I. 	    1939- 	 Eastern Star & IYOB FILIAE 	     s/s Paul Sr.
HARDWICK, Val C. 	    1915-1962 				   s/s with Zelma
HARDWICK, Zelma 	    1923-1971 				   s/s with Val
LAMB, F. Willard 	    1894-1980 				   s/s with J. May
LAMB, J. May 		    1893-1972 				   s/s with F. Willard
COOPER, Horace J. 	    1896-1962 				   s/s with Marvel
COOPER, Marvel B. 	    1899-1978 				   s/s with Horace
LINVILLE, Elisha P. 	    1887-1962    “Father” 		   s/s with Lula
LINVILLE, Lula B. 	    1888-1962    “Mother” 		   s/s with Elisha
NULL, Helen Marie 	    11-26-1960   “Baby Helen”
NULL, Clifton E. Buck 	    1921-1995    funeral marker; 	   Veteran
KING, Shari Ann 	    8-28-1963
BLACK, John 		    1887-19-- 				   s/s with Lola
BLACK, Lola 		    1883-19-- 				   s/s with John

Updating to May 25, 2003
Michaels, Harry    	1916-2003    	funeral marker only
Justus, Dale E.    	b. 12-19-1957   d. 9-27-2002
Riggs, Ralph Waldo    	b. 11-21-1913   d. 11-23-2002

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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