POLLY5 TRUMBO (JACOB4, GEORGE3, HANS JACOB2, ANDREAS1) was born 07 May 1800 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, Virginia1, and died 21 Nov 1872 in Deputy, Jefferson County, Indiana. She married HIRAM FOSTER2,3,4 24 Dec 1818 in Clermont County, Ohio5, son of GABRIEL FOSTER and PERMILIA CAMPBELL. He was born 21 Jun 1797 in Clermont County, Ohio6, and died 10 Jan 1876.

Hiram Fosters’ Parents: GABRIEL FOSTER was born 1770 in Southhampton, Suffolk, New York, USA, and died 1846 in Deputy, Jefferson County, Indiana, USA. He married PERMILIA CAMPBELL. She was born 1772 in Clermont, Ohio, and died 1834 in Deputy, Jefferson County, Indiana, USA. Source: The Christopher Foster Family History, 1603-1953, Heritage Quest Online., pg 89, Hiram Foster and Polly Trumbo of Indiana.


This from "The Trumbo Family" by Conrad W. Feltner:

Polly Trumbo b. 7 May 1800 in VA, married Hiram Foster 24 Dec 1818. Polly was the d/o Jacob Trumbo b. Sep 1774 in VA who m. Mary "Polly" Hughs in VA 5 Feb 1796. Polly was born 6 March 1773 in VA, the d/o of Jonathan Hughs, an Ensign in the Revolutionary War. He had several periods of service and his commission was signed by Gov. Thomas Jefferson. After the war, Jonathan went to NC and SC and then back to Greenbriar then to Harrison Co., VA, then to Jefferson Co., IN, and Gallia Co., OH. According to legend, Jacob freed his slaves, left Warm Springs, VA, and got to the Ohio River someway, probably by way of going north to Pittsburgh where his uncle lived. He then built a boat and floated down the Ohio River to Hanover Landing, IN, where Hanover College now is. He arrived there in November 1807 with his wife and two children. He was the second white man in what is now Graham Township. He built a home and then a grist mill, the first grist mill in Southwestern Indiana. It is said he never charged a widow or an orphan. He served in the War of 1813 at the Battle of Tippincanoe ("and Tyler, too"). Besides Polly (m. Hiram Foster), Jacob and Mary "Polly" had Mahala Trumbo, b. 1 Apr 1803 who m. John Robinson and George W. Trumbo (b. 16 Mar 1813; d. 19 Jun 1852) who m. Amanda M. Ray 26 Dec 1834 in Jefferson Co., IN. His second wife was Electra Unknown who had been married previously to a Thorn and who, after George's death, married a Davis. George had six children, four by his first marriage and two by the second. Jacob Trumbo (above) was the s/o George, b. 1750, and Mary (Rockefeller) Trumbo, George the s/o H. Jacob Trumbo, b. 1704, and Mary Unknown; H. Jacob Trumbo the s/o Andrius Trumbo (b. abt 1680 in Alsaac, France, who m. abt 1700 Magdalene Mary Unknown, born in Alsaac, France.


Notes found at TRUMBO message board:

Re: Can help you with many Trumbos,

Posted by: Jim Foster Date: December 09, 2001 at 20:36:33

In Reply to: Re: Can help you with many Trumbos, by Ken Noggle of 330

Hi Ken,

Thanks so much for posting all this. It is an incredible help.

I read, with great interest, your postings with information about the children of George Trumbo, including Jacob Trumbo who married Mary Hughes on 6 February 1797 in Rockingham County, Virginia.

I am a descendant of Polly Trumbo who married Hiram Foster in Jefferson County, Indiana on 24 December 1818. I believe, from Foster Family sources that she was born in Virginia 6 May 1800. Since Jacob Trumbo is the only Trumbo listed in the 1820 Federal Census of Indiana, it seems likely that he would be her father. Also Karen Wilson posted information that Jacob Trumbo who married Mary Hughes was listed in the 1820 Indiana Census.

