This listing of burials is taken from the listing done by Nellie Evans, Marion-Adams Historical Society, in the 1970's; the listing done by Conner Prairie in the 1990's, from the stones given to them by the Town of Westfield, and finally the list of names that appear on the existing Memorial Plaque..

NOTE: The Memorial Plaque is missing 47 names from the original listing and 14 names from the Conner Prairie list.

* indicates added from the Original Listing

** indicates added from the Conner Prairie list.

( ) indicates the name has been corrected from the Memorial Plaque List.

It also indicates when a name that appears on the plaque could not be


A seperate list of Veterns is shown at the end of this list.

This transcription was done by Sharon A. Craig, InGenWeb Coordinator for Hamilton Co. Indiana in May/June 2001. Any additions of corrections should be sent to the Indiana Room at the Noblesville Southeastern Library with cited proof of the change, correction.



* Anderson, Elizabeth d, 12/23/1860 age 1 day

Anderson, Senorita d. 9/3/1864 age 4 mo. 7 days-dau. of W.W. and R.A. Anderson

Applegate, Naomi b. 9/11/1861 d. 8/14/1885 age 23y, 11mo 3 days-wife of Ebenzer

(Araha)-no such name found

*Arnett, Elizabeth d. 3/17/1876 age 25y, 3mo 24 days-wife of Wm. Arnett

**Armstrong, James d. 2/27/1849 age 56ym 5mo, 25 days

(Aweller, William)-no such name found

*Baker, Avry D, d, 7/28/1875 age 1y, 5mo 12 days-son of D.S.C. Baker

*Baker, Elizabeth d. 4/8/1873 31 years-wife of James M.

*Baker, Lillian d. 1/14/1879 age 11y,3mo, 17 days-dau of J. And E. Baker

**Baldwin, Ann d. 10/26/1855 24y, 6mo, 9 days

Baldwin, Charlotte d. 6/29/1858 age 79y 10mo, 25 days

Baldwin, (Emily) d. 3/2/1874, in her 22 year-wife of Milton

(Baldwin, Eugene) no such name found

**Baldwin, Ione-dau of J and M.I. Baldwin

*Baldwin, Isaac G. d. 8/7/1882 age 76y, 8mo, 21 days

Baldwin, John d. 3/26/1857, age 75y, 4mo, 15 days

Baldwin, Sarah d. 6/30/1877 age 78y, 5mo, 27 days-wife of Isaac

(Baldwein, Sarah)-see above listing

Bales, Esther d. 9/22/1846 80 years

**Bales, Nathan d. 8/19/1858 age 89y, 6mo, 18 days

*Ballard, Prudence d. 10/28/1870 age 62y, 6mo, 22 days-wife of James Ballard

(Bandern, Julia)-no such name found

Barker, Anna. 2/18/1877 age 68y, 5mo, 24d.-wife of John

Barker, Benjamin d. 6/11/1887 87y, 8mo, 20 days-son of M.and C. Barker

Barker, Ellen d. 7/3/1863 age 9y, 2mo, 11 days-dau of J. M. Barker

(Barker, Elisha H.) no such name found

Barker, Elizabeth d. 1/14/1868 age 79y, 9mo, 8days-Our Mother

**Barker, Elizabeth d. 10/24/1855 age 10y, 11mo, -dau of J. and M Barker

Barker, (Hezekiah) d. 3/19/1881 age 28y, 6mo, 13days-son of E. and M. Barker

* Barker, Isaac b. 9/15/1838 d, 6/1/1866

*Barker, Luella b. 10/20/1863 d. 11/15/1863-dau of J.S. and M.M. Barker

Barker, Martha A. dates unreadable-wife of Isaac

Barker, Mary W. d. 1/26/1879 age 69y, 9mo, 2 days-wife of John Barker

(Barker, Pricilla)-no such name found

(Barker, Rachel)-no such name found

Barker, Thomas L. d. 7/30/1857 age 34y, 2mo, 16 days

Bash, Mary d. 3/16/1886 Westfield In. age 82 years-wife of Jacob

Bates, Hannah d. 9/3/1887 age 76y 2 mo, 19 days

Bates, Nathan d. 7/9/1874 age 30 years

Bates, (Unity) d. 5/13/1867 age 57 years

(Benbow, Benjamin T.) d. 1/17/1863 age 11y, 10mo, 7 days-son of James and Mary Benbow

