Park Cemetery

Section 2D

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a 
section at a time.

BARTLETT, Scott Alan 	b. 3-3-1964    	d. 4-23-2000        	photo
HORN, Carl              b. 10-31-1933   d.             	s/s Patricia L. Horn
HORN, Patricia L.      	b. 12-3-1956	d. 11-20-1998   s/s Carl Horn
DAUENHAUER, Robert L., Sr.	b. 5-26-1931	d. 4-21-2002	
		s/s Lucretia A. Dauenhauer
DAUENHAUER, Lucretia A.		b. 5-18-1935	d. 		m. 8-11-1951
		s/s Robert L. Dauenhauer, Sr.
SCOTT, Violet M.        b. 8-1-1926   	d. 11-1-1996   		“mom”
FANSLER, Rose A.        1923-1990                       s/s Richard E. Fansler
FANSLER, Richard E.     1918-1989                       s/s Rose A. Fansler
GIBSON, Lisle           b. 11-4-1924  	d.     	    	
		s/s Cleo Gibson    m. 11-26-1942
GIBSON, Cleo            b. 7-14-1920    d. 8-20-1995    s/s Lisle Gibson      
KEITH, Roger A.         1946-           Freemason       
		s/s Patsy D. Keith m. 2-20-1966                
KEITH, Patsy D.         1946-1985                     	
		s/s Roger A. Keith  Eastern Star
KEITH, Oscar H.         1916-1997                       s/s R. Helen Keith
KEITH, R. Helen         1920-                       	s/s Oscar H. Keith   
		children:  Judith, Janet, Gary, Karen, Roger
RIGGS, William R.       b. 12-8-1924   	d. 3-15-1996    s/s Lovey A. Riggs
RIGGS, Lovey A.         b. 5-7-1921     d.              s/s William R. Riggs
SORAH, Muncey L.        1929-                       	s/s Wilma M. Sorah
SORAH, Wilma M.         1939-1994                       s/s Muncey L. Sorah
WATSON, Harold          1909-1991                       s/s M. Marie Watson
WATSON, M. Marie        1916-1990                       s/s Harold Watson
HAMILTON, Larry Dan     b. 11-6-1979    d. 3-22-1987
LOVE, Norman E.         1948-1984                    	
		s/s Karen S. Love  m. 12-16-1967
LOVE, Karen S.          1949-                       	s/s Norman E. Love
SIGWORTH, Harold E.     b. 1-31-1925    d.              s/s Rachel A. Sigworth
SIGWORTH, Rachel A.     b. 10-5-1925    d. 11-26-1994   s/s Harold E. Sigworth
CLEVENGER, Jerry K.     1937-1986                       s/s Linda L. Clevenger
CLEVENGER, Linda L.     1938-                       	s/s Jerry K. Clevenger
WRIGHT, Floyd           1904-1986               	
		s/s Pauline Wright m. 3-16-1927
WRIGHT, Pauline         1906-1996                       s/s Floyd Wright
HORN, William A.        b. 8-11-1907    d. 3-1-1985     	“father”
HUMPHREY, Ethel L. Horn b. 3-20-1915    d. 9-20-1998    	“mother”
MOORMAN, Marie Dawn     1982-1984                       	“our little angel”
ROGERS, Donald I.       1917-1987              		
		s/s Doris E. Rogers m. 6-30-1947
ROGERS, Doris E.        1920-                       	s/s Donald I. Rogers
HUGHES, Jerry “J.J.” Joe  1950-1986                        
HUGHES, Courtney L.     12-8-1981                       	“daughter”
GREER, Robert K.        b. 3-11-1939    d. 2-8-1977     	“dad”
BREEDLOVE, Sally Jean   b. 8-23-1960    d. 10-11-1996          	“daughter”                              
		s/s Nancy Jean Moster Breedlove
BREEDLOVE, Nancy Jean Moster  b. 4-14-1932  d.     
