Pennville School - Grade 9
1933 or 1934


This is a composite photo of students at the old Pennville school. It may have been Grade 9. 
The teacher was Martha Painter, who taught there briefly before marrying Roscoe Bradford and 
relocating to Middletown where he farmed her family's property for many years. 
They married in 1935, so this was probably taken in 1933 or 1934.

On the back of the photo were the following names: 
Top Row:
Miss Painter (x5) , Jim Webb
2nd Row from top:
Jay Stansbury, Lloyd Paxson, Meade Hoskins (Haskins?), Philip Current, Frank Stultz, Philip Current
3rd Row:
Ivan Rogers , Earl Rigby, Keith Wright, Dorothy Albertson, Josephine Paxson, Nell Jean Edmundson
4th Row:
Elma Hapner, Wilma Prouty, Mary Marrical, Freddie Paxson, Annabelle Crump, Marcelle Thornburg
Bottom Row:
Marjorie Stultz, Hazel Binegar, Delite Hummer, Delite Hummer, Emmogene Cole (Cale?), Jim Crosbie

The photo was taken  1933 or 34
Submitted by Sue Bradford Moore

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