*Benbow, James d. 6/9/1862 age 43y, 2 days

Bishop, Ann Maria d. 4/2/1852 age 18y, 7m 25 days-dau of J. and N. Bishop

Bowman, (Edmund) (Rev.) b. 1792, d. 1872

(Bowman, Sarah)-no such name found

*Brigg, Rebecca d. 7/13/1860 abt. 82 years

(Bries)-no such name found (see listing above)

Brown, Elizabeth d. 12/26/1877 age 44y, 3mo, 2 days-wife of Mercer Brown

(Brown, Emily) no such name found

Brown, Levi B. d. 8/23/1873 age 19y 7mo 8 days-son of Milton and Emily Brown

Brown, Milton J. b. 8/30/1822 d. 2/26/1881

Burnside, Asa d. 8/24/1852 age 67y, 3mo, 3 days

**Burnside, Jane d. 3/22/1863 age 35y, 4mo,4 days-wife of J. Burnside

*Burnside, Lavina J. d. 9/30/1863 age 2y, 10mo, 24 days, dau of J and J Burnside

Campbell, Eliza b. 7/7/1833m d, 6/7/1881 age 47 y, 11mo-wife of Isaac

(Carey, Benj.)-no such name found

**Children of Richard and Christiana Carey

Emma Carey d. 3/22/1880

Luther Carey d. 11/1/1872 3y,3d

(Carey, Isaac)-no such name found

Carey, Jesse d. 9/27/1858 age 3y,11mo,25d-son of C. and M.S. Carey

Carey, Lydia Haines d. 11/19/1842 age 37y,11m,22d-wife of Zenas

(Carey, Martha)-no such name found

Carey, Margaret b. 8/7/1809 d. 10/2/1888-wife of Zenas

Carey, Malinda d. 8/4/1879 age 49y9mo,4d-wife of Cyrus

Carey, Mary d. 3/19/1885 age 24y, 11mo,13d-wife of Oliver M. Carey Gone but not forgotten

Carey, Zenas b. 2/10/1803, d. 1/24/1876

*Carter, John d. 6/27/1861 age 64y,10mo,9d

Carter, Nathan d. 7/31/1861 11y,2mo,2d-son of John and Hannah

Chance, Tilghman d. 9/22/1869 age 61y, 11mo,17d

*Clark, Galer b. 6/12/1827 d. 9/17/1866

(Clark, Jemima)-no such name found

(Clark, Linglow)-no such name found

Clayton, Thomas d. 1843 Father

*Cloud, David d. 11/10/1874 age 27y, 3mo,15d

*Cloud, Jemima d. 8/12/1875 age 66y,6m 2d-wife of Mordecai

*Cloud, Mahala B. d. 11/30/1870 age 37y,3mo,29d-wife of Seth

*Cloud, Mollie d. 6/11/1885-dau of Enos and N. Cloud

(Cloud, Mordecai)-no such name found

Cook, Delpha J. d. 11/27/1877 age 20y,5m, 10d-dau of B. and N.J. Cox

Cook, Seth d. 12/24/1857 age 4y,9mo,2d-son of J.H.H Cook

Copeland, Asenath M. b. 7/27/1845m d, 12/27/??-dau of Nathan P. and Sallie A. Copeland

Cox, Ezra d. 12/14/1879 age 6 weeks-son fo R and M.E.

