Park Cemetery

Section 5B

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.

DAVENPORT, Wayne L.     	b. 6-14-1919	d.  		m. 9-15-1941 
		s/s Virginia Mae Davenport
DAVENPORT, Virginia Mae         b. 1-11-1923    d. 5-6-1982    		s/s Wayne L. Davenport
BEST, Walter                    1902-1981                		s/s Ruby Best
BEST, Ruby                      1900-1981                		s/s Walter Best
TREON, Charles D.               1907-2002                		s/s Martha L. Treon
TREON, Martha L.                1907-2002                		s/s Charles D. Treon
McDERMID, Helen R.              1915-1992                		s/s Norman E. McDermid
McDERMID, Norman E.             1901-1987                		s/s Helen R. McDermid
McDERMID, Norman E.             1901-1987                	PVT US Army WWII
BEVINGTON, Martha Delight       1914-1917               daughter of E.E. & G.M. Guinnup
WHITMIRE, Charley C.            b. 9-30-1923 	d.                    	s/s Mary L. Whitmire
WHITMIRE, Mary L.               b. 6-5-1933     d. 11-26-1993          	s/s Charley C. Whitmire
BEVINGTON, Catherine Winslow   	1892-1914         	s/s Infant Daughter Bevington
BEVINGTON, Infant Daughter      d. 11-28-1914           s/s Catherine Winslow Bevington
PHILLIPS, James S.   		1858-1922
PHILLIPS, Olive C.              1860-1956
SMITH, Kent Aaron               no dates 	Infant son of Donna Carey Smith & Lloyd D. Smith
CAREY, Mary G.      		1890-1985                		s/s Claude A.M. Carey
CAREY, Claude A.M.              1886-1952                		s/s Mary G. Carey
HARVEY, Mahlon                  d. 8-18-1905	aged 79y, 8m, 28d
HARVEY, Zelphia                 d. 9-24-1889    aged 63y, 7m, 4d      	wife of Mahlon Harvey
VUNCANNON, Ira J.               1847-1926                		s/s Amanda J. Vuncannon
VUNCANNON, Amanda J.            1853-1929                		s/s Ira J. Vuncannon
VUNCANNON, Betty A.             b. 1-18-1849    d. 1-8-1879
GUYER, Charles H.               b. Feb. 1898    d. Sept. 1898
GUYER, Essie M.                 1877-1951                		s/s Joseph A. Guyer
GUYER, Joseph A.                1873-1954
POWELL, Elizabeth A.		d. 12-4-1897	aged 78y, 11m, 3d    	wife of William Powell
POWELL, Mary F.                 d. 8-3-1883     aged 9y, 2m 	daughter of W. & E. Powell
POWELL, Amanda C.               d. illegible                  	daughter of W. & E. Powell
LEMON, Mary J.                  1872-1894                	mother
LEMON, Martha V.                d. 8-3-1888 	aged 31y, 10m, 18d     	wife of I.O. Lemon
NIXON, Levinia                  1862-1921                		s/s Mordecai Nixon
NIXON, Mordecai                 1860-1934                		s/s Levinia Nixon
NIXON, Mary                     d. 11-4-1881    aged 35y, 9m, 11d     	wife of T.J. Nixon
NIXON, James                    b. 6-22-1819    d. 5-22-1893
WOOLLEN, Jacob                  b. 11-20-1845   d. 6-1-1922
WOOLLEN, William R.             b. 9-15-1818    d. 8-31-1911  		s/s Julia A. Woollen
WOOLLEN, Julia A.               b. 12-6-1816    d. 8-13-1886  his wife 	s/s William R. Woollen
WOOLLEN, William I.             b. 8-6-1851     d. 6-22-1873
REECE, Mary M.                  b. 8-16-1857    d. 5-18-1913
PRESNALL, Anna                  1825-1885
PRESNALL, James                 1816-1890
RUSH, Walter W.                 1870-1936                		s/s Elizabeth J. Rush
RUSH, Elizabeth J.              1874-1969                		s/s Walter W. Rush
RUSH, Olive                     1873-1966
THORNALLY, Sylvia Louise Rush  	1911-1983                s/s Calvin C. & Annette J. Rush
RUSH, Calvin C.   		1876-1935                s/s Annette J. Rush & Sylvia Thornally
RUSH, Annette J.                1880-1983                s/s Calvin Rush & Sylvia Thornally
