Korea was ruled by Imperial Japan from 1910 until the closing days of World War II. In August 1945, the Soviet Union declared war on Imperial Japan, as a result of an agreement with the United States, and liberated Korea north of the 38th parallel. U.S. forces subsequently moved into the south. By 1948, as a product of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States, Korea was split into two regions, with separate governments. Both claimed to be the legitimate government of all of Korea, and neither accepted the border as permanent. The conflict escalated into open warfare when North Korean forces—supported by the Soviet Union and China—moved into the south on 25 June 1950. On 27 June, the United Nations Security Council authorized the formation and dispatch of UN forces to Korea to repel what was recognized as a North Korean invasion. Twenty-one countries of the United Nations eventually contributed to the UN force, with the United States providing 88% of the UN's military personnel.
The fighting ended on 27 July 1953, when an armistice was signed. The agreement created the Korean Demilitarized Zone to separate North and South Korea, and allowed the return of prisoners. However, no peace treaty has been signed, and the two Koreas are technically still at war.
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Korean Conflict Veterans buried in Jay County

There are over 150 Korean Conflict veterans buried in Jay County.

Please check the cemetery listing for more information which may include spouse, marriage date, parents, etc.
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Posted 9/5/2017; updated 1/25/2018
Name Birth Death Service Cemetery
Antrim, Richard Theodore 6/5/1930 1/22/2015 Korea S/Sgt US Air Force Claycomb
Barnett, Robert L 6/26/1929 5/9/2004 Korea Cpl US Army Green Park
Beeks, Harry Richard 3/28/1928 4/17/2003 Korea PFC US Army Twin Hill
Bentz, Marvin L 7/17/1928 9/1/2013 Korea & Vietnam US Army & Air Force Twin Hill
Betz, Leonard 2/3/1930 8/21/2013 Korea US Army Green Park
Blankenbaker, Max Edward 12/31/1922 7/5/2002 WW II & Korea - US Navy Green Park
Boxell, Gerald W 5/12/1928 9/10/2016 Korea US Army Twin Hill
Brenner, Fred Arthur PFC 10/24/1931 8/19/1950 9th Inf, 2nd Div US Army - KIA IOOF Dunkirk
Bright, Ernest Jr 3/23/1931 4/14/2013 Korea US Navy Green Park
Brown, Charles I 11/2/1929 1/25/1989 Korea Cpl US Army Twin Hill
Brown, James 2/24/1922 5/5/2008 WW II & Korea Hillside
Butcher, David L 9/28/1930 1/21/2007 Korea Cpl US Army Green Park
Butcher, Joseph E 8/27/1928 11/7/2000 Korea Cpl US Army; A2C US Air Force Gravel Hill
Chalk, Max W 4/12/1909 3/6/1981 WW II & Korea M Sgt US Air Force Hillside
Clark, Winston Joe 1/21/1929 6/7/1994 Korea - Pvt US Army Twin Hill
Claycomb, Max Edwin 1926 7/11/2008 WW II & Korea US Army Hillside
Cook, Paul E 3/17/1925 6/0/1981 Korea Cpl US Army Claycomb
Cromer, William L 4/5/1926 7/17/1952 Korea Pvt US Army Twin Hill
Cupp, Richard Lee 6/26/1931 7/27/2005 Korea SP3 US Army Limberlost
Dearduff, Raymond D 6/26/1930 7/10/1992 Korea SP4 US Army Twin Hill
