Park Cemetery

Section 1D

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.
DAVIDSON, Vera Leota 	    b. 1-5-1893 d. 10-29-1971 	   “Mother”
					on the back “Mother of Charles G. Brown
MORRIS, Euba Gift 	    1895-1985 				   s/s with Kenneth E. Morris
MORRIS, Kenneth E. 	    1894-1966 				   s/s with Euba Gift Morris
LEWIS, Wilbur C.	    1916-1969
KIERSTEAD, Clara L. 	    1889-1985 				   s/s with Odie A. Kierstead
KIERSTEAD, Odie A. 	    1889-1964 				   s/s with Clara L. Kierstead
ROSE, Sherrill Linn 	    1957-
ROSE, Lucille M.	    1940-2000  				   s/s with Earl H. Rose
ROSE, Earl H. 		    1928-
WILLIAMS, Harry F. 	    1904-1995 				   s/s with Merle L. Williams
WILLIAMS, Merle L. 	    1900-1989 				   s/s with Harry F. Williams
BROYLES, Hazel L. 	    1904-1977 	s/s with Clarence W. Broyles 		m. 2-19-1933
BROYLES, Clarence W. 	    1904-1965 	s/s with Hazel L. Broyles
BROYLES, James Ward 	    b. 11-29-1935 d.
KIERSTEAD, A. Gerald 	    1914-1991 	m. 12-24-1935
KIERSTEAD, Christie 	    1917-2001
MASON, Royce V. 	    1947-1983 	“Major US Air Force”
CORN, Mary I. 		    1914- 		s/s with Jason I. Corn 		m. 10-15-1939
CORN, Jason I. 		    1909-1988 				   s/s with Mary I. Corn 
KEPLER, Hazel Thompson 	    1894-1984 	“Aunt – In God’s Care”
DIMAS, Pauline H. 	    b. 3-2-1932 	d. 10-7-1978   “Mom” s/s with Manuel Dimas, Jr.
DIMAS, Manuel, Jr. 	    b. 6-19-1948 	d. 6-13-1984   “Son” s/s with Pauline H. Dimas
BENNIE, Merritt Thomas “Tom” 	b. 7-8-1953 d. 2-4-1994    	m. 4-8-1974		“Dad” 
							s/s with Sarah Lorena “Rena” Bennie
BENNIE, Sarah Lorena “Rena” b. 9-20-1952 	s/s with Merritt Thomas “Tom” Bennie 	"Mom"
ERNSBERGER, Roland P. 	    1890-1973 	Freemason 		s/s with Nora R. Ernsberger
ERNSBERGER, Nora R. 	    1906-1990 	Eastern Star 	s/s with Roland P. Ernsberger
HAYES, Leah M. 		    1911-1972 	Eastern Star
HAYES, Fred W. 		    1909-1964 	Freemason
SPAHR, Kathryne B.	    1903-1991	Eastern Star	s/s Oliver M. Spahr
SPAHR, Oliver M.	    1901-1981	Freemason 	s/s Kathryne B. Spahr
SPAHR, Joseph E.	    1933-1986	m. 4-10-1954	s/s Martha E. Spahr
SPAHR, Martha E.	    1934- 			s/s Joseph E. Spahr
BEHR, Chad Everett 	    1973-2001 	funeral marker only
HAISLEY, Glenn D. 	    1872-1963 			s/s Carey A. & Wayne G. Haisley
HAISLEY, Carey A. 	    1878-1964 			s/s Glenn D. & Wayne G. Haisley
HAISLEY, Wayne G. 	    1902-1949 			s/s Glenn D. & Carey A. Haisley “son”
HARDWICK, Cloda J. 	    1895-19-- 			s/s William E. Hardwick
HARDWICK, William E. 	    1887-1965 			s/s Cloda J. Hardwick
MURRAY, Stuart V. 	    1903-1986 			s/s Edith M. Murray
MURRAY, Edith M. 	    1903-1993			s/s Stuart V. Murray
BAUMGARTNER, Carol A. 	    1938-
LUTZ, Julia Ann		    1946-1972 				“Wife and Mother”
STITT, Robert B. 	    b. 3-14-1950 	d. 3-6-1997 	“Dad and Grandpa”
