Park Cemetery

Section 5C

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.

MARTZ, Howard E.  		1926-              	m. 9-23-1950 	s/s Phyllis A. Martz
MARTZ, Phyllis A.               1931-                        		s/s Howard E. Martz
VANNESS, Ralph                  b. 7-3-1918	d.                    	s/s Elly Muhlke VanNess
VANNESS, Elly Muhlke            b. 9-25-1935    d.                    	s/s Ralph VanNess
SELBY, John William		1940
SELBY, Victor A., Jr.           1909-1991
SELBY, Victor A.                1874-1951
SELBY, Mabel Storm              1883-1973
SELBY, Virginia Wallace         1911-1995
STORM, J. Haven                 1878-1907
SMITH, Cary Mitchell            1966-1985
MITCHENER, John A.              b. 2-5-1934  	d. 11-28-2000 	PVT US Army
HOWELL, Jack N.                 b. 1-2-1928     d.      m. 6-3-1950	s/s Martha L. Howell
HOWELL, Martha L.               b. 7-27-1932    d.                    	s/s Jack N. Howell
MITCHENER, James L.             1935-                        		s/s Rosemary S. Mitchener
MITCHENER, Rosemary S.          1935-1999                		s/s James L. Mitchener
MITCHENER, Cameron James        b. 12-15-1992   d. 12-19-1992		our beloved son
CRAW, Florence H.               1928-                        		s/s Fred S. Craw
CRAW, Fred S.                   1919-                        		s/s Florence H. Craw
FANKBONER, Lewis      		b. 1-27-1827 	d. 4-10-1910
JONES, Sarah                    1864-1940                		s/s David Jones
JONES, David                    1855-1943                		s/s Sarah Jones
JONES, Lucy L.                  1883-1952                
JONES, William M.               1882-1963
HOLLINGSWORTH, Sallie           1851-1930
WINTERBERG, Artie               1890-1969                		s/s Homer Winterberg
WINTERBERG, Homer               1882-1964                		s/s Artie Winterberg
AINSWORTH, Cleo                 1892-1966
FROST, Olive R.                 b. 10-14-1868	d. 2-17-1910  	mother 	s/s Lucille Frost
FROST, Lucille      		d. 2-16-1910             	infant  s/s Olive R. Frost
FROST, Celia                    1903-1981
FROST, John S.                  1839-1914                		s/s Amanda Frost
FROST, Amanda                   1843-1931                		s/s John S. Frost
FROST, Father                   b. 11-26-1839	d. 10-12-1914
FROST, Mother                   b. 7-16-1843    d. 7-24-1931
FROST, George S.                1867-1956                	father
HOLLINGSWORTH, Maria            b. 3-28-1844    d. 8-4-1908    	wife of Joshua Hollingsworth
UNDERWOOD, Francis Earl         1885-1952               dad 	s/s Agnes L. Underwood
UNDERWOOD, Agnes L.             1899-1985               mom     s/s Francis Earl Underwood
UNDERWOOD, Clista               b. 11-10-1886	d. 9-17-1912  
		(No last name, but next to Underwood)
UNDERWOOD, Infant Son           no dates                     	son of Mr. & Mrs. Otto Underwood
UNDERWOOD, Mary E.              1865-1924
UNDERWOOD, William H.           1859-1944
BROWN, Mildred P. Compton	1914-
COMPTON, Fern M.                1889-1976                	mother
COMPTON, Otho S.                1884-1976
PAYNE, Artie M.                 1870-1942
PAYNE, William Zimri            1864-1925
TOMLINSON, Myron E.   		1911-1983                		s/s Ella Mae Tomlinson
TOMLINSON, Ella Mae             1913-                        		s/s Myron E. Tomlinson
TOMLINSON, Margaret K.          b. 5-30-1909	d. 1-2-1910  daughter of Denton & Alta Tomlinson
TOMLINSON, Alta May             1875-1933
TOMLINSON, Denton               1875-1955
TOMLINSON, Janet Ellen          1944
TOMLINSON, Jane Emily           1944
