Park Cemetery

Section 6A

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.

JONES, James W.              	1834-1920                      		s/s Sarah Jones
JONES, Sarah                 	1841-1920                        	s/s James W. Jones
GRINDLE, James H.            	b. 3-21-1931  d.             		s/s Nancy J. Grindle  
              			“Indiana State Police 1955-1987”
GRINDLE, Nancy J.            	b. 11-21-1946  d. 11-24-1999    	s/s James H. Grindle
GRINDLE, Jacob O.            	1902-1985  	m. July 1925     	s/s D. Marcille Grindle
GRINDLE, D. Marcille      	1907-1993                        	s/s Jacob O. Grindle
RHOADS, Lawrence S.         	1916-1998     	m. 2-28-1937     	s/s Maxine M. Rhoads
RHOADS, Maxine M.             	1916-2001                        	s/s Lawrence S. Rhoads
JESSUP, Roger L.            	b. 2-23-1929  d.                     	s/s Geraldine Ann Jessup
JESSUP, Geraldine Ann      	b. 4-15-1934  d.                     	s/s Roger L. Jessup
VETOR, Darrell L.          	1927-         	m. 2-28-1961   		s/s Betty L. Vetor
VETOR, Betty L.              	1928-1974                        	s/s Darrell L. Vetor
VETOR, Helen L.            	b. 8-11-1943  d.    	“Mother”       	s/s Thomas D. Kerrigan 
KERRIGAN, Thomas D.             b. 8-1-1967   d. 6-4-1986  	“Son”	s/s Helen L. Vetor    
TRUMBO, Karen Sue               b. 12-14-1954 d. 10-2-1993     		s/s Kim Wayne Trumbo
TRUMBO, Kim Wayne               b. 6-3-1955   d.                       	s/s Karen Sue Trumbo
TAYLOR, Rosa B.                 1876-1954                        	s/s Eddie Taylor
TAYLOR, Eddie                   1869-1950                        	s/s Rosa B. Taylor
TAYLOR, Wm. Glenn               b. 10-12-1895 d. 7-16-1922
UNKNOWN---------old base of stone, actual headstone missing--------------
COATS, Herman                          	d. 10-1-1918 	
			“Arkansas Wagoner Isanitary(?) Train 4 Div”
TAYLOR, Ellnora          	1850-1927                        	s/s James P. Taylor
TAYLOR, James P.                1848-1920                        	s/s Ellnora Taylor
HARRIS, Salathiel               1878-1944
ICE, Lucinda                    1876-1922                        	s/s Ben Ice
ICE, Ben                        1872-1938                        	s/s Lucinda Ice
ANDERS, Darlene Mae             b. 12-24-1934  d.       “Louth”		s/s Charles Gene Anders    
ANDERS, Charles Gene            b. 10-7-1934   d. 3-27-2001    		s/s Darlene Mae Anders
BURTON, Elmer C.                1916-1981       	m. 10-25-1936   s/s Delene Burton
BURTON, Delene                  1915-1993                        	s/s Elmer C. Burton
BURTON, Brent Lee               1957-1992          	“YN2 US Navy”
TUCKER, Albert Hayes            b. 8-4-1928    d. 4-12-1996    	“1st Lt US Air Force”
SNYDER, William E.              1936-1995           	m. 10-8-1955  	s/s Irene D. Snyder
SNYDER, Irene D.                1936-                        		s/s William E. Snyder
HUSTON, Elva E.                 1901-1977               “Mom”         	s/s Glen A. Huston                        
HUSTON, Glen A.                 1896-1973               “Dad”         	s/s Elva E. Huston                        
MARSH, Bonita June              1925-1984
DAVIS, Carolyn Sue              1947-1987          	“In Loving Memory”
BUTLER, Doris B.                1917-1997    “Death Will Not Us Part”	s/s Ray T. Butler
BUTLER, Ray T.                  1914-1997                        	s/s Doris B. Butler
BURKE, Helene Margarete         (no dates)
HOWELL, Robert L., Jr.          b. 2-17-1959   d. 3-8-1999
HOWELL, Ruby L.                 1922-2001       	(funeral marker only)
SMITH, Michael L.               b. 8-9-1947    d. 8-2-2000      	“MSGT US Air Force”
SMITH, Michael L.               b. 8-9-1947    d. 8-2-2000   m. 9-11-1971  s/s Deborah Smith
SMITH, Deborah A.               b. 7-27-1948   d.                       s/s Michael L. Smith
UNKNOWN, Tara Lou               1979-1980      	     	(between Smith & Haynes)
HAYNES, Virginia J.             1920-1977       	m. 11-10-1940   s/s Oren A. Haynes
HAYNES, Oren A.                 1920-1973                        	s/s Virginia J. Haynes
CURLESS, Marion C.             	1918-                        		s/s Esther M. Curless
CURLESS, Esther M.              1921-                        		s/s Marion C. Curless
CURLESS, Leonora J.             1922-1971                        	s/s Robert W. Curless
CURLESS, Robert W.              1912-1995                        	s/s Leonora J. Curless

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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