*Cox, Infant d. 7/21/1866-son of R and M. Cox

Cox, Mahlon P. d. 1/19/1887 age 26y, 4mo, 23d-son of R. and N.J. Cox

*Cox, Milena d. 6/22/1867 age 2y, 9mo,22d-dau of Richard and Nancy

(Coffin, Levi)-no such name found

Coffin, Moses d. 2/16/1843 age 43y,6m,13d

Coffin, Sarah d. 12/23/1872 43rd Year- wife of Levi Coffin

*Copock, Robert d. 9/14/1868 age 25y,2mo,9d

(Dage, John)-no such name found

**Davis, Elijah d. 12/19/1861

*Davis, Hannah d. 1/29/1871 age 37y, 10mo,22d-wife of Nathan Davis

Davis, John b. 1794 d. 1877 age 82y,10mo

*Davis, Josiah d. 12/17/1885 age 16y,1m,29d-son of J.H. and L. Davis

Davis, Mary b. 11/24/1793 d. 1/30/1890 age 96y, 2mo, 6d-wife of John

*Davis, Mary Ellen d. 10/25/1874 age 17y,5mo,6d-dau of Nathan and Hannah Davis

Davis, Rachel d. 10/13/1870 age 29y,11mo,16d-wife of Milton Davis

Edward, Caralissa d. 9/11/1865 age 1y,6mo,10d-dau of J. D and L.M Edward

Edward,(John H.) d. 8/30/1865 age 5y, 5mo,8d-son of J.D. and L.M Edward

**Edward, Robert Rufus d. 4/6/1871 age 1y,11mo,7d-son of J.D. and L.M. Edward

Elder, David d. 3/28/1864 age 57y,5mo,9d

*Embree, Moses d. 11/20/1864 age 85y, 12d

Embree,(Ruth) d. 2/8/1863 age 45y,5m,20d-wife of Stephen Embree

Embree, Stephen d. 7/14/1871 age 64y, 10mo, 16d

(Estle), Alfred M. d. 1/11/1842-son of J and R. Estle

(Estle),Jacob d. 3/18/1844 age 20 days-son of J. and R. Estle

*Estle, Job d. 7/19/1866 age 16y, 6mo, 16d

(Estle), John V. d. 6/13/1852 age 2y, 2mo- son of J. and R. Estle

*Estle, Prudence d. 9/17/1870 age 53y, 5mo, 20d-wife of Job

**Estle, Sarah A. d. 7/25/1854 age 57ym 8mo,2d-dau of Jos. Estle

Fleming, James d. 9/9/1876 age 62y, 5mo,10d.-To Heaven's bright land he took his flight, where there's no sunless sky that have no night.

Frost,Elizabeth d. 3/29/1882 age 20y, 10mo, 15d-wife of Wm.