		"mother”   s/s Sally Jean Breedlove
BLACKBURN, Claud V.     1919-                      
		s/s Gladys M. Blackburn  m. 9-21-1939
BLACKBURN, Gladys M.    1922-                       	s/s Claud V. Blackburn
HAMAKER, James R.       1947-                       	s/s Melinda K. Hamaker
HAMAKER, Melinda K.     1944-1983                       s/s James R. Hamaker
DEDECKER, Richard       1892-1967                       s/s Merrell Dedecker
DEDECKER, Merrell       1898-1985                       s/s Richard Dedecker
DEDECKER, Vaughn E.     b. 4-1-1922     d. 2-26-1997 
		s/s Geraldine “Jerry” Dedecker  m. 3-10-1944
DEDECKER, Geraldine “Jerry”  b. 12-20-1923   d.    	s/s Vaughn E. Dedecker
McCLANAHAN, William C.  1880-1972                       
		s/s Mary E. McClanahan   m. 8-30-1901
McCLANAHAN, Mary E.     1880-1967                       s/s William C. McClanahan
SHELL, Carl C.          1918-1999                       s/s LaVonne R. Shell
SHELL, LaVonne R.       1926-1983                       s/s Carl C. Shell
HOWELL, Hazel D.        b. 10-20-1908   d. 3-21-1986    	“a loving mother”
MORRISON, Ava M.        1910-                       		“mother”
COMMONS, Claude C.      1906-1986                       s/s Maryellen Commons
COMMONS, Maryellen      1918-1998                       s/s Claude C. Commons
SEWARD, Verlin A.       1910-1967                    s/s Evelyn G. Seward   “father”
SEWARD, Evelyn G.       1911-1967                    s/s Verlin A. Seward   “mother”
SEWARD, Ivan            1906-1986                       s/s Bertha Seward
SEWARD, Bertha          1909-1998                       s/s Ivan Seward
SEWARD, Lee A.          1908-1973                       s/s Ruby F. Seward
SEWARD, Ruby F.         1912-                       	s/s Lee A. Seward
SINIFF, Dorothy M.      1909-1985                       “in loving memory of aunt”
FRANKLIN, Brian         b. 9-7-1969     d. 9-27-1994
CONNER, Dorthy M.       1918-1995                   
		s/s Charles E. Conner m. 6-6-1936
CONNER, Charles E.      1910-1982                       s/s Dorthy M. Conner                               
		on back of Clarence & Edith Everhart’s stone
EVERHART, Clarence F.   1897-1968                       
		s/s Edith Everhart m. 5-5-1917
EVERHART, Edith         1900-1988                       s/s Clarence F. Everhart                
EVERHART, James R.      1924-           
		s/s Martha H. (Baldwin) Everhart   m. 4-5-1969
EVERHART, Martha H. (Baldwin) 1932-                      s/s James R. Everhart
MARTIN, Laurence S.     b. 3-1-1957     d. 10-11-1998  
		“Martha’s son”  “U.S. Army Captain”
DAVIS, Laurence C.      1885-1969                        
		s/s M. Ethel G. Davis  “father”
DAVIS, M. Ethel G.      1890-1988                        
		s/s Laurence C. Davis  “mother”
HOYT, Ethellen Davis    b. 5-12-1913    d. 7-8-1987
DAVIS, Martha A.        1918-1991                        s/s Thomas G. Davis
