Park Cemetery

Section 3D

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.

POOLE, Ara O.		b. 5-23-1892	d. 5-22-1949
NO SURNAME, Donna       no dates            	funeral marker only        
BUTCHER, Lawrence       1867-1947                		s/s Rebecca Butcher
BUTCHER, Rebecca        1864-1946                		s/s Lawrence Butcher
RUSSELL, Frank          1880-1942                		s/s Mary E. Russell
RUSSELL, Mary E.        1882-1952                		s/s Frank Russell
RUSSELL, Everette E.    b. 7-25-1917	d. 5-7-1945	Indiana PFC 152 INF WWII
MURRAY, John            1868-1947
COOK, Heber             b. 11-24-1881	d. 12-20-1943
ADDISON, Dwight Earl    1919-1942
MYERS, Edna M.          1893-1945
McDERMOTT, John E.      1882-1941                		s/s Pearl W. McDermott
McDERMOTT, Pearl W.     1881-1947                		s/s John E. McDermott
DIXON, Patricia Kay     b. 8-22-1946	d. 10-7-1946
CRAW, Connie C.         d. 4-9-1947
BEVINGTON, Sharon Sue   1944-1944
LITTLE, Margaret Diane  d. 9-3-1944
DUNNING, Martin R.      1911-1970
DOWLING, William F.     1905-1941
RINGO, Arthur           1865-1943                		s/s Emma Ringo
RINGO, Emma             1867-1950                		s/s Arthur Ringo
RUSSELL, Chester        1912-1940
POWELL, Lidia Grey      1854-1944
POWELL, William T.      b. 8-10-1855 	d. 5-10-1947	Indiana PVT 23 INF
McHENRY, Sarah Margaret 1864-1939
DAVIS, Mary Frances     1861-19—
KARNES, Sheridan F.     1872-1939                		s/s Cora V. Karnes
KARNES, Cora V.         1882-1940                		s/s Sheridan T. Karnes
TEEGARDEN, J. Marion    1902-1969                		s/s Jennie L. Teegarden
TEEGARDEN, Jennie L.    1908-1941                		s/s J. Marion Teegarden
HENSLEY, Infant Jackie L.	November 1949
COLLINS, Lenora O.      1860-1945                		s/s James L. Collins
COLLINS, James L.       1861-1938                		s/s Lenora O. Collins
GOSNELL, Lula           1904-1999          	m. 1-15-1927 	s/s Harley Gosnell
GOSNELL, Harley         1891-1967                		s/s Lula Gosnell
GOSNELL, Harley         b. 11-12-1891 	d. 7-22-1967  	Indiana PFC Co D 115 MG BN WWI
Missing Stone
LOGAN, Elmer E.         1921-1939
WIRSING, Malinda S.     1889-1981                		s/s William S. Wirsing
WIRSING, William S.     1885-1939                		s/s Malinda S. Wirsing
FOX, Edith S.           1903-1939
VENITZ, Katharine       1866-1939                	mother
VENITZ, Stella A.       1885-1954
VENITZ, Albert C.       1886-1928
McCULLOUGH, Esther L.   b. 8-31-1913 	d. 12-18-2002     	s/s L. Verne McCullough
McCULLOUGH, L. Verne    b. 4-26-1911    d. 3-3-1998    		s/s Esther L. McCullough
BROOKSHIRE, Clyde L.    b. 4-21-1921    d.         	m. 10-24-1942	s/s Evelyn J. Brookshire
BROOKSHIRE, Evelyn J.   b. 10-25-1924   d.                    	s/s Clyde L. Brookshire
LITTLE, Alice L.        b. 3-2-1906     d. 10-7-1985
LITTLE, Leona H.        1885-1964
LITTLE, Leonard         1881-1927
MILLER, David Lee       d. 9-30-1952
DOHERTY, Norma C.       1925-1995    	daughter		s/s Gladys D. & Wilson Doherty
DOHERTY, Gladys D.      1902-1998       wife                    s/s Norma & Wilson Doherty
DOHERTY, Wilson         1900-1926       husband        		s/s Norma & Gladys Doherty
PAYNE, David L.         1867-1946                		s/s Nancy Payne
PAYNE, Nancy E.         1869-1949                		s/s David Payne
PAYNE, Gladys M.        1908-1935
MITCHENER, Clyde F.     1900-1962            	m. 4-10-1919 	s/s Edith Mitchener
MITCHENER, Edith M.     1903-1966                		s/s Clyde Mitchener
WOODRUFF, Eliza         1852-1935                
WOODRUFF, Samuel        1850-1942
HARVEY, Mae             1892-1987    	mother
HARVEY, Russell T.      1892-1972                
DAWSON, Doris I         1919-1966