TOMLINSON, Sarah                b. 3-4-1846 	d. 12-14-1931
TOMLINSON, Hugh                 b. 6-13-1845    d. 5-19-1910
SMITH, Pearl M.    		1896-1966
SMITH, Sherry K.                1900-1952
SMITH, Ray C.                   1893-1942
SMITH, Kathern                  1912
SMITH, Ruth Ann                 1861-1931                		s/s John L. Smith
SMITH, John L.                  1860-1940                		s/s Ruth Ann Smith
ELLIOTT, Walter                 1879-1940     	freemason symbol        s/s Ida Ann Elliott
ELLIOTT, Ida Ann                1877-1939       Easter Star symbol      s/s Walter Elliott
CAREY, Beulah                   b. 6-4-1912 	d. 7-4-1913
MACKINAW, Mary A.               1872-1917
JETT, Garnett F.                1875-1950                		s/s m. Katherine Jett
JETT, M. Katherine              1880-1956                		s/s Garnett F. Jett
PAYNE, Faye                     1900-1924
PAYNE, Mark                     1876-1933
PAYNE, Mary T.                  1879-1928
PAYNE, Ruby M.                  1910-1937
PAYNE, Beulah                   b. 6-21-1911 	d. 6-24-1911  	daughter of B.J. & M.T. Payne
CRAW, Maude V.                  1891-1970                		s/s John W. Craw
CRAW, John W.                   1892-1975                		s/s Maude V. Craw
MITCHENER, David R.             b. 12-2-1966 	d. 12-4-1966
GEORGE, Nancy C.   		1856-1911
MITCHENER, Donald C. “Peck”    	b. 2-9-1923 	d. 11-10-1993     	s/s Charline V. Mitchener
MITCHENER, Charline V.          b. 7-13-1924    d.          	m. 10-20-1946   
		s/s Donald C. “Peck” Mitchener
RICH, Rosa J.                   b. 3-3-1871     d. 4-1-1910    	his wife	s/s Alson W. Rich
RICH, Alson W.                  b. 9-3-1867     d. 11-15-1951                	s/s Rosa J. Rich
MOTHER                          no dates                     	matches Rich stone
FATHER                          no dates                     	matches Rich stone
GADDIS, Lulu E.                 1876-1948      	m. 6-6-1918   		s/s Verlin M. Gaddis  
		“Family of Randolps S. Boggess”
GADDIS, VERLIN m.               1882-1968                		s/s Lulu E. Gaddis
BOGGESS, Idella L.		1842-1927
BOGGESS, Randolph S.            1842-1911                	Co. C Reg 153
BOGGESS, Jessie R.              1867-1948
MASON, Jane M.                  1837-1908
MASON, Norman B.                1902-1996                		s/s Lucile L. Mason
MASON, Lucile L.                1906-1982                		s/s Norman B. Mason
MASON, Florence                 1867-1948                		s/s Frank Mason
MASON, Frank                    1860-1943    	freemason symbol        s/s Florence Mason
FLANAGAN, Martin     		1816-1900
FLANAGAN, Ceclia                1833-1913
FLANAGAN, John H.               1856-1923
FLANAGAN, Jennie L.             1863-1910                	wife of J. H. Flanagan
FLANAGAN, Ovid                  1903-1967                
HIPES, Wilber     		b. 3-14-1876	d. 5-18-1911  	K.of C. symbol
HIPES, Ellen                    1848-1932
HIPES, Samuel                   b. 5-11-1846	d. 11-7-1912
HIPES, Dorothy                  1850-1918
HIPES, Lyndol                   1919-1937
HIPES, Sherman                  1886-1924
UNDERWOOD, Daisy                1883-1941
BULLER, Wm. Franklin         	b. 2-14-1873 	d. 2-8-1921
BULLER, Christina               1884-1950
ACKERMAN, Anna Marie            b. 8-4-1845 	d. 1-13-1921
ACKERMAN, Valentine             b. 2-14-1849    d. 12-4-1911
ARNETT, Adriene G.              1892-1981
ARNETT, Orley C.                1893-1955
HUDDY, Marjorie M.              1924-1995                	daughter
RUSH, Mary                      b. 7-12-1835	d. 8-26-1925  	mother