Based on your postings which I have read so far, I have learned that there is a book by Conrad Feltner detailing the Trumbo Family History; that George Trumbo and Margaret Utz were the parents of a number of children including the Jacob Trumbo who married Mary Hughes and who, I believe, are the parents of "my" Polly Trumbo. If this supposition is correct, Polly/Mary Hughes Trumbo was still alive and living with Hiram Foster at the time of the 1860 Federal Census in Jefferson County, Indiana. I'd like to know if Feltner's book or your own research can confirm that Jacob Trumbo and Mary Hughes were the parents of Polly Trumbo and/or that they lived in Indiana. I'd also like to know if it is possible to purchase a copy of Feltner's Trumbo Family History. I'd also like to know any information you could share on either the ancestors of George Trumbo or Margaret Utz and/or where to find this information.

I realize I am making a lot of requests and thank you so much for any information you can share.

You can also e-mail direct at 

Regards  Jim Foster

Children of POLLY TRUMBO and HIRAM FOSTER are:

i. ELVIRA6 FOSTER, b. 1819; d. 1871; m. JOSEPH WHITSITT.

ii. WILLIAM FOSTER, b. 1821; d. 1870.

iii. JACOB T. FOSTER, b. 1822.

iv. HENRY CLAY FOSTER, b. 12 Mar 1825; d. 1870.

v. BELINDA FOSTER, b. 1827.

vi. JOHN T. FOSTER, b. 1829.

vii. STEPHEN FOSTER, b. 17 Mar 1836.

viii. BENJAMIN F. FOSTER, b. Abt. 1838, Indiana8; d. 1886.

ix. MARY E. FOSTER, b. Abt. 1841, Indiana8.

x. EDWARD FOSTER, b. 31 Jul 1843, Indiana8.



1. 1860 Census Jefferson County, Indiana.

2. The Christopher Foster Family History, 1603-1953, Heritage Quest Online., pg 89, Hiram Foster and Polly Trumbo of Indiana.

3. Foster genealogy : being the record of the posterity of Reginald Foster, an early inhabitant of Ipswich, in New England, whose genealogy is traced bac, Authors: Pierce, Frederick Clifton, 1899,.

4. 1860 Census Jefferson County, Indiana, Jefferson Twp, With mother-in-law Mary Trumbo.

5. Conrad W. Feltner, The Trumbo Family, (Published c 1974 Written 1940. 557 pages).

6. 1860 Census Jefferson County, Indiana.

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8. 1860 Census Jefferson County, Indiana.


JACOB4 TRUMBO. (GEORGE3, HANS JACOB2, ANDREAS1)1 was born 20 Sep 1774 in Pendleton County, Virginia, and died Aft. 1830 in Jefferson County, Indiana. He married MARY HUGHS2 05 Feb 1797 in Rockingham County, Virginia3, daughter of JONATHAN HUGHS. She was born 06 Mar 1773 in Virginia, and died Aft. 1860 in Jefferson County, Indiana.


"The Trumbo Family" by Conrad W. Felton pg 428

Jacob Trumbo was born in September 1774 in Virginia. He married Mary "Polly" Hughs there on 5 Feb 1796. She was born 6 Mar 1773 in Virginia the daughter of Johathan Hughs . . .According to legend, Jacob freed his slaves, left Warm Srings, VA and got to the Ohio River someway, probably by the way of going north to Pittsburg where his uncle lived. He then built a boat and floated down the Ohio River to Hanover Landing, Indiana where Hanover College now is. He arrived there in November 1807 with his wife and two children(Polly & her sister, Mahala). He was the second white man in what is now Graham Township. He buile a home and then a grist mill.It was the first grist mill in Southern Indiana. It is said ne never charged a widow or an orphan.

Also from Feltner: "The first deed of record to Trumbos in Jefferson Co, IN was in 1830 when Jacob bought 10 acres for twenty dollars".

Also: "Polly Trumbo was born 7 may 1800 in VA She married Hiram Foster 24 Dec 1818. Jacob gave Hiram land as a sort of a dowery 'in consideration of said Hiram having married Polly Trumbo'. They had several children, including the following: Benjamin F. Foster b: abt 1839, Mary E Foster b: abt 1841, and Edward Foster b: abt 1844.


Kentucky Court & other records fiche #6048943 pg 154:

On June 8, 1801 JacobTrumbo served as a witness to a deed. Daughter, Mahala, was born in Kentucky,

after the family left VA and before arriving in IN in 1807.