						“Frickurtts Forever, Iggy Lives”
BEHR, Pamela K. 	    1948-1990 		“Mother – Sister” “Love Endures Forever”
WILLIAMS, James Thomas “Tommy” 	b. 3-11-1957 d. 9-27-1995
LOWERY, Charles 	    1949-1989 	funeral marker only
STEWART, Harvey A. 	    1908-1983 				s/s with Delores C. Stewart
STEWART, Delores C. 	    1907-1994 				s/s with Harvey A. Stewart
DUNHAM, Milton L. 	    1914-1993 				s/s with Hannazola Dunham
DUNHAM, Hannazola 	    1917- 				s/s with Milton L. Dunham
HOLLOWAY, Joseph C. 	    1928-2000 	m. 1-23-1949 		s/s with Norma R. Holloway
HOLLOWAY, Norma R. 	    1928- 				s/s with Joseph C. Holloway
HOLLOWAY, Alvin H. 	    1923-1991 				s/s with Vera B. Holloway
HOLLOWAY, Vera B. 	    1926-1982 				s/s with Alvin H. Holloway
HOLLOWAY, Clarkson A. 	    1901-1966 				s/s with Mary M. Holloway
HOLLOWAY, Mary M. 	    1903-1987 				s/s with Clarkson A. Holloway
HOLLOWAY, Jack W. 	    1936-1965 	“Dad” 	veteran
ELLIOTT, Raymond W. 	    1902-1997 	m. 6-1-1927 		s/s with Edrie M. Elliott
ELLIOTT, Edrie M. 	    1905-1999 				s/s with Raymond W. Elliott
PAYNE, Kyle Jerome 	    b. 4-28-1986 	d. 5-1-1986 	“Our Son”
PETERSON, James H. 	    b. 10-21-1919 d. 8-8-1971 
PETERSON, James H. 	    b. 10-21-1919 d. 8-8-1971 	m. 4-17-1963 	s/s A. Ann
PETERSON, A. Ann 	    1934- 				s/s James H. Peterson
PETERSON, Burr C. 	    1910-2000 	m. 2-28-1942 		s/s Evelyn D. Peterson
PETERSON, Evelyn D. 	    1913-2000 				s/s Burr C. Peterson
McCARTER, Charles E. 	    1920-1988 				s/s Katie L. McCarter
McCARTER, Katie L. 	    1924- 				s/s Charles E. McCarter
JAY, Harold 		    1908- 				s/s Pauline Jay
JAY, Pauline 		    1912-1989 				s/s Harold Jay
MOON, Marcus S. 	    1908- 	“In God’s Care”		s/s Helen L. Moon
MOON, Helen L. 		    1919-1978 				s/s Marcus S. Moon
DRISKILL, Donald A. 	    1918-1993 				s/s Mary M. Driskill
DRISKILL, Mary M. 	    1923- 				s/s Donald A. Driskill
HENSLEY, Homer W. 	    1909-1967 				s/s Alva M. Hensley
HENSLEY, Alva M. 	    1908-1994 				s/s Homer W. Hensley
MORIARITY, Wilma J. 	    1932- 			s/s L. Keith & Linda Sue Moriarity
MORIARITY, L. Keith 	    1931- 			s/s Wilma J. & Linda Sue Moriarity
MORIARITY, Linda Sue 	    1956-1978 				s/s Keith & Wilma Moriarity
					“Our Loving Daughter
MORIARITY, Patrick M. 	    1905-1981 	m. 11-23-1927 		s/s Gladys Moriarity
MORIARITY, Gladys E. 	    1908-1986 				s/s Patrick M. Moriarity
LANHAM, M. Farriss 	    b. 7-26-1902 	d. 3-15-1979
KERN, Joani L. 		    1959-2001 	funeral marker only
LOWE, Clifford A. 	    1944- 	“Together Forever” 	s/s with Thelma Lowe
LOWE, Thelma L. 	    1938-1986 				s/s with Clifford A. Lowe
PAYNE, Mary Jewell 	    b. 7-11-1932 d. 7-28-1969
PAYNE, William Paul 	    b. 1-7-1921  d. 12-21-1979
SHOFFNER, David J. 	    1943-1983
