World War I Veterans buried in Jay County

There are hundreds of gravesites in Jay that indicate that the person buried there was a military veteran, with little other information. Many veterans's stones only include name, company and regiment, but do not include dates or which conflict included the veteran.
If you have information that would help us recognize more Jay County military veterans, please contact Margie Pearce

Please check the cemetery listing for more information which may include spouse, marriage date, parents, etc.

Name Birth Death Service Cemetery
Alexander, Homer C 6/2/1894 4/28/1967 WW I IN Pfc 256 MP Co Twin Hill
Andars, George R 3/22/1891 5/14/1951 WW I IN Pfc MTC Hillcrest
Antrim, Homer 6/5/1886 5/26/1950 WW I veteran Green Park
Arbuckle, Ira Orval 6/24/1895 3/20/1920 WW I Marines 6th Brig - PH Hillcrest
Arnett, Hosea A 1/9/1896 4/28/1960 WW I Cpl Btry E 137 Field Arty Gravel Hill
Arnold, Rolland D 1895 5/6/1977 WW I Chief Mech US Army Mt. Zion
*Ayers, Robert Guy 9/20/1887 11/17/1918 WW I Co G 6 Engineers KIA Green Park
Badders, Ara C 7/10/1890 2/2/1963 WW I Major NCUS IN Green Park
Baker, Russell R 6/7/1896 3/28/1973 WW I F1 US Navy Green Park
*Barr, Fredrick James 10/23/1895 4/16/1918 WW I 113 Field Signal Batt Green Park
Baughman, Marvin A 11/10/1893 6/18/1969 WW I IN Pvt 18th Co 158th Depot Brig Twin Hill
Bechdolt, Fred R 7/17/1893 1953 WW I veteran Gravel Hill
Becktell, Tony Jacob 11/4/1895 12/27/1971 WW I veteran Bluff Point
Bell, Charles E 2/25/1896 1/25/1963 WW I IN Mech Btry A 15th Field Ary 2nd Div Twin Hill
Benn, Clyde Clark 8/16/1888 4/14/1960 WW I Pvt Brry D 12 Field Arty Green Park
Binegar, Arthur M 1/8/1887 2/5/1951 WW I IN Machine Gun BN Maple Lawn
Binegar, Charles L 11/22/1886 10/17/1954 WW I PFC 1 Gas Regt Maple Lawn
Bishop, Bentley Martin 10/30/1881 4/4/1960 WW I & WW II veteran Green Park
Blowers, Everett H 1895 1960 World War I Veteran Gravel Hill
*Board, Albert B 5/14/1888 2/18/1919 WW I Pri 14th Amb Co Med Det Maple Lawn
Boolman, Oliver W 3/17/1899 5/21/1970 WW I veteran Bluff Point
Bouse, Harold 1/16/1897 9/13/1957 WW I veteran Twin Hill
Brosher, Clayton R 6/19/1894 10/15/1964 WW I Sgt Co A 113 Mil Police Green Park
Brosher, James F 5/16/1888 8/20/1952 WW I Cpl 11th Co 159th Depot Brig Hillcrest
Brown, Arthur McKinney 12/19/1885 7/14/1952 WW I Pvt 128th Guard Co ASC Hillcrest
Brown, Arthur R 9/6/1893 8/22/1958 WW I SFC Co D 112 Engineers Green Park
Brown, Morris A "Ted" 12/21/1900 3/29/1969 WW I Pvt Co M 33 Inf Gravel Hill
Brubaker, Charles B 1/11/1894 4/1/1991 WW I US Army Hillcrest
Buckingham, Waldo L 5/11/1881 1/22/1951 WW I IN 3 Inf 2 Div Daugherty
Bunker, Francis S 4/9/1893 5/27/1972 WW I IN Pvt US Army Twin Hill
Burgess, Harry F 5/12/1895 9/18/1967 WW I Sgt 312th Field Hosp Hillcrest
