Park Cemetery

Section 5D

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.

PEARSON, Nathan Everette	b. 12-12-1895	d. 9-24-1982  	m. 4-6-1924  
		s/s Mary Rigsbee Pearson
PEARSON, Mary Rigsbee           b. 10-12-1896   d. 12-24-1974	s/s Nathan Everette Pearson
MORRISON, Bobby J.              b. 7-28-1940    d. 12-5-1997  	m. 8-12-1961 
		s/s Linda C. Morrison
MORRISON, Linda C.              b. 7-11-1944    d.           	s/s Bobby J. Morrison
RHOADS, Donald Devon            b. 9-18-1969    d. 11-16-1995                
RHOADS, Roberta Kathlyn         b. 12-8-1946    d. 7-18-1993  
		mother, daughter, sister, friend, & teacher
HIPSKIND, Bonnie Kathlyn        b. 3-27-1924    d. 7-22-1999  	mom	 	
		Harold & Bonnie 	m. 2-5-1941
     	Our children:  Rosemary, Sherrill, Sandra, Roberta, Daniel, Deanna, Tamara, Michael
----------blank stone---------             has a flag for veteran
MACK, Ivan L.                   b. 9-7-1932     d.              	s/s Sara J. Mack
MACK, Sara J.                   b. 7-30-1935    d.                    	s/s Ivan L. Mack
WEAVER, Arnol Dean              1917-1979         	funeral marker only 	veteran flag
WEAVER, Mabel B.                1918-1996               funeral marker only
ARCHER, Oscar E.                b. 11-22-1885   d. 8-26-1975
HARDWICK, Inez Vern  		1882-1927
HARDWICK, Rebecca A.            1856-1928
HARDWICK, Jehu                  1850-1916
BUCHANON, John                  no dates                     		s/s Mary Buchanon
BUCHANON, Mary                  no dates                     		s/s John Buchanon
ROCKHILL, Amy B.                no dates
SANDERS, Helen                  1916                 		daughter of F.S. & I.B. Sanders
GOODMAN, Gloria Alice           1933-1934
GOODMAN, Lavelda Rigsbee        1908-1998
McWILLIAMS, Clarice Rigsbee     1909-
RIGSBEE, O.H., Sr.          	1884-1956
RIGSBEE, Harriett H.            1885-1977
HAWKINS, Rev. H.T.              1861-1948           		father
HAWKINS, Maud                   1865-1917              		mother
STEWART, Lula B.                1876-1918
GOODYKOONTZ, Gamaliel B.        1853-1915                
SMITH, Herbert H.               1887-1943            		freemason symbol
GOODYKOONTZ, Nora J.            1862-1918
BARRIS, Carl Joe                b. 7-10-1892	d. 2-12-1973  	Michigan S2 US Navy WWI
BARRIS, Kathleen                1891-1989
McKEE, Lydia A.                 1870-1926
SMITH, Roland                   1839-1920    		father 	Co. H 12th Ind. Reg. G.A.R.      