Jefferson Co., IN cemetery records by the DAR (SLC film 0849926 pg26):

Graham Twp. Trumbo Graves Section 14-4-8 "On the George Schwab farm going west, on right side of road leading to Pisgah church is a small enclosure, with a stone wall and a tree inside. There are no stones now, but Jacob Trumbo, an early settler,is said to be buried there."

1820 Census Jefferson County, Indiana

1850 Census, Graham Twsp, Jefferson County, Indiana

Children of JACOB TRUMBO and MARY HUGHS are:

i. POLLY5 TRUMBO, b. 07 May 1800, Clarksburg, Harrison County, Virginia4; d. 21 Nov 1872, Deputy, Jefferson County, Indiana; m. HIRAM FOSTER5,6,7, 24 Dec 1818, Clermont County, Ohio8; b. 21 Jun 1797, Clermont County, Ohio9; d. 10 Jan 1876.

ii. MAHALA TRUMBO, b. 01 Apr 1803; m. JOHN ROBINSON.

iii. GEORGE WASHINGTON TRUMBO, b. 16 Mar 1813; d. 19 Jun 1852; m. (1) ELECTRA UNKNOWN; m. (2) AMANDA M. RAY, 26 Dec 1834, Jefferson County, Indiana.


"The Trumbo Family" by Conrad W. Felton

He had 6 children, 4 by his first wife Electra (maiden name not known - md.

previously to a Thorn) and 2 by his second wife Amanda M. Ray


1. Conrad W. Feltner, The Trumbo Family, (Published c 1974 Written 1940. 557 pages), Do not have book. Corresponance with Glenda Anderson and others 2003.

2. Correspondance w/Jennie Little.

3. Virginia Valley Records: Genealogical and Historical Materials of Rockingham County, Virginia and Related Regions,", pg 8, by John W. Wayland, pb 1999, Jacob Trumbo to Polly Hughes Feb 6, 1797.

4. 1860 Census Jefferson County, Indiana.

5. The Christopher Foster Family History, 1603-1953, Heritage Quest Online., pg 89, Hiram Foster and Polly Trumbo of Indiana.

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8. Conrad W. Feltner, The Trumbo Family, (Published c 1974 Written 1940. 557 pages).

9. 1860 Census Jefferson County, Indiana.

10. Conrad W. Feltner, The Trumbo Family, (Published c 1974 Written 1940. 557 pages).

Parents of Jacob Trumbo

GEORGE3 TRUMBO (HANS JACOB2, ANDREAS1)1 was born 1750 in Pendleton County, Virginia, and died 1830 in Pendleton County, Virginia. He married MARGARET ROCKEFELLER UTZ Abt. 1770 in Pendleton County, Virginia2, daughter of GEORGE UTZ and MARY KAFFER. She was born Abt. 1754 in Rockingham County, Virginia.



George Trumbo went from Rockingham County to Pendleton County about 1777. He located a few miles below Fort Seybert and became a large land owner.

From "The Trumbo Family" by Conrad W. Felton (pg 395)

"S. B. Trumbo gives us the following information on George: 'George was born in 1750. His home was on the very edge of the frontier at that time. The wilderness was just over the mountains on the west side of the valley. He grew up in a time of war. He could not have been more than 8 years old when the Indian massacres occurred at Upper Tract and Ft. Seybert. There appears to be no record of his own family having suffered at the hands of the Indians. It is quite possible that for a time the family had to seek safety from the Indians. He was in his middle twenties when the Revolution started. There seems to be no record of his active military service at any time. George became a large landholder below Fort Seybert and is said to have been industrious and Thrifty. He divided his homestead among the 4 sons who chose to remain there and gave money to the four sons who decided to go west.


Germanna History Notes. Found at:



There is one known record for George Trumpor in Culpeper Co., Virginia. This was at the Hebron Church where he and his wife Margaretha had Andreas baptized 17 Nov 1776. The sponsors for the boy were George Utz, Jr. and his wife. George Utz, Jr., was the son of Michael Utz, the son of the 1717 immigrant George Utz. The wife of George, Jr., was Margaret Weaver, the daughter of Peter Weaver, the young 1717 immigrant. Margaret Utz is said to be the daughter of George, the son of the immigrant George Utz. Therefore, George, Jr. was a cousin of Margaret and a logical choice as a sponsor. But none of this furnishes any information about George Trumpor who remained a mystery.

