Park Cemetery

Section 3C

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.

HENLEY, William L.	1855-1926
HILL, Nathan            1838-1925      			father
HILL, Emeline           1841-1924               	mother
SHOCKEY, Verlista       1890-1964                		s/s Wesley W. Shockey, Sr.
SHOCKEY, Wesley W., Sr. 1887-1969                		s/s Verlista Shockey
JAMES, Randolph         b. 5-20-1892	d. 8-30-1962  	
		Indiana Pvt I Co. FA CEN OFF TNG SCH WWI
MOORE, Myrtle S.        1898-1961               	mother
HILL, James T.      	b. 4-5-1869	d. 9-17-1931
HILL, Eva B.           	b. 8-20-1883    d. 3-26-1922
HUTCHINS, Ann          	1858-1927
RAMSEY, Earl       	1889-1965
TINGLEY, Sussan H. 	1854-1922
DICKEY, Cecelia         1849-1929
DICKEY, Benjamin F.     1841-1928
DICKEY, Oscar H.        1874-1949
SCHOCK, E. Pearl        1878-1952            		mother
HUNT, S. Dysia 		1882-1923             		mother
HUNT, James W.          1875-1968               	father
ELLIOTT, Katherine J.   1892-1929
HOLLIDAY, Janet Thompson	1909-1987
HOLLIDAY, Murray Lucas	1908-1986
HOLLIDAY, Mabel Lucas   1884-1975        		D.A.R.
HOLLIDAY, L. Doyte, M.D.	1884-1951
MARSH, Mary A.    	1863-1920
MARSH, J. Willard       1858-1935
WITTER, Susan R.        1866-1958
WOOLLEN, Effie E.   	1875-1921
WOOLLEN, Timothy L.     1914-1923
WOOLLEN, Murton         1877-1949              			s/s Mary E. Woollen
WOOLLEN, Mary E.        1882-1965              			s/s Murton Woollen
LOWE, Zedith D.         1904-1989              			s/s Willis W. Lowe
LOWE, Willis W.       	1904-1956              			s/s Zedith D. Lowe
ERRIKSON, Missouria Stech	1879-1925              		s/s Charles C. Errikson
ERRIKSON, Charles C.    1872-1949              			s/s Missouria Stech Errikson
STEWART, Mary E. Kimbrough	b. 12-21-1846 	d. 12-10-1926
STEWART, Samuel W.  	b. 8-27-1847	d. 4-17-1917  	Co. G 153 Ind. Inf.
RICE, Elizabeth A.      1854-1915
HASTY, Mary E.          b. 5-5-1857     d. 5-17-1909  		wife of John W. Hasty
KIMBROUGH, Eli          d. 5-21-1904	aged 82y, 6m, 10d    	
		s/s Zachary Taylor & Margaret Kimbrough
KIMBROUGH, Zachary Taylor	1850-1930                	s/s Eli & Margaret Kimbrough
KIMBROUGH, Margaret 	d. 11-5-1873    aged 52y, 1m, 25d       wife of Eli Kimbrough
HOWELL, Sarah Kimbrough 1857-1933
KIMBROUGH, Lydia Allie  1860-1940
GREEK, Martha           b. 11-8-1828    d. 10-25-1905
COONES, Nancy J.        1859-1908
HOGGATT                 illegible
ICE, J. Sanford         1874-1913
ICE, Julia S.           1858-1934
ICE, David D.           1856-1905
BLAND, Dora M.          1859-1905                		s/s infant daughter
BLAND, Infant Daughter  1905                          		s/s Dora M. Bland
MILLER, Kathryn         1903-1914                		s/s Effie Miller
MILLER, Effie           1878-1904                		s/s Kathryn Miller
MILLER, Mary Moreland   1888-1976
MILLER, David Kennedy, Jr.	1872-1957        	Freemason for 50 years
RINGO, Ernie C.     	1904-1940
RINGO, John             illegible
FLOREA, Warren E.       b. 6-24-1916	d. 1-4-95	m. 4-5-1947	s/s Norma L. Florea
FLOREA, Norma L.  	b. 10-24-1924                                  	s/s Warren E. Florea
FLOREA, William L.      1883-1954                		s/s Kate K. Florea
FLOREA, Kate K.         1879-1979                		s/s William L. Florea
KNIGHT, Lizzie          1871-1957                		s/s Richard D. Knight