RUSH, Thomas E.       		b. 2-13-1832    d. 12-21-1912 	father
BUCHANAN, Olive                 1881-19--                  		s/s Willis Buchanan
BUCHANAN, Willis                1874-19--                  		s/s Olive Buchanan
PEIRCE, Gertrude E.             1874-1917
PEIRCE, William R.              1872-1930
PEIRCE, Indus                   no dates
PEIRCE, Elmina M.               no dates
LEACH, Glen R.                  b. 5-17-1910	d. 2-9-1912    	son of G.E. & M.M. Leach
LEACH, Minnie M.                1873-1948                		s/s Charles E. Leach
LEACH, Charles E.               1874=1951                		s/s Minnie M. Leach
LEACH, W. James                 1900-1978                		s/s Ruth V. Leach
LEACH, Ruth V.                  1907-1976                		s/s W. James Leach
LEACH, John P.                  1901-1918
ENGLE, Lacie Leach Zuber        b. 12-10-1898	d. 7-3-1996
ELLIOTT, Pearlie                1874-1959                		s/s Wilson Elliott
ELLIOTT, Wilson                 1869-1965                		s/s Pearlie Elliott
ELLIOTT, Alice C.               1845-1921                		s/s William S. Elliott
ELLIOTT, William S.             1844-1931                		s/s Alice C. Elliott
DAILEY, Mary Alice              1919-          	m. 4-10-1941 		s/s O. Edward Dailey
DAILEY, O. Edward               1918-1992                		s/s Mary Alice Dailey
SHOCKLEY, Edna E.               1894-1988                		s/s Charles R. Shockley
SHOCKLEY,  Charles R.           1898-1973                		s/s Edna E. Shockley
ELLIOTT, Jane                   1874-1950                		s/s Charles Elliott
ELLIOTT, Charles                1875-1938                		s/s Jane Elliott
BRYAN, Earl                     1879-1922
BRYAN, Alvin D.                 1851-1922                		s/s Nancy M. Bryan
BRYAN, Nancy M.                 1853-1915                		s/s Alvin D. Bryan
HIMELICK, Robert Jesse          1906-1915
HIMELICK, Meda O.               b. 6-12-1876 	d. 4-24-1951
HIMELICK, Robert W.             b. 12-16-1869   d. 6-16-1941
McDONNELL, Bernard  		1812-1903
McDONNELL, Elizabeth F.         1826-1868
FOGLEMAN, Emeline H.            1848-1876
LITTLE, Santford A.		1876-1956                	father
LITTLE, Santford, Mary G.       1881-1948                	mother
LITTLE, Lawrence W.             1901-1904                	son
PRESNALL, Martha J. Beals	b. 4-20-1866	d. 1-26-1932  	D.A.R.
PRESNALL, Francis M.            b. 11-6-1863    d. 10-1-1925
GRAY, Glome            		b. 6-5-1894 	d. 11-14-1987
RUTHERFORD, Mary I.             b. 4-14-1861    d. 7-14-1927
RUTHERFORD, Austin              b. 1-11-1856    d. 12-10-1903
RUTHERFORD, Walter S.           b. 10-23-1890   d. 5-17-1952
SELBY, W.A.       		d. 5-30-1905	aged 23years
SELBY, Harriett                 1853-1950
SELBY, John                     b. 6-10-1846 	d. 12-3-1918
LEWIS, Emaline    		b. 1-12-1835	d. 5-20-1917  	wife of Wm. G. Lewis
LEWIS, Wm. G.                   1826-1906                	freemason symbol
WINTER, Hermena                 b. 2-26-1865	d. 12-14-1901
EATON, Loraine S.               1930-1953                	daughter
EATON, Roy L.                   1894-1958     	Veteran of World War I 	s/s Edith E. Eaton
EATON, Edith E.                 1898-1960                		s/s Roy L. Eaton
KNOPP, James M.                 1860-1901                		s/s Mary E. Knopp
KNOPP, Mary E.                  1868-1930                		s/s James M. Knopp
FATHER                          no dates                     	matches Knopp stone
MOTHER                          no dates                     	matches Knopp stone
PAYNE, James J.   		b. 1-13-1847 	d. 11-26-1903    	Co. C 140 Ind. Vol. Inf.
