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Brown/Bush Family

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My grandmother was Florence Jane Brown b. 1890 daughter of Edward C. Brown b.1869 and Addie M. Williams, and granddaughter of John Marshall Brown the grocery store owner. My gandmother and her siblings were raised by their Aunt Adda Brown Bush and William F.Bush from the early 1900's. At times her brothers lived with their grandparents John Marshall Brown and Mary Jane Adams. I think the home of Adda and William Bush is still standing at 101 E. Third Street in Seymour.

My grandmother's cousin Charles Brown was for many years the editor of the Seymour Tribune.

My mother recalls visiting her aunt Adda and staying at her house. They were very kind and generous people.

Brown Grocery

This picture is of the Brown Grocery Store at the corner of Third and Ewing Streets in Seymour. Laban Brown b. 1795 CT is said to have had the first grocery in Seymour after its incorporation in 1864. His son John Marshall Brown, b.1840 Jackson TN, Jackson Co., IN, later took over the business. I'm not sure just when the picture was taken, but think it was prior to 1900. The man on the left with the beard may be John Marshall Brown, but I'm not certain.

William F. Bush
Portrait of William F. Bush (b.1866 )
shoe merchant taken ? Perhaps 1910?
Adda M. Brown Bush
This is a picture of Adda M. Brown Bush
at her home at 101 E. Third St., Seymour, IN

William F. Bush
William F. Bush at home on 101 E. Third St.,
Seymour, IN circa 1930. He was for many
years a shoe merchant in Seymour.
Adda Brown Bush and her niece Madge Brown
This is a photo of Adda Brown Bush and her niece Madge Brown. Madge Brown is listed as a teacher in the 1912 Seymour Directory. She later moved to Indianapollis.

Edward C. Brown
This is a photo of Edward C. Brown b. 1869 Seymour, brother of Adda M. Brown Bush. Probably taken on the porch of Adda's home at 101 E. Third St., Seymour.
Edward C. Brown
This is a picture of Edward C. Brown and two
unidentified persons take at side of
Brown Grocery Store.

This is a photo of some members of the George Granville Wray family of Norman Station, Owen TN, Jackson Co., IN. Seated are George Granville Wray (1858-1927, son of Josephus and Arthusa Owens Wray) and wife, Margaret Minerva "Minnie" Alexander Wray (1865-1924, daughter of Joseph Alexander and Catherine George).

Standing from left to right are children Alva, Mallie, (not sure which is which), Cora, Benjamin, and I think Carrie. Picture probably taken about 1920. Unfortunately, the far left side of the picture which had included Truman Wray was badly torn.

This is a photo of Cora Wray Paffenberg
(wife of Guy)and one of her daughters in
front of their house in Owen TN, Jackson Co., IN
(Near Clear Springs).Cora is daughter of
George Granville andMinnie Wray.

This is a portrait of George Granville Wray
and wife Margaret Minervia "Minnie"
Alexander Wray of Norman Station. IN.

This is a photo of Benjamin Harrison Wray
(son of George Granville Wray) wife, Florence Jane
Brown Wray (daughter of Edward C. Brown) and
children circa 1918 taken at George Granville Wray
farm, Norman Station, IN

This is a photo of George Granville and
Minnie Alexander Wray of right with possibly
a daughter and husband on the left.
Taken Norman Station, IN circa 1920.

This is a photo of a Wray, possibly Benjamin, son of George Granville Wray, taken at farm, Norman Station, IN. When my grandfather Benjamin Wray of Norman Station was courting by grandmother Florence Jane Brown of Seymour his means of transportation was a horse and buggy. He said it took many hours to travel each way. This would have been about 1908.

Receipts from the
W. F. Bush Shoe Store.
added: Oct. 2008