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Gabriel Dudley Sr. Mystery

- submitted by: Rory Dudley

I'm trying to find out any info I can on Gabriel Dudley Sr. He married Delilah Blair in Bartholomew County on November 9, 1829. The Jackson County census of 1850 shows him and his family living in Washington township with his whole family. Everyone I know that has tryed to trace the family tree hits the same wall. No one seems to be able to fine much verified info on him. He is was probably born in Virginia about 1810. His parents may have been James and Mary and he may have had a brother named John. There is a James and Mary "Duddly" from Virginia living in Washington township in the 1850 census, but I have no way of knowing if they are related or not. I know it was common for names to get miss-spelled back then because most of the farmers couldn't read or write, so the Dudley's, Duddly's and Duddley's on the 1850 census are probably all related. I also don't know his full name either. I have found it common in my family for people to go by their middle names. The whole family eventually made their way to Niangua Missouri where my father was born.

Any help anyone can give would be very appreciated.

    Rory Dudley