KEPLER, Mary Hays               b. 8-18-1904 	d. 1-20-1970
KEPLER, Henry Lewis             b. 8-16-1894    d. 7-1-1949    	Indiana 52 USNRF WWI
KEPLER, Henry D.                1823-1916                		s/s Melissa Kepler
KEPLER, Melissa                 1840-1920                		s/s Henry D. Kepler
WHEELER, Mary T.                d. 12-2-1887	aged 48y, 3m, 28d     	wife of Jasper N. Wheeler
THOMAS, Harland A.              1893-1925
THOMAS, Minnie                  1868-1954
CRABB, Henry      		1889-1892                
		s/s Mother, Father Crabb & Martha, Roy Sherron
CRABB, Mother                   1849-1933                
		s/s Henry, Father Crabb & Martha, Roy Sherron
CRABB, Father                   1849-1931                  
		s/s Mother, Henry Crabb & Martha, Roy Sherron
SHERRON, Martha A.              1874-1951                
		s/s Roy Sherron & Henry, Mother, Father Crabb
SHERRON, Roy                    1872-1942                
		s/s Martha A. Sherron & Henry, Mother, Father Crabb
CRABB, Bernice Iown             1916-1916
CRABB, James Asbury             1914-1914
CRABB, James Asbury             1878-1964
CRABB, Cora Estella             1879-1939
THOMAS, Alonzo                  1861-1919
LITTLE, Huffin M.               d. 7-20-1891 	aged 3y
FATHER                          no dates
BUTLER, Martha                  d. 5-13-1880 	aged 65y, 7m, 14d     	wife of C.W. Butler
KNIGHT, S. Garr                 1888-1976                		freemason symbol
KNIGHT, Gladys E.               1884-1960
WILLIAMS, Phyllis L.            1918-1998
KNIGHT, Shelby W.               1858-1911
KNIGHT, William Merle           1890-1897                	son of S.W. & Mary Knight
CARTER, Rev. L.H.               1853-1923                		s/s Annie J. Carter
CARTER, Annie J.                1851-1916             	his wife      	s/s Rev. L.H. Carter
BEVINGTON, Reason A.            1896-1986             	CPL US Army WWI
BEVINGTON, Reason A.            1896-1986                		s/s Edythe A. Bevington
BEVINGTON, Edythe A.            1896-1984                		s/s Reason A. Bevington
BEVINGTON, Edith                1872-1952              	mother
JONES, Josiah B.                1833-1906                
JONES, Sarah J.                 1836-1908                       
JONES, Henry A.                 1865-1915
JONES, John William             1858-1922
JONES, Mary Etta                1860-1894
JONES, Metta J.                 1890
RATLIFF, Josephine              1857-1922                		s/s Joel Ratliff
RATLIFF, Joel                   1838-1922                		s/s Josephine Ratliff
McMASTERS, William              1871-1952                		s/s Etta McMasters
McMASTERS, Etta                 1864-1944                		s/s William McMasters
HARROLD, John                   1826-1913      	s/s Minerva J., Mary A., & William Harrold
HARROLD, Minerva J.             1828-1909       s/s John, William, & Mary A. Harrold
HARROLD, William                1853-           s/s Mary A., John, & Minerva J. Harrold
HARROLD, Mary A.                1858-1897       s/s William, John, & Minerva J. Harrold
HARROLD, John                   no dates               	father
HARROLD, Minerva J.             no dates                mother
RATLIFF, Mattie                 1867-1896                		s/s Phineas M. Ratliff
RATLIFF, Phineas M.             1866-1947                		s/s Mattie Ratliff
RATLIFF, Phineas Macy           1866-1947		a native of Indiana; 
		marker placed by four generations of grandchildren 1995
JOHNSON, William                1884-1982                	s/s Mary Roy Thomson Johnson
JOHNSON, Mary Roy Thomson      	1897-1961                	s/s William Johnson
JOHNSON, Barclay                1843-1922                	s/s S. Anne Lindley Johnson