DAVIS, Thomas G.        1914-1990                        s/s Martha A. Davis
McCRACKEN, J. Hadley    1915-1995                        s/s Adrienne D. McCracken
McCRACKEN, Adrienne D.  1916-2002	              	 s/s J. Hadley McCracken
SMITH, Robert L.        1923-1995                        s/s Betty J. Smith
SMITH, Betty J.         1925-                       	 s/s Robert L. Smith
STROUD, Joseph M.       1911-1970                        
		s/s Mae E. Stroud  m. 6-27-1931
STROUD, Mae E.          1911-                      	 s/s Joseph M. Stroud
THOMAS, Helen G.        b. 2-20-1916    d. 5-23-2000
MART, Carl E.           1910-1993                        
		s/s Wilma I. Mart  m. 2-6-1932
MART, Wilma I.          1913-2002                      	 s/s Carl E. Mart
HIATT, Howard “Slug”    b. 4-18-1941    d. 9-23-1999
HIATT, James D. “Jimmy”, Jr.  b. 4-29-1970   d. 10-18-1995
FOUNTAINE, Ruth F.      1910-1993
FOUNTAINE, Steward      1906-1977                        	“S2 US Navy WWII”
OLSON, Donna May        1929-1982
MADDIX, Charlene        b. 8-11-1924    d.              	“mom”
MADDIX, Charles E.      b. 10-27-1925   d. 7-27-2000        	“dad”
HOLSTEN, Glen M.        no dates                   	 s/s Nondius M. Holsten
HOLSTEN, Nondius M.     no dates                   	 s/s Glen M. Holsten
HOLSTEN, Marcia A.      b. June 1946    d. Dec. 1995        
		on back of Glen and Nondius Holsten’s stone
LaSHURE, David D.       1933-                        
		s/s Jewell R. LaShure  m. 5-20-1951
LaSHURE, Jewell R.      1935-1987                        s/s David D. LaShure
DAVIS, James V.         b. 9-27-1906    d. 4-3-1987      
		s/s B. Ruth Davis  m. 1-20-1930
DAVIS, B. Ruth          b. 7-28-1914    d. 4-17-1909     s/s James V. Davis      
		children: Gene, Kate, Jewell, Delores, Carol, Sandy, Linda
STROUP, Harry J.        1946-1992                        s/s Mary L. Stroup
STROUP, Mary L.         1946-                       	 s/s Harry J. Stroup
MILLIGAN, Leland W.     1914-1981                        s/s Dorothy K. Milligan
MILLIGAN, Dorothy K.    1925-1991                        s/s Leland W. Milligan
DAVIS, Verner E.        b. 3-1-1931     d. 10-23-1984   
		“M Sgt US Air Force Korea Vietnam”
WEAVER, Paul G.         1922-2001                        s/s Mary A. Weaver
WEAVER, Mary A.         1923-                       	 s/s Paul G. Weaver
REASONER, Cheryl S.     1946-1972
REASONER, Angela Renee  b. 5-9-1967     d. 5-20-1972
REASONER, Kimberlee Dawn  b. 10-20-1968 d. 5-20-1972
GLASS, Dr. Robert Lee   1900-1976                 
		s/s Isadora Rush Glass   “neurosurgeon”
GLASS, Isadora Rush     1900-1989                        s/s Dr. Robert Lee Glass
DAVIS, Charles Everett  b. 3-31-1924    d. 12-4-1997     “Tec 5 US Army WWII”                
		s/s T. Irene Davis
DAVIS, T. Irene         b. 3-6-1928     d.        