PAYNE, Geo. G.                  1882-1962                	freemason symbol
PAYNE, Bessie                   1875-1965
PAYNE, Mildred                  1914-1968                	Eastern Star symbol
COOPER, Hiram      		1844-1906
COOPER, Mary                    1844-1915
COOPER, Orla F,                 1881-1938                	freemason symbol
PHILLIPS, Harriette O.          1901-1987
PHILLIPS, Josephine F.		b. 10-6-1875	d. 9-13-1941
HAUGH, Charles M.               1869-1932
HAUGH, Harriett                 1871-1903
MOUNT, Josh                     1882-1958                	father	s/s Florence L. Mount
MOUNT, Florence L.              1891-1974                	mother  s/s Josh Mount
HOLMES, R. Therone 		b. 2-14-1889 	d. 2-17-1903  	son of W.D. & D.L. Holmes
HOLMES, W.D.                    1857-1920
HOLMES-MOORE, Lola              1869-1955
HOLMES, Wallace Burr            1893-1936
THOMAS, Isaiah                  1844-1919
THOMAS, Elizabeth B.            1867-1938
THOMAS, Emily C.                1850-1924
CAREY, Callie Leota             1891-1919
O’BRYANT, Henry Winfield 	1860-1955
O’BRYANT, Stephen               1820-1906
O’BRYANT, Eliza A.              1820-1885
O’BRYANT, Martin L.             1855-1896
O’BRYANT, Irene J.              1858-1943
O’BRYANT, Nathan                1853-1933
PEARSON, Eva B.                 b. 10-4-1881	d. 1-5-1927
FELTON, Mary E.    		1860-1890
FELTON, George                  1855-1939
FELTON, Ada M.                  1861-1926
FELTON, Virgil Ryan             1884-1906
FELTON, Arlin                   1901-1902
FELTON, Earl                    1904-1905
FELTON, Ruth L.                 1894-1994                		s/s Oren E. Felton
FELTON, Oren E.                 1895-1985
CLARK, Ruth Eileen              1920-1924
SCOTT, Evaline    		1856-1904
SCOTT, Addison                  1854-1916
BENNETT, Emma                   b. 9-29-1879	d. 7-18-1901
BENNETT, Minerva J.             b. 7-5-1857     d. 3-18-1927
BENNETT, Charles W.             b. 1-10-1854    d. 1-18-1912
SIMMONS, Viola                  1884-1958                		s/s Albert Simmons
SIMMONS, Albert                 1888-1949                		s/s Viola Simmons
BRIGHT, Iona                    1896-1973
BRIGHT, Homer A.                1905-1994
BRIGHT, Oliver Morton           1864-1932                
BRIGHT, Cora A.                 1873-1953
ARNETT, Gertie     		b. 12-24-1881 	d. 6-15-1903  	wife of Jesse
ARNETT, Jess                    1870-1953
COTNER, Mazie M.                b. 8-7-1893 	d. 11-8-1977  	mother
BALDWIN, Christan               d. 9-28-1848    aged 51y, 10m, 17d 	
		born in Marlburg, Virginia   ?ri?l S. Carolina
BALDWIN, Daniel                 d. 9-10-1845    aged 55y, 9m, 9d        
		born in Guilford County, N. Carolina
SUMAN, George A.                1897-1903
SUMAN, Rachel Lewis             1869-1961
SUMAN, Harry P.                 1865-1944                	freemason symbol
DeZELAR, Iva                    1891-1977                		s/s Louis DeZelar
DeZELAR, Louis                  1891-1960                		s/s Iva DeZelar
PICKARD, Audie                  1874-1940
LEACH, Wilson T.                1880-1944
LEACH, Louisa                   1855-1948                		s/s Joseph J. Leach
LEACH, Joseph J.                1847-1923                		s/s Louisa Leach
MART, Earl                      1893-1907                	son     s/s Leona & B.F. Mart
MART, Leona                     1872-1904                	mother  s/s Earl & B.F. Mart
MART, B.F.                      1864-1924               father  buried at Minneapolis, Minn.    
