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Hilliard Family Bible

These are from the P. Brock Collection. You can Click on the thumbnails and see a large scan of the page. Beneath is text transcript of each page.

Hilliard Bible page 1 scan Hilliard Bible page 2 scan
Text Transcription
Page 1

  • Martha Alice Hilliard was born Oct. the 5th, 1884
  • Girty F. B. Hilliard was born Jan the 21st, 1887
  • Emily Elizabeth Hilliard was born January the 29, 1889
  • Berry [?]alley Hilliard was born April the 11th, 1883
Page 2

  • Robert E. lee Hilliard departed this
    life Wednesday January the 11th [?] 1872

  • Mary Ann Hilliad Departed this life
    Febuary the 8th 1872