Fortunately, Marge Willhite provided information on George Trumpor whose family is more commonly known as Trumbo. The family starts with Andrew Trumbore (Drumbore, Trombor, Trumbourger, Trombauer, etc.) who emigrated from the Rhenish Palatinate to Pennsylvania between 1724 and 1727. Branches of the family moved to Virginia (by 1748 Jacob Trumbo was delinquent in his taxes in Augusta Co.) in an area which is now Pendleton Co., West Virginia. This is an area to the west of the Shenandoah Valley and separated from it by the Shenandoah Mountains. Fort Seybert was a prominent early feature which can still be located.

Jacob and Mary Trumbo were the parents of at least seven children: Elizabeth, who married Mathias Rheinhart; Andrew, who married Margaret Harness; John, who married Mary Custer; George, of this commentary; Dorothy; Margaret; and Jacob, Jr., who married Elizabeth Lair and Hannah Hawes Cowger. The Trumbo family history gives the wife of George as Margaret Rockefeller Oats. It is clear that Oats should be identified with Utz.

The name Rockefeller has a Germanna origin also. Margaret Utz was the granddaughter of Anna Maria Blankenbaker and Thomas Kaifer. Written in German script, the names Blankenbaker (as it may have been spelled then) and Rockefeller have a similarity. In the face of uncertainty it is not unusual for a descendant to make the choice which seems to have the higher status.

As a consequence of this information, we now know that one branch of our Germanna families descends through the Trumbo family. And in the Trumbo family, they have a better understanding of their heritage.

How did George Trumbo meet Margaret Utz? Stories written about life in this region mention that the men went across the mountains on business. Or, we have Rev. Schwarbach of the Hebron church who traveled a hundred miles reaching a very dispersed congregation. Maybe he spread the information about Margaret. Or church members from the Valley and environs came to Hebron. The important point is that spouses did not always come from the farm next door, even though a lot of them did.

Nr. 132:

Finding people who should be present in a neighborhood is sometimes a challenge. In recent weeks, several individuals have been mentioned who have only one or two mentions in the records. The case of George Trumbo was mentioned; he appears only in a baptismal record as a parent. But, thanks to a fellow researcher, he was identified. He was not a resident in the area associated with the Germanna people and we will not find many records for him in the courthouses where Germanna people usually leave their traces.

Nr. 462:

Some of these people may not have had a big impact on others in Fauquier County, but still they may have been responsible for a significant event. To give an example from the Second Colony, George Trumbo had only one record, a baptism, in the Robinson River area. Still from this baptism, it was possible to tell that he had married one of the Utz girls. Other records show he was from the area now a part of West Virginia, but the important part is, that by tracking him down, another line of Germanna descent has been located.


From, "The Memorial Foundation of the Germanna Colonies in Virginia" the follow text was added to help confirm the life of George Trumbo. It has been said that George Trumbo came with George Ultz. George Utz/Ultz refers to George Trumbo.

website: http://www.germanna.org/

Germanna Second Colony - 1717

In 1717, a Second Colony of Germans came to Germanna. They were Lutherans from Alsace and the Palatinate regions of Germany. Their intended destination was Pennsylvania, but the captain of the boat landed in Virginia where Lt. Governor Alexander Spotswood paid for their passage. Some members of this Colony were:

Jacob Broil, Matthew Smith, John Harnsberger, John Motz,Balthazer Blankenbaker, Michael Holtz, Michael Clore, Zerechias Fleshman,Andrew Ballenger,Nicholas Blankenbaker,George Sheible,George Utz,George Meyer,John Broyles,Michael Kaifer,Frederick Cobbler,Christopher Zimmerman,Henry Snyder,Michael Smith,Michael Cook,Andrew Kerker,William Carpenter,Christopher Parler,John Broil,Nicholas Yeager

When I did a search for Trumbo, on Wikipedia I found under Rockefeller name that Margaret Rockefeller (1750-1797) m Late 1700's to George Trumbo. This margaret is an Ancestor to the billionaire Rockefeller family.


