Park Cemetery

Section 5A

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.

DILLON, Katie   		b. 4-7-1863	d. 9-18-1894  	wife of H.A. Dillon
SIEGEL, Clara                   1868-1939                		s/s Edward Siegel
SIEGEL, Edward                  1867-1949                		s/s Clara Siegel
YOUNG, Iona                     b. 6-13-1893    d. 4-13-1896  	daughter of W.H. & A.M. Young
YOUNG, William H.               1866-1945                		s/s Almira M. Young
YOUNG, Almira M.                1870-1956                		s/s William H. Young
GIBSON, Frank                   1867-19--                  		s/s Ella & Mae Gibsob
GIBSON, Ella                    1868-1940                		s/s Frank & Mae Gibsob
GIBSON, Mae                     1893-1896                		s/s Frank & Ella Gibson
PAYNE, Carson D.                b. 4-8-1871     d. 1-31-1910
RUSH, Lucy                      1861-1932                
LINDSAY, Armatha Rush           1878-1924
WILSON, Lindsey                 b. 12-19-1832	d. 5-20-1906  	Co. K 33 IVI	s/s Jane Wilson
WILSON, Jane                    b. 2-6-1836     d. 7-28-1908  	his wife    	s/s Lindsey Wilson
WINSLOW, Joseph A               1859-1944                		s/s Margaret E. Winslow
WINSLOW, Margaret E.            1860-1949                		s/s Joseph A. Winslow
RUSH, Miles                     1857-1957
PAYNE, Leslie H.                b. 3-21-1893	d. 1-20-1899
PAYNE, Bayley S.                1845-1917                Co. K130 IVI	s/s Isabelle J. Payne
PAYNE, Isabelle J.              1848-1933                		s/s Bayley S. Payne
PAYNE, Bailey S.                no dates                 Co. K 130 Ind. Inf.
PAYNE, William L.               b. 3-5-1869     d. 1-1-1912
PARKER, C. Chester              b. 10-31-1888   d. 3-20-1902  	son of Chas. T. & Rosia C. Parker
PARKER, Chauncy T.              1896-1981
PARKER, Rosia C.                1863-1937
PARKER, Charles T.              1864-1922
PARKER, Daphne R.               1895-1972
PARKER, Ralph E. Sr.            1894-1971                	Indiana Volunteer Fireman’s Ass’n
PARKER, Ralph E., Jr.           b. 11-13-1917	d. 12-7-1995  		s/s Dona P. Parker
PARKER, Dona P.                 b. 7-25-1922    d.                    	s/s Ralph E. Parker, Jr.
PARKER, Myron Arthur            1890-1919
KIMES, Charles N.               1870-1931                	s/s Cora Belle & Pearl P. Kimes
KIMES, Cora Belle               1873-1930                	s/s Charles N. & Pearl P. Kimes
KIMES, Pearl P.                 1905-1907                	s/s Charles N. & Cora Belle Kimes
SHANE, Ann                      b. 12-51-1845 	d. 11-18-1907
SHANE, Linna B.                 b. 10-22-1897   d. 7-1-1899
SHANE, Luvina          		b. 1-31-1870    d. 7-11-1900  		s/s Infant Son Shane
SHANE, Infant Son               d. 7-11-1900             		s/s Luvina Shane
SHANE, Flossie M.               b. 9-16-1892    d. 11-17-1916
FAST, Nelly V.                  1880-1913                	(or Nelly V. Relfe)
FAST, Mary A.                   1857-1912                	(or Mary A. Relfe)
FAST, Joseph W.                 1854-1932                	(or Joseph W. Relfe)
WOODRUFF, Doris A.              1912-1915
WHITNEY, Lee Roland  		1866-1944
WHITNEY, Jennie Phillips        1868-1929
COTTRELL, Jane                  d. 9-7-1901	aged 65y