DeLauter, Bob W 2/16/1931 6/4/1991 Korea 1st Lt US Army Green Park
DeLauter, William M 3/17/1933 12/29/1991 Korea Cpl US Army Green Park
Denney, Bill L 1929 3/24/1995 Korea US Air Force Claycomb
Denney, Robert Cloyce 12/24/1928 7/14/1990 Korea US Army Gravel Hill
DeRome, William LeRoy 9/6/1932 6/27/2000 Korea A1C US Air Force Green Park
Downing, James J 7/0/1938 12/0/1972 Korea US Army Maple Lawn
Drill, Marion L 1/16/1932 8/26/1983 Korea S/Sgt US Air Force Salamonia
Dunmoyer, Philip Duane 11/30/1916 12/10/2010 WW II & Korea - US Army Hillside
Eley, Jackson R 1931 1987 Korea Sgt US Army Green Park
Eley, John Joseph 8/7/1927 6/25/1962 Korean War veteran Bluff Point
Faris, Roger L 7/13/1936 3/23/2013 Korea - US Army Hillside
Faught, James E 1/27/1928 4/28/2001 Korea - TEC 5 US Army Gravel Hill
Forrest, Karl W 7/28/1940 5/3/2013 Korea - US Army Hillside
Franklin, Dale Leon 5/14/1934 9/28/1977 Korea, Vietnam A1C US Air Force Salamonia
Franks, Charles E 5/10/1925 6/26/2007 WW II US Air Force Center
Franks, Frederick R 5/3/1931 2/23/2017 Korea US Army 2PH, SS Center
*Franks, Henry Albert 10/8/1931 7/28/1950 Korea PFC 25 Recon Co 25 Inf Div - KIA Wells
Garringer, Orla A 4/13/1930 4/22/1991 Korea Cpl US Army Bluff Point
Geesaman, Carl O 5/12/1924 7/23/2005 Korea US Army Center
Gierhart, Tommy L 3/27/1935 10/15/2004 Korea Pvt US Army Gravel Hill
Gillespie, Melvin L 10/9/1930 7/4/2016 Korea US Navy Green Park
Gillum, Benjamin Jr 1926 1981 CY US Navy Center
Gilmore, Charles R 1/31/1929 5/12/2003 Korea - US Army Green Park
Grady, James 2/12/1929 11/3/2016 Korea US Army Hillside
Graig, Verlin Lee 1929 1989 Korea Sgt US Army Twin Hill
*Grayson, David Junior 10/5/1926 8/2/1951 Korea KY Pfc 7th Cav Inf 1st Cav Div - KIA Hillside
Green, Milo J 12/21/1931 3/24/1992 Korea Pvt US Army Twin Hill
Griffith, Harold O Jr 6/23/1932 12/19/1976 Korea US Army Pleasant Hill
Grisell, John Aaron 1/31/1913 3/5/2000 WW II & Korea US Navy Twin Hill
Hall, Joseph E Jr 11/15/1928 1/2/2008 Korea Sgt US Army Green Park
Hamilton, Howard Bishop Cpl 10/2/1931 10/2/1950 Co C 7th Cav Regt. - KIA IOOF Dunkirk
Hardesty, Robert Earl 1/2/1929 6/4/1989 Korea Pvt US Army Claycomb
Harris, George Ralph 4/11/1929 7/3/1994 Korea 2nd Lt US Army Twin Hill
Hayden, Robert E 6/13/1931 2/9/2014 Korea US Army Salamonia
Hines, Donald F 1/14/1927 7/10/2009 Korea - US Army Mt. Zion
Hollopeter, Paul F 10/24/1928 5/6/1991 Korea Pvt US Army Center
Horine, Duane E 1929 1987 Cpl US Army - Korea Little Salamonia
Hudson, Clarence Fay 3/3/1920 5/11/1990 WW II, Korea, Vietnam CDR US Navy Hillside
Huey, Keith L 10/17/1930 6/26/1995 Korea US Army Mt. Zion
Hume, Charles E 7/13/1930 4/12/1992 Korea S Sgt US Air Force Hillside
Hummer, Charles W 5/3/1930 8/6/2004 Korea US Army Salamonia
Hummer, John F 2/16/1920 6/26/2007 WW II Korea US Navy Twin Hill
Hunt, William Clay Sr 2/12/1935 5/3/1993 Korea US Navy Salamonia
Hutzler, Charles Ronald 4/7/1930 6/5/1994 Korea S1 US Navy Center
Hutzler, John Robert 5/1/1933 9/30/2008 Korea - US Army Center