i. JACOB4 TRUMBO3, b. 20 Sep 1774, Pendleton County, Virginia; d. Aft. 1830, Jefferson County, Indiana; m. MARY HUGHS4, 05 Feb 1797, Rockingham County, Virginia5; b. 06 Mar 1773, Virginia; d. Aft. 1860, Jefferson County, Indiana.

ii. ANDREW TRUMBO, b. 1777, Pendleton County, Virginia; d. 1851; m. MARY HARTMAN, 1802, Rockingham County, Va.; b. Abt. 1780; d. Aft. 1870.


Found in the 1820 census of Pendleton county, Virginia (West Virginia as of 1863)

page 72

Andrew Trumbo

Free white males of 10 and under 16 (1)

Free white males of 26 and under 45 including heads of families (1)

Free white females under 10 (2)

Free white females of 10 and under 16 (2)

Free white females of 16 and under 26, including heads of families (1)

Free white females of 26 and under 45, including heads of families (1)

Number of persons engaged in agriculture (1)

Possible conclusion from above census: Andrew and wife, 1 son, 5 daughters, farmer.

iii. GEORGE TRUMBO, b. 01 Jan 1779, Pendleton County, West Virginia; d. 05 Mar 1860, Lawrence County, Ohio6; m. MARY AUSTIN, 22 Jun 1817, Lawrence county, Ohio; b. 12 Oct 1798, Virginia7; d. 16 Oct 1884.


1850 Census Lawrence County, Ohio

Dwelling 379 Family 382

Trumbo, George 81 M Farmer VA

Mary 51 F VA

A ??? 21 M Farmer OH

Robert H 20 M Farmer OH

Elizabeth 15 F OH

Mary 14 F OH

Casper? 5 M OH

Trumbo, George

Married: June 22, 1817 in: Lawrence Co., OH


Gender: M More: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0317716.


"The Trumbo Family" by Conrad W. Felton pg 398:

md. Mary "Polly" Austin b. 25 Sep 1791 d. 16 Oct 1884 Lawrence Co, Ohio Mar: 22 Jun 1817


Residence: Lawrence County, Ohio

iv. MARY TRUMBO, b. 04 Jun 1780, Pendleton County, West Virginia; d. 10 Jan 1856, Wayne, Muskingum County, Ohio; m. HENRY PRINGLE, 06 Jun 1796, Richmond, VA; b. 13 Jun 1770, VA; d. 01 Nov 1823, Muskingum County, Ohio.


Burial: Pringle Cemetary, Muskingum Co., OH

Cause of Death: consumption

v. EPHRAIM TRUMBO8, b. 12 Oct 1781, Pendleton Co., West Va.9; d. 30 Sep 1863, Hangingrock, Lawrence Co, Ohio; m. SUSANNAH KEYSER10, 03 Mar 1808, Woodstock, Shenandoah Co., VA; b. 24 Sep 1791, Shanendoah County, Virginia; d. 13 Dec 1864, Hangingrock, Larwence county, Ohio.


1850 Census Lawrence County Ohio

Dwelling 377 Family 380

Trumbo, Ephraim 69 M Father VA

Susannah 58 F VA

Margaret 33 F OH

Philips, Abram 6 M

D?? 1 F

1860 Census, Lawrence County, Ohio, Hamilton Twp, hanging Rock PO. pg236

1140/1113 (taken July 3, 1860)

Ephram Trumbo 78 M Gentleman 1000 VA

Susannah 68 F Va

Margaret 45 F Servant 1100 1100 VA

John Trumbo 21 M Farmhand

Polina S. Trumbo F Servant

Susanna Keyser was Ephriam Trumbo's first cousin once removed. Sarah Margret (Trumbo) Rhinehart's granddaughter.

"The Trumbo Family" by Conrad W. Feltner, pp. 396-398.

