Park Cemetery

Section 3A

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.

WESTON, Jane 		1813-1906
WESTON, Hugh 		1843-1915
WESTON, Elizabeth 	1844-1904
WESTON, Sarah E. 	b. 6-22-1870 	d. 8-11-1893 		daughter of H. & R. Weston 
		aged 23ys, 1 mo, 19ds.  *Footstone S. ? E.
WELLS, James Weston 	4-24-1916
ELLIS, Albert L. 	1876-1893
ELLIS, Hannah W. 	1836-1908
ELLIS, Jane O. 		1861-1937 				s/s A. Leonidas Ellis
ELLIS, A. Leonidas 	1860-1923 				s/s Jane O. Ellis
METCALF, Mary P. 	1841-1917
HAISLEY, Irena 		d. 5-7-1894 	aged 36y, 5m, 19d 	wife of Jesse Haisley
HAISLEY, Verna B. 	d. 3-6-1906 	aged 17y, 2m, 1d 		
		daughter of Jesse and Irena Haisley
HAISLEY, Keziah E. 	d. 3-16-1886 	aged 35y, 4m, 29d 
		wife of Jesse Haisley (this is a small stone)
HAISLEY, Keziah E. 	d. 3-16-1886 	aged 35y, 4m, 19d 	(this is a large stone)
HAISLEY, Walter D. 	d. 1-11-1907 	aged 31y, 4m, 19d 	
		son of Jesse and Keziah Haisley
HAISLEY, Jesse		1842-1928
HAISLEY, Elizabeth 	1855-1933
HAISLEY, Milicent (Doherty) 	1838-1916 			s/s Elwood Haisley
HAISLEY, Elwood 	1838-1897 				s/s Milicent (Doherty) Haisley
HAISLEY, Lucy 		b. 11-20-1870 	d. 12-6-1936
HAISLEY, Milicent R. 	b. 10-11-1838 	d. 3-20-1916
HAISLEY, Elwood 	b. ?-8-1838 	d. 9-2-1897
FLANAGAN, Thomas 	1855-1895 				“father”
FLANAGAN, Anna C. 	1859-1936 				“mother”
FLANAGAN, Russel 	1890-1894 				“son”
DOHERTY, Everett H. 	b. 10-14-1889 	d. 2-28-1924
DOHERTY, Etta 		b. 7-21-1867 	d. 1-18-1927
DOHERTY, Henry M. 	b. 11-23-1862 	d. 3-23-1914
DOHERTY, Grace W. 	b. 10-3-1888 	d. 3-24-1980
DAVIS, Mattie 		1871-1892
DAVIS, Dorindah 	1842-1895
DAVIS, Grace Damaris 	1879-1899
DAVIS, Foster 		1841-1913
DAVIS, Grace G. 	1872-1937
DAVIS, Harry 		1867-1956
JONES, Eliza J. 	d. 1-7-1916 	aged 61y, 4m, 13d 	wife of Calvin W. Jones
JONES, Calvin W. 	d. 1-28-1893 	aged 45y, 5m, 3d
JONES, Francis R. 	b. 7-29-1906 	d. 8-6-1906 		daughter of Walter and Mary Jones
HOLLOWAY, Zelda A. 	1910- 					s/s Glenn C. Holloway
HOLLOWAY, Glenn C. 	1905-1992 				s/s Zelda A. Holloway
JAY, Anzonetta 		b. 3-20-1854 	d. 3-14-1909
JAY, Riley 		b. 10-8-1852 	d. 10-8-1915
WINSLOW, Robert H. 	1897-1970 		m. 3-11-1942 
		s/s Bobbie B. Winslow WWI veteran and veteran of Foreign Wars
WINSLOW, Bobbie B. 	1893-1982 				s/s Robert H. Winslow
MAYER, Julian A. 	1886-1962 				s/s Beulah Mayer
MAYER, Beulah 		1891-1985 				s/s Julian A. Mayer
MOTT, Anna 		1844-1915
WILLIAMS, Betsey 	b. 2-23-1813 	d. 3-5-1895 		wife of David Smithson “mother”