JOHNSON, S. Anne Lindley        1854-1922                	s/s Barclay Johnson
JOHNSON, Ernest V.              1872-1898                	son of Barclay & Anna Johnson
JOHNSON, Elizabeth              1898-1904                	daughter of Elwood & Lucy Johnson
JOHNSON, Myra                   1889-1894                	s/s Earl Johnson
JOHNSON, Earl                   1892-1892                	s/s Myra Johnson
JOHNSON, John Barclay           b. 8-3-1923	d. 5-23-1998  	s/s Jean R. Johnson
JOHNSON, Jean R.                b. 12-11-1924   d.             	s/s John Barclay Johnson
SCOTT, Emery J.                 b. 3-2-1871     d. 7-5-1956
SCOTT, Minta M.                 b. 3-25-1869    d. 5-18-1951
RUSH, Nixon                     b. 3-30-1836    d. 1-30-1915  	s/s Louisa & Olive Rush
RUSH, Louisa                    b. 3-6-1843     d. 5-24-1911  	s/s Nixon & Olive Rush
RUSH, Olive                     no dates                     	s/s Nixon & Louisa Rush
NELSON, Mertie F.               1881-1889                daughter
NELSON, Meriman H.              1851-1929                father
WRIGHT, Frank Leslie            1883-1889
WRIGHT, Frank L.                d. 12-8-1889	aged 5y, 1m, 4d   	son of P.H. & M.P. Wright      
		s/s P.H. Wright
WRIGHT, P.H. M.D.               b. 11-22-1840 	d. 9-27-1886  		s/s Frank L. Wright
WRIGHT, Peter Harmon            1840-1886                
		s/s Ella Leona, Martha Pearson Wright & Wendell J. Nelson
WRIGHT, Martha Pearson          1849-1927                
		s/s Peter Harmon, Ella Leona Wright & Wendell J. Nelson
WRIGHT, Ella Leona              1874-19--                  
		s/s Peter Harmon, Martha Pearson Wright & Wendell J. Nelson
NELSON, Wendell J.              illegible                      	son of F.S.(?) & Mary Nelson
LEWIS, Elsie                    b. 12-19-1890   d. 4-20-1965
GOODYKOONTZ, Warren A.         	b. 7-25-1888    d. 10-20-1926
GOODYKOONTZ, Asenith            1855-1916                		s/s Eugene Goodykoontz
GOODYKOONTZ, Eugene             1849-1926                		s/s Asenith Goodykoontz
LaRUE, Jeanet                   1883-1966
LaRUE, Paul R.                  1884-1961
SCOTT, Emily 			1846-1890            	wife of Levi Scott
SCOTT, Lemuel                   aged 2 years               		s/s Infant Daughter Scott
SCOTT, Infant Daughter          no dates                     		s/s Lemuel Scott             
HOLLINGSWORTH, Lottie Enola  	d. 6-20-1886	aged 17y, 4m, 5d    
		daughter of W.B. & D.A. Hollingsworth
HOLLINGSWORTH, Little           d. 8-15-????          	son of W.B. Hollingsworth
HOLLINGSWORTH, Delilah Ann   	1842-1898                
HOLLINGSWORTH, Wesley B.      	1834-1900
HADLEY, Dea N.                  1880-1965                		s/s Clifford V. Hadley
HADLEY, Clifford V.             1871-1953                		s/s Dea N. Hadley
SCOTT, Mary E.                  b. 10-3-1883	d. 12-23-1896
SCOTT, Clarence E.              b. 10-7-1880    d. 9-26-1883
SCOTT, Lucy Jane                1856-1933
SCOTT, Lindley                  1854-1926
SCOTT, Annis                    d. 1-28-1892 	aged 72y, 11m, 19d    	wife of Jas. Scott
SCOTT, Rufus D.        		d. 7-4-1887     aged 28y, 19d 		son of J. & A. Scott
HOWELL, Jeremiah                d. 11-13-1889   aged 89y, 8d
BEASLEY, Effie                  1899-1924
BEASLEY, Oren K.                1893-1895
BEASLEY, Emma J.                1867-1961
BEASLEY, William A.             1864-1932
BEASLEY, Susan E.               1839-1910
BEASLEY, Myron R.               1891-1946
BOWMAN, D.W.                    b. 8-27-1826 	d. 11-10-1897
HARROLD, Clarence N.            1884-1951
HARROLD, Anna M.                1885-1964
CLIFFORD, Gilbert T.            1897-1898
CONLIFF, Daughter               d. 7-18-1896 	aged 2m, 4d    	daughter of W.C. & N. Conliff
STRUBLE, Lela V.                1893-1895
