World War II summary: The carnage of World War II was unprecedented and brought the world closest to the term “total warfare.” On average 27,000 people were killed each day between September 1, 1939, until the formal surrender of Japan on September 2, 1945. Western technological advances had turned upon itself, bringing about the most destructive war in human history. The primary combatants were the Axis nations of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan, and the Allied nations, Great Britain (and its Commonwealth nations), the Soviet Union, and the United States. Seven days after the suicide of Adolf Hitler, Germany unconditionally surrendered on May 7, 1945. The Japanese would go on to fight for nearly four more months until their surrender on September 2, which was brought on by the U.S. dropping atomic bombs on the Japanese towns of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

World War II
Gold Stars

The following Jay County soldiers lost their lives during World War II
Acronyms: KIA = killed in action; DOW = died of wounds; DNB = death, non-battle; FOD = foreign object damage
Please check the cemetery listing for more information which may include spouse, marriage date, parents, etc

Name Birth Date Death Date Service Cemetery
Beason, Kenneth R 7/29/1911 8/21/1944 WW II Sgt 119th Inf 30th Div KIA Hillcrest
Borton, Derious F Jr 1/29/1945 PFC DNB US Army USS Serpens - KIA Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands Arlington N'nal Cem
Bradley, James W, Pvt 6/12/1920 2/9/1945 WW II 22nd Inf 4th Inf Div - KIA Twin Hill
Brosher, Amos Verne 5/17/1912 8/3/1942 WW II Pvt Sig Corps IN; died in CA Little Salamonia
Brunson, Clyde P 4/2/1944 1st Lt KIA Lorraine, France
Bryan, Melville Ardiene 9/3/1921 9/11/1943 Navy Reserve S1 MIA USS Rowan hit by German torpedo Green Park
Bubp, Herbert K 4/4/1921 9/28/1943 Navy Machinist Mate "buried at sea" Green Park
Carder, John Wesley 8/10/1909 7/17/1944 PFC Co K 134th Inf Reg 35th Div KIA France Hillcrest
Curts, William J Cpl KIA
Dailey, Herbert M 1/9/1916 6/6/1944 Pvt US Army 112th Engineer Combat Batt KIA Basse-Nomandie
Denton, John F 7/15/1915 11/20/1944 Sgt 62nd Inf - KIA Dunkirk IOOF
Deringer, Chester O 9/19/1922 2/17/1945 S/Sgt Co A, 2nd Inf Reg, 5h Inf Div - KIA Green Park
Farling, Harden D 2/9/1922 7/27/1944 Sgt 331st Inf IN - KIA Elm Grove in Wells
Faught, Robert O 1925 1944 WW II 30th Division - KIA Anzio, Italy Gravel Hill
Foltz, Gerald Wayne 1/9/1926 1/4/1945 Pvt 573RD Airborne Infty KIA Belgium Little Salamonia
Franks, Orville Leon 1921 1944 PFC KIA Maple Lawn
Garringer, James H 1/19/1921 4/16/1942 WW II Pvt 106th Inf 27th Div KIA Hawaii Bluff Point
Gaunt, Frank 1/31/1919 9/1/1944 1st Lt 83rd RCN BN 3 ARMD Div - DOW Lorraine, France
Glendening, Evert Markus 3/26/1897 8/5/1943 WW II IN Co G 4th Dep Batt Signal Corp Cem Naval Reserves Gravel Hill
Grafmiller, Richard Lucian 1/22/1918 8/4/1943 Cpl US Army Air Force MIA over North Africa Tunis, Tunisia
Haines, Raymond Otto 9/16/1915 10/24/1944 Little Salamonia
Hare, Robert Charles 9/23/1921 7/16/1944 S/Sgt KIA France Basse-Nomandie
Hatch, Harry C Jr 1921 1945 S/Sgt DNB Dunkirk IOOF
Hathaway, Charle L Pvt 1916 8/3/1944 Pvt KIA in France Green Park
Hildreth, William E 12/24/1918 2/27/1943 Aviation Cadet US Army Air Forces died in service Green Park