Ephraim Trumbo was b. Oct 1781 in Pendleton Co., WVA, and died Sep 30, 1863. He married Susannah Keyser in Woodstock, VA, March 13, 1810, she the dau of Major Andrew Keyser and Sarah Rhinehart. She was b. Sep 25, 1791 and died Dec 13, 1864. They moved to Hanging Rock, OH, where they lived until they died. This was the part of Lawrence County that was Scioto County when he moved there. He bought government land in 1813 and 1823. He sold 120 acres to George J. Trumbo in 1844 and to Culbertson, Clark and Means in 1846. They had six children. "Ephraim Trumbo was a wheelwright, a good business when all women did their own spinning. He also made the best fences of anyone in those parts." Their children: (1) Margaret Trumbo b. Dec 19 1811 in Pendleton Co., WVA, d. Jun 22, 1883. She did not marry. It is probable her will was recorded in missing Will Book 3 in Lawrence Co., OH; (2) Andrew Jackson Trumbo was b. Mar 10, 1814, in Pendleton Co., WVA. He married Jane Power and had at least six children. Jane was the dau of William Power. They moved to Massoit, IL. Andrew and his wife both died of the same disease a few days apart leaving the six children. The three oldest children, John, Cam, and Pauline were taken by Andrew's parents to raise. The others, Lou, Washington, and William were raised by their mother's parents. All came back to Illinois later except Lou. While in Lawrence Co., OH, he sold 40 acres to George Copin in 1841; he bought land from his father and mother in 1845 and sold land to Culbertson, Means and Clark in 1846; (3) Sarah Trumbo, b. May 9, 1819, in Pendleton Co., WVA. She died Mar 26, 1820; (4) John Robert Trumbo, born Sep 28, 1819; died Jan 13, 1834; (Note: There must be a mistake here with these two 1819 b'dates.) (5) George Jackson Trumbo, born Oct 13, 1822, and died January 6, 1864. He married Elizabeth Bartley Jul 29, 1845. She was born Nov 2, 1823, in Greenup Co., KY, and died Feb 16, 1882. In his will written Dec 12, 1863, and probated Apr 18, 1864, he leaves his wife Elizabeth all his personal estate and mentions his three children. It is probable his wife's will was listed in missing Will Book 3 in Lawrence Co., OH; (6) Ezra Trumbo, born Mar 13, 1825, in Pendleton Co., WVA....




Submitted by Bob Davisson

By Rev. Patrick Henry

Ironton, Ohio


The next below this was owned by Ephraim Trumbo, who married Susan Kiser a sister of Mrs. Isaac Austin. They had two sons and one daughter that lived to be grown. Andrew Jackson [book notation says George Jackson, not Andrew Jackson] married Elizabeth Bartley. Andy [this is Andrew, presumably] married a Miss Day [notation says Powers, not Day]. Margaret never married. John R. Trumbo afterwards fell heir to the farm.


NOTE. Rev. James Gilruth, in his letters referred to in the sketch of Mary Keyser, No. 6, after describing the first school "ever kept between Storm's Creek and the French Grant" said: "The old house being untenantable, and the right of property falling into the hands of a man in Virginia by the name of Andrew Kiser, he bestowed it upon his son-in-law, Ephraim Trumbo, who had married his daughter, Susannah. Trumbo was a wheel-wright; and as, in those days, the women did their own spinning, it was a good trade. But he turned his attention to farming, and made the best fences of any man in those parts." Mr. Gilruth, in another connection, also said that a daughter of William Power "married Ephraim Trumbo's oldest son, and moved to Massoit,(Massac) Illinois."

Note: A wheelwright (or wainwright) is a person who builds or repairs wheels. Making and balancing a wheel is skilled work.Historically, these tradesmen made wheels for carts and wagons by constructing the hub, the spokes and the rim segments and assembling them all into a unit. Most wheels were made from wood but other materials have been used, such as bone and horn, for decorative or other purposes.