HARROLD, Emma                   no dates                     			s/s Joe Harrold
HARROLD, Joe                    no dates                     			s/s Emma Harrold
STOUT, Daniel A.                1894-1918
KUZMINJAV, Daisy                1890-1969                		s/s Louie Kuzminjav
KUZMINJAV, Louie                1880-1968                		s/s Daisy Kuzminjav
HANE, A.T.                      d. 3-1-1898 	aged 4m, 2d    	son of A.T. & L.L. HAne
HANE, Joseph T.                 b. 10-21-1879   d. 7-9-1902    	aged 22y, 8m, 19d
COAHRAN, Jesse M.               1888-1956                	freemason symbol
DALE, Homer                     1881-1940               	father
DALE, Mary Nall                 b. 5-9-1904     d. 6-14-1984
DALE, Russell R.                d. 8-16-1938      	Indiana 2 Lieut. 166 Aero SQ Air Service
DALE, James W.                  b. 11-10-1852	d. 11-23-1925
DALE, Eliza J.                  b. 3-27-1856    d. 6-26-1916
DAVIS, Eva L.                   b. 11-21-1883   d. 4-25-1919
EARLEY, Rob’t                   no dates                     	father
GIBSON, Charles W.              1854-1910
GIBSON, Mary E.                 1856-1934
GLASS, Addie O.    		1879-1919 	aged 39y, 6m,28d
HOCH, Lacy M.                   1885-1918       aged 32y, 6m
JULIAN, Georgia                 1892-1981                		s/s Claude E. Julian
JULIAN, Claude E.               1888-1970
BOWMAN, Patcy M.                d. 3-17-1873	aged 40y, 8m,24d      	wife of D.W. Bowman
SCOTT, James      		b. 2-13-1856	d. 12-8-1902
SCOTT, Mary E.                  d. 7-20-1893    aged 32y, 8m, 25d     	wife of James Scott
SCOTT, Henley                   d. 1-18-1893    aged 5d           	son of J. & M. Scott
MART, Ella                      1868-1949
MART, Oscar                     1860-1916
MART, Lizzie                    b. 1-30-1862	d. 10-16-1897
MART, Verl                      b. 12-3-1890    d. 7-30-1897
HADLEY, Helen                   1916-1917                		s/s Betty & Noel Hadley
HADLEY, Betty                   1911-1914                		s/s Helen & Noel Hadley
HADLEY, Noel                    1908-1910                		s/s Helen & Betty Hadley
NOLDER, Samuel M.               b. 1-27-1849    d. 11-24-1912
NOLDER, Rachel A.               b. 9-18-1852    d. 1-19-1901
LaRUE, Gilbert                  1854-1910
LaRUE, Phebe                    1860-1904
COOMLER, D. Maude               1878-1950
BROOKSHIRE, Luther L.  		b. 2-28-1852 	d. 2-15-1904
MASON, William                  b. 5-11-1891    d. 9-13-1891
BOGUE, Amos H.                  1833-1900                		s/s Elmina Bogue
BOGUE, Elmina                   1845-1933           	his wife      	s/s Amos H. Bogue
BOGUE, Mary E.                  d. 4-8-1882     aged 37y, 9m, 23d     	wife of Amos H. Bogue
HIMELICK, Joseph                d. 11-12-1882   aged 66y, 11m, 6d     
		s/s Mary, John, & Mary C. Himelick
HIMELICK, Mary                  b. 9-12-1822    d. 5-7-1915    
		s/s Joseph, John, & Mary C. Himelick
HIMELICK, John                  b. 12-25-1840   d. 7-12-1906  
		s/s Joseph, Mary, & Mary C. Himelick
HIMELICK, Mary C.               b. 9-28-1844    d. 3-27-1919  
		s/s Joseph, Mary, & John Himelick
HIMELICK, Mary                  b. 9-12-1822    d. 5-7-1915
HIMELICK, Joseph  		b. 1-8-1816     d. 11-12-1882
HIMELICK, Mary C.               1844-1919                		s/s John Himelick
HIMELICK, John                  1840-1906                		s/s Mary C. Himelick
PRESNALL, A.M.       		1847-1900
PRESNALL, Gertrude              1861-1898
PRESNALL, Harvey                1854-1925
PRESNALL, Lydia E.              1865-19—
LITTLE, Pearl      		1882-1949                	father
LITTLE, Emma L.                 d. 12-25-1885	aged 2y, 3m, 24d  	daughter of J. & S.A. Little