		s/s Charles Everett Davis m. 3-20-1948
DAVIS, Alpheus M.       1880-1971                 s/s Stella M. Davis
DAVIS, Stella M.        1888-1981                 s/s Alpheus M. Davis
WILLIAMS, Jessie Marie  4-12-1968		  
CHUNN, Norma J.         1967-1967                 	funeral marker only
HALL, Wilbur E.         1913-1977                 s/s Evelyn R. Hall
HALL, Evelyn R.         1917-1989                 s/s Wilbur E. Hall
DUNHAM, Harley M.       1886-1970                      	 “father”
KILGORE, Karl O.        1909-1967                 s/s Helen E. Kilgore
KILGORE, Helen E.       1908-1982                 s/s Karl O. Kilgore
SHELTON, Danialle M.    1982-1982                 	funeral marker only
CHUNN, June E.          b. 6-3-1929     d. 2-5-2000
JACKSON, Johnnie H.     b. 4-30-1963    d. 4-14-1990
POLING, Russell O.      1917-1992                 
		s/s Catherine J. Poling  m. 6-22-1940
POLING, Catherine J.    1921-1990                 s/s Russell O. Poling
NASH, Don               1917-1983                 s/s Theresa Nash
NASH, Theresa           1920-1996                 s/s Don Nash
HALL, G. Michael        1943-1986                 s/s Mary L. Hall
HALL, Mary L.           1944-                     s/s G. Michael Hall
ALTER, Grover M. “Jr.”  1928-1988                 s/s Doris I. Alter
ALTER, Doris I.         1920-                     s/s Grover M. Alter
HENSLEY, Violet E.      1920-               	  
		s/s Homer E. Hensley     m. Dec. 20
HENSLEY, Homer E.       1921-                     
		s/s Violet E. Hensley    US AAC WWII
MITCHELL, E. Russell    1918-                       
		s/s Leora B., J. Roland, & Naomi F. Mitchell
MITCHELL, Leora B.      1917-1988                        
		s/s E. Russell, J. Roland, & Naomi F. Mitchell
MITCHELL, J. Roland     1911-                       
		s/s E. Russell, Leora B., & Naomi F. Mitchell
MITCHELL, Naomi F.      1912-1981                        
		s/s E. Russell, Leora B., & J. Roland Mitchell
SVENDSEN, Gordon        1927-                     s/s A. Lucille Svendsen   
		symbol with sword and crescent moon entwined
SVENDSEN, A. Lucille    1927-1981                 
		s/s Gordon Svendsen    Eastern Star
DODSON, Fred E., Sr.    1927-1999           
		s/s Chris M. Dodson    US Army 88th Div WWII
DODSON, Chris M.        1927-                     s/s Fred E. Dodson, Sr.
WAYMIRE, Wayne H.       b. 6-11-1915    d. 3-4-1993   
		s/s Doris J. Waymire   m. 3-18-1944
WAYMIRE, Doris J.       b. 6-3-1918     d.        s/s Wayne H. Waymire
SMITH, E. Arlene        1922-1987                        
SMITH, Margaret         1921-1981                        “mother”
WHEELER, Earl L.        b. 10-4-1911    d. 7-15-1992   
		s/s Elizabeth Wheeler m. 12-2-1933
WHEELER, Elizabeth      b. 3-28-1913    d. 12-26-2001  s/s Earl L. Wheeler
RICHMAN, Robert G.      b. 10-7-1931    d.             
		s/s Esther J. Richman m. 10-1-1951
RICHMAN, Esther J.      b. 8-1-1935     d.        s/s Robert G. Richman
WILLIAMS, Samuel J.     1939-1996                 s/s Mary E. Williams
WILLIAMS, Mary E.       1944-                     s/s Samuel J. Williams
SCHAFFER, Robert W.     1898-1995                        
NELSON, Lester E.       1927-                     
		s/s Patricia A. Nelson  m. 2-19-1960
NELSON, Patricia A.     1934-1996                 s/s Lester E. Nelson
POWERS, Vaughn C.       1909-1994                 s/s Dorothy A. Powers
POWERS, Dorothy A.      1908-2003
POWERS, Betty J.        1935-                       
		s/s John R. Powers on back of Vaughn and Dorothy Powers’ stone
POWERS, John R.         1934-                     s/s Betty J. Powers
COMER, Murel R.         b. 8-28-1902    d. 5-26-1981   
		s/s Lenna L. Comer m. 4-11-1925