SMITHSON, J.B. 		1831-1914				Co. B 130th Indiana Infantry
SMITHSON, Lydia 	b. 11-25-1831 	d. 4-21-1918 		wife of Judiah B. Smithson
SMITHSON, Lora K. 	1861-1936
SMITHSON, A. Sylvester 	1857-1942
CALL, Julia A. 		1881-1940 		has a metal plate attached that says “McCloskey”
CALL, John M. 		1866-1942 		engraved at bottom of stone is “McCloskey”
OATLEY, Vincent S. 	1914-1935
PATTERSON, Fred P. 	1884-1932
PATTERSON, Morlen P. 	1863-1896
PATTERSON, Joseph W. 	1859-1913
PATTERSON, Ella R. 	1874-1932
BALDWIN, Dvid 		1819-1898
BALDWIN, Elizabeth 	1825-1901
HUTCHINS, Kathryn M. 	1885-1974				s/s Charles E. Hutchins
HUTCHINS, Charles E. 	1886-1960				s/s Kathryn M. Hutchins
RAY, Josephine 		1867-1952				s/s William A. Ray
RAY, William A. 	1868-1937				s/s Josephine Ray
RAY, Frank 		1883-1949
RAY, Della 		1884-1973
RAY, Armenta J. 	d. 6-6-1913 	aged 62y, 11m, 1d 	wife of A.W. Ray
RAY, Asbery W. 		b. 7-21-1841 	d. 4-23-1896 		Co. D 79 Indiana Infantry
RAY, Charles W. 	b. 5-21-1882 	d. 5-19-1901 
RAY, James A. 		d. 3-29-1930 	aged 54y, 2m, 10d 	IN Pvt 9 Infantry
LILLIBRIDGE, Willie E. 	d. 1-16-1878 	aged 16y, 1m, 29d 	son of John and J. A. Lillibridge
LILLIBRIDGE, Jesse M. 	d. 5-?-???? 	aged 6y, 8m, 28d(?) 	son of John and J.A. Lillibridge
LILLIBRIDGE, Julia A. 	d. 3-9-1911 	aged 79y, 6m, 29d
LILLIBRIDGE, John 	d. 2-6-1893 	aged 62y, 5m, 1d
PARKER, Harry Noel 	b. 10-28-1898 	d. 2-14-1902
PARKER, Mark 		1937					s/s Elizabeth Parker
PARKER, Elizabeth 	1955					s/s Mark Parker
PARKER, Corporal Hugh 	1885					Co. D 14 U.S. Infantry
PARKER, Eliza J. 	d. 5-10-1900 	aged 53y, 8m, 2d 	wife of J. H. Parker
PARKER, Joseph H. 	1848-1919 				
		Co. H 153 I(ndiana) V(olunteer) I(nfantry)
CASSELL, Henry B. 	1862-1932
CASSELL, Helen R. 	1864-1929
RAPER, Margaret E. 	1838-1930
HOLLOWAY, Florence 	b. 6-13-1901 	d. 9-2-1901 		s/s Marjorie Holloway
HOLLOWAY, Marjorie 	b. 8-2-1900 	d. 9-5-1900 		s/s Florence Holloway
HOLLOWAY, Clara E. 	b. 3-4-1878 	d. 1-30-1947
HOLLOWAY, Eri F. 	b. 10-3-1878 	d. 7-22-1969
HOLLOWAY, Mabelle 	b. 10-25-1914 	d. 5-17-1995
HUGH, Emma 		d. 12-23-1893 	aged 74y, 3m, 8d
WHYBREW, Flonnie A. 	d. 10-14-1892 	aged 3y, 10m, 5d 	daughter of H.M. & L.B. Whybrew
WHYBREW, Lizzie B. 	1868-1942 				s/s H. Morton Whybrew
WHYBREW, H. Morton 	1864-1947 				s/s Lizzie B. Whybrew

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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