SEALE, Ella                     b. 5-18-1876    d. 7-21-1876  	aged 2m, 3d
SEALE, Edmund H.                b. 11-27-1861   d. 7-2-1891    	aged 29y, 2m, 5d
SEALE, Allion D.                b. 6-11-1870    d. 8-19-1873  	aged 3y, 3m, 8d
SEALE, Elizabeth W.             b. 8-11-1839    d. 11-14-1889   aged 50y, 3m, 3d
SEALE, William P.               b. 11-10-1836   d. 1-15-1922
SEALE, Phebe G.                 b. 4-3-1840     d. 12-29-1909   aged 69y, 8m, 26d
SEALE, Elizabeth W.             d. 11-15-1889   aged 50y, 3m, 4d   	wife of Wm. P. Seale
SEALE, Arthur E.  		b. 8-88-1868 	d. 11-6-1901
RATLIFF, Ella Seale             1870-1938
SEALE, A. Edwin                 b. 3-15-1900	d. 9-13-1972  		s/s M. Phyllis Seale
SEALE, M. Phyllis               b. 9-19-1900    d. 4-19-1993
KENNEDY, Sarah A.               1841-1912
KENNEDY, David D.               1878-1950                	son   	s/s Lydia Spray Kennedy
KENNEDY, Lydia Spray            1896-1987                		s/s David D. Kennedy
KENNEDY, William M.             1844-1919
KENNEDY, Frank                  1867-1926
YOUNG, Howard D.                1906-1946                		s/s Evelyn M. Young
YOUNG, Evelyn M.                1907-19--                  		s/s Howard D. Young
YOUNG, Edward D.                1898-1903
YOUNG, Robert F.                1864-1939                		s/s Elizabeth J. Young
YOUNG, Elizabeth J.             1873-1953                		s/s Robert F. Young
WRIGHT, Hazel I.                1894-1982                		s/s Mahlon M. Wright
WRIGHT, Mahlon M.               1892-1978                		s/s Hazel I. Wright
DAVIS, Mary E.                  1878-1961
DAVIS, J. Luther                1871-1949                
DAVIS, Charline R.              b. 12-25-1903	d. 7-5-1909	daughter of Luther & Mary E. Davis
DAVIS, Earl F.                  b. 12-23-1902   d. 7-20-1903  	son of Luther & Mary E. Davis
DAVIS, Eliza J.                 1847-1927                
DAVIS, W. Frank                 1844-1930
DEAN, Fred O.                   1890-1928
DEAN, Infant                    b. 12-8-1896 	d. 12-8-1896  		s/s Eusena Dean
DEAN, Eusena                    b. 12-9-1894    d. 2-9-1898    		s/s Infant Dean
MANN, Chester J.                1918-1981                		s/s Martha E. Mann
MANN, Martha E.                 1921-                        		s/s Chester J. Mann
REEDER, Glen W.                 1896-1976       	m. 12-18-1926   s/s Ethel M. Reeder
REEDER, Ethel M.                1899-1976                		s/s Glen W. Reeder
HOLLOWAY, Gerald C.             b. 1-31-1937    d.    	m. 10-10-1954  	father 
		s/s Marilyn M. Holloway
HOLLOWAY, Marilyn M.            b. 5-20-1934    d. 6-22-1998  		mother     
		s/s Gerald C. Holloway
UNDERWOOD, Gerald E.            1925-          	s/s Barbara E., Nancy E., & F. Nolder Underwood
UNDERWOOD, Barbara E.           1927-           s/s Gerald E., Nancy E., & F. Nolder Underwood
UNDERWOOD, F. Nolder            1896-1991       s/s Nancy E., Gerald E., & Barbara E. Underwood
UNDERWOOD, Nancy E.             1897-1980       s/s F. Nolder, Gerald E., & Barbara E. Underwood
No Last Name, Robert Eugene     b. 1-8-1952 	d. 1-9-1952    	(beside Underwood headstone)
CARTY, Robert, Jr.              1980-1997       s/s Scott R. Carty        	photo
CARTY, Scott R.   		1982-1997       s/s Robert Carty, Jr.        	photo
KIMES, Luther H.  		1883-1977