COMER, Lenna L.         b. 9-10-1902    d. 12-12-1990  s/s Murel R. Comer
SMALL, Dallas           1981-1981                      		funeral marker only
DAVIS, Wendy Dawn       no dates                   		funeral marker only
JACKSON, Christopher    b. 5-31-1985    d. 10-18-1985
[CUMBEY], Michael       no dates                   
		*I added the last name because I know this particular person
MULLEN, Donny L.        5-27-1974
DAVIS, Trinitey E.      1-25-1973                      		“our twin baby”
KING, Joshua Alan       1992-1992                      		funeral marker only
MILLER, John Charles    1995-1995                      		funeral marker only
CHAPEL, Naomi R.        b. 10-6-1994    d. 10-6-1994    	“our little angel”
TAYLOR, Robert W.       b. 8-11-1990    d. 8-31-1990    	“our son”
FUGATE, Wendy Faye      b. 3-22-1971    d. 3-23-1971    	“God bless our baby”
STURGEON, Everett C.    1968-1969                       	“our son”
McDANIELS, Jordan L.    b. 10-17-1987   d. 10-24-1987        
BANNISTER, John M., Jr. 9-29-1971                       	“our son”  photo
BULLARD, Mark A.        b. 3-21-1969    d. 3-22-1969    	“our son”
MAXEY, Elinor           1924-                       	s/s Karen & Kenneth Maxey
MAXEY, Karen            1958-1968                       s/s Elinor & Kenneth Maxey
MAXEY, Kenneth          1929-1998                       s/s Elinor & Karen Maxey
SMALL, Philip W.        1896-1968                       
		s/s Halcie M. Small  m. 11-6-1916
SMALL, Halcie M.        1897-1975                       s/s Philip W. Small
ORME, Delbert E. “Gene”, Sr.   b. 2-14-1935   d. 1-9-1999  
		s/s Linda R. Orme m. 10-31-1981
ORME, Linda R.          b. 8-9-1946     d. 12-10-1998        s/s Delbert E. Orme, Sr.
ORME, George C.         1904-                       	s/s Willa L. Orme
ORME, Willa L.          1903-1971                       s/s George C. Orme
VETOR, William M.       1924-1968                       s/s Elizabeth E. Vetor
VETOR, Elizabeth E.     1923-                       	s/s William M. Vetor
COMER, Patrick Dean     9-5-1973                 		son of Donna & David
HANLIN, Robert A.       1908-1968                       s/s Mary B. Hanlin
HANLIN, Mary B.         1916-1998                       s/s Robert A. Hanlin
MOSSBURG, Ralph E.      1894-1970      Veteran of WWI   s/s Ethel G. Mossburg
MOSSBURG, Ethel G.      1898-1985                       s/s Ralph E. Mossburg
DAVID, Alan Ronald      b. 5-15-1943    d. 6-20-2000    	SP 5 US Army Vietnam
VEST, Claude            1919-1989                       s/s Edna O. Vest
VEST, Edna O.           1925-                       	s/s Claude Vest
HAMILTON, Howard M.     b. 5-15-1921    d.              
		s/s Colleen N. Hamilton m. 7-3-1942
HAMILTON, Colleen N.    b. 7-29-1924    d.              s/s Howard M. Hamilton
FUGATE, Robert E.       b. 7-29-1906    d. 1-17-1990    
		s/s Maryann Fugate   m. 7-24-1925
FUGATE, Maryann         b. 7-22-1908    d. 4-8-1991     s/s Robert E. Fugate
STEPHENSON, John D.     1923-                       	s/s Dorothy M. Stephenson
STEPHENSON, Dorothy M.  1925-                       	s/s John D. Stephenson
TUCKER, Thomas J.       b. 4-28-1927    d. 2-9-2002     	US Army Korea
KIERSTEAD, Donald J.    b. 6-21-1956	d. 6-7-2002
*** two overturned stones side by side***
	(Looks like someone is making new cement foundations for them)
DICKERSON, Florence     1905-1993
MATNEY, Paul H.         1915-1996                       
		s/s Mary E. Matney    m. 6-5-1937
MATNEY, Mary E.         1918-1995                       s/s Paul H. Matney
MIDLER, Richard J.      1924-                       	
		s/s Nellie A. Midler  m. 4-10-1943
MIDLER, Nellie A.       1924-                       	s/s Richard J. Midler
HIATT, Ivan O.          b. 11-13-1915    d.             