Under date of August 19, 1932, Elizabeth Mead wrote as follows:

"I am enclosing a letter Bob. Trumbo gave me. I give it to you." The letter is as follows: Shenandoah County October 9th 1825

"Dear Sister "It is with singular pleasure that I transmit to you a few lines by which you will be informed that we are all enjoying of our health as well as usual for which I am very thankful to the Almighty for the many blessings bestowed on us. I became a member of the Baptist Church at Big Spring on the third Sunday in April from the same hope that I had when I was with you. We have Ambrose C. Booten as pastor of our Church and are much pleased with him as a Minister of the Gospel -- members of society (???) baptized 8 persons among the number are Wm. Fristoe's Widow and John Fristoe's two daughters Lucy and Rebecca. The number is 33. Brother Andrew became a member at Mill Creek on the 2d Sunday in July at which time he was baptized professing to have hope in the Savior. There appears to be a troubling of the Waters about the Bigspring where it has not bee agitated for a number of years and we ere long hope that they will come to the pool to be made clean. Brother Andrew is expected to Married to Miss Mary Brewbecker a Daughter of John Brewbecker on Thursday the 13th inst. he has given us an invitation to the Marriage and Rachel proposes going. The Neighbours are generally

Page 198

Page 199

well of this Neighbourhood. Crop of wheat were generally good this season; and flour is worth about five Dollars. Crops of corn are not very good this season, owing to the intense Drought that we have had this year which is greater than we have experienced for a number of years (or indeed ever) and the Earth is so dry at this time that I am afraid the grain that is now sprouted and up will perish if we should not have rain soon. Corn is worth about two Dollars from the heap. Rye about 37 1/2 cents. I wish to be remembered to Brother Charles if he is with you and if he should winter with you I request that he will write to me monthly as I am desirous to know his situation and state of health. I would wish to be remembered to my old Uncle and Aunt Austion I would wish to be remembered to Rev. John Kelly and family I think it useless to name each individual. You will give my compliments to my relations and acquaintances that are convenient to you We have been neglectful in writing to each-other for some time past but I hope for the future we shall be mindful of the ties that bind man to his relations and retrieve our former error by writing every opportunity.

"I shall conclude by subscribing myself your affectionate Brother till Death GEORGE KEYSER. EPHRAIM TRUMBO) and ISAAC AUSTIN ) families "Eli Chadduck desires to be remembered to Charles Keyser and requests that he will write to him the first opportunity."

NOTE. The penmanship of the foregoing letter is excellent, and its diction clearly shows that its author must have been a man of culture and refinement.

NOTE. Rev. James Gilruth, in his letters referred to in the sketch of Mary Keyser, No. 6, after describing the first school "ever kept between Storm's Creek and the French Grant" said: "The old house being untenantable, and the right of property falling into the hands of a man in Virginia by the name of Andrew Kiser, he bestowed it upon his son-in-law, Ephraim Trumbo, who had married his daughter, Susannah. Trumbo was a wheel-wright; and as, in those days, the women did their own spinning, it was a good trade. But he turned his attention to farming, and made the best fences of any man in those parts." Mr. Gilruth, in another connection, also said that a daughter of William Power "married Ephraim Trumbo's oldest son, and moved to Massoit, Illinois."

NOTE. Continuing his narrative, as copied in the sketch of John Kelly, No. 24, the Rev. Patrick Henry said: "The next below was Isaac Austin who came here from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. He married Lydia Kiser of the same place. They had two sons and two daughters: Charles, Sarah, Lycurgus and Felonise, Charles married Susan Fowler; Sarah married W. D. Kelly; Lycurgus married Nancy Worthington; Felonise married George W. Dovel. This farm was divided between Charles and Lycurgus. The upper part is now owned by W. A. Murdock, and the lower half by the Austin heirs. The next below this was owned by Ephraim Trumbo, who married Susan Kiser, a sister of Mrs. Isaac Austin."


Trumbo, Ephram

State: OH


Location: UPPER TWP

Page #: 309

Census/Enumeration year: 1830

Notes: For the first name in this entry, the person who indexed the record was uncertain about the transcription due to difficulties in deciphering the original records.


Found at Ancestery.com forum for Greenup County Kentucky.