LITTLE, Sarepta A.              d. 10-21-1886   aged 34y, 1m, 27d       wife of Joel Little
LITTLE, Joel                    d. 8-10-1898    aged 50y, 12d
ATKINSON, Nettie A.             1867-1913                		wife of Thomas L. Atkinson
SCOTT, Luther S.  		b. 7-11-1863 	d. 5-29-1913
SCOTT, Charles C.               b. 1-26-1879    d. 5-26-1901
SCOTT, Ella                     b. 12-8-1842    d. 2-26-1901  	mother
SCOTT, Eli J.                   b. 6-21-1842    d. 12-4-1913
HARVEY, Alice                   b. 7-16-1873    d. 3-21-1903
MOTE, Rebecca H.                1836-1922                	mother
HARVEY, Sadie B.                1864-1942                		s/s Hiram Harvey
HARVEY, Hiram                   1863-1936                		s/s Sadie B. Harvey 
HARVEY, Alva J.                 d. 7-21-1881    aged 1y, 1m, 25d      	son of H. & S.B. Harvey
EARLEY, Ora M.                  1883-1964
EARLEY, Margaret F.             1862-1934                mother
EARLEY, Robert R.E.             1857-1899                father
NICHOLSON, S.Elva Earley        1887-1952
NICHOLSON, Harry C.             1877-1956
EARLEY, Opal                    1897-19—
EARLEY, Robert E.               1892-1947
TOMPKINS, Earl B.  		1906-1955
THOMPKINS, Margaret E. Earley   1904-1967
DILLON, Kesiah     		1832-1911
DILLON, Allen                   1836-1899
DILLON, Richard                 1858-1942
DILLON, Alice R.                1861-1953
REEDER, Sarah Margaret          1851-1935
HIATT, Asenath H.               1848-1929
HIATT, Cuthbert                 b. 1-17-1820	d. 3-4-1902
KNOPP, John G.          	d. 9-6-1892	aged 1y, 7m, 10d
KNOPP, W.B.                     1862-1924                		s/s Angeline Knopp
KNOPP, Angeline                 1867-1962                		s/s W.B. Knopp
ARNETT, Elwood                  d. 10-21-1879   aged 79y, 3m,11d
ARNETT, Infant                  d. Oct. 1`870             		s/s Thomas E. Arnett
ARNETT, Thomas E.               d. 6-18-1879    aged 11m, 3d  		son of ? & ? Arnett
BUSH, I. Jean                   1917-           m. 7-15-1936 		s/s Harry E. Bush      
		Eastern Star symbol
BUSH, Harry E.                  1911-1995      	freemason symbol      	s/s I. Jean Bush
GANN, H.B.                      b. 1-3-1930     d.                    	m. 12-24-1949        
		s/s Betty L. Gann
GANN, Betty L.                  b. 11-26-1931   d. 12-25-1989         	s/s H.B. Gann
ADAMS, Albert E.                1936-         	m. 8-17-1987 		s/s Retha M. Adams
ADAMS, Retha M.                 1941-1997                		s/s Albert E. Adams
STOOKEY, Robert L.              1910-1987                		s/s Metta P. Stookey
STOOKEY, Metta P.               1911-1977                		s/s Robert L. Stookey
STOOKEY, Sandra Kay             1935-1938                
JUMP, Wendell E.                b. 3-7-1931	d. 2-24-1998  		s/s Fonzine Jump
JUMP, Fonzine                   b. 11-7-1933    d. 11-6-1997
AVERY, Clifford D.              1937-1996               husband     	s/s Shirley D. Avery
AVERY, Shirley D.               1937-              	wife            s/s Clifford D. Avery
COUCH, Harold B.                1906-1996                		s/s Irene S. Couch
COUCH, Irene S.                 1909-                        		s/s Harold B. Couch
ALLEN, Kimberly Ann		b. 10-14-1956   d. 8-8-1972    	daughter        	photo
JOHNSON, Susan F. 		1938-1981                		loving wife and mother
JOHNSON, Edwin L.               1909-1984                		s/s Gertrude E. Johnson
JOHNSON, Gertrude E.            1906-1997                		s/s Edwin L. Johnson
IRWIN, George D.                1898-1993                	F1 US Navy WWI
IRWIN, Marie O.                 1906-2002
BEVINGTON, Lewis F.             1913-1967
BEVINGTON, Oscar M.             1868-1945
