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Carter Family Photo Mysteries

Submitted by: Mardi

Mardi is trying to identify the people in the photos. Here is what she wrote:

The large group photo was undoubtedly taken on the occasion of Travis and Esther (Killey) Carter's 60th wedding anniversary 25 Dec 1900. With that assumption in mind I was able to identify some of the children on the basis of age, their proximity to particular adults, and comparison with other photos. I also had a newspaper article that listed those who attended the Carter Xmas dinner that year, and a list of IDs from an unknown person (but some of those are clearly wrong). Some of the individuals are positively identified and others are guesses. It is a wonderful old photo and I would love to firm up the uncertain IDs. It appears that Travis and Esther, their children and some spouses are sitting in the middle row. Grandchildren (for the most part) are standing in the back, and a mixture of grandchildren and great-grandchildren are in the very front.
If you can help Mardi, please email her.

If you'd like to see one of the photos in a larger (the original) size, just click on the photo. I have cut them down for space and quicker loading.

Unknown Carter Female
Unknown Carter Female
Mary Jones and Kids
Carter Family Photo