Submitted by Richard Rice

The photo that I have attached has been edited from an 1800's tintype and repaired to the best of my ability with digital enhancement.  Standing in front of the Rice log cabin is my grandfather Arble Rice and his mother Martha Mullenix Rice. Next to my grandfather is his Uncle Peter Mullenix with babe in arms and his wife Cora Perrin.  Based upon the children, the photo was taken circa 1890. We have no idea who may be in the background or the boys on the roof.  The actual site of the log cabin is 2.1 miles west of Portland on highway #26. Although torn down long ago I remember grandfather showing me precisely where it was located. I grew up within a few hundred yards of the site. He also told of a time when highway 26 was a corduroy wood road that had a toll booth at what is now 200W. Old IN # 67 turned south at that intersection.