Park Cemetery

Section 4D

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.

BRUCH, Jacob H.       	b. 1-15-1851	d. 7-29-2908
SMITH, Robert C.        1863-1928              			s/s Amanda F. Smith
SMITH, Amanda F.        1859-1929                		s/s Robert C. Smith
CAREY, Isaac            1853-1933
CAREY, Hannah Winslow   1851-1918       	mother
MENDENHALL, George C.   1866-1910
THOMAS, Micajah         1863-1953          	father             
THOMAS, M. Etta         1865-1921
CARROLL, George Gossett 1876-1954
VAUGHN, George W.       b. 3-3-1835	d. 8-8-1910    	Co. C 7 Mich. Vol. Inf.   
		s/s Margaret Vaughn
VAUGHN, Margaret        3-30-1855              	his wife      	s/s George W. Vaughn
EDDINGTON, Eli          1869-1937           	F.L.T.		s/s Kate Eddington        
EDDINGTON, Kate         1880-1964                		s/s Eli Eddington
EDDINGTON, William      1839-1907                		s/s Catherine Eddington
EDDINGTON, Catherine    1846-1924                		s/s William Eddington
EDDINGTON, Edward       1876-1965                		s/s Nettie M. Eddington
EDDINGTON, Nettie M.    1882-1965                		s/s Edward Eddington      
EDDINGTON, Ralph        b. 6-6-1906	d. 9-27-1987
VANARSDALL, Cecil       no dates  
		s/s W. Page, Isabel, Bryce Lewis, Della, Orville, & Chester Vanarsdall
VANARSDALL, W. Page     no dates                     
		s/s Cecil, Isabel, Bryce Lewis, Della, Orville, & Chester Vanarsdall
VANARSDALL, Isabel      no dates                     
		s/s W. Page, Cecil, Bryce Lewis, Della, Orville, & Chester Vanarsdall
VANARSDALL, Bryce Lewis no dates                     
		s/s W. Page, Isabel, Cecil, Della, Orville, & Chester Vanarsdall
VANARSDALL, Della       no dates                     
		s/s W. Page, Isabel, Bryce Lewis, Cecil, Orville, & Chester Vanarsdall
VANARSDALL, Orville     no dates                     
		s/s W. Page, Isabel, Bryce Lewis, Della, Cecil, & Chester Vanarsdall
VANARSDALL, Chester     no dates                     
		s/s W. Page, Isabel, Bryce Lewis, Della, Orville, & Cecil Vanarsdall
JACKSON, Ralph W.    	1915-1984                		s/s Margie J. Jackson
JACKSON, Margie J.      1921-                        		s/s Ralph W. Jackson
SIMONS, William    	b. 4-5-1843 	d. 7-18-1929
SIMONS, Elizabeth       b. 4-20-1848    d. 7-2-1926
SIMONS, Ida Irene       b. 7-5-1875     d. 5-2-1937
SIMONS, Perry T.        b. 5-16-1878    d. 6-27-1957  	Captain CE-RES WWI
SIMONS, Perry T.        1879-1957
SIMONS, Grace E.        1881-1967
SIMONS, William         no dates                     	Co. C 89 Ind. Inf.