Imel, Quentin G 2/13/1929 9/2/1992 Korea Cpl US Army, Purple Heart Green Park
Imel, William A 6/18/1923 2/20/2006 Korea S/Sgt US Army Antioch
Jellison, Robert E 8/7/1927 11/9/2011 Korea US Army Little Salamonia
*Johnson, Cassius E 7/24/1932 9/1/1950 Korea Pfc 23rd Inf, 2nd Inf Div - KIA Hillside
Kantner, Jerry Joe 7/6/1930 4/22/1978 Korea SK 3 US Navy Salamonia
Keeling, Forrest Everett 6/8/1897 10/17/1994 WW I, II, Korea Green Park
Kerns, Max E 3/7/1933 10/29/1999 Korea US Army Twin Hill
King, Jay H 12/3/1925 4/22/2016 WW II Korea US Navy Green Park
Lake, Warren D 10/7/1921 9/26/1997 WW II & Korea Sgt US Army Salamonia
Langenkamp, Robert H 5/21/1927 12/22/2010 Korea US Army, Army Reserves Salamonia
Lawson, Thomas E 1930 1982 WW II Korea Pvt US Army Wells
Lee, Lawrence L "Jim" 5/30/1920 7/5/2005 WW II & Korea SFC US Army - Bronze Star Salamonia
LeMaster, Roger Allen 12/5/1926 3/5/1972 Korea Cpl US Army Salamonia
Lorey, John J 9/28/1930 6/3/1992 Korea S/Sgt US Air Force Antioch
Louck, Carl F 4/21/1933 10/27/2012 Korea Cpl US Army Claycomb
Ludy, Robert W 6/11/1928 7/24/2003 Korea Pfc US Army Gravel Hill
Maloney, Richard Charles 10/4/1934 9/13/1966 Korea EN2 US Navy Green Park
*Martin, Carl Edward 1931 4/8/1953 Korea Cpl A Co 1st Marine Div - KIA Antioch
McBride, Myron C 1/29/1930 6/6/2007 Korea US Air Force Gravel Hill
McClain, Murl 5/20/1930 12/30/2006 IN National Guard; Korea - US Army Hillside
Metz, Peter W 5/21/1922 2/8/1997 WW II & Korea US Navy Little Salamonia
Meyer, Robert L 10/11/1933 12/24/1968 Korea US Marine Corps Twin Hill
Meyers, Harold L 1932 1989 Korea Pvt US Army Gravel Hill
Michaud, Philip 7/23/1921 2/26/1998 HMC US Navy Center
Miller, Alvin E 9/15/1928 11/21/2013 Korea US Marine Corps Green Park
Miller, Donald A 2/29/1924 10/7/2003 Korea US Army Twin Hill
Miller, Robert W 6/29/1927 3/6/1952 Korea PFC 6th Field Arty BN Green Park
Milligan, Raymond K 1/25/1928 12/25/2012 Korea US Army Gravel Hill
Mills, Howard Lee 1931 10/8/2001 Korea US Army Salamonia
Mills, John J 12/21/1939 1/2/2014 Korea US Army Green Park
Missicano, F A 1927 1984 Korea US Army Boundary
Mock, Max L 8/29/1932 6/19/2001 Korea Cpl US Army Center
Monroe, James Ray 1930 1988 Korea Cpl US Army Twin Hill
Morrical, Robert L 8/20/1924 8/24/2007 Korea - US Army Hillside
Muhlenkamp, Robert John 1/19/1929 8/1/2012 Korea PFC US Army Holy Trinity
Nichols, Charles W 5/3/1930 6/20/1986 Korea FN US Navy Salamonia
Nixon, Paul Leon 2/9/1929 1/31/2007 Korea Cpl US Army Bost
Overholser, H Lemoine 10/10/1932 7/11/2015 Korea US Army Green Park
Overmeyer, Jack Leland 12/22/1931 5/14/2011 Korea - Cpl US Army Green Park
Paxson, Kenneth Dale 3/15/1929 1/12/2017 Korea US Army Twin Hill
Perry, James D 2/20/1931 3/16/1997 Korea SFC US Army Purple Heart Salamonia
Pierson, Rex A 1/14/1929 3/18/1990 Korea Pfc US Army Twin Hill
*Pontius, Robert D 1928 7/9/1953 Korea 1st Lt 40th Div - KIA Green Park
Post, Bernard J 6/11/1928 3/15/2000 Korea Sgt US Army Green Park
Prescott, Jerry Joe 4/25/1938 3/14/2009 Korea US Army Pleasant Hill
Price, Carl F 8/31/1925 1/26/1994 Korea Cpl US Army Daugherty