Hummer, Glenn Jr 11/12/1944 PFC Lorraine, France
Hunt, Dorwin G 1917 1945 WW II Corp KIA Mindanao, P I Maple Lawn
Imel, Harold Everett 4/20/1920 6/3/1943 WW II AVN US Air Force Salamonia
Jackson, Raymond W 4/1/1924 6/30/1943 Pvt Co B Armored Reg 8th Div Twin Hill
Jones, Charles R 8/1/1917 6/19/1944 Pvt US Army KIA New Albany N'nal, IN
Keller, Dorwin M 4/14/1920 8/4/1945 WW II 2nd Lt US Army Air Force died in service Gravel Hill
Landauer, Lewis Carl 7/6/1921 6/15/1944 WW II Sgt 20th Army Air Force MIA over Himalayas Hillcrest
Landess, Leo Wilson 12/3/1924 5/8/1945 WW II Pfc US Army Co I 145th Inf KIA Hillcrest
Ludy, Milo William 4/4/1922 6/6/1944 WW II Pfc Co G 501st Parachute Inf - KIA Antioch
Mann, Forrest Frederick 8/20/1910 7/18/1945 WW II IN 473rd Inf KIA Italy Gravel Hill
Matchett, Wayne Myron, 1st Lt 11/30/1916 11/2/1944 WW II CML Warfare Service - KIA Germany Salamonia
May, Paul E 10/15/1924 4/14/1945 Sgt KIA Green Park
McFadden, Robert E 4/21/1924 4/18/1945 PFC died of wounds suffered on Luzon, P. I. Green Park
McLaughlin, Richard 1924 7/27/1944 WW II KIA Green Park
Minch, Ernest O 3/22/1921 2/18/1945 WW II Sgt KIA; buried in Belgium Holy Trinity
Myers, Max 12/8/1921 10/7/1944 Pvt 508th Parachute Inf PH, BS - KIA Green Park
Neil, George J 1921 1944 WW II KIA Normandy Green Park
Newton, Fred, Jr 2/19/1922 1/27/1945 Pvt 7th Army Inf - KIA France Salamonia
Nichols, Ralph W 1925 1945 PFC Co B 160 Ing C BN - KIA Luxembourg Wells
Nixon, Chauncey M TEC5 KIA
Norris, Ernest Arthur 2/3/1923 1/3/1945 WW II 2 Lt US Army Air Force died in service Green Park
Norton, Merle H 1921 4/21/1945 WW II PFC - KIA in Germany Twin Hill
Priest, Hubert A 2/24/1926 2/3/1945 Pvt 1st Inf Div KIA near Acton Germany Hillside
Ramsey, Henry Jacob 10/21/1912 10/19/1944 PFC 350th Inf 88 Div KIA Green Park
Ray, Lester C 10/8/1924 8/4/1944 WW II Pvt 134 INF 35 Int Div - KIA France Gravel Hill
Runyon, Daniel C "Moon" 1917 5/16/1945 PFC38th Inf Div 152 Med Det KIA Luzon, P I Blackford County
Shauver, Melvin Jr 3/18/1945 PFC 26th Inf 1st Div KIA Limburg, Netherlands
Shepherd, William Frederick 9/10/1919 4/19/1945 WW II T/Sgt Inf KIA Germany Gravel Hill
Slack, Charles Sgt 5/25/1923 7/15/1944 WW II Sgt Co L 116th Inf KIA Normandy Gravel Hill
Smiley, Donald Howard PFC 1/19/1924 2/19/1944 WW II Pfc 143rd Inf - KIA Italy Hillcrest
Smith, Loren E 9/21/1922 4/8/1945 WW II IN Tec 5 3 Cav Rcn Trp 3 Div - KIA Little Salamonia
Stanton, Edwin E Pvt KIA
Strait, Ora E 7/31/1944 PFC 120 Inf 30 Div KIA Basse-Nomandie
Swank, Robert W 8/11/1925 6/10/1945 WW II IN Pvt 358 Inf 90 Div KIA Gravel Hill
Teeters, John David Jr 5/14/1922 3/23/1945 WW II PFC US Army KIA Germany Green Park
Theurer, George F 6/26/1919 5/12/1943 TEC5 - DNB Salamonia
Trumbo, William Adrian 1/17/1921 1/15/1945 PFC 329th Inf 83 Div KIA Liege, Belgium Liege, Belgium
Walmer, Paul Allen 1925 4/5/1945 Sgt 774 Bomb Sq shot down over Italy KIA Toscana, Italy
Weaver, John F H, Major 4/9/1894 10/4/1942 provost marshall, Camp Campbell, KY; died of pneumonia Green Park
Whiteman, Roy L 7/5/1944 PFC 329 Inf 83 Div KIA Basse-Nomandie
Yaeger, George A 2/16/1923 12/25/1944 WW II IN PFC 264 Inf 66 Div KIA Salamonia
Yentes, Herbert Eugene 1915 1944 Pvt DNB Huntington Co, IN

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