SMITH, Nelle Simons     1882-1935
GEEKLE, Elizabeth       1903-1973
HEAVILIN, John W.       1866-1933
HEAVILIN, Eva M.        1868-1953
HEAVILIN, Eva Catherine 1913-1913
JONES, David M.         1859-1936
JONES, Luella           1866-1922
STIERS, Daniel          1842-1927
STIERS, Lucinda         1847-1931
HENRY, Luna M.          1885-1968
HENRY, J. Scott         1883-1956
SWOVELAND, A. Noble     1898-1966                		s/s Hazel H. Swoveland
SWOVELAND, Hazel H.     1896-1965                		s/s A. Noble Swoveland
HOWELL, Marion E.       1909-1999                		s/s Alice B. Howell
HOWELL, Alice B.        1912-1965                		s/s Marion E. Howell
BUROKER, George R.      1898-1980                		s/s Hazel Hockett Buroker
BUROKER, Hazel Hockett  1902-1993                		s/s George R. Buroker
HOCKETT, J. Fawn        b. 8-5-1893	d. 1-15-1975  Hoggatt
HOCKETT, Mary E.        1871-1955                		s/s Santford A. Hockett  
HOCKETT, Santford A.    1868-1950                		s/s Mary E. Hockett
HOCKETT, Mary F.        1841-1896                		s/s Isaac M. Hockett
HOCKETT, Isaac M.       1838-1912                		s/s Mary F. Hockett
HOCKETT, Estad          1872-1963                		s/s Eli L. Hockett
HOCKETT, Eli L.         1873-1933                		s/s Estad Hockett
HOCKETT, Deva Irene     b. 8-23-1911 	d. 1-6-1998
STEWART, John H.        b. 9-4-1843     d. 6-28-1919  Co. C 12 Reg IVI; 
		enlisted 7-24-1862; discharged 6-8-1865 s/s Elizabeth
STEWART, Elizabeth Powell	b. 3-14-1848	d. 7-11-1919  his wife	s/s John H. Stewart
PALMER, Fred         	1896-1974                			s/s Rachel C. Palmer
PALMER, Rachel C.       1906-1972
PALMER, Fred            b. 6-18-1896	d. 5-12-1973  	Indiana PVT US Army WWI
HOWELL, Ruth V.         1900-1944
HOWELL, George R.       1863-1946                
HOWELL, Martha C.       1867-1935
HOWELL, Donna L.        1887-1908
HOWELL, Herman B.       5-19-1918                 	son of J.B. & L. M. Howell
PAYNE, Earle S.         1885-1914
PAYNE, William W.       1861-1945                			s/s Effie May Payne
PAYNE, Effie May        1867-1943                			s/s William W. Payne
DAVIS, William A.       1861-1931                			s/s Mary L. Davis
DAVIS, Mary L.          1866-1937                			s/s William A. Davis
DAVIS, William H.       b. 3-9-1914	d. 3-31-1982  			s/s Madaline “Peg” Davis
DAVIS, Madaline “Peg”   b. 6-26-1919    d. 7-15-2002  			s/s William H. Davis
DAVIS, Lola E.          b. 1-15-1890    d. 4-25-1979
DAVIS, J. Robert        1888-1979
DAVIS, J. Pearl         1888-1948
DAVIS, Howard L.        b. 2-1-1880	d. 10-8-1890	son of W.A. & M.L. Davis
KIMBROUGH, Lora E.      d. 6-2-1882     aged 1y, 2m, 14d 	daughter of A.M. & L.L. Kimbrough (?)
BRIDENTHAL, Eleanora    b. 12-6-1900    d. 6-2-1932
FETTERS, Samuel         no dates                     	Co K 160 Ind. Inf. Sp. Am. War
FETTERS, Lillie O.      1873-1953                	mother      	s/s Charles A. McCoy
McCOY, Charles A.       1890-1952                	son 		s/s Lillie O. Fetters
BULLER, John            no dates                     	Co K 47 IVI
BULLER, John            b. 8-12-1842    d. 7-12-1913
BUCK, Nellie C.         1857-1925                	mother
BUCK, Ray E.            1896-1950                		s/s Nellie M. & Victor R. Buck
BUCK, Nellie M.         1898-1993                		s/s Ray E. & Victor R. Buck
BUCK, Victor R.         b. 2-22-1927    d. 3-8-1927    		s/s Ray E. & Nellie M. Buck
WAGGY, Mary             1849-1916                	mother
WAGGY, Jacob            1851-1932                	father