WOOD, Lloyd 		    1922-1988 	“RM2 US NAVY WWII”
WOOD, Lloyd 		    b. 4-18-1922 d. 3-23-1988 		s/s with Dorothy M. Wood
					Navy Emblem
WOOD, Dorothy M. 	    b. 12-11-1922 d. 			s/s with Lloyd Wood 
BELL, Charles S. 	    1918-1973 	“Father”
MITCHENER, Earl 	    b. 10-22-1922 d. 9-8-1986 		“Brother – POW WWII”
MITCHENER, Earl 	    b. 10-22-1922 d. 9-8-1986 		“PVT US ARMY WWII”
CONE, W. Wayne 		    1903-1986 				s/s with Mary A. Cone
CONE, Mary A. 		    1914- 				s/s with W. Wayne Cone
THOMAS, Georgia E. 	    1900-2002		m.7-14-1923 	s/s with Frederick R. Thomas
THOMAS, Frederick R. 	    1900-1979 				s/s with Georgia E. Thomas
GARRETT, Dennis D. 	    b. 5-16-1947 d. 9-5-2000 	m. 11-11-1966 	s/s Emma Garrett
GARRETT, Emma L. 	    b. 9-24-1948 	“Beloved Soul Mates & Parents”
						s/s with Dennis D. Garrett
HUEY, E. Josephine 	    b. 7-2-1936 d. 10-12-1994 	m. 9-24-1956 	“Mother”
WINGER, Lawrence J. 	    1893-1976 		m. 6-4-1919 	s/s with J. Ruth Winger
WINGER, J. Ruth 	    1898-1978 				s/s with Lawrence J. Winger
POE, James E. 		    1921- 				s/s with Rosie L. Poe
POE, Rosie L. 		    1924-1982 				s/s with James E. poe
HIDAY, Faye 		    1898- 				s/s with Herschel H. Hiday
HIDAY, Herschel H. 	    1895-1985 				s/s with Faye Hiday
HIDAY, Ernest H. 	    1919-1996
HIDAY, Donna J. 	    1922-1993
HIDAY, Rebecca 		    1941-
MELANSON, Julee Ann 	    1965-1987 		“Wife – Daughter – Sister”
KENWORTHY, Pam 		    1945-1983 			s/s with Larry Kenworthy “So Special”
KENWORTHY, Larry 	    1948- 				s/s with Pam Kenworthy
STRASSER, Melvin W. 	    b. 7-1-1925 d. 			s/s with Barbara J. Strasser
STRASSER, Barbara J. 	    b. 6-27-1928 d. 			s/s with Melvin W. Strasser
STRASSER, Carl R. 	    1897-1984
STRASSER, Edna M. 	    1899-1988
CLOUGH, Bertha M. 	    1897-1983 		“Bam”
BRIGHT, Rex E. 		    b. 9-23-1931 d. 2-9-1991 “Husband” 	s/s Beverly Bright
BRIGHT, Beverly E. 	    b. 8-27-1936 d. 12-7-1998 “Wife” 	s/s with Rex Bright
RICHARDS, Chase Samuel 	    b./d. 11-26-1998
RICHARDS, Mildred G. 	    b. 12-25-1911 d. 			s/s with Donald Richards
RICHARDS, Donald H. 	    b. 4-2-1918 d. 10-4-1993 		s/s with Mildred Richards
MILLER, Lottie A. 	    b. 1-25-1935 d. 	m. 6-8-1956 	s/s Charles Miller
MILLER, Charles W. 	    b. 3-4-1932 d. 1-11-1995 		s/s Lottie A. Miller
KIERSTEAD, Burr O. 	    1923-1995 				s/s Edna P. Kierstead
KIERSTEAD, Edna P. 	    1922-1996 				s/s Burr O. Kierstead
SHRONTZ, Nancy Lee 	    b. 8-30-1939 d. 	m. 12-31-1961 	s/s Rex Shrontz
SHRONTZ, Rex Kenneth 	    b. 1-12-1930 d. 8-11-2000 		s/s Nancy Lee Shrontz
McNUTT, Patrick L. 	    b. 10-20-1959 d. 1-25-1996 	“Beloved Son & Brother”
BUTLER, Barney A., Sr. 	    b. 10-11-1935 d. 5-23-1997 	m. 4-7-1956 	s/s Annamae
BUTLER, Annamae M. 	    b. 8-10-1936 d. 			s/s Barney A. Butler, Sr.
