Park Cemetery

Section 4A

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.

BROWNE, P.T.      	1846-1907                		s/s M.H. Browne
BROWNE, M.H.     	1850-1930                		s/s P.T. Browne
BOGUE, William Edmun    b. 12-26-1911	d. 3-9-1950 	Indiana PFC 315 Medical BN WWII
BOGUE, Elizabeth        1843-1924
BOGUE, Robert           1839-1900
FORD, Mary Beals      	1872-1944
BEALS, Enoch            d. 1-22-1892 	aged 50y, 3m, 8d
BEALS, Margaret L.      d. 5-20-1874    aged 27y, 2m, 13d    	wife of Enoch Beals
BEALS, Cerina           d. 4-16-1877    aged 62y, 12d           wife of Abner Beals
BEALS, Jacob            1847-1925
BEALS, Ruth T.          b. 8-1-1899	d. 1-11-1971
BEALS, Helen A.         1875-1954
BEALS, Robert J.        1870-1935
OAKLEY, Harriet E.      1879-1957
KELSEY, Sarah Oakley    1854-1930
OAKLEY, E.N.            d. 3-9-1897 	aged 51y, 1m, 17d
OAKLEY, Edda            illegible                      		son of T.Y. & J.J. (?)
OAKLEY, Charley E.      1887-1907                
OAKLEY, Malinda A.      1874-1949
OAKLEY, Fred D.         1870-1960
OAKLEY, Maud M.         d. 8-17-1874 	aged 1y, 1m    		daughter of E.M. & N.J. Oakley
MOON, Isaac M.          1856-1934                		s/s Idena W. Moon         
MOON, Idena W.          1855-1943                		s/s Isaac M. Moon
MOON, Sarah Glenn       1882-1965
SMALL, William    	b. 6-6-184? 	d. 12-30-1919
SMALL, Huldah           b. 11-5-1840    d. 5-15-1935
SMALL, Gertrude         1874-1968
SMALL, Maria            1852-1913                		s/s Cornelius R. Small
SMALL, Cornelius R.     1851-1925
WILSON, John            1851-1920
WILSON, Clark M.        1858-1929
WILSON, Emma J.         1867-1956
ADAMS, Charles David    1866-1957                		s/s Mary Etta Adams
ADAMS, Mary Etta        1869-1958                		s/s Charles David Adams
LIFE, James Finley	1862-1959 	aged 97
LIFE, Von Powell        1896-1992
LIFE, Paul Christian    1903-1995
LIFE, Margaret Reed     1910-1991
LIFE, Margaret Ladd     1865-1953                		wife of J.F. Life
LIFE, Ruth Ita          b. 8-11-1890	d. 7-3-1894
BEIDLER, Charles H. 	b. 9-25-1888 	d. 7-11-1889
BEIDLER, Mary Hazel     b. 7-28-1890    d. 11-24-1892
BEIDLER, June A.        b. 6-3-1886     d. 11-21-1897
BEIDLER, Prudence A.    b. 5-1-1852     d. 9-15-1907  		wife of J.W. Beidler
BEIDLER, James William  b. 11-4-1847    d. 8-5-1916
WHYBREW, Daniel     	b. 1-2-1837 	d. 9-14-1907  		father
WHYBREW, Eunice         b. 4-24-1841    d. 11-19-1908           mother
*UNKNOWN, Clark         1890-1923                
*this stone has no last name, but it is beside Whybrew family stone; however, 
		there are Clark family on the opposite side of Whybrew Family Stone
CLARK, Morton           1863-1934                		father
CLARK, Lucy             1862-1938                		mother
DeLONG, Cyntha A.       d. 8-30-1886 	aged 18y, 5m, 12d       wife of John R. DeLong           
		s/s Infant Daughter
DeLONG, Infant Daughter d. 8-30-1886  	daughter of J.R. & C.A. DeLoong	s/s Cyntha A. DeLong