VETOR, America J.       1869-1944                			s/s Henry Vetor              
VETOR, Henry            1864-1949                			s/s America J. Vetor
WRATHER, Joseph E.      1930-1952
FREDERICK, B. Edward    b. 1-29-1895	d. 3-19-1973  	m. 11-23-1915        
		s/s Ida Frederick & Elwood, Inez Townsend
FREDERICK, Ida L.       b. 3-9-1904     d. 4-9-1999    
		s/s B. Edward Frederick & Elwood, Inez Townsend
TOWNSEND, Elwood S.	b. 3-25-1872    d. 4-10-1961  	
		s/s Inez Townsend & B. Edward, Ida Frederick
TOWNSEND, Inez B.       b. 12-31-1905   d. 5-29-1942  
		s/s Elwood Townsend & B. Edward, Ida Frederick
DIMICK, Earl       	1882-1959
DIMICK, Lena            1887-1940
DIMICK, Milton          1841-1927
DIMICK, Sarah J.        1849-1918
BOZELL, Pearl Covalt    1882-1973
MOON, John D.           b. 7-24-1897	d. 7-27-1961  	Indiana PVT 1580 Service Unit WWII
MOON, Robert P.         1861-1951                			s/s Emma Moon
MOON, Emma              1865-1959                			s/s Robert P. Moon
MOON, Lova R.           1893-1969
HASTY, James R.         1927-1940                	son
HASTY, Orville E.       1892-1972                			s/s Eulalia Moon Hasty
HASTY, Eulalia Moon     1895-1917                	mother        	s/s Orville E. Hasty
HOWELL, John T.         1851-                        			s/s Martha A. Howell
HOWELL, Martha A.       1851-1917                			s/s John T. Howell
KIRKPATRICK, Lindley    1895-1967                			s/s Elsie E. Kirkpatrick
KIRKPATRICK, Elsie E.   1900-1994                			s/s Lindley Kirkpatrick
ARCHER, Josephine Clementine	b. 12-3-1911	d. 12-9-1915  	daughter of J.B. & B.E. Archer
ARCHER, Joseph B.	1887-1976                
ARCHER, Blanche E.      1883-1978
LOVE, Byram             1840-1917                	Co. D 34 IVI  	s/s Nancy J. Love
LOVE, Nancy J.          1852-1936                			s/s Byram Love
SCOTT, Dorothea         b. 11-12-1913	d. 11-19-1913
SCOTT, Clyde E.         no dates                     	Batt’y C 123 US Field Art.
SCOTT, William H.       1858-1919        	s/s Maria F., Clyde E., & Glenn T. Scott
SCOTT, Maria F.         1863-1930               s/s William H., Clyde E., & Glenn T. Scott
SCOTT, Clyde E.         1881-1918        	Bat. C 123, F.A. USA  	
		s/s William H., Maria F., & Glenn T. Scott
SCOTT, Glenn T.         1885-                	s/s William H., Maria F., & Clyde E. Scott
McHATTON, Leroy         1861-1944                	father
McHATTON, Ellen         1864-1941                	mother
McHATTON, Effie E.      1888-1974                	daughter
McHATTON, Grace         1886-1917                	daughter
WOOD, Milburn J.        1910-1978                  			s/s Florence O. Wood
WOOD, Florence O.       1910-                        			s/s Milburn J. Wood
BREWER, Etta K.         1884-1977                			s/s Arthur B. Brewer
BREWER, Arthur B.       1880-1948                			s/s Etta K. Brewer
COLLETTE, Robert Lowell 1926-1930
ECKELBARGER, William L. b. 7-7-1925	d. 2-9-1933    	aged 7y, 7m, 8d
NELSON, Murl            1885-1949                			s/s Minnie Nelson
NELSON, Minnie          1886-1962                			s/s Murl Nelson
FRIEND, Wm. Dexter      1867-1953                			s/s Olsa V. Friend
FRIEND, Olsa V.         1880-1952                			s/s Wm. Dexter Friend
GWIN, John D.           1849-1920
KIRKPATRICK, Harvey     b. 7-2-1899 	d. 6-29-1916  	son of J. & S. Kirkpatrick
KIRKPATRICK, Samantha F.	1864-1941
KIRKPATRICK, James H.	1854-1925
KIRKPATRICK, Basil Leo  1918-1926
KIRKPATRICK, Helen Mae  1920-1935
