Biographies - J

  1. Jack, Marion buried Green Park
  2. James, Richard Thomas buried Green Park
  3. Jaqua, Alonzo L buried Green Park
  4. Jaqua, Frank B aka Francis Braffett Jaqua buried Green Park
  5. Jaqua, James Braffett "J B" buried Green Park
  6. Jaqua, Judson Avery buried Green Park
  7. Jay, Milton T, Dr buried Green Park
  8. Jay, Orlistus buried Hillcrest

  9. Jeffries, James B
  10. Jellison, Charles buried Randolph Co, IN
  11. Jenkins, William Z buried Hillside
  12. Johnson, Levi
  13. Jones, Gilford H buried Hillcrest
  14. Jones, Hiram H, Dr buried Green Park
  15. Jones, Josiah Wilbur buried Twin Hill
  16. Jones, Mark W buried in Randolph Co, IN
  17. Journy, Robert R buried Liber
  18. Juillerat, Edward Albert buried Center

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