LEER, Fred E.           1888-1970
LEER, Etta Templeton    1892-1926
PATTON, Mary I.         1920-1980	mother           	s/s Judy M. Treon
TREON, Judy M.          1944-           daughter         	s/s Mary I. Patton
LAREN, Opal Rigsbee     1891-1985
RIGSBEE, Clara F.       1859-1933
RIGSBEE, John L.        1857-1926
RIGSBEE, Sidney T.      1890-1953
SMITH, Charles L.       1893-1925
RIGGS, Clarence E.      1891-1954                		s/s Cleo T. Riggs
RIGGS, Cleo T.          1890-1947                		s/s Clarence Riggs
WARE, Joseph            1837-1925                		s/s Naomi Ware
WARE, Naomi             1842-1931                		s/s Joseph Ware
JONES, Myrl A.  	1897-1973
JONES, Wilbur W.        1895-1977                		s/s Elva L. Jones
JONES, Elva L.          1902-1981                		s/s Wilbur W. Jones
JONES, Lenora           1872-1940
JONES, Charles P.       1868-1924
JONES, Emerson C.       1899-1983
FELTON, Emily           1861-1942                		s/s Isa & James Felton
FELTON, Isa B.          1886-1965                		s/s Emily & James Felton
FELTON, James W.        1880-1944                		s/s Isa & Emily Felton
FELTON, Joseph          1854-1924		father
KIMBROUGH, Mabel (Scott)	 1907-1950                	s/s Clark Carey Kimbrough
KIMBROUGH, Clark Carey  1899-1970                		s/s Mabel (Scott) Kimbrough
KIMBROUGH, Bernice Hariett       1890-1972
KIMBROUGH, Wm. Ballard  1851-1924                		s/s Altha (Carey) Kimbrough
KIMBROUGH, Altha (Carey)         1863-1947                	s/s Wm. Ballard Kimbrough
PATTISON, H.D.          1863-1938            	father
PATTISON, Mary F.       1873-1962               mother
PATTISON, W.E.          1891-1922               “Eddie”
PATTISON, Wlater        b. 11-27-1893 	d. 12-3-1984
PATTISON, Cleopatra Fern         b. 7-10-1891	d. 6-16-1978
PATTISON, Walter Edward          1923-1939
HENDERSON, Goldie P.    1903-1935
LIDDLE, Howard L.       1863-1936	Minister M.E. Church 1897-1936  s/s Mary J. Liddle
LIDDLE, Mary J.         1866-1951                		s/s Howard L. Liddle
PARKER, Joanna          1859-1945
PARKER, Willis O.       1853-1924
SMILEY, Estella         1881-1968
SMILEY, Martha A.       1854-1922
SMILEY, J.E.            1848-1934
SMILEY, Alma G.         1886-1977
RICHARDS, John Walter   b. 5-22-1896  	d. 1-27-1954	Indiana CPL Co E 339 INF WWI
SUTPHIN, John W.        1868-1938                		s/s Laura & Raymond Sutphin
SUTPHIN, Laura L.       1874-1977               	 	s/s John & Raymond Sutphin
SUTPHIN, Raymond A.     1895-1918         	died in France  s/s Laura & John Sutphin
SUTPHIN, Laura L.       b. 1-17-1874    d. 4-13-1977
SUTPHIN, John W.        b. 5-23-1868    d. 8-6-1938
SUTPHIN, Clara R.       b. 12-27-1903   d. 1-7-1979
SUTPHIN, Raymond A.     b. 9-28-1895    d. 8-1-1918 	Indiana PVT 16 INF 1 DIV WWI
PENNINGTON, Elsie Sutphin 	b. 12-2-1901	d. 12-31-1990
PEARSON, Peter,         1861-1937          			s/s Nellie Pearson
PEARSON, Nellie J.      1874-1961
WATT, James             1882-1922                		s/s Leona Watt
WATT, Leona             1881-19--                  		s/s James Watt
LONG, Homer             1877-1920                		s/s Gertrude Long
LONG, Gertrude          1878-1969                		s/s Homer Long
LONG, James Edward      b. 3-2-1917 	d. 9-1-1917 	son of Homer & Gertrude Long
WORSTER, Lerton L.      b. 3-23-1872    d. 10-7-1920
RICHEY, Elizabeth Worster	b. 11-28-1874	d. 5-29-1958
THOMAS, Everett E.    	1893-1918            	Co. L 47 INF
THOMAS, Amanda C.       1867-1947                
THOMAS, Nate H.         1870-1962
SMITH, Clarence K.      1889-1919                	s/s Love, Chester, & Hazel Smith
SMITH, Love M.          1890-                        	s/s Clarence, Chester, & Hazel Smith
