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James L. Murphy Family Bible Page

This page from the family Bible page of James L. Murphy come the following births: was submitted by Orvill Paller,  Murphy family historian. You can click on the thumbnail (small image) and go to a large scan of the page. Beneath is text transcript of the page.

Page Scan
Scan of Murphy Family Bible page.
Text Transcription
Family Record

Bring up your children in the admonition of the Lord.

James L. Murphy and Mary "Polly" Murphy are buried in Medora. His headstone is still standing. See a photo of James L. Murphy here.
  • James L. Murphy Born July 20, 1808
  • Mary Ann Murphy Born June 28, 1819
  • Washington S Murphy Born May 28th 1833
  • Elizabeth A. Murphy Born June 9th 1835
  • George W. Murphy Born Aug 12, 1838
  • Deboline Murphy Born Dec 15th, 1840
  • Wm. A. Murphy Born Oct 25th, 1842
  • Phebe K. Murphy Born Apr 19th, 1846
  • Mary V. Murphy Born Aug 7th, 1848 (-twin)
  • Sarah Murphy Born Aug 7th, 1848 (-twin)
  • Delila Murphy Born Nov 4th, 1850
  • Clary Murphy Born Apr 4th 1854
Grand Children
  • James M. Brown Born March 24th, 1857
  • Arnold B. Brown Born Oct 15th, 1858
  • Mary Idell Brown Born July 3rd, 1860
  • Verbenia Crane Born Sept 20th, 1861
  • Anna Brown Born July 19th, 1862
  • Ella O Crane Born July 2nd, 1863
  • Myrtle Brown Born Feb 12, 1864