FULTZ, Jane L.          d. 1-21-1889    aged 29y, 6m, 29d     	wife of W.M. Fultz
PEACOCK, William A.     d. 10-8-1890    aged 13y, 10m, 12d      son of Joseph & Lizzie Peacock
PEACOCK, John H.        1873-1959                father   	s/s Ruth A. Peacock
PEACOCK, Ruth A.        1873-1966                mother         s/s John H. Peacock
PEACOCK, Joseph Edward  b. 3-24-1897    d. 3-6-1904    		son of J.H. & Ruth Peacock
PEACOCK, Elizabeth S.   1843-1931
PEACOCK, William        d. 10-8-1890	aged 18y, 10m, 13d      son of Joseph & Lizzie Peacock
POWELL, Sarah Ellen     1862-1945
POWELL, Christopher C.  1863-1925                
COX, Wm.            	d. 1-25-1901  	aged 79y, 2m, 18d
COX, Elizabeth          d. 6-12-1901    aged 75y, 3m, 20d    	wife of Wm. Cox
COX, Madge Olive        d. 5-7-1894     aged 15d                daughter of E.J. & Rosalin Cox
GRILLEY, Grace Peirce   b. 10-6-1830    d. 12-31-1901
GRILLEY, Henry Martyn   b. 7-6-1845     d. 1-8-1917
GRILLEY, Mosilean       b. 4-12-1853    d. 8-8-1936
TUTTLE, James      	d. 5-22-1897	aged 75y, 20d
TUTTLE, Ursula          1833-1919
TUTTLE, Rilla B.        d. 8-27-1889	aged 26y, 6m, 26d 	daughter of J. & J. Tuttle
McFARLAND, Frank S.     d. 9-16-1877    aged 15y, 2m, 26d       son of Uriah & Ursley McFarland
NEAL, Eli             	b. 11-27-1825	d. 6-22-1899
NEAL, Florence          1869-1954
NEAL, Sophia            b. 8-24-1837	d. 9-4-1908
NEAL, Winslow           1849-1919                		s/s Maria Neal
NEAL, Maria         	1853-1943                		s/s Winslow Neal
SHIELDS, Silas H.   	b. 9-14-1911 	d. 5-19-1975	m. 5-27-1939	s/s Mary Isabel Shields
SHIELDS, Mary Isabel    b. 4-21-1915    d.                    		s/s Silas H. Shields
SHIELDS, Alpheus H.     b. 5-28-1852    d. 3-13-1929
SHIELDS, Thad           1884-1971
SHIELDS, Madge          1898-1940
SHIELDS, Mattie E.      d. 9-8-1893 	aged 30y, 6m, 25d  	wife of A.H. Shields
SHIELDS, Claud W.       d. 2-21-1890    aged 2y, 3m, 28d        son of A.H. & M.E. Shields
SHIELDS, Frank H.       d. 5-18-1880    aged 2y, 8d     	son of G.H. & Ida Shields
SHIELDS, Ida J.         b. 2-26-1860    d. 4-9-1923
SHIELDS, Geo. H.        b. 6-13-1849    d. 3-18-1943
SHIELDS, Martha C.      d. 9-20-1888    aged 70y, 5m, 18d  wife of John S.  s/s John S. Shields
SHIELDS, John S.        d. 1-10-1890    aged 70y, 11m, 16d   		    s/s Martha C. Shields
FATHER                      (This stone seems to go with John S. Shields)
EARLEY, Ellen Bell  	1880-1923
BELL, Gurney            1874-1936
BELL, Gertrude King     1882-1925
BELL, Martha S.         b. 2-18-1842 	d. 4-11-1910
BELL, Wm. F.            b. 2-14-1832 	d. 7-25-1920
BELL, Nancy M.          b. 4-30-1832    d. 1-14-1910
BELL, Marietta          1857-1939
BELL, James M.          1859-1946                
KEARNS, Mary            d. 11-20-1891	aged 33y, 8m, 1d       	wife of T. Kearns
STUART, Rebecca         d. 9-7-1889     aged 85y, 3m, 27d       wife of Jehu Stuart
FREDERICK, Don E.       1926-1926                		s/s Robert Frederick
FREDERICK, Robert       					s/s Don E. Frederick
TOWNSEND, Julia I.      b. 6-27-1871	d. 3-14-1921