SMITH, Chester O.       1887-1919                	s/s Clarence, Love, & Hazel Smith
SMITH, Hazel E.         1889-                        	s/s Clarence, Love, & Chester Smith
WINANS, Carol Ruth      1889-1956
WINANS, Doris Elizabeth 1917-1922
WINANS, Ada             1880-1921                
WINANS, Harry Glen      1881-1959
TRADER, Jessie          1886-1954
TRADER, William R.      1883-1933
TRADER, Harvey D.       1850-1920                
TRADER, Eldia A.        1857-1935
ELLISON, Ellen          1861-1933        	mother
ELLISON, Isaac          1855-1919               father
FERREE, Charles A.      1864-1951                		s/s Emma Dora Ferree
FERREE, Emma Dora       1866-1952                		s/s Charles Ferree
WALTHALL, J.G.          1854-1919
PATTISON, Emma          b. 2-6-1870  	d. 7-24-1947  	wife of J. Pattison
PATTISON, J.            b. 1-1-1865     d. 2-11-1919
CARTER, Harmon E.       1876-1934
CARTER, Bell L.         1877-1920
CARTER, Harry B.        1907-1915
CARTER, Maurise         1916-1917
CARTER, Emma            1883-1975
CARTER, Sarah E.        1878-1932
CARTER, Ket             1878-1928
BRILES, Maude           1889-1969
BRILES, Sarah L.        1860-1930
BRILES, Jacob           1845-1920                	freemason symbol
KIMES, Lawrence H.      1882-1919                		s/s Effie Kimes Moon
MOON, Effie Kimes       1874-1973                		s/s Lawrence Kimes
ELMORE, Bonita     	1904-1924
ELMORE, Cleo            1884-1918
ELMORE, Earl            1875-1958
THOMAS, Maggie          1885-1969				s/s Alpheus Thomas
THOMAS, Alpheus         1886-1918                		s/s Maggie Thomas
THOMAS, Loula           1891-1972                		s/s Winford Thomas
THOMAS, Winford         1890-1957                		s/s Loula Thomas
LLOYD, Charles          1875-1936                		s/s Josephine Lloyd
LLOYD, Josephine        1881-1920                		s/s Charles Lloyd
JOHNSON, Edith Lloyd    1905-2001
KARWIN, William M.      1883-19—                 	s/s  Birdie & William C. Karwin
KARWIN, Birdie I.       1891-1946                	s/s William M. & William C. Karwin
KARWIN, William C.      1911-1920                	s/s William M. & Birdie Karwin
LLOYD, Horace K.        1908-1982                		s/s Freda Lloyd
LLOYD, Freda P.         1907-1988                		s/s Horace Lloyd
JENKINS, Nellie M.      1887-1939                		s/s Sarah Jenkins
JENKINS, Sarah E.       1856-1934                		s/s Nellie Jenkins
JENKINS, Wm. F.         1846-1921
EPPHIMER, Mary E.       1886-1922
Mother                                	no other dates or identification
ROBERTSON, Irene        1905-2002                		s/s Raymond Robertson
ROBERTSON, Raymond      1903-1980                		s/s Irene Robertson
FORD, Cecil C.          1893-1923
FORD, Ruth “Faw Ford”   1897-1985           	mother
FORD, Charles H.        b. 8-4-1917	d. 2-9-1945	Indiana TEC 4 151 INF 38 INF DIV WWII
GOSSETT, Orlando        1858-1922
SHANE, Ida D.           b. 10-31-1878	d. 7-18-1938  	mother
McCORKSHILL, Robert     1848-1923
McCORKSHILL, Sarah      1857-1939
KESLER, Rose E.         1892-1978
KEESLING, James F.      1851-1924          	father		s/s Letitia Keesling
KEESLING, Letitia       1855-1949               mother         	s/s James Keesling
KEESLING, Floyd W.      1894-1953               son
NO SURNAME, Louvada     1861-1933               mother          s/s Lena
NO SURNAME, Lena        1882-1925               daughter        s/s Louvada
THOMAS, Esther          1860-1945               mother
THOMAS, Byron W.        1858-1923               father
ROBERTS, Chas. E.       		aged 2m & 18d          	s/s Jack N. Roberts
ROBERTS, Jack N.                        aged 1y, 9m, & 13d   	s/s Chas. E. Roberts
CLEMONS, Earl C.   	b. 9-29-1926	d. 8-13-2001