*Gans, Jacob C. d. 6/9/1862 age 25y, 7d.-son of E.D. and Lydia Gans

Garrett, Hiram d. 1/30/1878 age 27y, 25d

(Gates, Glen)-no such name found

Gause, Eli D. d. 4/18/1861 age 55y,6mo,26d

Gurley, Elmina J. d. 5/7/1875 age 64y, 2mo,21d-wife of Chas. Gurley

Gurley, Mary A. d. 1/9/1872 age 5y, 10mo,20d-dau of C.C. and L.B. Gurley

Gurley, Maellissa M. d. 12/25/1881 age 1y, 9m,6d

**Haines, ? no dates available-wife of Joshua Haines

(Hammer, Davis)-no such name found

Hammer, Joseph d. 9/12/1860 age 5y, 5mo, 12d-son of L and S Hammer

*Hammer, John W. d. 3/25/1869 age 20y, 1mo,4d-son of A. and E. Hammer

Hammer, Jonathon b. 1853 d. 2/5/1937

**Hammer, Lydia J. d. 8/19/1873 age 77y, 10mo.-wife of Jonathon

Hammer, Susanna d. 1/9/1877 age 62y, 2mo,10d-wife of Levi

*Hammer, Thomas d. 11/13/1871 age 5y, 10 d.-son of L. and S. Hammer

(Harkey,Ellen)-no such name found

*Hiatt, Asa d. 12/25/1868 &O'clock P.M. age 74y, 3mo,26d

Hiatt, Elial b. 1/14/1810 d. 8/8/1883 age 73y 6mo, 24d-Gone but not forgotten

(Infant Hiatt)-no such name found

*Hiatt, Joshua or Jaimes, no dates available, may be same as above

(Hiatt, L.A. or P.A)-no such name found

*Hiatt, Sarah d. 12/30/1863 age 61y, 11m,12d-about 2AM

(Hiatt, Asopha)-no such name found See Asa Hiatt above

Hill, Walter d. 7/22/1876 age 7mo, 8d-sone of N.F. and M. A. Hill

Hodgin, Elias d. 7/22/1886 age 82y 8m, 12d

Ho(dgin), Matilda d. 8/1/1868 age 67 years-wife of Elias

Hoskins, Hannah B d. 11/9/1865 age 48 years

(Hoskins, Nan)no such name found, see entry above

Hoskins, Phoebe P. d. 10/16/1870 age 30y,5mo,8d-wife of Moses

Hoskins, Seaborn M. d. 9/2/1873 age 59y, 10m7d

Hoskins, Moses d. 4/25/1884 age 58y, 6m 2d- I shall be listed when I _______in thy likeness.

Hubbard, Susanna E. d. 10/23/1879 age 57 years-wife of J. H.

Hunt, John d. 8/30/1855 age 65y, 2mo,27d

Jackson, Wm. H. d. 5/1/81555 age 39y, 5m, 28d

John, Elizabeth d. 2/21/1871 age 80y, 7mo 25d-wife of Samuel-Gone home to live with Jesus

John, Samuel-(Cemer C Indpls)d. 8/5/1876 age 84y, 3d.-I live in Christ, I shall not die.

Jones, Charles N. b. 3/6/1858 d. 5/12/1886 age 29y, 2mo6d.-son of Joseph and Deborah Jones

*Jessup, Aura Ann d. 1/4/1889 age 35y, 1mo,11d.-wife of Charles

(Jessup, Charles)-no such name found

Jessup, John J. d. 1/18/1853 age 39y, 13d

(Jessup, Mary)-no such name found

Jessup, Riley d. 7/18/1849 age 16y,23d

(Kaities, Joshua)-no such name found

*Kenyon, Sarah C. d. 10/11/1876 age 74y, 3mo 4d-wife of Elrich Kenyon

*Kerr, Edward-d. 12/3/1863 age 1y, 3m, 20d

Kerr, John N. d. 1865 age 7y, 2m-son of J.E and R.M Kerr

Keys, Benjamin d. 9/1/1856 age 2?y, 8mo-son of Joseph and Lucinda

Lamm, John R. d. 6/17/1859 age 42y, 6mo, 16d.

Lamm, Joseph d. 12/10/1854 age 4y, 6mo

Lamm, Rachel d. 9/23/1853 age 13mo, 1d

*Lane, Charles d. 4/6/1865 age 16y, 11mo, 15d

Lane, Ira d. 2/27/1864 age 21y, 12d-He died as he lived, a Christian

*Lane, Sarah d. 12/10/1870 age 22y, 8d-dau of Chas. and Julia Lane

*Macey, Arcatia d. 8/11/1866 age 32y, 12d

Macey, Ira C. d. 1/23/1879 age 50y, 7m, 25d

*Matterson, Wm. A. b. 5/9/1865, d. 8/9/1866-son of B. and H.

Miller, Mary B. d. 12/10/1877 age 61y, 11mo,7d

Mills, Elizabeth, d.7/21/1854 age 61y,2mo., 24d-wife of James Mills

Mills, James d. 12/14/1869 age 80y, 3mo, 5d

(Montgomery, Martha)-no such name found

Montgomery, Tasha B. d. 8/15/1869 age 3m, 16d-dau of W. H. and M. Montgomery

Moore, Lindley N. d. 12/5/1877 age 22y, 6m, 7d-son of J. and D. Moore-Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.