KNIGHT, Richard D.      1872-1938                		s/s Lizzie Knight
KINCH, George F.        1872-1902
KINCH, Leora Coral      d. 11-18-1896	one hour old   		s/s Leroy Guy Kinch
KINCH, Leroy Guy        b. 12-25-1893   d. 3-13-1894  aged 4m, 16d 	s/s Leora Coral Kinch               
STEELE, Ross            b. 11-11-1885   d. 12-23-1905
KIRK, Floyd Edison  	1919-1935
KIRK, Carlos            1881-1945       	m. 4-5-1911	father	s/s C. Edna Kirk
KIRK, C. Edna           1888-1959                		mother  s/s Carlos Kirk
HASTINGS, Jane          1815-1906                		mother
MINNICK, Floyd          b. 3-7-1891 	d. 12-14-1905           son of F.A. & A.M. Minnick
PAYNE, Harry W.         b. 1-10-1912    d. 5-3-1968 	PVT BTRY B 180 FLD ARTY BN WWII IND
PAYNE, Arissa L.        1924-1993                funeral marker only (Noffze Funeral Home)
HIATT, Mable M.   	1893-1958                mother
HIATT, Wilbur B.        1884-1940                father
GARNER, Eldridge E.	1902-1972                s/s Martha E. Garner
GARNER, Martha E.       1904-1958                s/s Eldridge E. Garner
GARNER, Elwood H.       1866-1941
GARNER, Luella          1866-1948
GARNER, Riley           b. 6-10-1835	d. 2-23-1914
GARNER, Ruth            b. 10-12-1839   d. 6-16-1910
GARNER, Don L.          1937-                        		s/s Janet H. Garner
GARNER, Janet H.        1937-                        		s/s Don L. Garner
UNDERWOOD, Donna M.  	1928-1989                		s/s Harry N. Underwood
UNDERWOOD, Harry N.     1921-                        		s/s Donna M. Underwood
Missing stone
UNDERWOOD, John W.   	1865-1932
UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth H. 1864-1915                	wife of John W. Underwood
JONES, Sarah J.   	b. 4-10-1868	d. 1-23-1946
JONES, John J.          b. 11-11-1866   d. 6-15-1944
VETOR, George           1856-1909                		s/s Susan Vetor
VETOR, Susan            1855-1930                		s/s George Vetor
PAYNE, James S.         1877-1945                		s/s Edna Payne
PAYNE, Edna E.          1882-1960                		s/s James Payne
PAYNE, Roy              b. 3-27-1880 	d. 2-27-1948
BELL, Clarence H.       1881-1908                	F.O.E.
BELL-WRIGHT, Priscilla J.	1848-1926
THORN, Martha E.   	1861-1956                		s/s Stephen Thorn
THORN, Stephen L.       1861-1935                		S/S Martha Thorn
SCOTT, J. Elsie         1883-1957                		s/s Agnes Scott
SCOTT, Agnes            1884-1951                		s/s J. Elsie Scott
WRIGHT, Ora E.          1888-1988
WRIGHT, Vida M.         1890-1969
WRIGHT, Clayton S.      1860-1930
WRIGHT, Mary E.         1861-1934
WRIGHT, Addie E.        1885-1948
GIBSON, Edith Wright  	1909-1963
TAYLOR, Martha L.       1909-2002                	funeral marker only
STOREY, Lydia J.        1847-1908
SIZELOVE, Hazel A.      1885-1970
MITCHELL, Charles W.    1853-1912                		s/s Eliza J. Mitchell
MITCHELL, Eliza J.      1852-1912                		s/s Charles W. Mitchell
MITCHELL, Hallie        b. 6-7-1887	d. 1-7-1914
DUNCAN, Naomi Sister    1911-1913                	funeral marker only
LYONS, Marie C.         1891-1954
LYONS, C.C.             1861-1910                		s/s Rachel Lyons
LYONS, Rachel         	1862-1926                		s/s C.C. Lyons
LYONS, Marjory          1893-1908  
		(This is with Lyons family, but there is no last name on stone.)