*Burgess, Ralph W 7/2/1884 8/13/1917 Supply Co, 23rd Calvary Dunkirk IOOF
Burkett, Daniel M 11/12/1895 2/1/1996 WW I Pfc Co F 88 IN Inf Maple Lawn
Burtner, Otto S 1896 1958 WW I Sgt Signal Corps Co A 323 FS Batt Hillcrest
Carpenter, John Earl** 9/23/1899 6/15/1918 WW I PFC Co B, 1st Field Sig Bat Green Park
Cart, Clifford E 1898 1956 WW I IN Bugler Btry F 137th FA Reg Twin Hill
Chittum, Glenn A 2/18/1891 3/24/1973 WW I Pvt US Army Hillcrest
Clarke, John Francis 10/15/1895 9/22/1976 WW I Sgt US Army Twin Hill
Confer, William J 3/28/1892 11/17/1971 WW I Sgt 20 Aero Sq Green Park
Cooper, Cressy J 2/4/1897 5/30/1970 WW I OH Pfc Co M 147th Inf Claycomb
Courlson, Clarence L 5/2/1887 9/5/1961 WW I Pvt MI Gas Reg CWS Twin Hill
Cring, George V, Dr 11/7/1883 2/28/1962 WW I Lt US Army Medical Corps Green Park
Crosbie, John Henry 7/15/1896 11/0/1986 WW I Pvt US Army Twin Hill
Cruea, Luther L** 2/25/1896 1/26/1954 WW I IN Wagoner 16th Amb Co Hillcrest
Cunningham, Carl Isaac 7/25/1896 5/14/1964 WW I Pvt Btry B 67 Field Arty Green Park
Daily, Oscar E 1/12/1882 1/15/1964 WW I Pfc 61st Co Trans Corp Hillcrest
DeBolt, William V 1895 1968 WW I Pfc Co A 348 Inf Little Salamonia
Deffenbaugh, Roy Roscoe 1893 1959 WW I Pvt 3452 334 29 CO I R Gravel Hill
Dill, Herbert C 10/2/1889 3/20/1945 WW I Pfc Evac Hosp 28 Hillcrest
Dotson, William H 10/29/1896 5/15/1954 WW I IN Pvt Co H 1st Gas Regt CWS Twin Hill
Downing, Earl 8/9/1891 10/2/1955 WW I 137 Field Arty Gravel Hill
Earehart, Perry J 1/6/1890 3/28/1972 WW I Pvt Co C 1 Engineers Maple Lawn
Ellingwood, George F 1/25/1900 10/31/1972 WW I MI COX US Navy Antioch
Elliott, Wilbur Lee 12/1/1892 3/12/1957 WW I IN Pvt Air Service Twin Hill
Erlet, James P 1/4/1894 9/28/1950 WW I 34 Field Artillery Green Park
Evilsizer, Bert Watson Leroy 7/7/1894 8/25/1946 WW I Cpl QM Corps Hillcrest
Ewry, Ralph W 1891 1936 WW I Cart 113 Amm Trans 38 IN Div Green Park
Fetters, Martin McKinley 10/0/1896 1976 WW I Pvt US Army Twin Hill
Fikel, Orvil 1/11/1894 5/20/1966 WW I Pvt Btry F 341 Fld Arty Green Park
*Flahie, Claude L 8/21/1895 10/7/1918 WW I 214th Field Sig BN Twin Hill
Flesher, Russell L 10/9/1899 11/6/1990 WW I Pvt US Army Hillcrest
Florence, George William 9/14/1897 8/22/1962 WW I Corp 2nd Ord Maint Co Green Park
*Ford, Merrill W 2/9/1897 10/2/1918 Seaman 2nd Class US Naval Reserve Force Gravel Hill
Frakes, Dewey R 4/21/1955 WW I Pvt Btry E 137 Fld Bty Green Park
Franklin, W Wayne 2/8/1900 5/27/1965 WW I IN GM3 US Navy Salamonia
Franks, Eugene 11/3/1898 6/23/1991 WW I US Army Salamonia
Fulton, Ethan Allen 5/6/1872 11/19/1966 WW I Capt Co B, 22 BattIN National Guard Green Park
Gable, David Leroy 1890 5-9-???? WW I Pfc 70 Art CAC Hillside
Gardner, Charles E 12/6/1890 2-6-1966 WW I Cpl Btry C 322 Field Arty Hillside
Garringer, Grover Cleveland 9/3/1893 7/12/1963 WW I 255th MP Corps Bluff Point