(Moreham, Alice)-no such name found

*Newby, Martha J. d. 10/9/1870 age 1y, 19d-dau of J. and M. Newby

*Newman, Sarah b. 1800, d. 1875

Northam, James W.. d. 11/29/1868 age 6y, 4m, 15d-son of M. and J. Northam

Northam, John H. B. d. 1/8/1863 age 7 years-son of H. and F. Northam

Ozment(Oriene), William D. b. 2/8/1851, d. 3/28/1879 age 22y, 1mo, 8d.-Oh Lord Thy will be done

*Page, John S. b. 7/13/1864 d. 8/16/1866-son of J. R. and E.E. Page

*Patterson, Children of:

Fred b. 7/17/1876 d. 8/1/1876 age 15d

Iva b. 2/11/1878, d. 8/23/1800 age 2y, 6mo, 12d.

Patterson, Fanny no dates-wife of John

Patterson, Hannah d. 10/15/1879 age 48y, 4mo, 27d-wife of E. Patterson

Patterson, John b. 2/22/1852, d. 7/29/1879 age 26y, 11mo

Patterson, Joseph N. d.3/1/1859 age 34y, 7mo, 5d

(Patterson, Levi)-no such name found

(Patterson, Margaret)-no such name found

*Patterson, Mary d. 9/21/1854 age 24y, 9mo, 21d.-wife of J. Patterson

(Patterson, R.)-no such name found

Patterson, Solomon d. 7/17/1854 age 23y, 4mo, 21d

*Patterson, William d. 3/21/1878 age 81y, 2m, 9d

Perkins, Pauline J. d. 1/13/1860 age 21y, 8m, 11d-wife of James

Pike, Elanora d. 10/4/1854-dau of J. B. Pike

*Pruitt, Elisha b. 9/20/1814 d. 3/7/1873

**Randolph, Julie d. 1/11/1867 age 7y, 3mo, 24d

Reeve, Elizabeth d. 1/12/1859 age about 74 years

Reynolds, Mary P. b. 4/16/1820 d. 3/13/1881-wife of Lewis

(Rich, Charity)-no such name found

Roberts, Abby Jane b. 7/22/1866 d. 6/10/1867 age 1y, 2mo, 13d-dau of S. and B.C. Roberts

Stalker, Hira d. 10/18/1854 age 1y, 2mo, 21d-sone of D. E. Stalker

Stalker, Havilah d. 10/13/1876 age 26y, 9mp, 21d

*Stalker, John d. 4/10/1862 age 51y, 7mo

*Stanley, Mary d. 9/7/1851 age 1y, 2mo, 21d-dau of J.P. and E. Stanley

Steed, Elmer b. 9/14/1876 d. 2/12/1881-son of H.G. and Lydia Steed

Steed, Senas b. 10/25/1878 d. 10/31/1879-son of H. G. and Lydia Steed

Stewart, Newton G. d. 6/21/1857 age 2y, 1mo-son of E. and A. W. Stewart

Stout, Atlas J.-b. 1/17/1842 Chatham Co. N.C. d. 12/16/1865 Hamilton Co. In. age 23y, 10mo,29d

Stout, Edgar b. 9/9/1877, d. 11/3/1879 age 2y, 1mo, 24d

Stout, Ephraim b. 1/14/1797 d. 3/4/1876

Stout, Gustmia Ethel d. 4/19/1881 age 11y, 5mo 21d-So near perfection in heavenly day, why shoud we weep to see her snatched away, to see her reach at onto the important prize and rise triumphant to her native skies.

Stout, James d. 4/8/1853 age 34y, 21mo, 10d-son of Ephraim and E. Stout

Stout, Mary d. 2/1/1839 age 39y, 3mo, 15d-wife of Ephraim

Stout, Mary d. 3/28/1878 age 71y, 10mo, 22d.