STUCKEY, Elmer          1862-1943                		s/s Elizabeth Stuckey
STUCKEY, Elizabeth      1871-1953                		s/s Elmer Stuckey
STUCKEY, Dorothy M.     1900-1980                		s/s John D. Stuckey
STUCKEY, John D.        1893-1973                		s/s Dorothy M. Stuckey
BALLINGER, Nancy Olive	1838-1925
BALLINGER, James R.     1908-1954
BALLINGER, Clystia      b. 10-22-1879	d. 3-24-1911
BALLINGER, Orestes      1860-1941
ANDREW, Elizabeth       1819-1910
UNDERWOOD, Al           1869-19-
UNDERWOOD, Rachel A.    1872-1928
RICKS, Maunta V.    	1899-1966   		m. 6-15-1923 	s/s Leslie D. Ricks, Sr.
RICKS, Leslie D., Sr.   1900-1988               freemason      	s/s Maunta V. Ricks
Unmarked grave
Unmarked grave
PAYNE, Vander M.					Co. L. 4 KY CAV
PAYNE, Sabelle M.  	illegible
STUCKEY, Lincoln   	1860-1940                		s/s Mary Bell Stuckey
STUCKEY, Mary Bell      1866-1950                		s/s Lincoln Stuckey
DICKEY, Cassius E.      1861-1928                		s/s Ida J. Dickey
DICKEY, Ida J.          1865-1953                		s/s Cassius E. Dickey
ARNOLD, Mary F.         1895-1964           	mother
CHILDREY, Sarah         b. 12-25-1879	d. 8-24-1910  	wife of G. W. Childrey
CASH, Jas. M.      				        Co. L 4 KY CAV
OSBORN, William Clyde	1904-1905
DAVIS, Sarah J.         1831-1904
JAMES, Weimer           d. 9-1-1905	aged 1y, 2m, 7d  	son of Chas. A. & Laura James
FRAZIER, Rachel A.      1840-1910                		s/s Elihu Frazier
FRAZIER, Elihu          1844-1922                		s/s Rachel Frazier
THOMAS, Huldah        	b. 3-13-1873  	d. 11-18-1942 	mother
THOMAS, Hanley          b. 12-3-1870    d. 12-18-1947   father
THOMAS, Lydia           d. 12-15-1904  	aged 43y, 7m,11d   	daughter of Amos & Nancy Thomas
THOMAS, Nancy           b. 3-3-1830   	d. 7-11-1908
THOMAS, Amos            b. 1-10-1830    d. 1-10-1916
ARTHURHULTS, Robert W.	1929=1943
TOMLINSON, Nancy        1862-1941                	wife of James Tomlinson
TOMLINSON, James        1868-1948                
TOMLINSON, Anna         1868-1901                	wife of James Tomlinson
TOMLINSON, Ina          1885-1939                	wife of Griffen Tomlinson
DICKEY, Walter          b. 3-30-1877	d. 5-11-1947  		s/s Flossie & Infant Son Dickey
DICKEY, Infant Son      b. 1-21-1905    d. 1-23-1905  		s/s Walter & Flossie Dickey
DICKEY, Flossie Bell    b. 4-24-1885    d. 1-27-1905  		s/s Walter & Infant son Dickey
GROCE, Minty  		1878-1904                		s/s Thomas Groce
GROCE, Thomas H.        1874-1954                		s/s Minty Groce
GROCE, Margaret         1874-1930                		s/s Pearl Crystal Groce
GROCE, Pearl Crystal    1903-1904                		s/s Margaret Groce
ENGLE, Lucille Vardaman 1894-1917
COONFARE, Orpha Vardaman	1901-1932
TAPPAN, Ray Kenneth	b. 5-16-1901	d. 4-21-1914  		s/s Sarah M. Tappan
TAPPAN, Sarah M.        b. 4-9-1860     d. 9-1-1904    		s/s Ray Kenneth Tappan
HOPPLE, Olive Dickerson 1861-1906                	mother
HOGGATT, William R.     b. 5-22-1862 	d. 5-2-1915
HOGGATT, Oscar       	b. 8-15-1887    d. 8-3-1888    	son of W.R. & L.E. Hoggatt
HOGGATT, Levina E.      b. 7-7-1858     d. 1-12-1891  	wife of W.R. Hoggatt
HOGGATT, Caroline       b. 2-22-1832    d. 8-11-1901  	wife of Anderson Hoggatt
PICKARD, James W. 	1900-1903
PENNINGTON, Benjamin    1864-1902
