Trehearne Family Reunion


The family has lived in Jay Co. Indiana since the 1850's

L to right (back row)
Synthia "Ora" Trehearne-McClung,Frank Trehearne,Alice Graham-Trehearne,Sadie ,William Trehearne,Susie Trehearne,Myrtle Agnes Stuart-Trehearne,*Charles,Trehearne Minnie Trehearne-Thronburg,Emile Thornburg
Lee MCclung,Samuel Trehearne,Mary Schramm -Trehearne,*Levin Henry TREHEARNE,(2nd wife)Margaret Ellen Gibbs-Trehearne,(little girl is Margaret Thrinburg)(Little boy is William Trehearne),Alfred Batten with Edna Batten, Lizzie Batten with Lena Batten on lap
John Trehearne,Clayton Thornburg,Virginia Thornburg,Elsie Trehearne,*Ferne Trehearne,Reva Trehearne
Ferne Margaret Trehearne was my grandmother,child of Charles Henry Trehearne, who was child 1st wife of Levin Henry Trehearne

Submitted by: Connie Coy Rice

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