Price, Loren H 5/26/1933 12/20/2006 Korea - US Army Gravel Hill
Pro, William M 1931 1982 Korea Cpl US Army Gravel Hill
Purvis, Donald Lee, Sr 8/9/1931 8/5/2009 Korea US Army Daugherty
Reinhart, Eugene P 12/16/1927 Korean War veteran Holy Trinity
Renner, Donald K 11/9/1927 3/20/1991 Korea US Army Gravel Hill
Resendez, Richard V 1924 7/12/1987 WW II Korea M/Sgt US Air Force Gravel Hill
Reynard, Richard S 2/27/1926 11/26/2015 Korea - US Army Green Park
Reynolds, Walter Thomas 3/12/1932 9/10/1986 Korea Pfc US Army Claycomb
Rinker, Howard Eugene 7/22/1925 1/28/2011 Korea BT2 US Navy Green Park
Roberts, Oakland Mitchell Sr 3/23/1931 4/17/2015 Korea US Air Force Pleasant Hill
Robinette, Robert E 2/7/1930 5/30/1981 Korea & Vietnam M Sgt US Marine Corps Twin Hill
Rombeck, John M 3/7/1939 7/26/1993 Korea - US Army Hillside
Schubert, Robert J 3/14/1928 3/28/1981 Korea Cpl US Army Gravel Hill
Shaneyfelt, Fred J "Buddy" 8/28/1932 8/1/2001 Korea MM2 US Navy Antioch
Shauver, Russell M 5/5/1932 3/25/2004 Korea PFC US Army Salamonia
Shreeve, Dale C 10/8/1932 10/7/1990 Korea PFC US Army Salamonia
Shultz, Paul D 10/23/1930 10/24/1992 Korea US Army Gravel Hill
Simpson, Gail Ervin 1932 8/25/2001 Korean War veteran Hillside
Smith, Everett L 1932 1991 Korea Cpl US Army Little Salamonia
Smith, Harmon 11/10/1924 6/28/1997 WW II & Korea 1st Lt US Air Force Hillside
Smith, Leonard Ledru 1/5/1933 8/9/2008 Korea Pvt US Army Limberlost
Smith, Robert Owen 7/19/1929 1/22/1998 Korea Pvt US Air Force Green Park
Smith, Wilbur E 11/10/1930 4/14/1996 Korea SP4 US Army Antioch
Somers, Edward L 9/25/1928 8/15/2009 Korea Cpl US Army Green Park
Spahr, Harold E 4/4/1928 6/16/1971 WW II & Korea Eng 3 US Navy Green Park
Stevenson, William R 7/22/1918 7/31/1973 WW II & Korea IN Sgt US Army Green Park
Steveson, Perry Kenneth 3/5/1931 6/23/1978 Korea Cpl US Army Little Salamonia
Stewart, James Edgar 12/15/1932 7/20/1997 Korea - Marine Corps Twin Hill
Taflinger, Grant G 11/18/1912 1/29/1960 WW II & Korea FP3 US Navy Hillside
Taylor, Harold 3/27/1927 10/1/2012 Korea US Army Green Park
Teeter, Stanley P 4/30/1929 7/21/2013 Korea US Army Green Park
Theurer, Glen L 1/1/1929 12/4/2008 Korea US Army Green Park
Tyndall, James Duane 1/6/1938 10/30/2007 Korea SP 4 US Army Green Park
Wangler, Charles F 1/23/1930 5/2/2013 Korea US Army Stratton
Warren, James Wilson 1936 1985 Korea Pvt US Marines Hillside
Watkins, George N 3/10/1931 2/2/1963 Korea Lt Cpl US Marine Corps Res Twin Hill
Whipple, Walter Basil 8/14/1930 7/30/1958 Korea IN Cpl 11 Armored Cav Gravel Hill
Whitenack, Merrill Howard 7/18/1931 9/6/1987 Korea A3C US Air Force Bluff Point
Wilkinson, Gene 6/25/1930 9/9/1992 Korea - US Air Force Liber
Wood, Alexander 10/3/1916 8/29/1994 Korea & Vietnam Sgt US Army Little Salamonia
Wood, Harley Lee 5/25/1916 2/12/1985 WW II & Korea BMGC US Navy Twin Hill
Wright, James T 5/29/1926 9/17/2009 Korea US Army medic Twin Hill
Young, Edward D 3/16/1933 8/2/1996 Korea SP3 US Army Twin Hill

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