		s/s Nancy Smith
SMITH, Nancy                    1843-1931               mother     	s/s Roland Smith
PAYNE, Cceil Myron              d. 8-3-1936             Indiana Pvt. 334 Inf. 84 Div
PAYNE, Alonzo B.                1867-1919                		s/s Darl C. Payne
PAYNE, Darl C.                  1868-1955                		s/s Alonzo B. Payne
SHRONTZ, Vanessa E.             1912-1934
PETERS, Arthur                  1883-1916           	s/s Marie Peters & Lora, Earl Barnes
PETERS, Marie                   1908-1925               s/s Arthur Peters & Lora, Earl Barnes
BARNES, Lora J. Peters          1890-1967               s/s Earl Barnes & Arthur, Marie Peters
BARNES, Earl E.                 1912-1963               s/s Lora Barnes & Arthur, Marie Peters
RELFE, Arlie                    1883-1919
JAMES, Mary J.                  1865-1918
FRANKFORD, Mary                 b. 11-27-1875	d. 2-11-1916
LEROY, C. Bruce                 1879-1923       freemason symbol
FOARD, George A.                1884-1968  	freemason symbol	s/s Isabelle Foard
FOARD, Isabelle                 1889-1962               		s/s George A. Foard
FOARD, Isabelle                 1914                  	Infant
ELBERTSON, Rev. C.V.            1906-1973
CASTNER, Daniel C.              1898-1977                		s/s Mildred E. Castner
CASTNER, Mildred E.             1900-1993                		s/s Daniel C. Castner
GILBREATH, Paul F.              1913
RAMSEY, Lenore P.               1894-1976
RAMSEY, James H.                1871-1916
RAMSEY, M. Alice                1873-1955
KRONCKE, George H.              2001                          		s/s Alice Mae Kroncke
KRONCKE, Alice Mae              1988                          		s/s George H. Kroncke
JEFFERY, Jane                   1854-1927
GOSSETT, Harry                  no dates
GOSSETT, Nancy E.               1870-1920
FULLER, Levi D.                 1843-1921
PARKHURST, Elizabeth B.         1848-1918
ALE, Samuel C.                  1862-1917
ALE, Robert S.                  1905-1913
DYSON, Richard                  1840-1912                		s/s Martha A. Dyson
DYSON, Martha A.                1844-1923                		s/s Richard Dyson
TUTOROW, Charles                1870-1933                		s/s Emeline Tutorow
TUTOROW, Emeline                1867-1958                		s/s Charles Tutorow 
DULING, D. Chap   		1871-1946           		father          
		s/s Della, W. Clinton, & Florence V. Duling
DULING,, Della                  1869-1940               	mother          
		s/s D. Chap, W. Clinton, & Florence V. Duling
DULING, W.Clinton               1898-1964               	son             
		s/s D. Chap, Della, & Florence V. Duling
DULING, Florence V.             1898-1999               	wife                                
		s/s D. Chap, Della, & W. Clinton Duling
DULING, John D.                 d. 8-24-1926	aged 1m, 22d  		son of W.C. & F.V. Duling
TOBIN, Mildred                  1902-1913
MOTHER                          no dates
TOBIN, Mary Frances             b. 6-12-1865	d. 1-19-1916
STEGEMOLLER, Edgar L.           1895-1976                		s/s Mary L. Stegemoller
STEGEMOLLER, Mary L.            1894-1944                		s/s Edgar L. Stegemoller
HARVEY, Edwin C.                1870-1946                	father
HARVEY, Luella C.               1872-1914                	mother
TOMLINSON, Earl R.              1915-1995        	m. 6-13-1941 	s/s Marjorie L. Tomlinson
TOMLINSON, Marjorie L.          1918-1978                		s/s Earl R. Tomlinson
TOMLINSON, Noah                 1870-1921
TOMLINSON, Minnie A.            b. 8-18-1872 	d. 8-29-1913  		wife of Noah Tomlinson          
		s/s Infant Mamie L. Tomlinson
TOMLINSON, Infant Mamie L.      no dates                     		s/s Minnie A. Tomlinson
TOMLINSON, Howard L.            1916-1988             	m. 9-14-1941 	s/s Esther P. Tomlinson
TOMLINSON, Esther P.            1921-2002                		s/s Howard L. Tomlinson
