Biographies - B

  1. Badders, James W buried Green Park
  2. Badders, Ara "A C" buried Green Park
  3. Bader, Melvin E buried Hillcrest
  4. Bailey, Elijah C buried Salamonia
  5. Bailey, Peter buried Salamonia
  6. Bair, Edward M buried Green Park
  7. Baird, Milton G buried Green Park
  8. Baker, Jesse H buried Dunkirk IOOF
  9. Banta, Joseph L buried in Claycomb
  10. Barnett, Andrew J
  11. Barrick, I G
  12. Bash, Joseph S
  13. Batsch, Henry J buried Dunkirk IOOF
  14. Bayles, J V, Dr

  15. Beard, Lewis buried Green Park
  16. Bechdolt, Philip C, Rev buried Green Park
  17. Bechdolt, Clyde D
  18. Bechdolt, Fred R buried Gravel Hill
  19. Beck, Nathan buried Green Park
  20. Bell, Arthur E
  21. Bell, D Ward, John & Simeon
    John Bell buried New Mount Pleasant; Simeon K Bell buried Green Park
  22. Bender, Daniel W buried Wells Co, IN
  23. Bergdoll, John C
  24. Berger, Peter buried Salamonia

  25. Bibler, Henry buried Salamonia
  26. Bickel, Andrew "A J" buried Antioch
  27. Bickel, George W
  28. Bickel, William J buried Antioch
  29. Bimel, Carl M buried Hamilton Co, OH
  30. Bimel, Fritz
  31. Birch, Charles F buried Dunkirk IOOF
  32. Bishop, Grover

  33. Blakely, Vernon E
  34. Blazer, Samuel buried Bost
  35. Bone, William J buried Gravel Hill
  36. Bonham, Francis M buried Gravel Hill
  37. Bonham, William
  38. Bonifas, John N buried Green Park
  39. Bortner, Henry W buried Hillcrest
  40. Bosworth, J M
  41. Bost, Elias buried Green Park
  42. Bosworth, Jacob, Dr buried Liber
  43. Bosworth, Thomas buried Liber
  44. Botkin, John H
  45. Bouse, William buried Twin Hill
  46. Bowen, Mary A (Bird) buried Dunkirk IOOF
  47. Bowler, Thomas
  48. Bowman, Robert W

  49. Bradley, Benjamin R
  50. Bradley, David E buried Green Park
  51. Bradley, John
  52. Bragg, Charles F buried Randolph Co, IN
  53. Brake, Abram J buried Marion Co, IN
  54. Branstetter, John
  55. Brewington, Joseph T buried Green Park
  56. Brinckerhoof, Wilbur W
  57. Briscoe, Samuel M
  58. Briscoe, Thomas
  59. Brokaw, Reuben E, Dr buried Green Park
  60. Brown, William buried Bost
  61. Bruner, Louis J buried Greep Park
  62. Brunson, Burton buried Maple Lawn
  63. Bryan, Guy

  64. Buckmaster, Jesse A "J A" buried Green Park
  65. Buirley, Miller Henry buried Green Park
  66. Bunker, Francis S buried Hillside
  67. Burr, Adam buried Pleasant Hill
  68. Butcher, George W buried Old Brethren
  69. Butcher, Ira D buried Green Park
  70. Butcher, William W buried Gravel Hill

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