ROYAL, Merrill G.       b. 3-20-1927    d. 11-3-1973  	SGT US Army
ROYAL, Arthur A.        1898-1956                		s/s Alta Royal
ROYAL, Alta P.          1898-1980                		s/s Arthur Royal
COLEMAN, Judith A.      1939-1983
BOLINGER, Jennifer Kay “Peanut” 	b. 3-10-1988 	d. 4-24-1988
RHOADS, Hazel Blanch	1901-1938                		s/s Bessie Rhoads
RHOADS, Bessie Barnes   1892-1921                		s/s Hazel Rhoads
RHOADS, John L.         1858-1928             	father		s/s Mary J. Rhoads
RHOADS, Mary J.         1866-1929             	mother   	s/s John L. Rhoads
PHILLIPS, Julia E.      1855-1934
THOMPSON, Eurah B.      1876-1934
THOMPSON, Claud D.      1877-1928                		s/s Emmer Thompson
THOMPSON, Emmer L.      1877-1921				s/s Claud Thompson
HOBBS, William S.   	1865-1948      		father 		s/s Sarah Hobbs
HOBBS, Sarah M.         1867-1945               mother 		s/s William Hobbs     
SMALL, Oliver H.        1878-1969                		s/s Jeannette Small
SMALL, Jeannette E.     1880-1954                		s/s Oliver Small
SMALL, Mary Elizabeth   1917-1921
MILLER, Doxey           1884-1935                		s/s Allie Miller
MILLER, Allie           1880-1945                		s/s Doxey Miller
LAWVERE, Opal G.        1906-1985                		s/s Donald Lawvere
LAWVERE, Donald V.      1906-1978                		s/s Opal Lawvere
CORN, Wm. W.            b. 5-4-1886 	d. 7-12-1929
FREITAL, Louis          1862-1935            	father
FREITAL, Louise         1866-1923               mother
FREITAL, Charles        1887-1954
FREITAL, William        b. 5-7-1888	d. 12-7-1964	Indiana SGT US Army WWI
FREITAL, Charles        1914-1973
FREITAL, William F.     b. 3-28-1913	d. 6-25-1967  	Indiana PVT Co C 13 INF WWII PH
DEBOW, Amelia           1892-1989
DEBOW, Cecil            b. 4-18-1904	d. 4-5-1962    	Illinois PVT BTRY D 471 CA BN WWII
HOGGATT, Joseph         1838-1925                	Co C 79 O.V.I.                               s/s Emaline Hoggatt
HOGGATT, Emaline        1845-19--                  		s/s Joseph Hoggatt
HAUGHEY, Lowell V.      1907-1948
DULING, Solomon         1850-1923                		s/s Alice Duling
DULING, Alice           1859-1942                		s/s Solomon Duling
WALKER, Martha Joan  	1929-1984
SMITH, Francis M.       1927-1978         	beloved son
SHIELDS, Florence K.    b. 8-29-1889 	d. 8-25-1980
SHIELDS, Thomas H.      b. 2-28-1887    d. 2-25-1950  	Indiana PVT 9 INF 2 DIV WWI
KIMES, Benjamin F.      1869-1956                		s/s Harry & Carrie Kimes
KIMES, Harry P.         1910-1928                		s/s Benjamin & Carrie Kimes
KIMES, Carrie A.        1880-1925                		s/s Benjamin & Harry Kimes
HARSHMAN, Mary Evelyn   1921-1925
MITCHENER, June V.      1912-1931
HARPER, Hannah E.       1847-1925
FELTON, Leona Mae       1897-1925                
FELTON, Margaret Ann    b. 9-28-1925	d. 11-18-1925
COX, Edith Fern         1908-1925
RICKS, Eliza F.         1876-1926
BROWN, Ida V.           1870-1926                		s/s Cashus Brown
BROWN, Cashus           1865-1945                		s/s Ida V. Brown
POWELL, Joseph          1860-1926           	father          s/s Catharine Powell
POWELL, Catharine       1859-1941               mother          s/s Jospeh Powell
McCOY, Charles          b. 4-26-1862 	d. 10-28-1926
McCOY, Nancy E.         b. 5-15-1864    d. 8-11-1944
McMASTERS, J.C.         b. 11-14-1835   d. 6-28-1926  	PVT Co A 4 REGT NC INF CSA
No Name                 1879-1925
DICKS, Allen C.         1860-1925
LAHAYNE, Grace C.       1926-       	s/s John LaHayne & Phillip, Nancy, Ross, & Edna Creamer
LAHAYNE, John A.     	1914-1975       s/s Grace LaHayne & Phillip, Nancy, Ross, & Edna Creamer