MILLER, Rachel F.               b. 5-11-1885  	d. 5-27-1974  		our mother
NEWBY, Aaron H.   		1854-1929
NEWBY, Mary E.                  1862-1913                		wife of Aaron Newby
NEWBY, Fern                     d. 1-1-1896 	aged 2y, 5m, 6d	daughter of A.H. & M. E. Newby
FRENCH, Mary                    1860-1940                	mother
FRENCH, Eddy                    1863-1913                	father
FRENCH, Lavina K.               1885-1961
FRENCH, Grace A.                1889-1962
FRENCH, May A.                  1897-1956
MARINE, Eldon A.                1886-1964              	s/s Ella S. Hazel, June, & Carl Marine
MARINE, Ella S.                 1884-1946               s/s Eldon A., Hazrl, June, & Carl Marine
MARINE, Hazel                   1909-1913		our children	
		s/s Eldon A., Ella S., June, & Carl Marine
MARINE, June                    no dates              	our children    
		s/s Eldon A., Ella S., Hazel, & Carl Marine
MARINE, Carl                    no dates              	our children    
		s/s Eldon A., Ella S., Hazel, & June Marine
MARINE, John C.                 1865-1943                		s/s Bashie B. Marine
MARINE, Bashie B.               1864-1943                		s/s John C. Marine
WEST, Ed C.                     1861-1919                		s/s Mertie L. West
WEST, Mertie L.                 1868-1921                		s/s Ed C. West
MARLEY, Hugh M.                 b. 9-15-1857	d. 9-11-1917
MARLEY, James W.                b. 8-21-1837    d. 9-20-1921  
		s/s Mary his wife & Harriet his wife Marley
MARLEY, Mary                    b. 10-15-1838   d. 5-12-1916  	his wife    
		s/s James W. & Harriet his wife Marley
MARLEY, Harriet                 b. 12-30-1839   d. 1-26-1874  	his wife    
		s/s James W. & Mary his wife Marley
MARLEY, Iredell B.              b. 3-29-1870	d. 6-29-1951
SELL, Hnery C.                  b. 11-27-1837   d. 3-26-1912  		s/s Martha Sell
SELL, Martha                    b. 4-26-1846    d. 7-9-1923
HIATT, Isaac E.                 1837-1915
HIATT, Mary C.                  1844-1924
JAY, Elsie M.                   1886-1939
JAY, Burl D.                    1884-1949
BREWER, Elizabeth Compton       1889-1957
COMPTON, John B.                1854-1934
COMPTON, Emma Selby             1857-1928
COMPTON, Mary Alice             1895-1970
HAYWORTH, Bertha J.             1906-2001
HAYWORTH, Edith J.              1887-1956
HAYWORTH, Robert                b. 7-22-1916	d. 3-17-1917
RICH, Sylvester                 1875-1942
RICH, Jesse H.                  b. 3-12-1831	d. 5-13-1909  	aged 78y, 2m, 1d
RICH, Mary                      b. 8-26-1838    d. 4-25-1918  	aged 79y, 7m, 29d
BOND, Leroy                     1883-1913
BOND, Sarah M.                  1856-1928
BOND, Wilson H.                 1855-1937
BOND, Mildred V.                1894-1953
BOND, Brose H.                  1886-1965                
BOND, Donna                     1896-1992
BOND, Charlie                   1892-1971
ALLEN, Ephraim O.               1849-1923        	minister	s/s Eliza J. Allen
ALLEN, Eliza J.                 1850-1925                		s/s Ephraim O. Allen
DEMAREE, Alva B.                1885-1923
OVERMAN, Evelyn E.              1888-1932            	daughter        s/s Arthur J. Overman
OVERMAN, Arthur J.              1860-1913               father         	s/s Evelyn E. Overman
McCORMICK, Miriam               b. 5-22-1856 	d. 1-16-1939
OVERMAN, Elva                   1862-1943               mother
MARLEY, Elsie May               1880-1945               funeral marker only
EVANS, Mary E.                  b. 2-14-1854 	d. 10-13-1921 	mother
EVANS, Jesse                    b. 9-10-1836    d. 5-3-1910    	father
DILLEY, Ella E.                 1884-1954                	mother
Dilley, Marshall                1885-1966                	father
JONES, Edna M.                  b. 9-19-1896 	d. 12-28-1980
JONES, Cora A.                  1892-1948