SILLIVEN, Julia         b. 2-22-1830	d. illegible       his wife    s/s Ha?nen Silliven
SILLIVEN, Ha ?nen A.    b. 2-24-183?    d. 2-14-1903 s/s Julia Silliven
RICE, Edmond            b. 3-31-1885    d. 2-5-1903
VENITZ, John L.         b. 8-14-1858    d. 9-5-1903
Missing stone
DELPH, Russell		1908-1911
BITNER, Mary Parker     1899-1935
PARKER, Everard H.      1878-1924
PARKER, Rosa C.         1878-1957
CLANIN, Treva A.        1905-1986                	m. 6-23-1931 	s/s Jess F. Clanin
CLANIN, Jess F.         1908-1975                			s/s Treva A. Clanin
MANN, Andrew J.   			            	Co. E 101 Ind Inf
HANSHEW, Geo. J.                        		1st Sgt Co G 8 Ind Cav
TURNER, Geo. W.                          		Co I 33 Ind Inf
GEEDING, Leander  	b. 9-28-1845	d. 10-16-1909   Co B 138 IVI           
----End Civil War Circle
THOMAS, Roger H.        1916-1991                			s/s Margaret Thomas
THOMAS, Margaret W.     1916-1999                			s/s Roger Thomas
HOLLIDAY, Daniel A.     1859-1918
HOLLIDAY, Philip Leigh  1911-                        	USAAF 1942-1946
HOLLIDAY, Lena F.       1863-1922
LEER, Harmon C.         1870-1919
LEER, M. Gertrude       1875-1957
LEER, Hiley W.          1897-1947
LEER, Goldia            1890-1927
LEER, Hazel F.          1904-1973                			s/s Hubert N. Leer
LEER, Hubert N.         1903-1959                			s/s Hazel F. Leer
LEER, Kenneth M.        1914=1940                
NICHOLSON, Edward       1872-1957
NICHOLSON, Martha       1879-1939
NICHOLSON, Josiah       1848-1930
NICHOLSON, Esther       1846-1926
NICHOLSON, Ernest R.    1880-1955
NICHOLSON, C. Bessie    1889-1971
NICHOLSON, Harriett M.  1885-1965                			s/s Percy Nicholson
NICHOLSON, Percy        1883-1978
WELLS, Nettie J.        1893-1980                			s/s N. Laroy Wells
WELLS, N. Laroy         1889-1959                			s/s Nettie Wells
WELLS, William Train    1873-1928
WELLS, Catherine        1850-1919
WELLS, Newton           1834-1919                		Co. G 89 IVI
WELLS, James            1870-1920
WELLS, L. Pearl         1883-1970
RADER, Robert Lee       1925-1953
RADER, Flossie          1901-1952
HILL, Caroline          1871-1947
HILL, Samuel B.       	1873-1948
SERIGHT, A.M.           1869-1956                			s/s Lena May Seright
SERIGHT, Lena May       1875-1927                	his wife        s/s A.M. Seright
EGDORF, Emma R.         1872-1924
EGDORF, Louis J.        1867-19—
PACE, Susan             1867-1938
COOLEY, Willie          b. 8-13-1890	d. 6-12-1968  	Louisiana PVT Salvage Co QMC WWI
COOLEY, Willie H.       1890-1968                			s/s Nellie Cooley
COOLEY, Nellie D.       1900-1992                			s/s Willie H. Cooley
BRIGHT, Orville W.      1898-1955                	dad             s/s Edith J. Bright
BRIGHT, Edith J.        1898-1983                	mom             s/s Orville W. Bright
CURTIS, Alta Marie      b. 4-7-1914	d. 7-17-1956  	mother
FULLER, Lydia P.        1868-1927                			s/s Mary J. Fuller
FULLER, Mary J.         1874-1975                			s/s Lydia P. Fuller
ADAMS, Robert A.        1923-1958
COOLEY, Noah U.         b. 3-29-1931	d. 3-21-1956  	CPL 3 Mar DIV
WOODS, Sadie B.         1885-1962                			s/s Charles Woods
WOODS, Charles          1883-1953                			s/s Sadie B. Woods