CREAMER, Phillip        1856-1928       s/s Grace & John LaHayne, Nancy, Ross, & Edna Creamer
CREAMER, Nancy          1863-1926       s/s Grace & John LaHayne & Phillip, Ross, & Edna Creamer
CREAMER, Ross           1883-1955       s/s Grace & John LaHayne & Phillip, Nancy, & Edna Creamer
CREAMER, Edna           1905-1964       s/s Grace & John LaHayne & Phillip, Nancy, & Ross Creamer
LAHAYNE, John A.        b. 11-6-1914	d. 9-5-1975    	SGT US Army WWII Korea Vietnam
McCOY, Reed             1866-19--                  		s/s Margaret McCoy
McCOY, Margaret A.      1857-1923
DICKEY, Marcellus       1852-1922
DICKEY, Samantha Jane   1851-1941
KEESLING, Ida           b. 6-18-1886 	d. 4-6-1964
WATSON, Lawrence Lee    1908-1965                
PEARSON, Glenna D.      1891-1984           	mother
BURNS, Lewis H.         b. 3-19-1870    d. 7-2-1924
BURNS, Wm. Emerson      1903-1938
Missing Stone 
	According to family member, 2 burials with missing stones here:
	Gladys E. Burns 28 July 1900 - 14 May 1924 and
	Lessie Lowell Wright Burns 14 Sep 1875 - 9 Dec 1959
EVERHART, Charles	1881-1942           	father
EVERHART, Grace         1884-1925               mother
CALVERT, Marguerite     1903-1985               daughter
WINSLOW, Hezekiah       1862-1929                		s/s Myrtle Winslow
WINSLOW, Myrtle A.      1871-1951                		s/s Hezekiah Winslow
ARMSTRONG, John W.      1850-1931                		s/s Laura & Lenna Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Laura R.     1864-1926                		s/s John & Lenna Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Lenna F.     1888-19--                  		s/s John & Laura Armstrong
MAYFIELD, Harry T.      1868-1926                
ROTH, Jack W.           1925-1926
JACOBS, Georgia         1887-1926                		s/s Clyde Jacobs
JACOBS, Clyde L.        1878-1927                		s/s Georgia Jacobs
BROOKS, Verl O.         1891-1927                
DENTON, Isabelle        1848-1937
DENTON, Benjamin N.     	       			CORP Co H 150 IND INF
WALSER, John E.         1893-1950
MORRIS, John H.         1848-1928                		s/s Elizabeth Morris
MORRIS, Elizabeth       1865-1947                		s/s John Morris
HOWELL, Amanda E.       1861-1935                		s/s John Howell
HOWELL, John H.         1861-1927                		s/s Amanda Howell
ARNETT, Thomas E.       1860-1926
GILBREATH, Don R.       1920-1993             	s/s Myrtle Gilbreath & Horace & Margaret Reeve
GILBREATH, Myrtle E.    1884-1957               s/s Don Gilbreath & Horace & Margaret Reeve
REEVE, Horace           1860-1948               s/s Don & Myrtle Gilbreath & Margaret Reeve
REEVE, Margaret E.      1866-1925               s/s Don & Myrtle Gilbreath & Horace Reeve
ZIEGNER, Herman Richard 1915-1964               		s/s Lucille Ziegner
ZIEGNER, Lucille Fox    1913-1982                		s/s Herman Ziegner
FOX, John A.            1869-1948            	father          s/s Nellie Fox
FOX, Nellie G.          1883-1960               mother          s/s John Fox
FOX, Joseph C.          1907-1924                		s/s Siler Fox
FOX, J. Siler           1910-1924                		s/s Joseph Fox
FOX, S/Sgt. J. Howard   1916-1945     	Belgium Co C 9th Arm. Inf. BN 	In loving memory
FOX, Ethel V.           1908-1994
RILEY, Elmer            1881-1955
BROWN, Elmer            1886-1924                		s/s Nettie Brown
BROWN, Nettie           no dates                     		s/s Elmer Brown
PEACOCK, Leah Ruth      1925                	daughter        s/s Glen & Flossie Peacock
PEACOCK, Glen C.        1891-1976               father          s/s Leah & Flossie Peacock
PEACOCK, Flossie L.     1894-1983               mother          s/s Leah & Glen Peacock
LEACH, George L.        1900-1987         	s/s Marguerite, George William, & Myrtle Leach
