Center School 1934-35


The only people known in this photo are:
The man standing in the back in the suit is Matthew Babb (teacher).
Back row 5th in from right - Ellis F. Hudson, Sr. s/o Lewis Hudson and Alta I. Brooks.
Middle row 4th from right - Warren Hudson s/o Lewis Hudson and Alta I. Brooks.
The picture was taken by Roy F. Nixon - Redkey, IN.

Above information and Photo submitted by: Mary Lou Hudson

The following information was provided by Jennifer Hiebert. The identifications were made by her father,James E. Peterson, who is in the middle row.

Back Row: John Rowls, Doris Brunson, Betty Myers, Matthew Babb, Harry Peterson, Ellis Hudson, Carol Juillerat, Bob Zigler, Ruth Smith, Rosemary Taylor
Middle Row: Elmer Walter, James Myers, Carl Geesman, Jon Juillerat, Mary Smith, Warren Hudson, Chester Hiatt, James Peterson, Paul Geesman
Front Row: Carl Bowen, Roger Bowen, Mary Lou Walter, Harold Spahr, Jean Juillerat, Kenneth Barker, Mary Bell Barker, Roscoe Barker, Max Geesman


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