TOWNSEND, Anna M.       no dates                    s/s Frank C. Townsend    	Our Babies                
		Infant children of E.S. & J.B. Townsend
TOWNSEND, Frank C. 	no dates                    s/s Anna M. Townsend   	Our Babies                
		Infant children of E.S. & J.B. Townsend
CORDER, Robt.      	b. 8-22-1823 	d. 8-4-1898
CORDER, Louisa Beals    b. 10-30-1839   d. 1-5-1916
LUTHER, Ivy             1834-1914
LUTHER, Dorothy         1861-1941
LUTHER, Sarah S.        1833-1918
BUNDY, Howard E.        1899-1928
BUNDY, Narcissa L.      1863-1934
BUNDY, Elias            1864-1929
WOOLLEN, Edward         b. 9-22-1847 	d. 8-6-1935
WOOLLEN, Adeline        b. 3-23-1855    d. 8-27-1891  wife of Ed Woollen
WOOLLEN, Mary L.        b. 3-24-1863    d. 12-9-1888  		s/s Infant Son Woollen
WOOLLEN, Infant Son     d. 9-5-1890               		s/s Mary L. Woollen
ELLIOTT, Gleney D.      b. 6-4-1871     d. 5-12-1894  wife of Wilson Elliott
DEAN, Emma J.           1885-1961                wife       	s/s Charles D. Dean
DEAN, Charles D.        1879-1961                husband     	s/s Emma J. Dean
CARPENTER, Mattie       1883-1923                		s/s William Carpenter
CARPENTER, William      1883-1945                		s/s Mattie Carpenter
CARPENTER, Catherine N. 1902-1990
CARPENTER, Donald William	1916-1916
CARPENTER, Ora Carl  	1907-1912
FLINT, Pearl            1873-1961                		s/s Elmer Flint
FLINT, Elmer            1868-1948                		s/s Pearl Flint
HASTING, Texanna        1854-1909                		s/s William Hasting
HASTING, William        1838-1896                		s/s Texanna Hasting
RATLIFF, Joseph     	1838-1917
RATLIFF, Mary Ann       d. 6-3-1880	aged 41y, 5m, 17d     	wife of Joseph Ratliff
HAMILTON, Jeannette E.  1878-1957
HAMILTON, Dessa     	1895-1908             	s/s Elizabeth, Myrtle, & Clayson Hamilton
HAMILTON, Elizabeth     1907-1921               s/s Dessa, Myrtle, & Clayson Hamilton
HAMILTON, Myrtle        1875-1925               s/s Dessa, Elizabeth & Clayson Hamilton
HAMILTON, Clayson       1863-1941               s/s Dessa, Elizabeth & Myrtle Hamilton
FEAR, James E.          d. 5-17-1899	aged 56y, 4m, 13d    	s/s Nancy J. Fear
FEAR, Nancy J.          d. 2-28-1844    aged 61y, 3m, 15d       s/s James E. Fear
FATHER                  no dates/names          matches Fear stone
MOTHER                  no dates/names          matches Fear stone
OWINGS, Nellie D. Pence 1885-1933
JONES, Georgia   	no dates                	granddaughter of J.J. Mart
JONES, Mary K.          no dates                     	daughter of Georgia (Mart) Jones
JONES, Cora I.          no dates
JONES, Clayton R.       no dates
MART, Mary              1830-1905
MART, Joseph J.         1833-1903
SHERMAN, Sarah E.       b. 4-29-1829	d. 4-15-1918
LAMB, Ina L.            1908-1992                		s/s D. Paul Lamb
LAMB, D. Paul           1904-1984                		s/s Ina L. Lamb 
DOHERTY, ADA l.         1877-1910            	s/s Cyrus, Elam, & Sammy Doherty
DOHERTY, Cyrus E.       1866-1922               s/s Ada, Elam, & Sammy Doherty