LEACH, Marguerite L.    1901-1989               s/s George L., George William, & Myrtle Leach
LEACH, George William   1925                    s/s George L., Marguerite, & Myrtle Leach
LEACH, Myrtle           1890-1971               s/s George L., George William, & Marguerite Leach
LEACH, M. Myrtle        b. 12-3-1890 	d. 2-8-1971
LEACH, Max E.           b. 6-4-1928     d.                    	s/s Peggy Leach
LEACH, Peggy M.         b. 5-28-1931    d. 11-13-1996           s/s Max Leach
BAKER, Rev. Wardner D.  1878-1926
BAKER, Lydia Pearl      b. 12-10-1881 	d. 2-26-1965
BAKER, Rev. Harold Wardner 	1902-1957
CONRAD, John L.      	1858-1926             	husband         s/s Mary Conrad
CONRAD, Mary L.         1860-1956               wife            s/s John Conrad
JAMES, Lydia M.         1897-1973                		s/s David James
JAMES, David D.         1893-1976                		s/s Lydia James
JAMES, William W.       1920-1928
LOCKE, Emma J.          1889-1928           	mother
MAYFIELD, Mary A.       1881-1928
ELLIS, Sarah Addie      1859-1929
VINSON, Lola Thompson   1891-1929
RICHARDS, Mary M.       1886-1927                		s/s Henry Richards
RICHARDS, Henry C.      1887-1969                		s/s Mary Richards
BROWN, William R.       1898-1959
BROWN, Lewis H.         1870-1957                		s/s Willa Brown
BROWN, Willa G.         1875-1943                		s/s Lewis Brown
ROTH, Margaret M.       1876-1957  
		s/s William J, William Clifford, Margaret Mae, & Carol Ann Roth
ROTH, William J.        1875-1949                
		s/s Margaret M, William Clifford, Margaret Mae, & Carol Ann Roth
ROTH, William Clifford  1903-1924                
		s/s Margaret M, William J., Margaret Mae, & Carol Ann Roth
ROTH, Margaret Mae      1904-1928                
		s/s Margaret M, William J., William Clifford, & Carol Ann Roth
ROTH, Carol Ann         1945-1945                
		s/s Margaret M, William J, William Clifford, & Margaret Mae Roth
SPRONG, Fredith G.      1890-1928
SPRONG, Charles A.      1883-1963
SMITH, Mary H.          1855-1927
SMITH, Rev. Charles S.  1856-1942
COOPER, Jewell L.       no dates                     		s/s Pearl Cooper, Jr.
COOPER, Pearl, Jr.      no dates                     		s/s Jewell L. Cooper
DAVIS, Emma L.          b. 7-20-1872	d. 1-4-1954
TWITTY, Jess P.         1892-1958                		s/s Pearl Cooper Twitty
TWITTY, Pearl Cooper    1897-1967                		s/s Jess P. Twitty
BLACKERBY, George W.    1875-1926          	father
BLACKERBY, Maude Mae    1880-1965               mother
BLACKERBY, Anna Louise  1917-1933               daughter
BLACKERBY, Robert Preston	1921-1949       son
REED, Edna B.      	1899-1993                		s/s Leslie & Ella Reed
REED, Leslie L.         1884-1960                		s/s Edna & Ella Reed
REED, Ella M.           1879-1926                		s/s Edna & Leslie Reed
MOON, Rev. Wm. G.       1858-1943             	father
MOON, Nora              1858-1926               mother
MOON, Vernard F.        1885-1944
BRANKLE, Laura          1887-1972
BRANKLE, Clio C.        1885-1925
BRANKLE, Frankie R.     1858-1942
RUSH, Zeeberde F.       1864-1925
RUSH, Benton D.         1887-1960                		s/s Blanch Rush
RUSH, Blanch L.         1892-1964                		s/s Benton Rush
DELPH, Isaac M.         1853-1926
DELPH, Rose             1863-1934
DELPH, John F.          1892-1953
WARE, William W.        1866-1951                		s/s Nettie Ware
WARE, Nettie D.         1868-1953
HARVEY, Luella C.       1908-2003                
HARVEY, Ernest M.       b. 9-15-1891 	d. 7-1-1966 	Indiana PVT Co C Development BN WWI
HARVEY, Ethel           1895-1925
PALMER, Bonnie Kay      d. 6-19-1941
WEYLER, Andrew          1859-1931
WEYLER, Artie Mishie    1860-1936