		s/s Earl & Leona Mart
RANK, Isadore T.                1889-1972
TEMPLETON, M. Jane              1853-1941                	mother
TEMPLETON, Chas. F.             1848-1933                	father
ADAMS, John T.        		b. 11-2-1845	d. 4-16-1907  	father
ADAMS, Edwin Lawson             b. 10-28-1887   d. 1-6-1904    	son of J.T. & Fannie J. Adams
TRASTER, Helen Iona             1892-1913        	s/s Elsie Venner & Wm. Henry H. Traster
TRASTER, Elsie Venner           1864-1941               s/s Wm. Henry H. & Helen Iona Traster
TRASTER, Wm. Henry H.           1857-1901       		freemason symbol	
		s/s Helen Iona & Elsie Venner Traster
FIFE, Gretchen Albertson        1895-1988               	s/s Rev. Robt. Stephen Fife
FIFE, Rev. Robt. Stephen        1888-1966               	s/s Gretchen Albertson Fife
ALBERTSON, Mark       		1896-1921
COLLINS, Burley W.              b. 7-23-1886	d. 3-9-1917
COLLINS, Amanda J.              1856-1923
COLLINS, James N.               1852-1916
JAY, LeRoy                      1861-1951                father
TURNER, Ora J.                  1888-1976                	s/s Rev. Ernest E. Turner
TURNER, Rev. Ernest E.          1885-1963                	s/s Ora J. Turner
WRIGHT, Joel B.                 d. 9-27-1910 	aged 78y, 2m, 10d     	father
WRIGHT, Adaline E.              d. 7-5-1915     aged 80y, 3m, 19d       mother
JAY, Cerena W.                  1862-1938                		mother
JAY, Eula W.                    1892-1969
JAY, Lora May                   d. 10-29-1905	aged 20y, 4m, 14d  daughter of C.L. & C.W. Jay
DAVIS, Harrison                 1885-1905                		s/s Melvin Davis
DAVIS, Melvin                   1898-1917                		s/s Harrison Davis
DAVIS, Mary F.                  1861-1929
DAVIS, David D.                 1858-1945
DAVIS, Merle                    1888-1967
WILSON, Lucile                  1903-1985                		s/s Cleo F. Wilson
WILSON, Cleo F.                 1900-1992                		s/s Lucile Wilson
GREEN, Hazel C.                 b. 9-19-1892	d. 1-7-1905	daughter of C.L. & Allie Green
GREEN, Charles L.               1860-1910                	s/s Allie & Ellen Green
GREEN, Allie                    1864-                        	s/s Charles & Ellen Green
GREEN, Ellen                    1836-                        	s/s Charles L. & Allie Green
GREEN, Everett                  b. 4-25-1885	d. 4-30-1945
GREEN, Helen F.                 b. 12-2-1903    d. 9-3-1913 	daughter of C.L. & Allie Green
SEBER, John Wesley, III		d. 11-19-1985           	our darling
HARVEY, Pauline L.              1918-1984                		s/s Milton D. Harvey      
HARVEY, Milton D.               1911-1990                		s/s Pauline L. Harvey
HARVEY, Enos M.                 1890-1973                
HARVEY, Susie J.                1890-1937
HAISLEY, M. Agnes               1896-1961                		s/s C. Paul Haisley
HAISLEY, C. Paul                1894-1968                		s/s M. Agnes Haisley
HAISLEY, Dennis                 b. 8-26-1859 	d. 12-21-1909
HAISLEY, Louisa G.              b. 6-6-1864     d. 4-13-1936
HAISLEY, Minnie A.              b. 12-3-1883    d. 3-30-1904
DAVIS, Ethel H.                 b. 8-21-1886    d. 9-24-1911
HOMRIGHOUS, Jack M.             b. 9-19-1927    d. 3-5-1997 	PFC US Army WWII
ELLINGWOOD, Robert J.  		1910-1976                		s/s Josephine Ellingwood
ELLINGWOOD, Josephine           1913-                        		s/s Robert J. Ellingwood
ELLINGWOOD, Ruth A.             1869-1947                		s/s Marion D. Ellingwood
ELLINGWOOD, Marion D.           1871-1959                		s/s Ruth A. Ellingwood
ELLINGWOOD, Wilbur K.           1903-1926
ELLINGWOOD, Carlos              b. 12-11-1892	d. 3-23-1909
ELLINGWOOD, Bevvie              b. 7-18-1895    d. 7-20-1895
GREENE, Ralph B.                1895-1926
GREENE, Mary E.                 1889-1968
BRUBAKER, H. Dale               1916-          	m. 12-17-1938         	s/s Mary H. Brubaker
BRUBAKER, Mary H.               1917-1996                		s/s H. Dale Brubaker
