This project is an important part of the history of our county. There are several catagories of ghost towns listed below. These towns may only live in memories now but they were once part of the growth and history of Hamilton County, Indiana.

The information for this page comes mainly from a talk given by Joe Roberts, Attorney in Westfield and Board Member of the Hamilton Co. Historical Society

The Delaware Indian towns that were the original county were:
Indian Strawtown,
Nancytown (where Clare is now located)
Upper Delaware Town (near Horseshoe Prairie)

Horsehoe Prairie is where William and John Conner originally settled the county. Part of this area is now the historic village and living museum called CONNER PRAIRIE

Towns that no longer exist are:
Horseshoe Prairie (also Connertown)
Woodville (west of Strawtown)
East Strawtown (east of Strawtown and east of St. Rd. 37)
Woodville, East Strawtown and Strawtown are now the town of Strawtown
Cynthia Ann (church there now on Cyntheanne Road)
Francisburg (at St. Rd. #238 and 113th Street)
Lancingburg (116th Street, east of White River)
Cillicothe(along the proposed Central Canal, northeast of Spargersburg)
Spargersburg (probably a mile west of Atlanta)
Shielville (just west of Atlanta, now part of Atlanta)
West Kinderhook (east of Atlanta, mostly in Tipton County)
Germantown (now mostly under Geist Reservoir)
Poinsett (on St. Rd. 38 east at the intersection of Cyntheannn Road)
Dunbar (on Dunbar Road in Adams Twp.)
Eldorado (west of Carmel, local residents still use the name)
Brompton (halfway between Noblesville and Westfield on the Central Railroad)
Valentine (now Valentine Addition to East Noblesville)
Garver's Village (now part of the west side of Noblesville).
Dantown on Dantown Road between 246th St and 256th St.(originally named for Dan Robbins Family
Wheatley-south of 206th street btwn Victory Chapel and Olio Roads
Jericho- north of Ekin, now in Tipton County

Those towns that still exist but have changed their names are:
Bethlehem-now Carmel
Buena Vista-now Atlanta
Farmington-now Deming
Millwood-now Sheridan
Aberdeen-now Boxley
Nicholsville-now Clarksville
Fishers Station-now Fishers

There are probably other Ghost Towns in Hamilton County. If you know of any, let me know. My name is Sharon Craig and I am responsible for Hamilton County.
Please contact me if you would like to contribute to this page. Updated April 2012