TREON, Isaac K.         b. 10-18-1851	d. 7-27-1917  
TREON, Minerva E.       b. 10-28-1856   d. 1-4-1931
SHOCKEY, Helen C.       1918-1919
PLANCK, Anna L.         b. 5-4-1903	d. 3-31-1918
PLANCK, Eva L.          b. 3-22-1859    d. 4-20-1917
PLANCK, William A.      1856-1925
ARMSTRONG, James M.     1885-1958
ARMSTRONG, Harriett A.  1850-1943                			s/s Phillip C. Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Phillip C.   1851-1918                			s/s Harriett A. Armstrong
OSBORN, Edward Joseph   4-5-1940
MILLS, Robert F.        1915-1938
MILLS, Mary B.          1918-1939
MILLS, Richard E.       1922-1954
MILLS, Ernest W.        1887-1958                			s/s Neva E. Mills
MILLS, Neva E.    	1892-1971                			s/s Ernest W. Mills
GARDNER, Mattie Brown   b. 10-20-1904	d. 4-20-1918
GARDNER, Raymond        b. 6-4-1906     d. 11-3-1924
MONTGOMERY, Suzanne     1941-1941
FURNISH, Margaret L.    b. 2-20-1922	d. 11-22-1922
LYONS, Charles J.       1839-1902
LYONS, Lydia E.         1843-1920
IRWIN, Jennings         1906-1938
IRWIN, William N.       1863-1921
BEEVER, Ida Irwin       1867-1954
CREEK, Clara            1891-1919
KIERSTEAD, Gertrude L.  b. 10-18-1918	d. 11-10-1921
HASTY, Elmer L.         1863-1930                			s/s Cora A. Hasty
HASTY, Cora A.          1870-1947                			s/s Elmer L. Hasty
PEYTON, Marvin W.       1921-1922                	son of H.W. & E.E. Peyton
HART, Robert R.         1836-1918                	Co. G 101 IVI
HART, Sarah F.          1850-1916                	his wife
BUCK, Chas. F.          no dates                     	Co. C 33 Mass. Inf.
BUCK, Frank A.          no dates                     	Co. C 33 Mass. Inf.
HOLLOWAY, Jesse C.      1876-1959         	s/s Lillie M. Holloway 	“J.C. HOLLOWAY”
HOLLOWAY, Lillie M.     1878-1952   		s/s Jesse C. Holloway
HOLLOWAY, Lester       	2-20-1920                 	Infant
HOLLOWAY, Minnie C.     b. 11-13-1916	d. 2-26-1917  	baby
CORN, John G.           b. 4-22-1855    d. 12-11-1937
CORN, Rebecca J.        b. 5-11-1857    d. 12-18-11936
GREEN, Clysta Opal      1885-1932
BULLER, Sarah Ann  	b. 2-27-1858	d. 9-17-1916
BULLER, Benjamin F.     b. 6-5-1857     d. 8-31-1923
BULLER, Estella         b. 11-5-1881    d. 4-24-1961
SEALE, Carrie R.  	1888-1976                	mother
SEALE, Joseph P.        1876-1962             		father
SEALE, Elizabeth C. “Tina”	1863-1951                
SEALE, Elijah John	1862-1956
SEALE, John             1827-1914
SEALE, Asenath          1838-1925
STOVER, Eliza           1832-1906
DILTS, James R.         1842-1909                	father     	s/s Mary Dilts
DILTS, Mary             1845-1923                	mother        	s/s James R. Dilts
JARVIS, Edward          1866-1909                			s/s Ellen Jarvis
JARVIS, Ellen           1844-1922                	mother       	s/s Edward Jarvis
BREWER, Ruth            no dates                     	Infant
BREWER, Edith E.        1882-1961
BREWER, Harold Ward     1911-1930
BREWER, Lewis F.        1872-1952
BREWER, Joseph F.       1839-1914
MARTIN, Marie Brewer    1891-1918
MARTIN, Mary Lois       1913-1932
LANNING, Charles A.     1864-1934                			s/s E. Eliza Lanning
LANNING, E. Eliza       1876-1927                			s/s Charles A. Lanning
DENIGAN, Joseph A., Jr. 1911-1942
BARKDULL, Cecil Green   1909-1909
TURNER, Sarah           1870-1935                	mother
TURNER, Frank           1858-1910                	father
Delph, James L.         b. 2-18-1887	d. 12-21-1914
McCOY, Ella             1865-1930                	funeral marker only