BROOKSHIRE, Clyde      		b. 7-4-1883  	d. 2-4-1904 	son of T.J. & N.C. Brookshire
BROOKSHIRE, Eulalia             b. 6-1-1893     d. 2-8-1904    	daughter of T.J. & N.C. Brookshire
BROOKSHIRE, T.J.                1844-1922                	father
BROOKSHIRE, N.C.                1847-1921                	mother
SMITH, William Robert           b. 8-13-1917 	d. 7-12-1976  	son
BALLENGER, Anna                 1869-1945
McCOMBS, Paul R.  		1899-1992                		s/s L. Irene McCombs
McCOMBS, L. Irene               1900-1988                		s/s Paul R. McCombs
McCOMBS, Elizabeth              1872-1916                		s/s John T. McCombs
McCOMBS, John T.                1869-1945                		s/s Elizabeth McCombs
BULLER, Elmer                   1868-1926
BULLER, Harmon                  1844-1916                		s/s Mary Buller
BULLER, Mary                    1840-1905
BULLER, Selina                  1873-1924
BULLER, Amy                     b. 2-3-1890 	d. 5-8-1914
PAYNE, Ethel M.   		1884-1962
PAYNE, Tony M.                  1883-1964
CROUSE, Marabel    		1913-1986                
CROUSE, Howard L.               1910-
WILEY, Alva J.                  1873-1944
WILEY, Goldie M.                1879-1976
WILEY, Donald E.                1899-1930
RELFE, Grace M.                 b. 11-24-1895 	d. 3-15-1919  	wife of Ozz W. Relfe
HASTY, Carria A.                b. 2-28-1866    d. 2-5-1943
HASTY, Thomas M.                b. 9-9-1859     d. 12-28-1922
HASTY, Hazel O.                 b. 11-8-1901    d. 3-8-1902    	daughter of T.M. & C.A. Hasty                
		s/s Harry J. Hasty
HASTY, Harry J.                 b. 11-8-1901    d. 1-31-1902  	son of T.M. & C.A. Hasty       
		s/s Hazel O. Hasty
EATON, Nnacy E.   		1842-1919
EATON, John B.                  1837-1905
EATON, James H.                 1866-1920
EATON, Arthur P.                1898-1970                		s/s Leona J. Eaton
EATON, Leona J.                 1896-1981                		s/s Arthur P. Eaton
EATON, Mary D.                  1873-1968                		s/s Jonathan O. Eaton     
EATON, Jonathan O.              1868-1941                		s/s Mary D. Eaton
RICKS, Charles E.               1909-1989                		s/s Marcile Ricks
RICKS, Marcile                  1907-1987            			s/s Charles E. Ricks
BROOKSHIRE, LaMont           	d. 7-3-1940               	Indiana PVT 159 Depot Brig
BROOKSHIRE, Tessa G.		1871-1941
BROOKSHIRE, Leroy               1870-1929
BROOKSHIRE, Henry N.            1877-1955
BROOKSHIRE, Grace               1885-1928                
BROOKSHIRE, Jesse               1871-1958                		s/s Clista Brookshire
BROOKSHIRE, Clista              1876-1964                		s/s Jesse Brookshire
DESHON, Edna                    b. 3-1-1895 	d. 4-7-1902
DESHON, Zerada                  1901-1923
DESHON, Dora                    1866-1946
TAYLOR, Clara                   b. 10-3-1843 	d. 7-28-1904  		s/s Aaron Taylor
TAYLOR, Aaron                   d. 1-30-1886    aged 47y, 5m, 15d
LIVELY, Mariah J. Ward 		1832-1902                	wife of James H. Lively
MADERA, Bertha T.               1883-1956
THISTLE, David      		1859-1929                	father
THISTLE, Mary F.                1859-1922                	mother
THISTLE, John                   b. 2-1-1886 	d. 11-14-1905  	son of David & Mary Thistle
CROSE, Taft H.                  1910-1979                		s/s Maisie E. Crose
CROSE, Maisie E.                1910-1975                		s/s Taft H. Crose
JENKINS, Frances Addington      b. 3-31-1855	d. 4-10-1906
JENKINS, Luella E.              1891-1976                		s/s Joseph W. Jenkins
JENKINS, Joseph W.              1885-1940                		s/s Luella E. Jenkins
DILTS, Frank U.                 1864-1949                		s/s Nora E. Dilts
DILTS, Nora E.                  1875-1935                		s/s Frank U. Dilts
HUTCHISON, Ina M.               1903-2000                
BROOMHALL, Grace M.             1880-1916
MAHONEY, Mary Etta              1850-1930
MAHONEY, Jos.                   1844-1903                	Co. K 147 Ind. Vol. Inf.