KIMES, Gertrude M.              1883-1969
KIMES, Bobby                    1916-1927
WINSLOW, Elizabeth              1886-1969
WINSLOW, Irvin B.               1880-1954
WINSLOW, Thomas                 1849-1920                	father
WINSLOW, Addie                  1858-1937                	mother
KIMES, Mabel W.                 1890-1958
KIMES, Fred C.                  1884-1953
ARMSTRONG, John L.              1858-1924   
		s/s May, Lena, Bertha, Pearle, Wilbur, Gladys, Stella, & Harry Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, May L.               1861-1927                
		s/s John, Lena, Bertha, Pearle, Wilbur, Gladys, Stella, & Harry Armstrong    
ARMSTRONG, Lena R.              1881-1934                
		s/s May, John, Bertha, Pearle, Wilbur, Gladys, Stella, & Harry Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Bertha               1884-1907                
		s/s May, Lena, John, Pearle, Wilbur, Gladys, Stella, & Harry Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Pearle A.            1886-19--                  
		s/s May, Lena, Bertha, John, Wilbur, Gladys, Stella, & Harry Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Wilbur C.            1889-1958                
		s/s May, Lena, Bertha, Pearle, John, Gladys, Stella, & Harry Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Gladys O.            1892-1932                
		s/s May, Lena, Bertha, Pearle, Wilbur, John, Stella, & Harry Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Stella V.            1894-1922                
		s/s May, Lena, Bertha, Pearle, Wilbur, Gladys, John, & Harry Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Harry D.             1895-1952                
		s/s May, Lena, Bertha, Pearle, Wilbur, Gladys, Stella, & John Armstrong
TODD, J. Paul                   1903-1996          	m. 4-7-1923   	s/s H. Madeline Todd
TODD, H. Madeline               1905-1995                		s/s J. Paul Todd
PAYNE, James R.                 d. 6-18-1884 	aged 7d   	son of H.E. & Efy Payne
PAYNE, Henry E.                 1861-1936                		s/s Effie C. Payne
PAYNE, Effie C.                 1863-1932                		s/s Henry E. Payne
DEAN, Cal             		1849-1918
DEAN, Arminta A.                1854-1922
LEACH, Myrtle                   b. 11-4-1884 	d. 11-27-1909        	wife of Wm. H. Leach
WHITNEY, Harry O.   		1870-1901                
WHITNEY, Luzena C.              1869-1903
WHITNEY, Caroline E.		1899-1928
MONAHAN, Mary                   b. 5-1-1885	aged 23y, 3m, 1d 	daughter of Wm. & B. Monahan
CAREY, Herbert                  b. 8-8-1901     d. 9-24-1902  		son of N. & M. Carey
SPANGLER, John J.               b. 9-22-1857    d. 1-31-1905  
		Erected by the W. of W. Woodmen of the World Dum Tacet Clamet
SPANGLER, Margaret              1860-1936                	mother
JOHNSON, R.O.                   b. 12-7-1834	d. 5-7-1900
JOHNSON, Sarah                  b. 7-4-1836     d. 12-12-1924
SMITH, Ephraim                  1821-1911
SMITH, Cynthia                  1838-1912
DARE, Mary J.              	1843-1911
DARE, Mary                      1858-1932
DARE, Robert                    b. 11-21-1841 	d. 6-25-1942  	CPL 69 Ind Inf
DARE, Minnie A.                 1872-1957
McQUOID, Maria                  d. 11-25-1897	aged 53y
GOODALL, Adaline M.             1871-1958