JONES, Frances K.               1870-1918                		wife of John A. Jones
JONES, John A.                  1862-1934            	husband
GLANCY, William H.              1882-19--     	freemason symbol   	
		s/s Bertha R. Jones Glancy
GLANCY, Bertha R. Jones         1887-1942                		s/s William H. Glancy
MURRAY, Andrew                  1831-1913               father
MOTHER                          no dates
COOPER, Von Ray                 d. 9-27-1912
SIMONS, Martha A.               b. 4-28-1856  	d. 5-14-1916
FELTON, Wayne                   b. 11-25-1920   d. 6-11-1921
RELFE, Myron                    1916-1920
PEARSON, Helen May              b. 5-5-1924 	d. 5-6-1924
VAN HARLINGEN, Margaret Angeline	1856-1913     	mother     
		s/s Charles Preston Van Harlingen
VAN HARLINGEN, Charles Preston          1854-       	father	
		s/s Margaret Angeline Van Harlingen
GARDNER, Hanley V.  		b. 12-20-1880 	d. 9-6-1914
HACKNEY, C. Frederick           1915-1918
SMITH, James N.                 1853-1927                		s/s Lucretia Smith
SMITH, Lucretia  		1854-1925                		s/s James N. Smith
SMITH, Howard Leslie            b. 5-15-1886	d. 4-10-1960
WRIGHT, Beulah A.               1893-1953
WRIGHT, D. Loraine              1881-1950
WRIGHT, Carrie M.               1882-1911
HUNT, Wilson     		1870-1941
HUNT, Anna                      1886-1960
HUNT, Lola F.                   b. 3-6-1911 	d. 9-4-1935
HUNT, Wilson D.                 b. 3-22-1915    d. 3-24-1915
WOOD, William G.                b. 7-19-1838    d. 4-1-1926    	father
WOODS, Effie D.F.V.             b. 2-16-1872    d. 4-2-1910    		wife of Eugene Mullin
SHILLINGS, Wilma                1937-1972                	
		s/s Baby Michael Highsmith Shillings
SHILLINGS, Baby Michael Highsmith	1962              	s/s Wilma Shillings
CORNELIUS, Lacie         	b. 10-20-1899  	d. 1-5-1999    	mother & grandmother
CORNELIUS, William F.           b. 12-25-1899   d. 1-24-1980  	Pvt. US Army WWI
BANNISTER, Walter, Sr.          1875-1932                	dad
BANNISTER, George T.            1867-1936
BANISTER, Florence              1874-1972                	s/s Amos Banister           
		(this is not a misspelling, these only have one N)
BANISTER, Amos                  1869-1932                	s/s Florence Banister
BANISTER, Dee                   1899-1957
BANISTER, Amos                  1869-1932
ALTICE, Addrey                  1883-1950
GORE, William H.                1844-1930                	s/s Louisa E. Gore
GORE, Louisa E.                 1865-1911                	s/s William H. Gore
MORGAN, Eddie O.                1887-1912            	Local 286 I.T.U.
POWERS, Oscar Earl              1918-2003               funeral marker only
POWERS, Mary E.                 1911-1914
POWERS, Estella A.              1880-1959                	s/s Oscar Powers
POWERS, Oscar                   1877-1958                	s/s Estella A. Powers
GRIMM, John Allen               b. 10-17-1971	d.
SELLERS, Janet K.               b. 11-11-1945   d.
WHITESIDES, Nannie J.		1856-1937                
WHITESIDES, S.J.                1842-1924            	Co. B 8 K.V.I.
STIERS, Jacob R.                1852-1932                	s/s Mary E. Stiers
STIERS, Mary E.                 1859-1933                	s/s Jacob R. Stiers
HAYNES, Sarah Pyle              1840-1919
ADDISON, Delsenia               b. 3-13-1873	d. 8-8-1912
SCHREIBER, John B.              1835-1912
LITTLE, Ancil C.                1916-1969             	father
LITTLE, Elmer M.                1874-1958                	s/s Cora A. Little
LITTLE, Cora A.                 1877-1969                	s/s Elmer M. Little
BULLER, Franklin                1844-1926
RUTENBER, Henry D.              1864-1924
BRILES, Elwood E.               1865-1921
BRILES, Elizabeth               1824-1915
BRILES, William L.              1875-1944                	s/s Cora M. Briles