RADER, Robert Lee       b. 4-12-1925 	d. 3-15-1953  Indiana PFC Co G 352 Infantry BSM-PH WWI
ZIMMERMAN, Etha N.      1901-1956
ZIMMERMAN, William F.   1895-1972                
FERGUSON, Cloyd C.      1904-1977                	PFC US ARMY WWII
LEACH, Margaret E.      1872-1959
HUTCHINSON, Lokie C.    1924-1959                	funeral marker only
AMACK, Cora M.          1877-1960
CARTER, Lillie M.       1914-1996
CARTER, Luther B.       1900-1959
ROGERS, Opal Francien   1920-1996
ROGERS, Orville D.      1912-1959
ADRIANSON, Carl P.      1934-                        			s/s Loretta A. Adrianson
ADRIANSON, Loretta A.   1933-                        			s/s Carl P. Adrianson
GREENE, Florence L.     1879-1960
BUTCHER, Alice          1910-1978         	m. 11-24-1928       	s/s Gola Butcher
BUTCHER, Gola           1898-1978                			s/s Alice Butcher
GUNN, Niettie           1888-1962
PIERCE, Roger G.        1883-1962
ROTH, Mary E.           1904-1987                			s/s James D. Roth
ROTH, James D.          1902-1954                			s/s Mary E. Roth
FRAZIER, Nelson L.      1903-1963                			s/s Doris M. Frazier
FRAZIER, Doris M.       1902-1967                			s/s Nelson L. Frazier
SHANE, Helen G.         b. 4-2-1916 	d. 3-26-1999
LEWIS, Thurman D.   	1895-1953
MAIN, Cleo Altice       1902-1961
MAIN, Clarence H.       1891-1954
HAMMITT, James T.       b. 10-6-1929	d. 11-6-1992  	1st SGT US Marine Corps Korea
WILLIAMS, Bessie J.     1929-1992                	m. 11-12-1955   s/s Billy E. Williams
WILLIAMS, Billy E.      1928-1992                			s/s Bessie J. Williams
HOLLOWAY, Clyde C.      1907-1954
ROE, Harold A.          b. 1-2-1934 	d. 4-18-1999
JONES, Virginia L.      b. 3-14-1920    d. 9-2-1998
McCOY, Ada              1885-1958
McCOY, Bloomer          b. 8-15-1890    d. 9-11-1952  	Indiana PFC 304 FIELD ARTY 77 DIV WWI
PITTS, Anna		1870-1958
Shaw, Mary Jayne        1920-1953
FARMER, Arlandis M.     1883-1952
BOOE, Murley A.         1884-1951
HENDERSON, William G.   1860-1951
PACE, Margaret E.       1923-1950
KIMBROUGH, Clark Harvey 1866-1950
FRAZIER, Carrie E.      1885-1970					s/s Thomas E. Frazier
FRAZIER, Thomas E.      1880-1951                			s/s Carrie E. Frazier
OAKLEY, Clara E.        1873-1957                			s/s Charley E. Oakley
OAKLEY, Charley E.      1872-1953                			s/s Clara E. Oakley
MONTGOMERY, Emma        1879-1963                			s/s George W. Montgomery
MONTGOMERY, George W.   1876-1950                			s/s Emma Montgomery
MEYER, William F.       1872-1947                			s/s C. Margaret Meyer
MEYER, C. Margaret      1893-1978                			s/s William F. Meyer
TREON, Carrie M.        1878-1963                			s/s John C. Treon
TREON, John C.          1872-1951                			s/s Carrie M. Treon
FELTON, Blanche         1885-1968                			s/s Otto Felton
FELTON, Otto            1872-1951                			s/s Blanche Felton
BURWICK, William E.     1889-1969                			s/s Bonnie M. Burwick
BURWICK, Bonnie M. 	1889-1953                			s/s William E. Burwick
PAYNE, Patty L.         1933-1952                	Centennial Queen 1950
KIMES, Clarence         1882-1953
Missing stone
COOK, Larry A.		1947-1964