BEVINGTON, Robert M.           	b. 7-18-1908	d.  10-9-1908	son of O.N. & Edna Bevington
NORRIS, Frank G.                1905-1986                		s/s Dorothy D. Norris
NORRIS, Dorothy D.              1905-1991                		s/s Frank G. Norris
STARR, Caleb A.                 1845-1920               	 Co. K 130, IVI                               
		s/s Louisa, John Starr & Osha Goranflo & Hude & Daisy Dyson
STARR, Louisa Dixon             1845-1917                
		s/s Caleb, John Starr & Osha Goranflo & Hude & Daisy Dyson
STARR, John P.                  1881-1904                	US Navy         
		s/s Caleb, Louisa Starr & Osha Goranflo & Hude & Daisy Dyson
GORANFLO, Osha Starr            1877-1946                
		s/s Caleb, John, Louisa Starr & Hude & Daisy Dyson
DYSON, Daisy Starr              1879-1947                
		s/s Caleb, John, Louisa Starr & Osha Goranflo & Hude Dyson
DYSON, Hude                     1876-1968                
		s/s Caleb, John, Louisa Starr & Osha Goranflo & Daisy Dyson
DYSON, Doyte Starr              1899-1984	m. 6-13-1925 	freemason symbol   
		s/s Mildred Shugart Dyson
DYSON, Mildred Shugart          1902-1983      	Eastern Star symbol    	s/s Doyte Starr Dyson
DEAN, Anna                      1883-19--                  		s/s Clyde Dean
DEAN, Clyde                     1889-1945                		/s Anna Dean
COONS, Ephraim B.               1899
MACY, Gertrude M.               1885-1964                		s/s Everest J. Macy
MACY, Everest J.                1881-1954                		s/s Gertrude M. Macy
BARTON, Seth E.                 1910-1912                
		s/s Mary, Phillip, Oliver, Edward, Leatha, Frank, & Fred Davis
DAVIS, Mary                     1836-1907                	
		s/s Seth Barton & Phillip, Oliver, Edward, Leatha, Frank, & Fred Davis
DAVIS, Phillip                  1838-1904                
		s/s Seth Barton & Mary, Oliver, Edward, Leatha, Frank, & Fred Davis
DAVIS, Oliver                   1866-1952                
		s/s Seth Barton & Phillip, Mary, Edward, Leatha, Frank, & Fred Davis
DAVIS, Edward                   1872-1908                
		s/s Seth Barton & Phillip, Oliver, Mary, Leatha, Frank, & Fred Davis
DAVIS, Leatha                   1874-1946                
		s/s Seth Barton & Phillip, Oliver, Edward, Mary, Frank, & Fred Davis
DAVIS, Frank                    1868-1948                
		s/s Seth Barton & Phillip, Oliver, Edward, Leatha, Mary, & Fred Davis
DAVIS, Fred       		1876-1933                
		s/s Seth Barton & Phillip, Oliver, Edward, Leatha, Frank, & Mary Davis
JAY, Lambert B.                 1851-1939
SMALL, Elvira J.                b. 9-2-1837 	d. 1-26-1901  	mother
HARVEY, Milton N.               1852-1934
HARVEY, Elizabeth               1858-1937
GRAY, Oskie                     1867-1925
LINDSAY, Robert P.              1887-19--                  		s/s Edith Jones Lindsay
LINDSAY, Edith Jones            1887-1947                		s/s Robert P. Lindsay
TAYLOR, Lydia J.                1844-1900
HARVEY, Herschel H.             d. 1-31-1887 	aged 1y, ?m, 1d      	son of J.W. & S.E. Harvey
HATHAWAY, Frank W.              1865-1949                		s/s Jennie Hathaway
HATHAWAY, Jennie                1866-1948                		s/s Frank W. Hathaway
KIMES, Mable M.   		b. 8-4-1897 	d. 2-17-1899
KIMES, Jennie P.                b. 10-6-1877    d. 5-17-1900
ADDISON, Charles                1869-1920                		s/s Sarah Addison
ADDISON, Sarah                  1859-1911                		s/s Charles Addison
RICHARDSON, Willard L.          1847-1919                		funeral marker only
DAVIS, Wm.                      1836-1905                		s/s Anna Davis
DAVIS, Anna                     1835-1913                		s/s Wm. Davis
DAVIDSON, Moses                 1835-1902