BRILES, Cora M.                 1881-1967                	s/s William L. Briles 
WILLIAMS, Randy K.              b. 3-23-1963  	d. 4-1-1963
WILLIAMS, Jeffrey Lynn          d. 8-16-1956
WILLIAMS, Myrtle L.             1893-1914             	wife of Albert Williams
WILLIAMS, Raymond K.            1914-1999                	s/s Helen E. Williams
WILLIAMS, Helen E.              1919-                        	s/s Raymond K. Williams
WILLIAMS, Joseph S.             1852-1933                	s/s Sarah J. Williams
WILLIAMS, Sarah J.              1862-1940                	s/s Joseph S. Williams
SMITH, Stella                   1877-1912            	wife of Will Smith
FORD, Leroy                     1904-1914
FORD, Emma J.                   1872-1946                	s/s M. William Ford
FORD, M. William                1866-1937                	s/s Emma J. Ford
FORD, Frank                     1895-1963     	m. 2-3-1917   	father   	s/s Naomi Ford
FORD, Naomi                     1894-1980                	mother          s/s Frank Ford
FORD, Paul J.                   1934-1936                	son of Floyd & Lacie Ford
SMITH, Betsey A.                1829-1917
HIATT, Lydia      		b. 8-1-1860  	d. 6-22-1944
HIATT, Marcus A.                b. 6-10-1853    d. 7-3-1931
LEWIS, John D.                  1867-1931
LEWIS, Essie                    1872-1952
STEELE, Missouri A.             1858-1932            	mother
ZIKE, Robert F.                 1907-1965
ZIKE, Athaleen                  1881-1947               daughter
ZIKE, Wilbur L.                 1888-1935               son
ZIKE, Nannie M.                 1853-1925               mother
ZIKE, Rev. George W.            1849-1932               father
JONES, Glen Eri                 1916-1919
JONES, Eva Lena                 1888-1943
PICKARD, Mary Lucy              1880-1919
NEAL, J. Edgar                  1881-1965                		s/s S. Elsie Neal
NEAL, S. Elsie                  1884-1966                		s/s J. Edgar Neal
OSBORN, William P.              b. 1-5-1833 	d. 5-23-1924
LANE, Austin E.       		b. 11-2-1878 	d. 5-12-1916
LANE, Lottie                    b. 11-17-1879   d. 3-1-1915    	wife of Austin Lane
NEAL, Nora M.                   1887-1945
NEAL, Catherine                 1858-1917             	mother
NEAL, Eri R.                    1856-1940               father
NEAL, Georgia D.                1887-1950
HANNON, Richard L.              b. 10-5-1936	d. 9-23-1984  		s/s Linda D. Hannon
HANNON, Linda D.                b. 9-14-1943    d.                    	s/s Richard L. Hannon
HANNON, John Lewis              1888-1956                		s/s Lillie A. Hannon
HANNON, Lillie A.               1891-1984                		s/s John Lewis Hannon
PEARSON, Ellis J.               b. 7-15-1914	d. 6-12-1987  	dad
PEARSON, Edna S.                1894-1985                	mom   	s/s Walker C. Pearson
PEARSON, Walker C.              1892-1974                	dad 	s/s Edna S. Pearson
WHYBREW, William M. 		b. 4-3-1865 	d. 10-12-1914
SWISHER, Maggie Whybrew		1872-1947
SWISHER, Theodore               1866-1936
ELLINGWOOD, John                1839-1912                		s/s Rebecca Ellingwood
ELLINGWOOD, Rebecca             1840-1927                		s/s John Ellingwood
MEYER, Alice A.                 1868-1949            	wife            s/s Edward K. Meyer
MEYER, Edward K.                1880-1961               husband         s/s Alice A. Meyer
KISTLER, Chas. L.               1871-1915                
KISTLER, Sarah                  1840-1915
KISTLER, James M.               1835-1919
HOWARD, Pearl M.                1876-1922
HOWARD, James E.                1854-1922
WHYBREW, John E.                1871-1929                		s/s Ella Whybrew
WHYBREW, Ella                   1875-1941                		s/s John E. Whybrew
BORREY, John G.    		1877-1936
BORREY, Wm. J.                  1871-1950
BORREY, John                    1848-1926