		s/s Wilma G. Hiatt m. 9-19-1934
HIATT, Wilma G.         b. 9-22-1911     d. 7-2-2001    s/s Ivan O. Hiatt
JACKS, Paul E.          1925-                       		Shriners emblem
SAID, Bea M.            1920-1990                       	“mother”
MAGGARD, William        1922-1981                       s/s Alma A. Maggard
MAGGARD, Alma A.        1925-2003                    	s/s William Maggard
HELMS, Lola G.          1927-1986
BARNHART, George T.     1899-1976                       s/s Nellie J. Barnhart
BARNHART, Nellie J.     1903-1997                       s/s George T. Barnhart
HANSLEY, Lavern         1906-1998                       
		s/s Lucy Hansley   m. 11-28-1930
HANSLEY, Lucy           1898-1969                       s/s Lavern Hansley
LOGAN, Larry L.         b. 3-14-1945     d.             
		s/s Sharon P. Logan m. 11-4-1967
LOGAN, Sharon P.        b. 12-1-1948     d. 4-16-2001   s/s Larry L. Logan
HELMS, Jayson R.        b. 9-20-1953     d. 7-14-1992   	“Jay & Mary”      
		“loving husband of Mary; dad of Stacey & Corey”
STEPP, Ronald G.        b. 2-9-1938      d. 9-26-2000        	m. 12-20-1957
THOMAS, Gerald I.       1929-2001                       s/s Carrie R. Thomas
THOMAS, Carrie R.       1921-                       	s/s Gerald I. Thomas
ROGERS, John Oris       1915-2002                       s/s Dora Ellen Rogers
ROGERS, Dora Ellen      1916-2002                       s/s John Oris Rogers
ROGERS, Sandra R.       1954-                       	s/s Charles S. Rogers                  
		on back of John & Dora Rogers’ stone
ROGERS, Charles S.      1955-                       	
		s/s Sandra R. Rogers m. 2-16-1974
GADD, Noah L.           b. 7-9-1922      d.            	s/s Betty R. Gadd
GADD, Betty R.          b. 11-1-1929     d. 1-11-2000   s/s Noah L. Gadd
HUGHES, Faye B.         6-23-1927
KELLOGG, Frederick E.   1931-            “pastor”       s/s Leah Dorothy Kellogg
KELLOGG, Leah Dorothy   1929-1994        “prayer warrior”  s/s Frederick E. Kellogg
LASH, William F.        1915-1985                       s/s Lena M. Lash
LASH, Lena M.           1913-                       	s/s William F. Lash
CRAIG, Tammy Sue        1961-1985
CRAIG, Paul D.          1918-1999 			s/s Helen Rees Craig
CRAIG, Helen Rees       1922-1981                       s/s Paul D. Craig
PRESNALL, Louie E.      1929-                	  	
		s/s Virginia L. Presnall  m. 8-1-1948
PRESNALL, Virginia L.   1930-                       	s/s Louie E. Presnall
PEARSON, Robert E.      1927-2002                       s/s Ruth E. Pearson
PEARSON, Ruth E.        1934-                       	s/s Robert E. Pearson
BRAMMER, James M.       1929-1967                       s/s Marcella P. Brammer
BRAMMER, Marcella P.    1923-                       	s/s James M. Brammer
MARLEY, Paul D.         1946-                      	
		s/s Joyce A. Marley    m. 11-5-1966
MARLEY, Joyce A.        1949-                       	s/s Paul D. Marley
MARLEY, Banjamin B.     1921-1995                 	
		s/s Wanda M. Marley    m. 8-3-1943
MARLEY, Wanda M.        1924-1994                        s/s Benjamin B. Marley
WILSON, Ermal G.        1929-1993                        	“dad”
HALL, Myrna F.          b. 8-23-1935      d.         	