BECK, Alex Everett      b. 3-3-1961	d. 10-5-1961
ZIMMERMAN, William Howard 		d. 3-21-1961
BUTCHER, Kathy Ann 	b. 3-6-1958     d. 12-6-1960
SHAW, Jane Ann          1953-1957
WATSON, Jacqueline Jo   d. 10-1-1962
JOHNSON, Andrea Kay     b. 2-23-1961 	d. 2-24-1961
WHITAKER, Geraldine     d. 1957                      	funeral marker only
STEWART, Becky Sue      d. Dec. 1956
WILLIAMS, Connie Diane  d. 8-19-1957
COOLEY, Donnie Lee      d. 1957
HAMMITT, Vickie Rose    d. 1-6-1957
BRYANT, Mary Katherine  b. 11-20-1955 	d. 11-21-1955
WATSON, Brenda Sue   	b. 7-30-1965    d. 5-1-1973
WARREN, Janet Sue       1951-1952
LOGAN, Marsha Sue       b. 12-18-1950 	d. 4-16-1951  	daughter of J.E. & M.M. Logan
BUTCHER, Jodie Diane    d. 1-29-1978
WILLIAMS, Omer B.       b. 3-6-1879	d. 1-20-1958
CARTER, Ronnie Joe      1964-1982
CARTER, Johnathan Scott b. 9-5-1982	d. 10-21-1982
CARTER, Jacqueline J.   1937-                        	m. 4-14-1956 	s/s John L. Carter
CARTER, John L.         1935-1994                			s/s Jacqueline J. Carter
HOWELL, Grant E.        1895-1978
MILLER, Lois E.         1918-1958
McCLANAHAN, John, Jr.   b. 6-12-1928	d. 1-23-1953  	Indiana PVT 1560 SVC COMD UNIT WWII
KIERSTEAD, Emma O.      1887-1951                	funeral marker only
KIERSTEAD, Burr O., Sr. 1887-1964                	funeral marker only
TUCKER, James Devon     1957-1982
TUCKER, Mary Louise     1928-                        			s/s Monte K. Tucker
TUCKER, Monte K.        1925-1990                			s/s Mary Louise Tucker
JAMES, Jesse            b. 11-20-1895	d. 9-5-1956    	Indiana PVT Co. B 36 INF  WWI
JAMES, Effie Mae        1926-1948                	funeral marker 
BENBOW, Vada Malone     1874-1944                			s/s Charles E. Malone
MALONE, Charles E.      1853-1922                			s/s Vada Malone Benbow
TYREE, Brandie Nicole   b. 6-25-1982	d. 8-23-1982
ALEXANDER, James B., Jr.	b. 5-4-1964	d. 6-28-1982
HIATT, Charles I. 	1904-1922
HIATT, Rev. Charles D.W., D.D.	b. 11-18-1861 	d. 10-7-1930  
		founder of Apostolistic Friends Church 1914; E.P. Worth Private School 1927
HIATT, I. Ola     	1884-1973                			s/s Allbert Hiatt
HIATT, Allbert          1882-1961
SWIFT, Elizabeth A.     1836-
SWIFT, John D.                               		Co. B 6 KY INF
MASON, Elisha           b. 3-15-1844	d. 5-7-1918 	PVT Co F 6 RGT WVA INF Civil War
TILLER, Charles E.      b. 11-29-1889   d. 7-25-1917  	Indiana PVT 40 Co COAST ARTILLERY WWI
BALDWIN, Minnie B.      1888-1967
BALDWIN, Zona G.        b. 3-3-1885	d. 12-11-1913
COUCH, Mary E.          1900-1903
O’SHAUGHNESSY, Thomas Gerald 	b. 1-2-1904	d. 3-7-1904    
		son of John P. & Mary E. O’Shaughnessy
WINSLOW, Dillon   	1890-1891                	son of I.R. & M.D. Winslow
LEROY, Mary             b. 6-11-1910	d. 8-29-1911  			s/s Charles Leroy
LEROY, Charles          b. 11-9-1913    d. 11-11-1913                	s/s Mary Leroy
BARDER, Virginia M.     b. 5-25-1908    d. 4-23-1909  	daughter of H.G. & D.L. Barder
RICHENET, Mary          b. 3-9-1888     d. 11-20-1908                	s/s Ellen & J.B. Richenet
RICHENET, Ellen B.      b. Dec. 1885    d. Jan. 1906  	daughter of D. Richenet  
		s/s Mary & J.B. Richenet
RICHENET, J.B.          b. Jan. 1835    d. Oct. 1905   		s/s Mary & Ellen Richenet
TRADER, Luther J.       1870-1920                		s/s Lydia & Charity M. Trader