BORREY, Louisa                  1854-1931
WELSCH, Flora E.                1875-1938
WELSCH, Edward S.               1868-1924
ENDERS, Sophie                  1860-1950
ENDERS, Arthur                  1860-1927
PLOW, Jacob                     b. 11-17-1839	d. 4-13-1928  			s/s Huldah Plow
PLOW, Huldah                    b. 5-14-1858    d. 3-2-1915 	his wife    	s/s Jacob Plow
ZEEK, Joseph                    b. 4-30-1845    d. 6-29-1918  		s/s Elizabeth Zeek
ZEEK, Elizabeth                 b. 3-12-1850    d.                    	s/s Joseph Zeek
SIZELOVE, Jennie     		1875-1947
SIZELOVE, Alexander M.          1860-1932
SIZELOVE, Agnes Jane            1862-1941
SIZELOVE, Dema                  1895-1957
SIZELOVE, Janis J.              1917-1936
SIZELOVE, Bernice               1910-1914
SIZELOVE, Charles        	1885-1938
SIZELOVE, Sherman               1889-1929
SIZELOVE, Senna                 1892-1915
LYNCH, Ida M.                   1901-1917
McCORMICK, Oliver H.            1850-1915
McCORMICK, Doree M.             1909-1929
McCORMICK, Hattie B.            1877-1918
McCORMICK, William M.           1877-1947
McCORMICK, William C.           1911-1952
HAVENS, Estella M.              1916-1917
HAVENS, Charles                 1878-1963                		s/s Anna Havens
HAVENS, Anna                    1886-1958                		s.s Charles Havens
HUSTON, Alden Grover            b. 4-26-1888 	d. 4-14-1914
HUSTON, Gilbert M.              b. 10-20-1843   d. 4-30-1919  		Co. G 13 I.V.I.
		s/s Susan H. Huston
HUSTON, Susan H.                b. 5-20-1853    d. 11-4-1917  		s/s Gilbert M. Huston
HUSTON, Alva M.                 d. 3-1-1926               	Indiana Pvt. 334 Inf. 84 Div.
HUSTON, Alva Merrill            b. 10-29-1886   d. 3-1-1926
PIERCE, Charles H.              1882-1926             	father       	s/s Vina S. Pierce
PIERCE, Vina S.                 1886-1918               mother         	s/s Charles H. Pierce
BULLER, Nellie M.               1878-1968                		s/s Morton Buller
BULLER, Morton                  1879-1962                		s/s Nellie M. Buller
OMLOR, Clarence C.              1903-1969  	freemason symbol        
		s/s Moneta M. “Toots” Omlor
OMLOR, Moneta M. “Toots”        1907-1964       Eastern Star symbol     s/s Clarence C. Omlor
WHYBREW, Algernon E.            1890-1967       “cobby”          	s/s Zante V. Whybrew
WHYBREW, Zante V.               1895-1979                		s/s Algernon E. Whybrew
MACY, Calvin W.                 1845-1923                
MACY, Mary L.                   1854-1935
MOLES, Orley H.          	1870-19—
MOLES, Mada A.                  1874-1924
BUSING, Daisy D.                1875-1935
BUSING, John R.                 1872-1937
PAYNE, Infant Daughter          1924                          
PAYNE, Victor H.    		1900-1973                		s/s Floy B. Payne
PAYNE, Floy B.                  1901-1983                		s/s Victor H. Payne
CLINE, R. Elmer                 1892-1980                		s/s Mamie A. Cline
CLINE,Mamie A.                  1893-1969                		s/s R. Elmer Cline
HILL, Otto P.                   b. 8-18-1870 	d. 6-22-1914
KNOTTS, Mary E.                 1877-1929                		wife of Carl Knotts
COHEE, Axie                     1881-1920        	daughter        
		(matches Leander P. Steele)
STEELE, Leander P.              1857-1918               father          (matches Axie Cohee)
MORRISH, Charles W.             1889-1979    	s/s Nolia, William H., & Elizabeth Morrish
MORRISH, Nolia                  1893-1978       s/s Charles W., William H., & Elizabeth Morrish
MORRISH, William H.             1852-1927       s/s Elizabeth, Charles W., & NOlia Morrish
MORRISH, Elizabeth              1853-1942       s/s William H., Charles W., & Nolia Morrish
MORRISH, Edwin O.               b. 1-24-1914	d. 3-4-1918    		son of C.W. & N. Morrish
No Last Name, Arthur J.         1887-1917
