Mystery Building

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What's the story on this dilapidated building located on Hwy 1 in Jay County? It looks like a church or something similar...maybe a school?
The names George G. Philebaum, Ellehu Potter, George I. Hoagland, and Theodore F. Zigler are engraved on a stone on the side, and my internet research has revealed little info.A stone with a date of 1913 is near the base of the steeple.
I'm just curious about the history of the building. I pass through the area every week or so, and the ruined structure really caught my eye. I finally stopped today and took some pictures.
Thanks for any info you can provide.
Paul Johnson

If you have any information on this building, please contact: Sandi Koscak


School_Plate_1.bmp (662 kb)

This is a plate on the side of the building.

From Jennifer Peterson Hiebert:
You may know this by now, but the picture is of the old Oak Grove Schoolhouse in Knox township. My grandfather and his siblings attended that school in the early 1900s. He and my grandmother later lived on a farm adjacent to that school. As a child, I can remember being fascinated with the building, from a distance. I think it was abandoned even then (1950s), but was in much better condition. The Oak Grove school building seems more elaborate than any other one-room country schoolhouse Ive seen in Jay County. How sad to see it in such disrepair.


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