Park Cemetery

Section 6C

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.

UNKNOWN                        (flowers only)
THOMAS, Raven Kane 		b. 8-28-1999 d. 9-17-1999	“My Little Angel”
TYREE, Marvin “Glenn”           b. 8-14-1960  d. 1-14-2000 	“Fly to the Angels”
BROWN, Wendell L.               1944-1998        “Love Lives On” 	s/s Rita K. Brown
BROWN, Rita K.            	1938-                        		s/s Wendell L. Brown
BROWN, Lester I.               	1930-1999      	m. 6-10-1960 		s/s Billie J. Brown
BROWN, Billie J.            	1941-                        		s/s Lester I. Brown
DIXON, Berta L.         	b. 12-7-1946 d. 5-22-1999  m. 8-5-1977  s/s Doyle H. Dixon
DIXON, Doyle H.           	b. 6-22-1945 d.      			s/s Berta l. Dixon
RECORD, Loren Pete           	1922-         	m. 4-28-1946      	s/s Mary Ruth Record
RECORD, Mary Ruth           	1927-                        		s/s Loren Pete Record
RICHARDSON, Robert R.   	b. 6-9-1920 d. 	m. 10-10-1947    	s/s Naomi Richardson
RICHARDSON, Naomi Ruth   	b. 7-20-1929 d. 7-13-1993    		s/s Robert Richardson
EVERETT, Robert L.          	1921-1993     	m. 10-28-1943      	s/s Doris Everett					
EVERETT, Doris J.     		1924-                        		s/s Robert L. Everett
					Eastern Star
	-----On the back:   “EVERETT, Robert L.	b. 2-10-1921 d. 2-24-1993  US Navy WWII”
McDERMITT, Patricia         	1934-                	s/s Adda & Raymond McDermitt
McDERMITT, Adda              	1905-1988            	s/s Patricia & Raymond McDermitt
McDERMITT, Raymond     		1900-1986               s/s Adda & Patricia McDermitt
UNKNOWN                        	stone not engraved yet        	s/s Unknown
UNKNOWN                        	stone not engraved yet          s/s Unknown
BECKER, Ivaline F.         	b. 4-17-1924  d. 6-22-2000  	m. 9-17-1950  Eastern Star				
				-----s/s Herbert M. Becker
BECKER, Herbert M.    		b. 10-2-1927  d.    		Knights of Columbus
				----s/s Ivaline Becker
Updated to May 25, 2003
Brown, Darrin L. b. 6-18-1966 d. 9-26-2002 son and father Beecher, Ruth E. b. 1-13-1942 d. 5-1-2001 m. 12-28-1958 s/s Glendon H. Beecher Beecher, Glendon H. b. 10-12-1936 d. s/s Ruth E. Beecher

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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