MANN, John W.           b. 9-20-1869	d. 8-9-1950    		s/s Laura Mann
MANN, Laura E.          b. 8-28-1874    d. 3-5-1967    		s/s John W. Mann
MANN, John E.           b. 12-7-1905    d. 3-30-1929
MAIN, Mamie O.          1894-1933
HOLDER, Logan E.                         		32 IND INF
MOORE, Paul E.          1886-1974                		s/s Iva Pearl Moore
MOORE, Iva Pearl  	1887-1966                		s/s Paul Moore
MOORE, Thomas           1859-1940                		s/s Laura Moore
MOORE, Laura            1864-1927                		s/s Thomas Moore
MOORE, Clarence         1883-1958
MOORE, Mrs. Josephine   1885-1931         	wife of Clarence Moore
HAHNE, Henry            1861-1929
HAHNE, Katheryne        1873-1935
SIPE, Virgil D.         1894-1965     	m. 2-20-1924 freemason symbol	s/s Helen R. Sipe
SIPE, Helen R.          1896-1969                			s/s Virgil D. Sipe
SIPE, Virgil D.         b. 5-26-1894 	d. 1-20-1965	Indiana PVT STU Army TNG Corps WWI
SHELLEY, William F.     1863-1947                		s/s Ida Belle & Ethel Shelley
SHELLEY, Ida Belle      1863-1930                		s/s William F. & Ethel I. Shelley
SHELLEY, Ethel I.       1887-19--                  		s/s William F. & Ida Belle Shelley
JACOBS, Julia A.        1912-1929
SWANNER, Ellen          1883-1930            	mother
EVERHART, Lydia         b. 7-13-1850 	d. 11-11-1932
GOSSETT, John w.        d. 3-13-1933             	Indiana Chauffeur 494 AERO SO
DILLEY, Percy B.        1882-1932
MART, Sarah J.          1846-1932
HIPES, Oscar L.  	1865-1931
ALEXANDER, Bige         1868-1930          	(Alexander Bige?)
BARRUET, Emile          1865-1933
MUNSELL, Sylvia Ann  	1856-1929
MUNSELL, Martin H.      1860-1958
KNIGHT, Ida M.          1878-1928
KNIGHT, Charles E.      1858-1930
KIMES, Samuel     	1872-1927
KIMES, Ethel            1884-1966
RICH, Mary A.           1914-1970
RICH, Edward J.         1914-1967
KIMES, Elbert B.        1896-1927
POE, James Michael      b. 9-13-1962 	d. 9-14-1962
WOODS, Lottie V.        1883-1960           	mother           s/s Clyde Woods
WOODS, Clyde B.         1880-1984               father           s/s Lottie Woods
FITE, Alice             1858-1927
HILTON, Franklin Dale   b. 12-26-1932	d. 1-1-1933
HOLLOWAY, Colleen       1932-1934
JERVIS, Mary            1886-1975                		s/s Ross Jervis
JERVIS, Ross            1885-1959                		s/s Mary Jervis
JERVIS, Charles W.      1921-1935             	brother
SUTTON, Mae             1892-1984               mother
SUTTON, Herschel L.     b. 7-26-1891	d. 1-26-1936  	Indiana CORP 710 MOTOR TRANS CORPS
HENEGAR, Margaret A.    1867-1926                		s/s Noah Henegar
HENEGAR, Noah C.        1860-1935                		s/s Margaret Henegar
FRIEND, Fred            1880-1959               brother         s/s Martha Thompson
THOMPSON, Martha        1869-1946               sister          s/s Fred Friend
MITCHENER, George A.    1874-1962                		s/s Anna Mitchener
MITCHENER, Anna A.      1874-1935                		s/s George Mitchener
SPARKS, Martha          1868-1949                	funeral marker only
BROWN, Floyd H.         1902-1949
KIMES, Edward L.        1864-1935
KIMES, Emma L.          1867-1952
TEEGARDEN, William H.  	1864-1945                		s/s Celia Teegarden
TEEGARDEN, Celia A.     1864-1934                		s/s William Teegarden
BARKDULL, Orpha R.J.    1883-1958                		s/s Lewis Barkdull
BARKDULL, Lewis O.      1877-1933                		s/s Orpha Barkdull
ALEXANDER, William      1863-1933                		s/s Lucy Alexander
ALEXANDER, Lucy         1865-1939                		s/s William Alexander
RODARMEL, John S.       1856-1934                		s/s Alice Rodarmel
RODARMEL, Alice         1862-1934                		s/s John Rodarmel