DOHERTY, Elam           no dates                s/s Ada, Cyrus, & Sammy Doherty
DOHERTY, Sammy          no dates                s/s Ada, Cyrus, & Elam Doherty
FATHER                  no dates           		(this stone is off all alone)
CLARK, Orville          1904-1923            	son
OSBORN, Roy Chester     1907-1974
OSBORN, Martha          1852-1926                		s/s Zimri Osborn
OSBORN, Zimri           1845-1920                		s/s Martha Osborn
LEACH, Nancy L.         b. 5-17-1849 	d. 5-27-1893  		wife of Zimri Osborn
LEACH, Mary             b. 11-26-1829   d. 7-20-1891
LEACH, John             b. 1-23-1819    d. 11-10-1890
LEACH, William H.       b. 3-9-1844     d. 1-5-1892
RIEDEL, Ira P.       	b. 10-9-1887    d. 3-9-1921
WILSON, Russel          no dates                     	footstone
E.P.W.                  no dates                     	footstone
WILSON, Robert L.       b. 10-18-1845   d. 3-27-1927  	s/s Eunice & Russel Wilson
WILSON, Eunice P.       b. 7-8-1848     d. 8-27-1919  	s/s Robert & Russel Wilson
WILSON, Russel          b. 9-13-1899    d. 8-2-1903    	s/s Robert & Eunice Wilson
UNKNOWN, Lloyd          1915-1923                	(possibly Wilson?)
MANN, Martha A.         1859-1922
KIMBALL, Sarah O.       1851-1903
LEACH, Florance         1859-1928
BEALS, Ellis E.         d. 8-6-1938           	Indiana PVT SIG Corps
MANN, Flora A.          1862-1939                		s/s James Mann
MANN, James B.          1860-1944                		s/s Flora Mann                
OLDFIELD, Ada        	d. 3-26-1894	aged 42y, 11m, 6d      	wife of S. Oldfield
RUNYAN, Gertrude        1872-1927
RUNYAN, Norman H.       1875-1931
BULLINGER, Grover L.    1892-1917                	husband
DARE, Eva I.            b. 3-27-1876 	d. 5-30-1910  	mother
DARE, John A.           b. 4-9-1871     d. 11-2-1951  	father
ALLRED, Cora E.         1878-1902
ALLRED, Jane N.         1841-1936                		s/s Charles Allred
ALLRED, Charles C.      1848-1925                		s/s Jane Allred
ALLRED, E. Lee          1888-1964                		s/s Carl Allred
ALLRED, Carl A.         1883-1961                		s/s E. Lee Allred
LITTLE, Elsie Z.        1879-1968
LITTLE, Albert          1875-1951
LITTLE, Thomas Ward     b. 5-29-1908 	d. 8-17-1909
BULLER, Emma            1866-1941                		s/s John Buller
BULLER, John S.         1865-1939                		s/s Emma Buller
BULLER, Emma            no dates
BULLER, John S.         no dates                     
BULLER, Infant          d. 1-16-1892             		daughter of J. S. & E. Buller
WINSLOW, Josiah       	b. 9-3-1849 	d. 4-3-1921
WINSLOW, Abigail        b. 10-24-1847   d. 1-20-1927
WINSLOW, Levi           b. 7-20-1836    d. 1-29-1921
WINSLOW, Elmina C.      d. 11-11-1861   aged 1y, 1m, 22d      	daughter of ? & M.E. Winslow
COSTION, Mitchell       b. 6-12-1895	d. 6-12-1943
COSTION, Mabel B.       b. 5-19-1880    d. 4-29-1968
COSTION, Martha L.      b. 7-3-1919     d. 2-7-1998
CARTWRIGHT, Infant      d. 4-5-1905               	daughter of Oswald & Minta L. Cartwright