FERREE, Alvin Edward 	    b. 5-12-1925 d. 5-17-1996 		s/s Betty Jean Ferree
FERREE, Betty Jean 	    b. 10-4-1928 d. 			s/s with Alvin Edward Ferree
SKINNER, Joyce A. 	    1942- 		m. 7-5-1959 	s/s Charles R. Skinner
SKINNER, Charles R. 	    1936-1993 		“Bud” 		s/s with Joyce A. Skinner
BURKHART, L. May 	    1935-1997 		m. 4-20-1959 	(unfinished stone)
CLINE, Robert J., II 	    b. 3-13-1961 d. 7-30-1996
BROHARD, Melvin Lloyd 	    1924-1987 		“Y1 US NAVY WWII”
BROHARD, Melvin L. 	    b. 9-29-1924 d. 1-5-1987 	m. 3-13-1946 	s/s Virginia Brohard
BROHARD, Virginia L. 	    b. 3-2-1927 d. 4-14-1996 	Eastern Star 	s/s with Melvin
BAGLEY, Kathryn L. 	    1918-1999 			m. 5-7-1940 	s/s Earl L. Bagley
BAGLEY Earl L. 		    1919-		“US ARMY 103 DIV WWII – Together Forever”
JONES, Charles P. 	    1925-1996 		Freemason 		s/s Edith C. Jones
JONES, Edith C. 	    1925-2002 		Eastern Star 		s/s Charles P. Jones
CLAXON, James R. 	    b. 12-4-1928 d. 4-24-1993 			s/s Martha Claxon
CLAXON, Martha L. 	    b. 7-23-1933 d. 	s/s James Claxon 	“Together Forever”
KIENTZ, Forest C. 	    b. 12-30-1910 d. 12-26-1999 	s/s with Marjorie Kientz
KIENTZ, Marjorie A. 	    b. 4-29-1928 d. 			s/s with Forest C. Kientz
KIENTZ, John David 	    b. 4-16-1958 d. 5-15-2001
GALENSKI, Kevin P. 	    b. 4-7-1973 d. 12-8-1989
HOLLOWAY, Kenneth L. 	    b. 4-25-1923 d. 			s/s Margaret L. Holloway
HOLLOWAY, Margaret L. 	    b. 4-18-1926 d. 			s/s Kenneth L. Holloway
		On the back: 	“Our Children: Linda K., Son, Kim L.”
JONES, Junior 		    b. 1-4-1952 d. 1-17-1989 		“We love you – Son -- Dad”
HAZELBAKER, Helen E. 	    1917-1987
PARSONS, Karl R. 	    1919- 					s/s Faith A. Parsons 
		B.P.O.E. – Freemason – US Navy – Knights of Columbus emblems
PARSONS, Faith A. 	    1921-1990 		s/s Karl R. Parsons “Phi Chi Epsilon 1924”
NEFF, Donald Lee 	    b. 8-18-1934 d. 		m. 6-10-1956 	s/s Janet Lee Neff
NEFF, Janet Lee 	    b. 2-19-1934 d. 4-20-1992 			s/s Donald Neff
			“Souls Entwined Forever”
DOCKERY, N. Marie 	    1913-1971 		m. 2-24-1931 	“Mom” 	s/s Trumon Dockery
DOCKERY, Trumon E. 	    1909-1993 	“Dad 	– Till We Meet Again” 	s/s Marie Dockery
SNYDER-McCOY, Minnie D.     1888-1971 	“Grandmother” 			s/s James Snyder-McCoy
Snyder-McCoy, James C. 	    1937-1971 	“Grandson 	– In God’s Loving Care” 
				s/s with Minnie D. Snyder-McCoy 
CHIDESTER, Gerald T. 	    1912-1972
CORBIN, John J. 	    1899-1976 	“PVT US ARMY WWI”
CORBIN, Anna M. 	    1887-1971
ROTH, Charles S. 	    1907-1986 	m. 7-2-1932 	Freemason 	“Daddy”
				s/s with Edna Wayne Roth On the back Ps. 28:7
ROTH, Edna Wayne 	    1911-2001 	Eastern Star 	“Mother” 	s/s Charles Roth
			On the back Ps. 126:3
HAYES, Linda Lou Roth 	    b. 5-22-1936 d. 10-24-1987 		“So loving – So loved”
	On the back: “Hayes, Hayden P. 1920-1977 “Husband – buried at Dearborn, Michigan”
ZEEK, Donald H. 	    1920- 	m. 8-10-1941 			s/s Geraldine Zeek
ZEEK, Geraldine 	    1919 					s/s Donald H. Zeek