McCLEARY, Arminta E.            1883-1917                	s/s Infant Daughter McCleary
McCLEARY, Infant Daughter       d. 6-3-1907               	s/s Arminta E. McCleary
GIPSON, Perry D.                b. 11-22-1917	d. 3-20-1918
GIPSON, Mary A.                 1887-1923                		s/s Perry H. Gipson
GIPSON, Perry H.                1890-19--                  		s/s Mary A. Gipson
MANN, William H.                1853-1921
MANN, Cynthia M.                1853-1934
MANN, Charles J.                b. 7-27-1885	d. 7-3-1965
NORTON, Benonia H.              1877-1940
JONES, Goegre M.                1867-1938           	father       	s/s Jane E. Jones
JONES, Jane E.                  1873-1944               mother          s/s George M. Jones
JONES, Mary O.                  1871-1971                		s/s Milford M. Jones
JONES, Milford M.               1868-1947                		s/s Mary O. Jones
------------missing stone----------------
DeWEERD, Rev. Fred  		1881-1923             	father
DeWEERD, Rev. Lelia             1881-1951               mother
DeWEERD, Lelia                  1920-1923
DeWEERD, James A.       	b. 5-23-1916	d. 3-28-1972  	Capt. US Army WWII  Purple Heart
EATON, Rossie                   b. 4-5-1889     d. 11-10-1977
COAN, Lula M.                   1898-1941
CROSE, Rex D.                   1943-1979
RENNING, Edwin W.               1914-1983                		s/s Maxine H. Renning
RENNING, Maxine H.              1926-1981                		s/s Edwin W. Renning
MITCHELL, Nova Ruth             1912-1983
POWELL, William E.              1890-1921
POWELL, John                    1861-1926
POWELL, Elma J.                 1871-1923
POWELL, Mary B.                 1917-1927
HARTWELL, Fredrick E.           1926-1926
HARTWELL, Nina F.               1901-1926
VAN ARSDELL, Belle      	no dates
VAN ARSDELL, Mother             no dates
STOUT, Amanda Jane              1870-1967                		s/s Edward Park Stout
STOUT, Edward Park              1867-1940                		s/s Amanda Jane Stout
SALYERS, John E.                1901-1918                son of C.L. & R.E. Salyers
SALYER, Ruth E.                 1882-1928
PICKARD, Charles H.             1904-1964	m. 5-8-1927	freemason symbol
		s/s Beulah May Pickard
PICKARD, Beulah May             1906-1980                	Eastern Star symbol	"Schort"  
		s/s Charles H. Pickard
DAVIS, Earl                     1892-1961                		s/s Daisy Davis
DAVIS, Daisy                    1890-1970                		s/s Earl Davis
DAVIS, Wilma Jean               1920
CLEVELAND, Grace Irene          1884-1970
CLEVELAND, George E.            1861-1945           	s/s Gertrude I. Cleveland 1865-1927               
		his wife    s/s George E. Cleveland
CLEVELAND, Ira H., Jr.          1916-1921               son of Ira H. & N.M. Cleveland
REID, Coral S.                  1886-1921               wife of B.C. Reid
ELLIOTT, Stanley P.             1877-1959                		s/s Louie B. Elliott
ELLIOTT, Louie B.               1879-1958                		s/s Stanley P. Elliott
WRIGHT, Rosanna                 b. 9-14-1845 	d. 11-23-1923
SPANGLER, Clarence L.           b. 10-27-1890 	d. 10-13-1984	m. 3-6-1920	
		s/s Bertie M. Spangler
SPANGLER, Bertie M. 		b. 8-6-1891     d. 6-11-1975  		s/s Clarence L. Spangler
ARMES, Mary Lois                b. 4-11-1926    d.             	m. 12-27-1946        
		s/s George Eugene Armes, Sr.
ARMES, George Eugene, Sr.       b. 1-28-1927    d. 11-28-1993   s/s Mary Lois Armes	photo
PATTON, Myrtle F.               b. 10-26-1908   d.              s/s Lloyd J. Patton
PATTON, Lloyd J.                b. 8-27-1907    d. 4-27-1997  	s/s Myrtle F. Patton
ROBINSON, Connie J.             b. 10-19-1947   d.              s/s Robert W. Robinson	photo
ROBINSON, Robert W.             b. 4-26-1932    d. 6-5-1998    	s/s Connie J. Robinson

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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