CAREY, Nuel B.    	1894-1898
BOGUE, Emily            b. 6-21-1841 	d. 4-23-1907  		s/s Thomas Bogue
BOGUE, Thomas           b. 8-24-1837    d. 2-29-1908  		s/s Emily Bogue
BOGUE, Barnaba P.       1866-1947
BOGUE, Sarah A.         1863-1912                		wife of B.P. Bogue
BOGUE, Annie J.         d. 8-2-1891  	aged 20y, 4m, 2d        daughter of T. & E. Bogue
JAY, Genevieve Carey    1890-1971
BULLER, John O.         d. 1-29-1898	aged 3y, 5m, 21d      	son of O.P. & M.M. Buller
BULLER, Chester C.      d. 2-15-1898    aged 5y, 10m            son of  O.P. & M.M. Buller
BULLER, Mata M.         1867-1924                		s/s Oliver Buller
BULLER, Oliver P.       1863-1941                		s/s Mata Buller
BULLER, Pearl F.        1890-1933
BULLER, Vera Louise Davis	b. 1-9-1910 	d.     	m. 6-18-1937   	s/s Donald Buller
BULLER, Donald Wayne 	b. 1-5-1907 	d. 7-19-1987  	s/s Vera Louise Davis Buller
SIMONS, Henry     	b. 5-15-1815 	d. 3-31-1902
SIMONS, Elizabeth A.    b. 1-26-1826    d. 3-29-1899  		wife of Henry Simons
SIMONS, Harry L.        1892-1945
SIMONS, Mary Alice      b. 10-22-1902 	d. 2-8-1904
SIMONS, Jessie Gossett  1892-1984
SIMONS, Donna Jean      1915-1924
SIMONS, Betty Vee       1917-1935
SIMONS, John H.     	1854-1942                		s/s Ruth Simons
SIMONS, Ruth            1863-1936                		s/s John H. Simons
CARTWRIGHT, Joan Simons 1919-1987
MANN, Sarah J.          b. 4-30-1828	d. 10-28-1906
BALLENGER, Mary A.      1858-1925
BALLENGER, Byron L.     1857-1938
SHERRICK, Ora B.        1858-1953
SHERRICK, John R.       1854-1923
BROWN, Mary T.          b. 9-15-1836 	d. 10-30-1907     	wife of Robert R. Brown
BROWN, Corpíl R. R.           			Co. E 5th IND CAV
MILLIKAN, S.            1852-1906
McCAULEY, Mary Millikan b. 4-15-1858  	d. 10-10-1937         	s/s William Reed McCauley
McCAULEY, William Reed  b. 7-9-1849     d. 7-14-1917
HOBBS, Rev. Charles M.  1866-1919                		s/s Eva B. Hobbs
HOBBS, Eva B.           1870-1962                		s/s Rev. Charles M. Hobbs
HOBBS, Jane C.          1838-1921
BROWN, Emma J.          1866-1947                		s/s William & Ward brown
BROWN, William A.       1865-1927                		s/s Emma & Ward Brown
BROWN, Ward A.          1890-1897                		s/s Emma & William Brown
FINK, Vella Lindsey     1877-1918
FINK, William L.        1896-1992           	m. 7-14-1926	s/s Laura French Fink
FINK, Laura French      1898-1984                		s/s William L. Fink
FINK, Lester C.         b. 8-9-1888 	d. 8-19-1888  son of William F.W. & Louisa H. Fink
FELTON, Laura Suzanne   b. 11-14-1955   d. 1-25-1962
BOGUE, Wilson D.        1873-1906
ADAMS, Mary Helen       1915-
PEARSON, Lemuel     	1843-1914             	Co. K 118 IVI
PEARSON, Angelina H.    1845-1926
PEARSON, Ernest T.   	1883-1957
PEARSON, Ethel A.       1880-1955
DIMETT, Mary P.         1878-1965
BARTHOLOMEW, Ann Cole 	b. 10-3-1822 	d. 4-6-1908
BARTHOLOMEW, William    b. 1-25-1825    d. 3-13-1904

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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