*Garringer, James Mandville 2/15/1896 3/22/1919 WW I Co A 323rd Field Signal Batt Bluff Point
Gick, Carl Jennings 9/27/1896 4/14/1956 WW I Pvt Co E 138 Engineers Green Park
Gierhart, William W 6/18/1900 12/29/1978 WW I Pvt US Army Gravel Hill
Gierhart, Worley W 12/18/1889 7/26/1975 WW I Pvt US Army Gravel Hill
Gillespie, James F 12/21/1893 5/28/1972 WW I Pvt Co G 10th Inf Hillcrest
Gillum, Benjamin 11/21/1897 9/29/1959 WW I Veteran Center
Gott, Charles Voris 11/19/1888 5/18/1963 WW I US Army Veterinary Corps Green Park
Graham, Vernon W 7/10/1897 11/18/1963 WW I IN Pfc US Army Twin Hill
Grice, Harry 9/30/1891 11/8/1926 WW I Pvt 1Cl 364 Inf 91 Div Pleasant Hill
Grisell, Lowell Hobart 5/24/1896 2/8/1978 WW I Capt US Army Twin Hill
Grisell, Raymond 12/12/1884 1/16/1957 WW I Pfc 7th Co 20th Eng Twin Hill
Guy, Charles Edgar 6/27/1891 7/19/1950 WW I Pvt Stu Army Tng Corps Liber
Haffner, Richie L 8/22/1894 8/16/1956 WW I US Army Twin Hill
Harrison, George 5/3/1887 6/20/1949 WW I Pfc Co C 323rd Field Sig BN Hillcrest
Harsha, Chester J 4/13/1894 7/29/1972 WW I IN Pvt Co K 326 Inf Gravel Hill
Havens, Lewis L 5/1/1888 1/12/1981 WW I Pvt US Army Twin Hill
Heffron, Howard A 11/8/1892 12/27/1946 WW I veteran Green Park
Heller, George F 11/16/1902 10/3/1966 WW I OH Pfc 170th Fld Arty Brig Twin Hill
Hickman, Carl C 11/5/1894 6/15/1952 WW I Cpl QM Corps Hillcrest
Hiner, Sanger 5/21/1895 12/4/1953 WW I Cpl IL 129th Inf Hillcrest
Hines, Jacob Russell 8/9/1895 11/16/1977 WW I Pvt US Army Bluff Point
Hines, Ralph G 6/25/1899 4/7/1957 WW I Cpl IN 31 Inf Green Park
Hiser, Roy 2/20/1894 9/4/1951 WW I Sgt 137 Field Arty 38 Div Salamonia
Hite, Asa N 9/27/1888 7/23/1977 WW I Pvt US Army Green Park
Hollowell, Quimba Oral 8/4/1897 2/24/1972 WW I veteran Green Park
Holmes, Floyd T 8/12/1891 4/2/1970 WW I CT Pvt Ord Dept Hillcrest
Horine, Luther C 1894 1976 WW I WAGR US Army Hillcrest
Hott, John Lewis 12/29/1891 12/6/1967 WW I IN Pfc Btry B 74th Arty Twin Hill
Houck, Asel Edmund 7/28/1889 7/11/1955 WW I Pvt Sup Co 379th Inf Center
Hudson, Clarence Sr "Fay" 1898* 2/6/1970 WW I veteran Claycomb
Hughes, Walter H 9/26/1890 9/18/1969 WW I Sgt 7th Co QMC Twin Hill
Hukill, Fred 2/17/1893 1/1/1963 WW I IN Pfc Co M 46th Inf Twin Hill
Hume, Ross 1890 1986 WW I Pvt US Army Hillcrest
Humphries, Calvin H 11/28/1890 11/28/1963 WW I PFC 14 Service Co SIGC Green Park
*Hunt, Arthur 6/4/1894 1/18/1918 Pvt Bat B, 137th Field Arty Green Park
Hyatt, Ray F 1/2/1898 12/27/1951 WW I & II NC Cpl Med Dept Hillcrest
Imel, Jennings 3/24/1896 1/4/1970 WW I veteran Green Park
Imel, Robert H 1887 1959 WW I Veteran Center
Jenkins, Dell 1/24/1886 5/21/1958 WW I Pvt Co K 3rd Dev BN Hillcrest
Jenkins, Harry Allen 3/14/1919 5/21/1992 WW I & II Pvt Co A Hillcrest
Jessup, Benjamin Clyde 3/18/1890 11/18/1964 WW I Farrier MBL Vet Hosp Green Park
