Silas Hiser Family

Silas Hiser with his great-granddaughter, Margaret Jane Hiser. Margaret is my aunt (my mother was her older sister), and she is now 88 years old and lives in Portland, Oregon. My mother, Helen Hiser, and her sister Margaret were the children of Roy Hiser and Frances Palmer Hiser.

my great-great grandfather, Silas Hiser (1846-1929) with his wife, Martha Jane Mills Hiser(1846-1927) . The photo was taken in Portland around 1925. Silas was the son of Jacob Hiser and Elizabeth Roby Hiser. His son, Jacob Oliver Hiser, married Ida Dugan, the daughter of James Dugan and Julia Ann Stephen Dugan. Their son, Roy Hiser, was my grandfather. Martha Jane Hiser, my great-great grandmother was the daughter of Jesse Mills and Sarah LaFollet.

my grandparents, Frances Palmer Hiser and Roy Hiser. It was taken in Portland in 1919.


Submitted by Debby Lehman
I have not been able to find out much about Martha Jane Mills Hiser's parents, other than their names, which I got from a Jay County history, found in the genealogy library in Salt Lake City. I have found lots of Mills and LaFollets, but nothing about Jesse Mills or Sarah LaFollet in particular. Jesse Mills was born 1 August 1816 in Ohio and died 13 Feb 1862 in Jay County. The only information I have about Sarah LaFollet is that she was born in Kentucky in 1822. Do you have any information about Jesse or Sarah?



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