TRADER, Lydia J.        1871-1958                		s/s Luther & Charity M. trader
TRADER, Charity M.      1890-1894                		s/s Luther & Lydia Trader
TRADER, Charity M.      1891-1895                
TRADER, Everett R.      1893-1936
MONAHAN, Rosa           1833-1912
MONAHAN, Thomas         1827-1906
FROMBGEN, Anna          1868-1907                	wife of M. Frombgen
STALKER, Frank          b. 6-30-1848 	d. 4-30-1913
STALKER, Matilda        b. 11-5-1852    d. 4-29-1909
PARKER, Nancy J.        b. 9-17-1848    d. 5-18-1937
WINSLOW, Nathan         b. 1-113-1842   d. 11-17-1907
FRIEND, Eliza J.        b. 2-28-1840    d. 1-13-1929
FRIEND, M.S.                      			Co. K 79 Ohio INF
SWIFT, Marie M.         1923-                        			s/s Charles W. Swift
SWIFT, Charles W.       1909-1991                			s/s Marie M. Swift
SWIFT, Ernest H.        b. 6-27-1899	d. 7-16-1961  	Indiana SI USNRF WWI
SWIFT, Elvia            1874-1952
SWIFT, Harry O.         b. 2-8-1869	d. 8-31-1913
PARKER, Earl E.         1888-1936
PARKER, Robert E.       1895-1921
PARKER, Margaret        1860-1948                			s/s Franklin Parker
PARKER, Frabklin        1857-1912                			s/s Margaret Parker
DeGOLYER, Emma Stanley  1869-1955                			s/s Oscar Renick Stanley
STANLEY, Oscar Renick   1870-1913                			s/s Emma Stanley DeGolyer
TUTROW, Bessie May      1898-1935
GOSSETT, Martha W.      1853-1942                			s/s Z.M. Gossett
GOSSETT, Z.M.           1853-1910                			s/s Martha Gossett
ARCHER, George W.       1843-1911                			s/s Mary M. Archer
ARCHER, Mary M.         1853-                        	his wife        s/s George W. Archer
DAVIS, Jasper M.        1881-1953                			s/s Ella M. Davis
DAVIS, Ella M.          1883-1952                			s/s Jasper M. Davis
DAVIS, Infant           d. 1923
DAVIS, Infant           d. 1910
DAVIS, Infant           d. 1925
DAVIS, Wilma            b. 5-5-1912	d. 7-6-1912
DAVIS, Irene            b. 1-3-1907     d. 2-3-1907
DAVIS, Katie         	1872-1956                	mother
DAVIS, Charles A.       1872-1940                	father
DAVIS, Lawrence         1900-1911                	son
DAVIS, Fay Irene        1901-1910
FEUCHTINGER, Eugene Joel	1921-1922
SMITH, Ithamer W.  	1857-1930
SMITH, J. Rariden       1833-1908
SMITH, Martha E.        1844-1911
Missing Name                                  	funeral marker only   	no dates either
JACKSON, Clarence W.    b. 8-12-1896	d. 9-16-1914
ICE, Frank E.           1932-1933
ICE, Catherine          1834-1917
JOHNSON, Lettie B.      1888-1909                			s/s Oscar F. Johnson
JOHNSON, OSCAR f.       1887-1922                			s/s Lettie B. Johnson
POWERS, Marcus          1885-1966
POWERS, Marie           1892-1949
POWERS, Edgar A.        1878-1943
POWERS, Blanche         1880-1956
FERGUSON, Annie E.      1856-1925
FERGUSON, John          1854-1919
POWER, James E.         1849-1915                			s/s Susanna E. Power
POWER, Susanna E.       1852-1923                			s/s James E. Power
POWER, Dwighte Wilburn  b. 9-25-1905	d. 5-8-1907    	son of E.A. & B.M. Power
STRADLEY, Cecil Romal   b. 2-25-1898    d. 3-22-1907
MOORE, James M.         1849-1928
PULLEY, Rhoda           1851-1944                	mother