Jones, Hiram H 9/15/1885 1/1/1960 WW I US Army Green Park
Jones, Howard William 6/14/1900 5/5/1978 WW I Pvt US Army Hillcrest
Kantner, Guy Forrest 8/29/1897 1/4/1948 WW I PFC Btry E 58 Coast Arty Salamonia
Kantner, John Franklin 1/9/1894 1/25/1949 WW I Cpl US Army Salamonia
Kauffman, George D 1899 1976 WW I Pfc US Army Hillcrest
Keeling, Forrest Everett 6/8/1897 10/17/1994 WW I, II, Korea Green Park
Kessler, J Will 1892 1955 WW I Co C 103 Engrs Gravel Hill
Kidder, John J 12/21/1870 1952 WW I US Army medical volunteer Salamonia
Knoelke, Leonard A 9/5/1886 1/11/1971 WW I IN Pvt 5 Co 158 Depot Brig Gravel Hill
Koon, Raymond Henry 3/28/1894 2/1/1950 WW I Pvt 36th Field Arty 2 Div Liber
Lacy, Dorsey G 3/18/1890 3/18/1951 WW I Sgt 2nd Mech Reg AS Hillcrest
Landauer, Albert Carl 1893 9/9/1947 WW I Co F 21st US Army Eng Hillcrest
Landis, Carl 10/5/1896 8/21/1958 WW I Pfc Medical Dept Hillcrest
*Layman, John Ellsworth 4/15/1889 10/30/1918 WW I Battery B, 36 Field Arty Gravel Hill
Leavell, Albert Wesley 2/27/1895 11/28/1984 WW I veteran Gravel Hill
Lehman, Richard R 11/18/1893 8/12/1969 WW I Sgt 1st Repl Dept Twin Hill
Letts, Carl W 5/13/1897 3/17/1962 WW I IN Cpl Co M 18th Inf Twin Hill
Liestenfelt, Orlando 10/25/1886 7/25/1966 WW I Pvt US Army Hillside
*Lindley, Alfred Mathias 3/29/1889 10/7/1918 Pvt Co C 5th Pro Trng Reg Boundary
Loper, Edward 3/19/1891 11/27/1950 Mexican War & WW I Sgt US Army Twin Hill
Lowry, Orie Edmond 9/3/1898 1/4/1977 WW I Pvt US Army Hillcrest
Loy, Walter Daniel 3/23/1896 6/13/1967 WW I IN PFC Co E 308 Ammo Train Salamonia
Ludy, John Roger 11/10/1894 1/2/1947 WW I veteran Green Park
Lupton, Del 7/25/1897 9/25/1964 WW I Sgt Co C 58th Inf Twin Hill
Martin, Oliver Elmer 11/28/1892 1/1/1968 WW I Cpl Co G 335th Inf Claycomb
Martin, Stacy A 1898 1956 WW I veteran Twin Hill
Mathews, Wiley A 1/8/1894 8/8/1959 WW I KY Pvt Btry A 71st Field Arty Center
Mauller, Dewey C 5/7/1898 10/14/1975 WW I & II Pfc US Army Hillcrest
Maynard, Fred H 7/24/1892 3/8/1956 WW I Cpl 3rd Mech Reg Air Svc Hillcrest
McBride, Stephen Curtis 5/7/1892 11/21/1968 WW I QTR MR Serg US Army Twin Hill
McDonald, Thomas W 3/14/1897 1/3/1966 WW I IN Pvt Btry A 72 Fld Arty Gravel Hill
McKee, John William Sr 9/3/1896 3/6/1968 WW I veteran Green Park
McKinley, Ray C 1897 1/11/1973 WW I veteran Salamonia
McNutt, Willard D 1886 2/26/1956 WW I veteran Green Park
Miller, Marion R 10/15/1889 8/21/1964 WW I Pvt 55th Engineers Claycomb
Mills, Jesse Clyde, Sr 10/26/1889 9/9/1962 WW I Cpl 158th Depot Brig Claycomb
Mock, Ferris LaVere 9/17/1894 2/15/1974 WW I Cpl US Army Hillcrest
Monroe, Charles Michael 1892 1977 WW I Pfc US Gravel Hill
Moran, Mark M, Dr 4/30/1882 9/1/1962 WW I US Army Medical Corps Green Park
Morrical, Jesse Raymond 12/10/1889 9/29/1969 WW I Pvt Btry B 41st Field Arty Hillcrest