DAVIDSON, Elizabeth E.          1860-1943                		s/s Nathan Davidson
DAVIDSON, Nathan                1862-1945                		s/s Elizabeth E. Davidson
DAVIDSON, Mary H.               1893-1982
DAVIDSON, Frank L.              1890-1957
DAVIDSON, Angel May             1900
DAVIDSON, Charles E.            1887-1901
DAVIDSON, Fred W.               1885-1919
SMITH, Ellen                    1866-1942                		s/s Ananias Smith
SMITH, Ananias                  1860-1926                		s/s Ellen Smith
KENNEDY, Lula E.                1876-1960
PAYNE, India E.                 1879-1964            	mother          s/s Rev. Glenn H. Payne
PAYNE, Rev. Glenn H.            1875-1953               father          s/s India E. Payne
T.W.S.				no dates
C.W.S.                          no dates
SMITH, Charles W.               1862-1904                	s/s Anna A. & Thomas W. Smith
SMITH, Anna A.                  1858-1931                	s/s Charles W. & Thomas W. Smith
SMITH, Thomas W.                1823-1900                	s/s Charles W. & Anna A. Smith
MART, Russell                   b. 1-28-1898	d. 12-15-1979
MART, Florence B.               b. 10-10-1898   d. 7-1-1985
MART, B. Maxine                 1920
DEAN, Minnie G.                 1890-1988                		s/s Claude M. Dean
DEAN, Claude M.                 1891-1959                		s/s Minnie G. Dean
DEAN, Joseph E.                 1846-1905
MOORE, John M.                  d. 9-1-1906	aged 72y         	s/s Sarah J. Moore
MOORE, Sarah J.                 b. 3-29-1839    aged 94y  his wife    	s/s John M. Moore
MOORE, John M.                  no dates
MOORE, Sarah J.                 no dates
MURPHY, Noble Calvert           1897-1980                	freemason symbol
MURPHY, Ruth Helen              1901-1978                	Eastern Star symbol
MURPHY, Betty Evelyn            1922-2000
MARLEY, Ida L.                  b. 10-22-1871	d. 3-10-1946  	mother
SMITHSON, Fred                  b. 1-27-1860    d. 10-12-1935
KIMES, Albert E.                1864-                        		s/s Sarah A. Kimes
KIMES, Sarah A.                 1862-1904                		s/s Albert E. Kimes
KIMES, Neva                     1892-1985                		s/s Leo Kimes
KIMES, Leo                      1893-1952                		s/s Neva Kimes
KIMES, Lydia A.                 1879-1958
KIMES, Albert E.                1864-1945
TODD, Eva			1883-1972                		s/s Bert S. Todd
TODD, Bert S.                   1886-1966                		s/s Eva Todd
TODD, Liza A.                   1875-1950                		s/s William D. Todd
TODD, William D.                1878-1940                		s/s Liza A. Todd
TODD, John                      b. 10-14-1843 	d. 3-18-1914
TODD, Mary E.      		b. 11-7-1844    d. 5-7-1906
MOON, Valura M.                 1907-1907
MOON, Alva L.                   1893-1912
MOON, Sarah E.                  1871-1938
MOON, Sarah E.                  1871-1938
MOON, Milton L.                 1871-1953
DUNHAM, Cecil M.                b. 4-9-1912	d. 5-6-1995    	m. 2-14-1937   
		s/s Wilma E. “Thomas” Dunham
DUNHAM, Wilma E. “Thomas”     	b. 10-21-1917   d. 9-16-1996  		s/s Cecil M. Dunham
THOMAS, Jessie Marie            1892-1919                		wife of Jesse Thomas
SULLIVAN, Allie                 b. 8-12-1874    d. 12-11-915
WILLIAMS, Elmina Sullivan       1879-1967
MOON, Caleb                     no dates                     	Co. K 130, IVI
MOON, Caleb                     1845-1931
MOON, Mary C.                   1861-1939
MORGAN, Maggie                  b. 10-8-1876	d. 2-12-1904  		wife of A.J. Morgan
WILLIAMS, Lawrence O.           1877-1972
WRIGHT, Bell S.    		b. 11-15-1853	d. 10-12-1902         	wife of A.K. Wright
