Biographies - S

  1. Sanders, Charles L
  2. Schamp, Homer R buried Green Park
  3. Schenk, William F
  4. Scholer, Jacob buried Salamonia
  5. Scholer, John buried Salamonia
  6. Schmuck, John buried Green Park
  7. Schwartz, Charles E buried Green Park
  8. Schwartz, George S buried Green Park
  9. Schwartz, John Henry buried Green Park
  10. Schwartz, William Daniel, Dr buried Green Park

  11. Sears, Benjamin E
  12. Selvey, Samuel Sylvester, Dr buried in Delaware Co, IN
  13. Shafer, Eugene E buried in Hancock Co, IN
  14. Shardelman, Henry S buried Green Park
  15. Sheller, Harry E
  16. Shepherd, Thomas S, Dr
  17. Sherman, Austin Judson buried Green Park
  18. Sherman, Lorenzo
  19. Shimp, George B buried in Adams Co, IN
  20. Shimp, Thomas W buried Green Park
  21. Shockney, Charles Henry buried in Randolph Co, IN
  22. Shuck, Harry H buried in Johnson Co, IN

  23. Siders, Charles M
  24. Simmons, James B buried Gravel Hill
  25. Simmons, Thomas W
  26. Simpson, Emmett buried Green Park
  27. Simpson, George W buried Green Park
  28. Sims, I G, Dr
  29. Skinner, Malcolm V buried Green Park
  30. Skinner, Walter Lee
  31. Sloan, Robert

  32. Smith, Austin B
  33. Smith, Dillwyn Parrish buried West Grove
  34. Smith, George H buried Green Park
  35. Smith, John C buried Boundary
  36. Smith, John M, Judge buried Green Park
  37. Smith, Lewis Milton buried Dunkirk IOOF
  38. Smith, Louis A buried West Grove
  39. Smith, Palmer J buried Green Park
  40. Smith, William F
  41. Smith, William P

  42. Sommer, Charles A or C buried Salamonia
  43. Sonday, Francis M buried in Allen Co, IN
  44. Spade, Jacob Miller buried Green Park
  45. Spahr, Charles Smith buried Twin Hill
  46. Spahr, Emery N buried Twin Hill
  47. Spahr, James Finley buried Twin Hill
  48. Spahr, Morris Hamilton
  49. Sprinkle, William Rosco buried Lancaster

  50. Starr, John Merrit buried Green Park
  51. Steed, Elias H
  52. Steed, Homer Hammond buried Hillcrest
  53. Steed, James Finley buried Green Park
  54. Steed, Oliver P
  55. Steed, William Wesley buried Liber
  56. Stephenson, Richard Douglas buried Green Park
  57. Stephenson, Thomas C buried Green Park
  58. Stewart, Charles Ertie buried Green Park
  59. Stewart, James J or J J buried Dunkirk IOOF
  60. Stitzer, Edward buried Green Park
  61. St John, Roscoe M
  62. Stoltz, P B
  63. Stone, Lewis
  64. Stoner, Francis A buried Salamonia
  65. Stoner, Henry buried Salamonia

  66. Straly, George buried Bloomfield
  67. Straly, Samuel
  68. Straly, Stephen
  69. Stratton, Henry Spolden buried Boundary
  70. Stratton, Melvin buried Hillcrest
  71. Stratton, Timothy L buried Green Park
  72. Strausburg, Frederick buried Twin Hill
  73. Strausburg, Samuel buried Twin Hill
  74. Strausburg, Willis O buried Gravel Hill
  75. Strauss, Clinton P buried Salamonia
  76. Stroble, Alban buried Green Park

  77. Studabaker, Peter
  78. Stullen, Samuel
  79. Stultz, Addison F buried Twin Hill
  80. Sutton, Chester J buried Twin Hill
  81. Sutton, James M buried Hillside
  82. Sutton, John T
  83. Swhier, W Walter buried Green Park

updated 6/8/2018

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