Morrical, John C 12/26/1893 6/1/1972 WW I Pfc US Army Hillcrest
Morris, James L 4/9/1897 6/11/1960 WW I Mech I Co 158th Depot Brig Hillcrest
Nichols, Lafayette O 6/5/1887 1/13/1964 WW I Pvt Co A 128 Inf PH Wells
Nickey, John F 2/2/1891 3/7/1950 WW I Cpl 131st Inf 33rd Div Twin Hill
Nixon, Roy Frost 6/14/1887 3/2/1963 WW I Pvt 20th Photo Sec Air Svc Hillcrest
O'Dell, Charley 6/3/1895 6/29/1969 WW I IN Pvt US Army Twin Hill
Odonal, Oscar E 2/14/1888 3/24/1952 WW I Pfc Btry B 74th Arty CAC Hillcrest
Pace, Grover Cleveland 6/9/1888 2/23/1983 WW I Pvt US Army Hillside
Poling, Ervin W 11/4/1893 12/8/1983 WW I Pvt US Army Gravel Hill
Powell, Harry W 12/7/1894 3/12/1949 WW I Pfc US Marine Corps Gravel Hill
Priest, Howard L 1894 1966 WW I Cpl Co E 77th Inf Hillcrest
Prillaman, Edwin W 7/5/1894 12/26/1971 WW I Sgt US Army Green Park
Purckes, Lewis J abt 1895 4/29/1952 WW I veteran Green Park
Pyle, Oliver C 4/26/1887 10/30/1940 WW I Pvt Brty D Regt FA Claycomb
Reed, William T 10/25/1882 10/15/1967 WW I PFC Co L Cas Det Green Park
Rees, Ray Everett 10/4/1888 10/6/1964 WW I Pfc Signal Corps Hillcrest
*Renner, Noah B 1/17/1890 10/10/1918 WW I - died in service Liber
Rex, Ralph R 1/3/1895 4/11/1950 WW I 2nd Lt Air Res Hillcrest
Rickner, John Elmer 12/5/1894 1/17/1955 WW I IN Pvt 568 Aero Sq Center
Ridgway, William M 8/16/1898 10/9/1979 WW I Cpl US Army Twin Hill
Rodkey, Ora B 12/31/1888 6/20/1964 WW I & II Lt Col Dental Corps Hillcrest
Romans, Roscoe C 11/2/1891 11/17/1975 WW I Pvt IN US Army Gilead
Rook, Clarence Dale abt 1896 5/31/1940 WW I Bos'n Mate I CI US Navy Hillcrest
Rowles, Roscoe R 1/22/1896 7/29/1951 WW I Pvt 52nd Inf 6th Div Center
Rupe, Perry 10/3/1895 12/21/1929 WW I veteran Bluff Point
Saxon, Harley 2/23/1891 8/21/1962 WW I Pvt Co D 107 Engineers Green Park
Schindler, Louis S 1/11/1894 6/26/1950 WW I PFC Co D 326 Inf Holy Trinity
Schooley, Charles W 12/22/1887 12/18/1956 WW I IN Sup Sgt CO K 62 Inf Hillcrest
Schramm, M Frank 4/30/1890 2/11/1969 WW I Pvt Btry E 40 Fld Arty Green Park
Scott, Charley W 5/31/1887 2/12/1973 WW I AL Sgt US Marine Corps Hillcrest
Sears, Guy Raymond 8/2/1892 1/5/1956 WW I Sgt Co I 152nd Inf 38th Div Hillcrest
Shepherd, Harry 3/28/1891 12/12/1956 WW I SFC Co C 8 Field Sig BN - PH & OLC Green Park
Simons, Leland Earl 10/20/1892 11/5/1961 WW I Pvt MED Det 59 Inf Green Park
Smith, Everett Edward 6/3/1891 5/10/1947 WW I QM US Navy Gravel Hill
Smith, Fred A 1/7/1898 2/27/1971 WW I IL AS USNRF Twin Hill
Smith, Joseph William 5/17/1969 5/17/1969 WW I Pvt HQ Co 3 Casual Def Liber
Smith, Nila (Hartley) 12/18/1902 WW I IL AS USNRF Twin Hill
Smith, Raymond O E 9/9/1896 8/30/1955 WW I veteran Green Park
Smith, Russell L Jr 1914 2/21/1945 WW I Tec 4 Sgt Co L 301st Reg Hillcrest
Smith, Willard A 1893 1958 World War I Veteran Little Salamonia
Spealman, Clyde L 4/4/1890 6/17/1952 WW I Pvt 67th Inf 9th Div New Mt. Pleasant