McCOY, Willis           1855-1935                	funeral marker only
-----blank stone-------(newer)
MARTIN, W. Kenneth      b. 10-27-1917	d. 11-4-1973  	Indiana Sgt Army Air Forces WWII
MARTIN, Michael David   12-27-1938
MARTIN, Stephen J.   	1947-1974
MARTIN, Elizabeth M.    1917-
MARTIN, Samuel Eugene   b. 11-3-1915 	d. 3-2-2000    	S Sgt US Army Air Forces WWII
BULLER, Mary F.         1845-1933
HOLLOWAY, Mary Ella     1885-1953                	mom        	s/s A.Arthur Holloway
HOLLOWAY, A. Arthur     1882-1972                	dad         	s/s Mary Ella Holloway
HOLLOWAY, George Lester b. 10-5-1906	d. 10-20-1908  	son of A.A. & M.E. Holloway
HOPPEL, Helen A.        1912-1949                		s/s Calvin J. & Ola M. Hoppel
HOPPEL, Calvin J.       1873-1951                		s/s Helen A. & Ola M. Hoppel
HOPPEL, Ola M.          1883-1961                		s/s Helen A. & Calvin J. Hoppel
POWERS, Milton          1882-1922                			s/s Laura Powers
POWERS, Laura           1884-1909                			s/s Milton Powers
POWERS, Mary            1854-1922                			s/s George Powers
POWERS, George          1850-1932                			s/s Mary Powers
ZIMMER, Anna            1879-1913
DRAPER, Belle S.        1863-1945                s/s Charles B. Draper
DRAPER, Charles B.      1860-1938                s/s Belle S. Draper
TOMLINSON, Edwin M. 	1863-1944                	father       	s/s Lula D. Tomlinson
TOMLINSON, Lula D.      1865-1941                	mother       	s/s Edwin M. Tomlinson
TOMLINSON, Alonzo       d. 10-26-1933           	Indiana PVT 2 Ind Inf N.G.
CREEK, Catherine        1866-1943                			s/s Fernando C. Creek
CREEK, Fernando C.      1857-1935                			s/s Catherine Creek
CREEK, Chas. E.         1889-1998                	152 Amb. Co. 38 Div.
HARRELL, J.S.           b. 10-4-1835 	d. 1-25-1910  			s/s Ann C. Harrell
HARRELL, Ann C.         b. 9-2-1829     d.  no date   	his wife    	s/s J.S. Harrell
THOMAS, Delbert H.      1890-1919
BASKETT, Joseph S.      1921-1968        	son   	s/s Joseph G. & Methella S. Baskett
BASKETT, Joseph G.      1883-1966               father  s/s Joseph S. & Methella S. Baskett
BASKETT, Methella S.    1892-1972               mother  s/s Joseph G. & Joseph S. Baskett
BASKETT, Irene          b. 4-26-1909	d. 5-15-1909
BASKETT, Charles Washington	b. 9-4-1890	d. 11-24-1932  	Indiana PVT 60 Depot Brig
BASKETT, Harriet Isabelle	1850-1926                mother
O’DELL, Henry Clay  	b. 8-1-1842	d. 6-30-1916  		Co. C 18 Regt Ohio Inf
BREWER, Wesley          1849-
BREWER, Martha          1849-1914
DILLEY, Frederick E.    b. 11-21-1917 	d. 11-22-1917
DAVIS, Kenneth          1905-1912
DAVIS, David G.         1888-1940
DAVIS, Robert E.        1854-1923
DAVIS, Clara A.         1857-1942                
DAVIS, John E.          1877-1953                		s/s Clara A. Davis (b. 1884)
DAVIS, Clara A.         1884-1953                		s/s John E. Davis
POOLE, Phillip          b. 1-5-1939 	d. 12-28-1939
YOUNG, John             1840-1912                			s/s Elizabeth Young
YOUNG, Elizabeth        1855-1941                	his wife       	s/s John Young
HOPPEL, Madeline A.     b. 4-29-1910	d. 7-13-1910
MADIGAN, Lillian M.     b. 5-23-1913    d. 10-23-1913
LOVE, Leroy             1901-1927
LOVE, Leroy             b. 7-13-1901	d. 7-21-1927  	Indiana PVT 88 Aero Sq WWI
GOBLE, Mary Catherine   1857-1940                	mother
GOBLE, Leander          b. 8-15-1844    d. 8-9-1916
TOWNSEND, Edward N.     1871-1947                	funeral marker only