Stuart, Ellis R. d.3/25/1859 age 11y, 5m 21d

(Stuart, Newton G.)See Stewart

Talbert, Elijah d. 9/13/1869 age 54 years

Thornburgh, Anna J. d. 10/25/1866 age 72y, 28d-wife of Joel Thornburg

(Tomlinson, Hannah)-no such name found

(Vilena, Unknown)-no such name found

Wells, Benjamin d. 6/30/1853 age 40y, 6m, 29d-Justice of the Peace

*Wells, William d. 9/1/1865 age 2y, 6mo, 12 d.-son of L.M. and W. Wells

**Wells, William d. ?/12/1867 age 24y, 9m, 12d-son of I. N and A. Wells

*Wheeler, Benjamin d. 6/17/1883 age 62y, 2m, 13d-Gone Home

Wheeler, Isaac M. b. 11/27/1855 d. 6/16/1886 -son of Wm. and A. Wheeler

(Wheeler, James)-no such name found

Wheeler, Naomi d. 11/13/1863 age 73y, 15d-wife of H. Wheeler

(Wheeler, Sarah E.)-no such name found

Wheeler, Zilpha Ann d. 9/27/1868 age 41y, 10m, 26d-wife of William V. Wheeler

Whicker, (Anna) d. 5/26/1871-wife of Samuel

*Whicker, Rhoda d. 9/24/1860 age 59y, 10mo, 2d

Whicker, Samuel b. 6/9/1803 d. 2/16/1879 age 75y, 8mo, 9d.

Whicker, Samuel d. 5/30/1855 age 1m, 12d-son of James and Thuris Whicker

White, Anzienetta d. 3/5/1877 age 19y, 5m,4d-wife of George

White, Betsy d. 1/16/1888 age 72y, 4mo, 13d-wife of Nathaniel White

White, Nathaniel d. 2/12/1879 age 61y, 1mo, 23d

Wilson, Hope d. 5/25/1873 age 71 years-wife of J. G. Wilson

Wilson, Joseph G. d. 1/31/1875 age 76th year of his age-My flesh shall rest in Hope

Wilson, Rachel d. 7/28/1869 30y, 9mo 5d-dau of J. G. and H. Wilson

Wise, Mallisa d. 2/19/1886 age 10m, 17d-dau of Jasper and G. A. Wise

Williams, Nancy J. d. 7/13/1859 age 25y, 3d

(Willaims P. R.)-no such name found

*Woody, John M. d. 5/25/1865 age 10y, 5m, 1d-son of E. E. Woody

Wrenn, Joseph T. b. 5/3/1840, d. 9/19/1877

*(Wrenn, William T.)-no such name found

Unknown, Ione

Unknown, Martha

Unknown, M.G.B.-No inscription

Unknown, J. G.

Unknown ?-d. 11/9/1857, age 18years

Unknown S. B.

Unknown J. B.



Armstrong, Milton-no dates available Co. A. 18th U.S. Inf

Baker, Peter D.-no dates available Co. A. 101st Ind. Inf

Bash, Jacob- In Memory of-died in Castle Thunder Rebel Prison In Richmond, Virginia at age 58,in November 1863.(From Hamilton County and the Civil War by Joe H. Burgess

Ballard, Braxton-no dates available Co G. 130th Ind. Inf

Ballard, John H.-no dates available Co. H. 187th Ind. Inf

Clayton, William-no dates available Co. F. 83rd Ind. Inf

Cloud, Jonathon-d. 12/16/1862 Co. A. 101st. Ind. Inf

Gause, Jacob A.-no dates available Co. D. 2nd Calv. 44th Reg

Jefferies, Calvin-no dates available Co. A. 101st. Ind. Inf

Jessup, Jackson-d. 4/18/1863 Co. A. 101st. Ind. Inf

Northam, Daniel-no dates available Co. C. 130th Ind. Inf

Wees, James-no dates available Co. A. 101st. Ind. Inf.

White, William O.-d. 8/5/1860 Co. C. 147th Ind. Inf

Williams, Phillip P.-no dates available Co I. 153rd Ind. Inf