Spillman, Elmer Elza 7/6/1889 4/18/1971 WW I Pvt Co E 309th Amo Tn Little Salamonia
Stephen, Gilford W 8/26/1893 12/18/1966 WW I IN Mech 337th Field Hosp Stephen
Stephenson, John 4/28/1895 6/3/1959 WW I Cpl IN Co E 77 Inf Green Park
Stoner, Harry 1895 1971 WW I veteran Salamonia
Stooksberry, Fred G 9/20/1886 3/8/1963 WW I IN Pvt Co F 9 Ammo Train Salamonia
Stouder, Nava L 7/3/1907 10/18/1968 WW I IN PFC Co C 10 Mt Med BN Green Park
Stout, John G "Bob" 1875 1963 WW I US Army Gravel Hill
Stults, Clarence Homer 10/15/1893 5/7/1965 WW I IN Pvt Air Service Green Park
Stults, Leroy A 5/22/1891 1/10/1974 WW I veteran Gravel Hill
Summers, William L 5/15/1898 7/29/1918 WW I Pvt 166th Inf 42nd Div Hillcrest
Swan, Wilbur 11/16/1896 9/26/1964 WW I Cook Trp B 8th Cav Hillcrest
Sweigart, Earl 3/3/1899 7/25/1972 WW I veteran Bluff Point
Swygart, Harry Earl 9/27/1896 1/19/1963 WW I IN Pvt Ord Det 137 Fld Arty Green Park
Tague, John Douglas 10/27/1893 12/3/1984 WW I Sgt US Army 500 Aero Squadron Green Park
Tharp, Ray Lawrence 2/26/1896 5/1/1973 WW I Pfc US Army Hillcrest
Turckes, Lewis John Aloys 11/5/1894 4/30/1952 WW I Horseshoer 137 FA 38 Div Green Park
Uhrick, Lewis A 2/18/1901 10/5/1954 WW I AS US Navy Green Park
Vannatti, Clyde L 1889 1/25/1978 WW I Pvt US Army Maple Lawn
Votaw, Francis Kenneth 3/15/1895 2/11/1978 WW I Cpl US Army Twin Hill
Ward, Morris G no dates WW I Co B 34th IN Inf Twin Hill
Weesner, Delmar E 9/1/1893 5/14/1956 WW I 4 Chemical BN Liber
Weist, Frank O 4/10/1896 9/20/1926 WW I US Army Daugherty
Welch, Peter Clever 8/14/1889 10/0/1964 WW I Btry F 134th IN FH Twin Hill
West, Clyde G 8/4/1890 12/31/1949 WW I Sgt Flying Sch Det ASF Antioch
West, William C 3/20/1887 5/14/1959 WW I & II IN 20th LT US Air Force Res Twin Hill
White, Daniel Jay 8/11/1891 10/5/1961 WW I MD QM3 USNRF Twin Hill
White, Delmar R 2/23/1919 5/15/1974 WW I T Sgt US Army Hillcrest
White, George R 12/19/1878 8/16/1951 WW I & II S Sgt 302 AAF Base Unit Gravel Hill
Whitesell, Glenn M, Sr 9/13/1896 10/1/1961 WW I Pvt 2969 Casual Co Claycomb
Williamson, Fred 9/24/1896 7/5/1963 WW I Cpl 577th Mtr Trans Co - MTC Hillcrest
*Williamson, Ralph Victor 6/6/1894 8/2/1919 WW I 13th FA AEF US Army Hillcrest
Wilson, E Floyd 1894 1927 WW I PFC US Army Salamonia
Wilt, George A 6/24/1894 3/17/1922 WW I Sgt 1st Cl, 301 Inf, 76th Div Hillcrest
Winders, Asher H 8/12/1896 11/7/1980 WW I veteran Hillcrest
Wolf, Irvin J 1895 1964 WW I US Naval Reserve West Grove
Wolf, Orrel M 1890 1965 WW I US Navy West Grove
Worth, Arthur Wendell 2/20/1893 6/14/1965 WW I Pvt Brty A 70 Arty CAC Gravel Hill
Younce, Stephen O 7/29/1897 7/26/1970 WW I US Army Green Park
* Gold Star soldiers; ** Book of Merit soldiers

posted 9/1/2017; updated 1/25/2018

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