Park Cemetery

Section 6B

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.

REECE, William A.	b. 3-26-1945   d. 12-7-2000   m. 7-3-1999  	s/s Mary Reece
REECE, Mary             b. 5-4-1951    d.                            	s/s William A. Reece
			-----On the back:   Elizabeth
                        Greg & Debbie       Jimmy & Rachel		Dominique & Phillip
                        Gregory             Darian                      Zacaria
                        Kayla               Shaylee                     Chassity
                        Taylor              Jarilus                     Georgia
LIGHTY, D. Wayne        b. 12-11-1924  d. 5-30-1999        		s/s Ninabelle Lighty
LIGHTY, Ninabelle       b. 8-17-1931   d.                          	s/s D. Wayne Lighty
			-----On the back: “Our Children: Alicia, Kelda, Dennis, Donald, Myra”
FRENCH, Margie A.       b. 4-5-1912    d. 6-13-1997            		s/s Ralph French
FRENCH, Ralph           b. 2-23-1921   d.                           	s/s Margie A. French
POWELL, Henry F.        1925-1999             		m. 11-14-1945 	s/s Mescal R. Powell
POWELL, Mescal R.       1925-2000                        		s/s Henry F. Powell
LITTLE, Frances M.      1913-2003                      			s/s Cedric M. Little
LITTLE, Cedric M.       1914-2000                        		s/s Frances M. Little
RENNAKER, Dale E.      	b. 11-5-1942   d.      		m. 6-29-1963   	s/s Elizabeth Rennaker
RENNAKER, Elizabeth E.  b. 9-19-1944   d. 11-9-1999                  	s/s Dale Rennaker
CRAWFORD, Bob B.        1929-                        	m. 12-13-1964   s/s Tina S. Crawford
CRAWFORD, Tina S.       1936-                        			s/s Bob B. Crawford
BERRY, Leland R.        b. 6-14-1929   d. 8-17-1998    	m. 7-2-1954  “Dad”
			------------------s/s Phyllis J. Berry
BERRY, Phyllis J.       b. 8-12-1934   d.               “Mom”      	s/s Leland R. Berry
ZIRKLE, Ulric B.        b. 4-20-1936   d. 11-24-2000    m. 2-26-1955  	s/s Shirley Zirkle
ZIRKLE, Shirley A.      b. 8-19-1936   d.                 		s/s Ulric B. Zirkle
GRANT, Donald A.        b. 7-5-1949    d.                       	s/s Sandra K. Grant
GRANT, Sandra K.        b. 4-24-1950   d.                           	s/s Donald A. Grant
BENEDICT, Penny A.      b. 1-16-1950   d.        	m. 12-20-1977   s/s Andrew Benedict
BENEDICT, Andrew R.     b. 1-31-1952   d. 10-4-1999         		s/s Penny A. Benedict
GOSNELL, Janice S.      b. 2-10-1937   d. 8-23-2001			s/s James R. Gosnell
GOSNELL, James R.	b. 5-24-1933   d.				s/s Janice S. Gosnell          	

Updated to May 25, 2003
Painter, Warren b. 8-20-1921 d. 12-5-2002 s/s Ruby Painter Painter, Ruby b. 8-12-1929 d. s/s Warren Painter Gibson, Phillip L. b. 5-29-1940 d. 8-31-2002 s/s Mary Jo Gibson Gibson, Mary Jo b. 9-23-1938 d. m. 8-30-1959 s/s Phillip L. Gibson Jones, Kenneth M. b. 2-2-1923 d. 6-28-2002 m. 9-14-1946 s/s Ruth M. Jones Jones, Ruth M. b. 12-4-1928 d. s/s Kenneth M. Jones Embry, Mary M. 1922-2003 funeral marker only

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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