PEACOCK, Willis D.              b. 1-18-1865	d. 11-21-1899
PEACOCK, Cynthia F.             b. 10-4-1861    d. 9-23-1932
PEACOCK, G. Willard             1896-1933
PEACOCK, Isaac C.               1863-1917
PEACOCK, Asenath J.             1863-1944
PEACOCK, Lalah Myrle            1904-1936
PEACOCK, Orlando F.             1861-1915
DOANE, Charles C.               b. 3-22-1882	d. 1-5-1911
WALKMACK, Ella                  1871-1943                		s/s William H. Walkmack               
WALKMACK, William H.            1862-1952                		s/s Ella Walkmack
WALKMACK, Adda                  1889-1899
GUNN, Henry M.                  1886-1961
MYERS, Perry      		b. 3-8-1847 	d. 7-9-1904
MYERS, Hugh           		b. 12-6-1840    d. 10-6-1875
MYERS, Harriet S.               b. 10-27-1819   d. 7-28-1897
CORN, Rhoda M.                  1859-1942
WHITNEY, George G.              b. 2-8-1840	d. 1-18-1911  
		s/s Eliza, Benjamin, & Rebecca Whitney
WHITNEY, Eliza A.               b. 1-22-1840    d. 10-23-1910                
		s/s George, Benjamin, & Rebecca Whitney
WHITNEY, Benjamin               b. 9-19-1815    d. 8-27-1892  
		s/s Rebecca, George, & Eliza Whitney
WHITNEY, Rebecca J.             b. 1-20-1815    d. 4-11-1900  
		s/s Benjamin, George, & Eliza Whitney
PRICE, C.C.                     b. 9-10-1848	d. 6-16-1912
PRICE, Hannah                   b. 5-17-1853    d. 2-17-1936
PRICE, H=Jane M.                b. 12-7-1876    d. 7-24-1895  	daughter of C.C. & H. Price
COOK, Jane H.                   1895-1945                		s/s C.R. King Cook
COOK, C.R. King                 1896-19--                  		s/s Jane H. Cook
KING, Mary A.                   b. 2-4-1876     d. 7-24-1898  	wife of E.W. King
HANCOCK, Calvin           	1861-1955
HANCOCK, Earl C.                1895-1895
HANCOCK, Mary Anna              1867-1954
KIMES, Louisa                   1864-1947
KIMES, Millard                  b. 1-29-1858	d. 8-24-1914
KIMES, Lawson W.                d. 12-16-1902   aged 76y, 27d
KIMES, Sarah J.                 d. 7-24-1895    aged 64y, 7m, 12d   	wife of L. W. Kimes
WOLLEN, Lucy C.                 d. 3-7-1894     aged 38y, 7m, 23d       wife of Jacob Wollen
WILSON, Harriett E.       	1866-1941
WILSON, Nathan A.               1858-1948
WINSLOW, Seth         		1807-1888                	Entered this 4th Sec. 1830
WINSLOW, Mary                   1802-1879                	wife of Seth Winslow
WINSLOW, Nixon           	1837-1924
WINSLOW, Ruth                   1839-1913
Infant                          illegible
JUMPER, Owen T.                 b. 2-11-1918	d. 8-17-1987
JUMPER, Mariam L.               1894-1974
RIGDON, Basil T.                b. 10-24-1813	d. 5-31-1898  			s/s Lucinda Rigdon
RIGDON, Lucinda                 b. 1-25-1815    d. 5-10-1893  	his wife    	s/s Basil T. Rigdon
WHITE, Emma L.                  1863-1943
WHITE, Frank W.                 1861-1934
WHITE, Edna R.                  1900-1919
JACKSON, Mable                  1885-1937
WINSLOW, H. Walker              1827-1911
FATHER                          no dates
WINSLOW, Martha                 1826-1912
MOTHER                          no dates
WINSLOW, John                   1857-1923
WINSLOW, Louella                1856-1950
JONES, Jennie W.                1849-1940
JONES, Capt. Franklin           no dates                     	Co. C 89 Ind Inf.