JONES, Theo 		    1909-1982 					s/s Sarah A. Jones
JONES, Sarah A. 	    1933-1995 					s/s Theo Jones
LITTLE, Gertrude 	    1903-1978
ENSLEN, Edna E. 	    1914-1975 	m. 9-3-1953 			s/s William R. Enslen
ENSLEN, William R. 	    1921-1992 					s/s Edna E. Enslen
HARVEY, Homer 		    1897-1983 	m. March 1920 			s/s Hebe I. Harvey
HARVEY, Hebe I. 	    1896-1972 					s/s Homer Harvey
MARTIN, Hazel L. 	    1896-1989 		“Mother”
SWINFORD, Robert W. 	    1907-1994 					s/s Isabell Swinford
SWINFORD, Isabell 	    1915-1994 					s/s Robert W. Swinford
DAVIS, Norma J. 	    b. 1-28-1944 d. 				s/s Wayne E. Davis
DAVIS, Wayne E. 	    b. 3-3-1934 d. 				s/s Norma J. Davis
GAITHER, Robert M. 	    1915-1997 	m. 3-17-1933 			s/s Bonnie R. Gaither
GAITHER, Bonnie R. 	    1915- 					s/s Robert M. Gaither
VETOR, Glen W. 		    1919-1977 	m. 10-19-1953 			s/s Evalyn M. Vetor
VETOR, Evalyn M. 	    1913-1981 					s/s Glen W. Vetor
POWELL, Martha E. 	    1902-1994 	m. 9-21-1921 	Mother		s/s Avery Powell 
POWELL, Avery 		    1898-1982 		“Daddy” 		s/s Martha E. Powell
DILL, Fred E. 		    1916-1997 		“Father” 		s/s Ethel W. Dill
DILL, Ethel W. 		    1918- 					s/s Fred E. Dill
KELLY, Tinsley A.    	    b. 6-27-1932 d. 				s/s Beulah Kelly
KELLY, Beulah 		    b. 2-29-1928 d. 3-21-1987 			s/s Tinsley Kelly
HAMPTON, James I. 	    b. 1-24-1947 d. 6-29-1990 	“Dad, Uncle of Jimbo”
KIRK, Mabel J. 		    b. 3-19-1928 d. 1-4-1999 			s/s Denver Kirk
KIRD, Denver 		    b. 6-5-1932 d. 				s/s Mabel J. Kirk
BENNIE, John H. 	    1928-1997 	m. 7-28-1950 			s/s Iva E. Bennie
BENNIE, Iva E. 		    1934- 					s/s John H. Bennie
O'BANION, Linda Wells 	    b. 3-14-1962 d. 5-22-2000 	“Our Angel”
JONES, James C. 	    b. 3-17-1934 d. 7-15-1999 			s/s Frances Jones
JONES, Frances K. 	    b. 2-4-1937 d. 				s/s James Jones
DAVIDSON, Robert J. 	    b. 1-12-1927 d. 5-22-1971 			s/s Anna Harris
HARRIS, Anna S. Davidson    b. 10-11-1921 d. 3-23-1993 	m. 11-27-1947
				s/s with Robert J. Davidson
GADDIS, James 		    1920- 			m. 3-16-1942	s/s Mildred Gaddis
GADDIS, Mildred 	    1914-1988 					s/s James Gaddis
HORN, Jerry R. 		    b. 1-23-1939 d. 10-14-1998 	m. 12-4-1982 	s/s Sara Horn
HORN, Sara L. 		    b. 2-19-1953 d. 	“Against All Odds” 	s/s Jerry Horn

Updating to May 25, 2003
Lamb, Mary A.    		1930-2003    	funeral marker only
Massey, Charles W., Sr.    	1920-2003    	funeral marker only
Wisnieski, Tristan Nathaniel    2002    	funeral marker only
Dockery, Dennis    		1970-2002    	funeral marker only
Canard, Claude E.    		1931-2002    	funeral marker only
Robbins, Landon James    	2003-2003    	funeral marker only
Fletcher, Ruth A.    		b. 8-17-1947    d. 7-23-2002    	m. 7-8-1966    	
		s/s Walter A. Fletcher
Fletcher, Walter A.    		b. 2-27-1941    d.            	
		s/s Ruth A. Fletcher    freemason symbol

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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