		s/s Kenneth G. Hall    m. 10-30-1953
HALL, Kenneth G.        b. 2-16-1936      d. 10-3-1993  s/s Myrna F. Hall
DEAVERS, Mary A.        b. 11-8-1926      d.            s/s Bernard C. Deavers
DEAVERS, Bernard C.     b. 7-11-1923      d. 12-1-1996  s/s Mary A. Deavers
JAMES, Laurence Gilford 4-19-1931
BRINKER, George H.      b. 7-30-1930      d.           “dad”  
		s/s Jo Ann Brinker m. 12-1-1951
BRINKER, Jo Ann         b. 1-9-1930       d. 4-7-1998  “mom”  s/s George H. Brinker
SCOTT, Loretta J.       b. 8-19-1939      d.            
		s/s Roanld B. Scott  m. 2-14-1959
SCOTT, Ronald B.        b. 3-13-1937      d. 8-25-2000  s/s Loretta J. Scott                
		children: Mark, Connie, & Chris
MILLIGAN, Quinn Leland  12-9-1997
FIZER, Carole D.        b. 11-15-1937     d. 1-4-1998   
		s/s William Fizer, Jr. m. 9-4-1955
FIZER, William, Jr.     b. 8-13-1935      d.            s/s Carole D. Fizer
DAILEY, Mary Margaret   1918-1944                       s/s Maerle D. Dailey
DAILEY, Merle D.        1928-                       	s/s Mary Margaret Dailey
COBLE, Stella M.        b. 10-11-1936     d. 11-19-1997 s/s Sherman W. Coble
COBLE, Sherman W.       b. 3-17-1944      d.            s/s Stella M. Coble
HARROLD, Samuel Kenneth 2-18-2001
BURDICK, Melvin C.      1924-1988                      		EM 2 US Navy WWII
LEWIS, Jeffrey Alan     b. 11-4-1956      d. 10-1-2001
ELLIS, Stephen D.       b. 3-1-1976       d. 6-18-1998
COUCH, Greg A.          b. 6-24-1982	  d. 5-4-2002               
		(homemade cross has dates:  6-14-1982 to 5-4-2002)
JEFFRIES, Nora B.       b. 9-20-1922      d. 1-17-2001   
		s/s Chester W. Jeffries m. 6-5-1943
JEFFRIES, Chester W.    b. 8-14-1923      d. 10-24-2000  s/s Nora B. Jeffries
SHAFFER, Kenneth J.     b. 5-31-1953      d.             
		s/s Nanette R. Shaffer m. 7-30-1994
SHAFFER, Nanette R.     b. 1-26-1961      d. 1-20-2001   s/s Kenneth J. Shaffer
KENNEDY, Albert M.      1948-2002                        	funeral marker only

Updated to May 25, 2003
Planck, Hassie L. Greer	1939-2003    funeral amrker only
Hopkins, Jack B.    	b. 5-13-1924	d. 1-3-2003    	m. 4-15-1950 	s/s Ruby A. Hopkins
Hopkins, Ruby A.    	b. 9-18-1930    d.                		s/s Jack B. Hopkins
Kennedy, Albert M.    	b. 3-7-1943    	d. 4-10-2202    m. 11-2-1963    photo    
		s/s Toby A. Kennedy husabnd, father, poppy
Kennedy, Toby A.    	b. 3-16-1940    d.                		s/s Albert M. Kennedy    
		wife, mother, grammy
Moore, Michael Steven   b. 7-15-1958    d. 12-7-2002    		father, brother, son
Thomas, Roberta Jeane   b. 1-30-1939    d. 11-3-2002    		s/s Edison Eddie Thomas
Thomas, Edison Eddie    b. 10-14-1931   d.                		s/s Roberta Jeane Thomas
Davis, James N.    	1973-2002
Kilgore, Robert E.    	1934-2002    			funeral marker only
Rogers, Sandra R.    	1954-       			m. 2-16-1974    s/s Charles S. Rogers
Rogers, Charles S.    	1955-        					s/s Sandra R. Rogers

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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