DOBSON, Fred Okla        	b. 11-11-1902 	d. 12-21-1905   	son of John & Alma Dobson
DOBSON, John F.                 1868-1932
DOBSON, Elizabeth               d. 10-7-1895	aged 27y, 6m, 13d    	wife of J. F. Dobson
DOBSON, Harry L.                d. 3-21-1897    aged 1y, 18d   		son of J.F. & E. Dobson
DOBSON, Horton J.               d. 7-7-1911     aged 66y, 1m, 17d
DOBSON, Nancy A.                1847-1918               		wife of H.J. Dobson
DOBSON, Mary E.                 d. 3-15-1900    aged 22y, 10m, 18d      daughter of H.J. & N.A. Dobson
DOBSON, Harvey                  d. 816-1899     aged 26y, 8m, 22d       son of H.J. & N.A. Dobson
DOBSON, Olive A.                b. 5-16-1886    d. 4-23-1901  		daughter of H.J. & N.A. Dobson
WINSLOW, Adella C.        	1891-1978
WINSLOW, Joseph H.              1888-1972
WINSLOW, John H.          	b. 2-20-1857 	d. 10-28-1897
WINSLOW, Jonathan P.            b. 6-11-1813    d. 8-18-1899
WINSLOW, Jane H.                b. 5-12-1823    d. 5-7-1908
WINLSOW, Clark Phelps           d. 1-5-1928               	Oregon PVT US Marine Corps
HENLEY, Alexander               b. 1-26-1832    d. 4-7-1900
WINSLOW, Palmer           	1876-1927
WINSLOW, Edith Fair             b. 9-5-1884 	d. 9-23-1885
WINSLOW, William C.             b. 8-4-1854     d. 2-10-1895
WINSLOW, Hannah A.              b. 2-2-1854     d. 3-15-1904  
PALM, Mabel Winslow             b. 11-14-1880   d. 8-4-1949    	beloved sister & mother
MOSSOP, Mary W.                 1882-1966                		s/s Thomas A. Mossop
MOSSOP, Thomas A.               1868-1940                		s/s Mary W. Mossop
PEARSON, Jennie J.              1849-1934
PEARSON, Simeon Y.              1848-1923
POPE, James H.                  1866-1949
POPE, Harden                    b. 8-12-1834	d. 1-13-1914  			s/s Mary E. Pope
POPE, Mary E.                   b. 12-29-1845   d. 8-3-1929    	his wife    	s/s Harden Pope
PEARSON, Elizabeth              d. 2-4-1885     aged 49y, 3m, 28d    	wife of Wm. R. Pearson
PEARSON, Clara C.               1869-1903
PEARSON, W.R.                   1841-1913                	father
PEARSON, Edna Karns             1851-1925
PEARSON, John H.                1883-1888
PEARSON, Henry C.               1843-1923
PEARSON, Manerva J.             1849-1916
PEARSON, Johnie H.              d. 11-20-1888	aged 5y, 5m, 20d      	son of H.C. & M.J. Pearson
SEALE, Rilla D.                 1875-1899
CARPENTER, Israel               d. 1-28-1892	aged 66y, 7m,19d     	s/s Mary Jane Carpenter
CARPENTER, Mary Jane            d. 6-21-1891    aged 66y, 5m, 21d       s/s Israel Carpenter
CARPENTER, Israel               no dates
CARPENTER, Mary J.              no dates
MONTGOMERY, Ida E.              1866-1951
MONTGOMERY, John W.             1859-1943
REASONER, Wade    		d. 7-25-1891 	aged 1y, 10d   	sons of G.W. & J.B. Reasoner  
		s/s Lloyd Reasoner
REASONER, Lloyd                 d. 9-27-1902    aged 5y, 7m, 22d      	s/s Wade Reasoner
MONTGOMERY, Isabelle            1890-1918
MONTGOMERY, Dennis W.           1836-1917
WIMMER, Isaac                   d. 3-19-1885	aged 32y, 7m, 21d
WIMMER, Bert               	1854-1924
WIMMER, Sarah                   1857-1928
WIMMER, Carol                   1911-1917
WIMMER, George                  d. 2-15-1880 	aged 3y, 8m, 10d     	son of R.S. & S.W. Wimmer
ARNETT, Charles A.              b. 6-21-1880    d. 5-5-1917
THORNBURG, Beda M.              b. 3-7-1883     d. 9-15-1916  	wife of C.E. Thornburg
ARNETT, Alvin S.                b. 10-16-1886   d. 3-26-1908
ARNETT, Ruth Ann                1852-1928
ARNETT, Stephen S.              b. 8-15-1852	d. 12-24-1896
CROY, Altha B.                  1890-1937
CROY, Rev. Claude C.            1890-1951
McCOY, Achsah T.                1850-1928
McCOY, S.T.                     illegible                      	child of C.H. & A.T. McCoy
KIMES, William A. 		b. 10-12-1856 	d. 3-15-1929
KIMES, Mary L.                  b. 9-27-1859    d. 4-8-1949
KIMES, Margaret J.              b. 9-24-1827    d. 9-4-1901    	wife of E.M. Kimes
KIMES, E.M.                     d. 10-16-1891   aged 62y, 1m, 24d
BEALS, Amanda M.                d. 3-1-1888     aged 80y, 11m, 13d   	wife of Newton Beals               
		s/s Addie & Maud Beals
BEALS, Addie E.                 d. 7-30-1888    aged 5m, 20d  	daughter of N. & A.M. Beals    
		s/s Amanda & Maud Beals
BEALS, Maud                     d. 3-20-1888    aged 14y, 3m, 19d 	
		daughter of N. & A.M. Beals    s/s Amanda & Addie Beals
BEALS, Franklin                 1878-1910
BEALS, Newton                   1844-1929                	Co. K 1st Ind. Cav.
