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Ambrose Bowen Epperson

Submitted by  Ellen Baize

Ambrose Bowen Epperson wrote about his life. His parents, John and Phoebe Muir Epperson, moved to Jackson Co., IN in 1820. I have found the land patent. After his parents' deaths, Ambrose lived for several years with his older brother John, who I think is the John Epperson who married Sarah Alloway. I have also found John Epperson in the 1820 census of Jackson Co. Below is what ABE wrote:

"As nearly as I can ascertain, this boy (talking about himself, Ambrose Bowen Epperson) was born near Christianburgh, Shelby County, Kentucky, in the year 1818. In the year 1820 his parents moved to Jackson County, Indiana, settled on Driftwood Fork of White River about 11 miles below Columbus, on the east side of the river. His father and older brothers managed to open out a good sized cornfield and erect comfortable buildings and were all living at home comfortably and happy until sometime in the summer of 1823. His father died and left nine children, five boys and four girls of which this stolen boy was the youngest, save two sisters.

The widowed mother kept the children together as long as she could like all other good mothers, but in a little while the two older boys which is the natural consequences in most cases, became heads of families and settled near-by. In the spring of 1825 the mother married again and in the summer of 1826, she died leaving an infant of a few weeks old, as it was termed in those days, away out in Indiana. Just before she died she requested her second son, J, to take his little brother and raise him. J agreed to do the best he could.

In the fall of 1826, the step-father took the two brothers and four sisters back to Kentucky and got them good homes among their relations and friends. This Stolen Boy went to live with his brother, J.