ADDISON, Henry L.               b. 2-20-1821    d. 4-7-1895    	father 	s/s Eliza A. Addison
ADDISON, Eliza A.               b. 10-12-1825   d. 8-18-1900  	mother 	s/s Henry L. Addison
KIRKMAN, Robert F.          	b. 3-21-1850	d. 7-20-1907
KIRKMAN, Josephine              b. 11-4-1848    d. 6-7-1919
HARROLD, John L.                b. 3-3-1902     d. 11-2-1902  	son of E.G. & E.F. Harrold
HARROLD, Emma F.                b. 1-29-1872    d. 9-14-1952
HARROLD, Ephraim G.             b. 3-16-1860    d. 3-16-1914
WOOD, Lester                    1892-1926
FORD, Lacie E.                  1901-1981                		s/s Floyd O. Ford
FORD, Floyd O.                  1901-1970                		s/s Lacie E. Ford
TOMLINSON, Sinia M.             b. 10-20-1842	d. 8-19-1924  his wife  s/s John C. Tomlinson
TOMLINSON, John C.              b. 2-4-1834     d. 9-23-1902  		s/s Sinia M. Tomlinson
DUDGEON, Mable F.  		1898-1994         	mother          s/s Delmar Dudgeon
DUDGEON, Delmar                 1901-1932               father          s/s Mable F. Dudgeon
WEAVER, John L.                 1878-1952
BREWER, William                 b. 12-27-1873 	d. 10-6-1905  		s/s Emily Brewer
BREWER, Emily                   b. 7-16-1874    d. 11-22-1952           s/s William Brewer
YARBER, Mary Amanda             1859-1943
PAYNE, James G.                 b. 8-14-1831	d. 11-28-1877          	s/s Louisa J. Payne
PAYNE, Louisa J.                b. 4-22-1836    d. 10-15-1915           s/s James G. Payne
PAYNE, Margaret V.              1906-1953                daughter
PAYNE, Daisy L.                 1876-1965                mother
PAYNE, James G.                 d. 11-28-1877	aged 46y, 3m, 14d 	freemason symbol
PAYNE, Joseph C.                1871-1934                father
SCOTT, Fred D.                  1878-1907
SCOTT, Susanna                  1849-1913                mother
SCOTT, Anna H.                  1870-1955                		s/s Orla J. Scott
SCOTT, Orla J.                  1869-1944                		s/s Anna H. Scott
HIMELICK, Mary E.               1892-1969                		s/s Robert E. Himelick
HIMELICK, Robert E.             1891-1954                		s/s Mary E. Himelick
THOMAS, Alice C.   		1864-1936                mother
THOMAS, Eli                     b. 8-1-1868	d. 2-24-1907
GADDIS, Jane J.                 b. 5-24-1934    d. 10-14-1934   	Infant
ROBBINS, Leroy                  1907-1907
ROBBINS, Adella                 1872-1953                		s/s John M. Robbins
ROBBINS, John M.                1870-1950                		s/s Adella Robbins
SHORT, James E.                 1914-1958                		s/s Helen E. Short
SHORT, Helen E.                 1917-1961                		s/s James E. Short
SHORT, Jason Andrew             d. 7-16-1980             	son of John & Jewell Short
LAMB, Julia A.                  1966-2000                	funeral marker only
JONES, Barney O.                b. 3-3-1926	d. 3-14-1994  	freemason symbol    
		s/s Lola J. Jones
JONES, Lola J.                  b. 9-8-1926     d.                    	s/s Barney O. Jones
VOIGHT, John Keith Sr.          b. 8-4-1924     d. 1-8-2000    	m. 8-10-1947          
		S1 US Navy WWII   s/s Nila June Voight
VOIGHT, Nila June          	b. 4-25-1931    d.              s/s John Keith Voight, Sr.
CRAWL, Wendell G. “Grant”       1941-                        	s/s Susan J. “Sue” Crawl
CRAWL, Susan J. “Sue”           1944-                        	s/s Wendell G. “Grant” Crawl
VOORHIS, Marisa L.              b. 5-4-1953  	d. 2-18-1995
VOORHIS, Charles “Bus”          1923-                        	s/s Martha L. Voorhis
VOORHIS, Martha L.              1913-                        	s/s Charles “Bus”

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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