TOWNSEND, Priscilla Mae b. 8-23-1883    d. 9-13-1964
BROOKS, Rebeckah E.     1854-1925
MADIGAN, Michael F.     b. 1-26-1882	d. 7-13-1913
WILLIAMS, Rose Zettie   1890-1917
ROGERS, Edgar E.        b. 11-23-1855	d. 4-3-1913
McKINNEY, Silvia Clytus b. 1-7-1904     d. 1-26-1913  	daughter
BROYLES, Zelta D.       b. 8-17-1900    d. 8-31-1913
BROYLES, Paul A.        1898-1919
HAYES, Palmer N.        b. 1-23-1900	d. 1-25-1916
PEARSON, Stella M.      1875-1947                			s/s Ernest A. Pearson      
PEARSON, Ernest A.      1888-1967                			s/s Stella M. Pearson
GARDNER, Henry          1845-1915                	Co. K 130 IVI
GARDNER, Mary E.        1850-1931
MILLER, Maggie M.       b. 12-6-1877	d. 3-24-1913  	wife of Albert Miller
WATT, Wesley            1859-1932                	father
WATT, Nancy             1863-1941                	mother
SWAIN, Ruby N.          1908-1990
WATT, Harley            1886-1913
ELLIS, Russell H.C.     1859-1911
JULIAN, John W.         1839-1908
HIPES, Elizabeth        1837-1926                			s/s John Hipes
HIPES, John             1939-1906                			s/s Elizabeth Hipes
HUNDLEY, Garland D.     b. 1-13-1913 	d. 10-4-1915
JACOBS, Marion          1914-1914                	son of C.L. & G.A. Jacobs
JACOBS, Howard          1909-1909                	son of C.L. & G.A. Jacobs
SMITH, Juanita M.       b. 11-13-1910 	d. 3-15-1912  	our baby
RUSSELL, Arthur E.      b. 8-26-1908    d. 11-21-1908
-------blank stone--------(older)
PARKHURST, John M.      1860-1919                			s/s Laura M. Parkhurst
PARKHURST, Laura M.     1860-1923                			s/s John M. Parkhurst
BUNDY, Catharine        b. 9-23-1959  	d. 4-30-1919
DALE, Ora Ehrhart       1887-1914
GOBLE, William F.       b. 3-9-1882  	d. 2-5-1939
GOBLE, Mary E.          b. 10-31-1884   d. 5-1-1915
KINDLE, Betty Jean      1921-1932
SHEEHAN, John C.        no dates                     	Co. L 23 US Inf
ICE, Grace              d. 6-15-1943
KNIGHT, Thomas W.       1852-1919
KNIGHT, Sarah           1853-19—
SHANE, Thomas J.        1842-1918                	Co. H 140 IVI  	s/s Nancy A. Shane
SHANE, Nancy A.         1842-1940                			s/s Thomas J. Shane
McCOMBS, Hannah E.      1860-1923
GREEN, John H.    	1840-1921                	father
GREEN, Nancy J.         1846-19--                  	mother
IRWIN, Leroy            1895-1973
SMITH, Thomas           1837-1915
SMITH, Mary             1837-1919
NELTNER, Dennis         1851-1915
MILLSPAUGH, Robt. T.    no dates                     	Med. Dept. USA
WALSER, Clara A.        1865-1936                			s/s John E. Walser
WALSER, John E.         1863-1917                			s/s Clara A. Walser
MEYER, Esther Dorothea  1915-1917
DAVIS, Rufus K.         b. 12-20-1863 	d. 4-13-1918  			s/s Emma J. Davis
DAVIS, Emma J.          b. 1-26-1869    d. 4-12-1924  			s/s Rufus K. Davis
THORN, James C.         b. 8-8-1845     d. 1-28-1921  			s/s Elizabeth J. Thorn
THORN, Elizabeth J.     b. 8-31-1848    d. 11-13-1926                	s/s James C. Thorn
LAMB, Louisa D.         1854-19021
LAMB, William H.        1857-1941
COONS, Annie V.         1864-1922
KELLEY, Benn A.         1914-1922                	son of J.F. & T.W Kelley
McNEIL, Loman           1866-1922                	father
TROWBRIDGE, Selena      1864-1922
TROWBRIDGE, John D.     1858-1930
SHANE, Ida D.           b. 10-31-1873 	d. 7-18-1938                                                                


...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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