ALLRED, Mamie D.                1879-                        		s/s Josiah F. Allred
ALLRED, Josiah F.               1880-1930                		s/s Mamie D. Allred
FREDERICK, Charles E.           1860-1937
FREDERICK, Cora B.              1868-1903
FREDERICK, Edna M.              1897-1909
DUNCAN, Emanuel                 b. 12-23-1831 	d. 12-8-1908  	Co. M 5 Ind. Cav.    
		s/s Nancy Duncan
DUNCAN, Nancy                   b. 4-20-1852    d. 9-16-1937  	his wife	
		s/s Emanuel Duncan
WEIRAUGH, William, Jr.          1918-1990
WEIRAUGH, Ada                   b. 7-25-1869 	d. 10-26-1904 		wife of Wm. Weiraugh
WEIRAUGH, William, Sr.          b. 11-8-1866    d. 9-9-1951    		s/s Celeste Weiraugh
WEIRAUGH, Celeste               b. 6-13-1880    d. 4-6-1964
HARKINS, John P.                1886-1906                
HARKINS, Mary E.                1863-1935
HARKINS, John P.                1856-1932
DALE, Margaret                  b. 9-10-1885	d. 3-31-1911  		wife of Hal Dale
HEYDON, Mary A.                 1933-1970          	daughter of Irvin & Mary Scarborough
SCARBOROUGH, Joseph             d. 1936                      		s/s Joan Scarborough
SCARBOROUGH, Joan               d. 1936                      		s/s Joseph Scarborough
SCARBOROUGH, Irvin J.           b. 4-8-1902 	d. 9-20-1959  	Indiana SGT Co. A 11 Infantry
SCARBOROUGH, Mary E. Dale       b. 11-21-1905   d. 4-1-1992
EWEN, Gladys L.                 1925-1989
HAISLEY, Julia P.               1869-1936
HAILSEY, Linus M.               1868-1951
DUNCAN, John H.                 1871-1945           	father	husband of Eliza A. Duncan
PEARSON, Ella H.                1883-1962                		s/s Wm. Fred Pearson
PEARSON, Wm. Fred               1881-1953                		s/s Ella H. Pearson
PEARSON, Elizabeth              1841-1910             	mother          s/s Christopher Pearson
PEARSON, Christopher            1836-1906               father          s/s Elizabeth Pearson
DYSON, Russel A.                d. 3-30-1904
DYSON, Daisy B.                 1879-1972                		s/s Charles F. Dyson
DYSON, Charles F.               1874-1954                		s/s Daisy B. Dyson
RIGGS, C.W.                     b. 6-25-1859	d. 2-8-1908  	aged 48y, 7m, 11d
MANNING, John H.                1836-1910   	Co. G 34 IVI   	father  s/s Maria I. Manning
MANNING, Maria I.               1849-1926                	mother  s/s John H. Manning
MARINE, W.J.                    b. 1-1-1865 	d. 12-4-1919
MARINE, Vesta                   no dates                     
MARINE, L+da               	no dates    		Looks like this +  
		It is capital L, then a smaller capital L underlined, then D, then A
MARINE, W.J.                    b. 1-1-1865               		s/s Vesta And Llda Marine
MARINE, Vesta F.                b. 12-3-1867 	d. 2-13-1907  	his wife  s/s W.J. & Llda Marine
MARINE, L+da Leah               b. 10-17-1895   d. 12-16-1903  	daughter of W.J. & V.F. Marine                               
							s/s W.J. & Vesta F. Marine

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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