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William Cox

submitted by  John W. Cox

This is some history of one of Jackson Countys early settler families. Mr. Cox wrote, "The Cox family were early settlers of Jackson County, and my great grandfather was one of the second generation folks there." Thank you for sharing this.

William traveled from East Tennessee for his bride (Nancy Ann Ruddick). After the wedding, they returned to Tennessee where they attended Lost Creek MM. They were early members of the meeting, and served as overseers for several years. It is possible that the family moved to Knox County, Kentucky, about 1810, but resided there for only a very short time. William and his brother-in-law Solomon Cox made land entries near Paoli, Indiana Territory in May of 1811.

It appears that William moved still further north to what would become Jackson County, but after the murder of cousin Hinton, he took his family back to Paoli for safety. While living here, the family attended Lick Creek MM.

In the Spring of 1814, the Cox families made their home in Jackson Township, Jackson County. William and Ann settled on160 acres a few miles southeast of present day Seymour. They belonged to Blue River MM in Washington County, which was quite a distance to travel, and before long, they were granted permission (April 4 1816) to hold meetings in their own home. As the Quaker population grew in that area, the Cox homestead became crowded so a meetinghouse and a school were built on a creek nearby in the Summer of 1816.

On Tuesday, May 7, 1816, William was appointed Overseer of the Poor in Jackson Township. He and Ann were very active in community affairs and helping those in need. They were, with the Ruddicks, the most prominent members of the early Driftwood MM and served as elders for many years. On September 29, 1819, they sold the meetinghouse property (3 1/2 acres) to trustees of the Society of Friends for 12 dollars. In the Fall of 1831, William and Ann sold their place to the Lancasters and took their younger children West to Vermillion MM and served as elders. It is very likely that they moved again in the Spring of 1844, settling at Pleasant Plain MM (Jefferson County), Iowa.

Wm. Cox

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