BEALS, Sarah E.                 1858-1935
ADDISON, S.E.                   1857-1900
McKILLIP, Josephine Addison     1868-1950
McKILLIP, W.W.     		1862-1939
OSBORN, Stella                  1886-1973
BAKER, Mary A.                  1858-1905
BROYLES, Handley                d. 3-4-1896  	aged 78y, 5m, 14d    	s/s Elizabeth Broyles
BROYLES, Elizabeth              d. 3-23-1897    aged 84y, 7m, 18d       wife of Handley Broyles           
		s/s Handley Broyles
FRAZIER, Idella M.              1896-1912
CLEM, Louisa                    1878-1910
FRAZIER, Clarkson L.            1874-1898
MOTHER                          no dates
FATHER                          no dates
HASTING, Robert W.  		b. 11-28-1840	d. 1-4-1909    	Co H 8 IVI
HASTING, Anna Smith             b. 4-4-1842     d. 11-2-1919
HASTING, Alta S.                b. 12-13-1873   d. 3-24-1899  	son of R.W. & A. Hasting
DANIELS, Maud                   1870-1919
DAVIS, Ozz D.                   b. 9-22-1890	d. 3-19-1897  	son of J.R. & M.D. Davis
TERRELL, Ada Elizabeth          1923-1932       aged 14y, 9m, 8d
TERRELL, Charles H.             1879-1957
TERRELL, Cleo Y.                1897-1978
KEEVER, Sarah E.   		1858-1920
SCOTT, Anna Elexes              b. 1-17-1889 	d. 10-16-1909
SCOTT, Etta                     b. 12-9-1867    d. 8-7-1901
SCOTT, Stephen                  1849-1930
SCOTT, Anna D.                  1855-1950
MONAHAN, Russell    		1902-1903
MONAHAN, Susan C.               1836-1925
MONAHAN, James                  1837-1907
MONAHAN, Edward                 d. 1-23-1899	aged 25y     	son of J.& S. Monahan
TUCKER, Gladys L.               1907-1967                	mother 	Eastern Star symbol
HILTON, Mary E.                 1842-1935
HILTON, John S.             	1847-1921
COWGILL, Josephine  		1878-1960
COWGILL, Caroline A.            1845-1899
COWGILL, Samuel C.              1840-1918
COWGILL, Alice Nixon            1854-1934
COWGILL, Marthana M.            1885-1967
HUNT, Wilson, b. 6-11-1895      d. 6-14-1895
HUNT, Lesel                     b. 6-11-1895 	d. 10-8-1895  
HUNT, Wendell       		b. 10-5-1901    d. 9-13-1910
HUNT, Harriet                   1860-1938                		s/s John A. Hunt
HUNT, John A.                   1868-1943                		s/s Harriet Hunt
BRUSHWILER, Ruby A.             b. 4-20-1880 	d. 4-26-1942  	wife of Robert B. Brushwiler
BRUSHWILER, Lizzie              b. 5-5-1883     d. 3-1-1904    	daughter of J.B. & Mary Hollingsworth
HOLLINGSWORTH, John Burgess  	1836-1919                	Co H 3 IVI
HOLLINGSWORTH, Mary             b. 2-11-1844 	d. 8-2-1927
HALL, Hannah J.                 1821-1873
HALL, William                   1814-1900
CHAPEL, Walter C. “Bud”         b. 4-12-1924  	d.        	m. 6-9-1946  	s/s Louise Chapel
CHAPEL, Louise I.               b. 6-5-1928     d. 4-17-2000  	s/s Walter C. “Bud” Chapel
WINANS, Edith                   1906-1981                		s/s C. Burl Winans
WINANS, C. Burl                 1905-2001                		s/s Edith Winans

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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