GADDIS, Jean C.         b. 5-24-1934	d. 5-24-1934
WILLIAMS, James Robert  b. 1-8-1932     d. 6-19-1934
HODSON, James E.        1930-1934
ROGERS, Jane Arline 	1941                 	Infant
WOODCOCK, Julie A.      1871-1934               mother	wife of Rev. G.V. Woodcock
HEFNER, Lydia           1858-1937
BRANSTETTER, Carolyn Sue	1940-1941
MARLEY, Ronnie Edward	1938-1938            	son
HAYES, David G.         1936                    Infant
CECIL, 			1936			Infant Sons of D.N. & Ruth
KENDALL, Gene Lee       d. 5-7-1939
THOMPSON, Nelson Franklin	1939-1940	“Sonny”	Infant son of Denzil & Eva Thompson
Missing Stone
RUDY, Mary (Murphy) 	1872-1961                
MURPHY, Armindia A.     1903-1937                
HODSON, Aaron E.        1850-1936                		s/s Cynthia Hodson
HODSON, Cynthia A.      1860-1939                		s/s Aaron Hodson
SCOTT, Beatrice         1898-1995                		s/s Glen Scott
SCOTT, Glen E.          1888-1950                		s/s Beatrice Scott
BARE, Bertha Monroe     1866-1937
WHETSTINE, Julius       1871-1942                		s/s Bertha Whetstine
WHETSTINE, Martha       1879-1938                		s/s Julius Whetstine
WHEADON, Samuel C.      1896-1938                	Indiana PVT 12 MG BN 4 DIV
WHEADON, Samuel C.      1896-1938                		s/s Hazel M. Wheadon
WHEADON, Hazel M.       1901-1986                		s/s Samuel Wheadon
HENDERSON, Matthew      1869-1937                		s/s Mary Alice Henderson
HENDERSON, Mary Alice   1874-1958                		s/s Matthew Henderson
ROBINSON, Arthur        1887-1937
WALSER, Arthur E.       1898-1954
HOUSER, William F.      b. 2-5-1880 	d. 8-28-1938
DAVIS, J.M.             1858-1939
WOODCOCK, Larry E.      1956-1983             	son
BULLINGER, Myrtle L.    1896-1940
ANDERSON, Brenda Kay    b. 3-19-1952 	d. 3-4-1953
WOODCOCK, Ernest, Jr.  	1926-1988                	US Army Korea
WOODCOCK, Ernest A.     1891-1972           	m. 8-10-1911 	s/s Cora Woodcock
WOODCOCK, Cora E.       1896-1987                		s/s Ernest A. Woodcock
WOODCOCK, Pal           b. 8-8-1932 	d. 6-23-1950  	son of C. & E. Woodcock
CROSS, Jack             1924-1941             	my beloved son
HOLLINGSWORTH, Lilly M. Cross	b. 7-13-1881	d. 3-13-1975   	mother of Jack Cross
HENSLEY, Ogle    	1894-1941            	father
VARDAMAN, Richard T.    1874-1954                		s/s Myrtle M. Vardaman
VARDAMAN, Myrtle M.     1877-1955                		s/s Richard Vardaman
HENSLEY, Howard O.      1921-1990                	US Army WWII
COLLIER, George S.      1859-1943
WELCH, Nathan           1866-1943           	funeral marker embedded in stone
WELCH, Sarah Ann        1866-1950               funeral marker embedded in stone
LOVE, Clara E.          1873-1943
RILEY, Warner A.        1855-1942                		s/s Emma Riley
RILEY, Emma J.          1859-1944                		s/s Warner Riley
BOWERS, James           1862-1943
BOWERS, Luda            1870-1950
LOVE, James Byram       1874-1950
TEEGARDEN, Charles F.   1890-1948           	brother         s/s Lyman Teegarden
TEEGARDEN, Lyman J.     1904-1978               brother         s/s Charles Teegarden
DeGOLYER, James Henry   b. 6-7-1878 	d. 2-16-1950
PENNINGTON, Mary E.     1866-1949            	mother
EL--------, Mona        no dates                	funeral marker only
WATSON, Ida             1878-1943                		s/s James Watson
WATSON, James           1882-1964                		s/s Ida Watson
ALBERTSON, Mary Rogers  1884-1966
DICKERSON, A.Luella     1884-1966                		s/s Arthur Dickerson
DICKERSON, Arthur E.    1882-1945                		s/s A. Luella Dickerson

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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