Rice Cabin Site Today


Submitted by Richard Rice

Nearly 75 years later a new generation of Rice kids ride a gas powered lawnmower over that same spot.

Left to right:  Karen and Richard Rice, my son and daughter; Todd and Tyler Rice, sons of Gary Rice, my brother. In the far background is the big barn that was the start of the Rice Jersey farm. Although the ground is now owned by other families, my memory of the ground is permanently etched into my very being.  Just the smell of freshly turned soil in Jay county can trigger those memories.
Last year, my PHS classmates of 1956 held our 50th reunion.  It was quite an experience. I regret not having a tape recorder of videotape of the stories that were told that evening. It was an opportunity to be "Forever Young."  We need to put that message out to every family recorder and genealogy aficionado. Take every opportunity to record your family history. It is just a critical as the history of our great country


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