HASTING, Martha         1889-1926                	daughter of John & Rhoda Hasting
BRIGHT, Fremon          b. 3-5-1822	d. 9-2-1911    	BAY  
		(hand carved stone, may have errors in transcription)
BRIGHT, Greely H.       1870-1933
HANNON, Rachel M.       1861-1913                			s/s John W. Hannon
HANNON, John W.  	1853-1945                			s/s Rachel Hannon
PEIRCE, Ida M.          1872-1952
PEIRCE, T.J.            1855-1935
NANCE, Locaddie         1861-1939
KIMES, Peter            1859-1913
CAREY, Ellen            1862-1948                			s/s Charles Carey
CAREY, Charles E.       1863-1944                			s/s Ellen Carey
SCOTT, Calvin H.        1874-1950                			s/s Leota Scott
SCOTT, Leota 		1874-1946     					s/s Calvin scott
HAISLEY, Alfred         b. 8-24-1854	d. 7-18-1954  			s/s Edna & Lida Haisley 
HAISLEY, Edna A.        b. 6-12-1856 	d. 6-16-1914  			s/s Alfred & Lida Haisley
HAISLEY, Lida A.        1869-1953                			s/s Alfred & Edna Haisley
STUCKEY, Harriet    	1834-1919
STUCKEY, John A.        1830-1911
STUCKEY, Ollie          1855-1951
JAY, Minnie             1862-1939                			s/s Elmer W. Jay
JAY, Elmer W.           1862-1948                			s/s Minnie Jay
McCASKEY, George H.     b. 1-21-1887	d. 7-25-1951  	Indiana 1ST LT MEDICAL CORPS WWI
McCASKEY, Florence      b. 2-8-1888	d. 1-2-1962
HECK, Ova         	b. 8-8-1893  	d. 4-14-1965
HECK,Donna Jeanne       b. 4-28-1921    d. 12-5-1941
HECK, Roy               b. 4-7-1890     d. 5-19-1951
Missing stone
HECK, Ida M. 		b. 9-8-1868  	d. 5-12-1932
HECK, William H.        b. 3-14-1860    d. 6-30-1914
McCORMICK, Ina          1874-1951
HUTCHINS, Ladd          1887-1922
HUTCHINS, Lydia Dillon  1854-1913                	wife of H.A. Hutchins
LEMON, Edith Schooley   1835-1915                	grandmother
PRITCHETT, Zelpha L. 	1891-1973                	mother
PRITCHETT, Charles O.   1884-1957                	father
PRITCHETT, Elbert Wayne b. 9-5-1914 	d. 10-22-1914   son
PRITCHETT, Demonna M.   1913-                        			s/s Ernest Pritchett
PRITCHETT, Ernest E.    1912-1985                			s/s Demonna Pritchett
PRITCHETT, Ernest E., Jr.	d. 3-1-1938
WOOD, Ralph L.    	1905-1910
WOOD, Russelle M.       1903-1915
WOOD, Esther Mary       1911-1916
WOOD, Mary Lindley      1876-1955
WOOD, Harry D.          1875-1955
WOOD, Arthur K.         1903-1920
WIMMER, Thelma          1915-2002                			s/s Troy Wimmer
WIMMER, Troy		1908-1983            				s/s Thelma Wimmer
DAVIDSON, Chas. Murble  b. 11-23-1909	d. 4-10-1911
DOHERTY, Dwight E.      1891-1959                			s/s Mable F. Doherty
DOHERTY, Mable F.       1891-1975                			s/s Dwight E. Doherty
DOHERTY, Dwight, Jr.    b. 4-7-1915  	d. 11-13-1918
HUMES, Infant           d. 9-27-1940
MORRIS, John T.    	1821-1914
MORRIS, Marie G.        1891-1982                			s/s Otto Morris
MORRIS, Otto            1890-1952                			s/s Marie G. Morris
MORRIS, Earl            1886-1943                
MORRIS, Melissa         1863-1937
MORRIS, Luther L.       1857-1916
LONG, Margaret          1864-1910
LONG, Marie P.          1898-1935
CAREY, Ray orphan       no dates

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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