GREENUP COUNTY CEMETERY (northern section along OH River)

Buckeye (near Wildcat Hollow)

Kellogg (near High Rock)

Midland (along the river)

Gilruth-Davidsson (along the river)

Bumgarner (along the river)

Trumbo (along the river)

Austin (along the river)

Cochran (along the river)

Riverview (along the river)

Worthington (along the river)


Burial: Trumbo Cemetary, Hamilton Twnshp, Lawrence County, Ohio

Census 1: 1820, Lawrence County, Ohio, Upper Township11

Census 2: 1830, Lawrence County, Ohio, Upper Township

Census 3: 1840, Lawrence County, Ohio, Upper Township

Occupation: Wheelright


Burial: Trumbo Cemetery, Hamilton Twp, Lawrence Co, Ohio

vi. LAVINA TRUMBO, b. 1785, Pendleton County, Virginia/West Virginia; d. Kline, Pendleton County, West Virginia; m. GEORGE KESSNER, Pendleton County, Virginia; b. 1789, Pendleton County, Virginia/West Virginia.

vii. MICHEAL TRUMBO12, b. 1785, Pendleton County VA (West Virginia); d. Bef. 1870; m. REBECCA WILLIAMS, 1816; b. 1793, Hardy County, West Virginia.


1860 Census, Pendleton County, Virginia, Franklin PO, pg 9

69 58

Michael Trumbo 76 M Farmer 2000 600 VA

Rebecca 67 F VA

Margaret E. 24 F VA

Andrew J. 24 M Laborer VA

Mary A. 28 F VA Idiotic


Census: 1860, Pendleton County, Virginia, Franklin P.O.


Marriage: 1816

viii. ABRAHAM TRUMBO, b. 1786, Pendleton County, Va. (WV); d. 07 Oct 1865, LaSalle County, Illinois; m. HESTER DYER, 17 Dec 1810, Pendleton County, Va. (WV); b. 1791, Pendleton County, Wv.; d. 20 Apr 1865.


In "The Trumbo Family" by Conrad W. Felton on page 412:

eloped with Esther "Hessa" Dyer. md 12 or 17 Dec 1810 dau of James Dyer & Jane Ralson, b. 1791 Pendelton Co, WV. d. 20 Apr ? La Salle Co, IL

In the 1860 Census lasalle countyIL he is listed as Ambrose Trumbo

From TRUMBO message board, May 28, 2007, by darjerome:

"Sketch of Settlers Fall River"

[Pages 390-393]

Abraham TRUMBO was born in Pendleton County, Va., and resided in Licking County, Ohio, eighteen years; left there for Illinois in November, 1829, with the GREENE Colony. That company crossed White river, in Indiana, in the morning, and Mr. TRUMBO arrived on its banks the evening of the same day; it had become swollen during the day so that he was detained four weeks before he could cross. He went to Sangamon County, where he wintered, and reached La Salle County in the spring of 1830; he first bought a claim of William RICHEY on S. 17, and afterwards purchased on Secs. 14 and 22. He was the first Supervisor of the town. He died Oct. 7th, 1865, aged 73 yrs, and his wife, Esther DYER, died in April, 1865. His children were: Jane, who died in 1848; Ambrose, married Casbia GENTLEMAN, is a wealthy farmer on the old farm; Margaret, married John S. ARMSTRONG, is living in Mission; Rebecca, married Samuel PARR, and lives in Rutland; Jackson, died of cholera in 1848."


ix. LEVI TRUMBO, b. 1790, Upper Tract, Pendleton County, Virginia; d. 31 Dec 1859, Pendleton County, West Virginia13; m. MARY ELIZABETH HINKLE14, 03 Oct 1811, Pendleton County, Virginia; b. 22 Oct 1792, Upper Tract, Pendleton County, Virginia; d. 14 Nov 1871, Springfield, Clark County, Ohio.

Notes for LEVI TRUMBO:

May 28th 1855 Letter by Levi Trumbo Pendleton Co S.Fork

Posted by: Dennis Miller Date: August 09, 2003

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Letter from Levi Trumbo to his daughter Martha E. wife of John Shaver.

May 28th 1855 South Fork Pendleton Co

Dear children I once more under take to write to you a few lines to let you know how we are geting along in this world Joseph and his mother are in reasonable health at the present time but for my self I am in poor health at the present and have been so for more than three months back I am not confined to the house using medicine from Dr. Hinkle last Saturday five weeks ago I under took to go over to Kesners in the evening and when night came an I walked outdoors to make water but found I could make none at all and it began to pain me and burn like fire I suffered on in that way until 2 o'clock in the morning I sent for Doctor Black about five miles from here and in the morning he came but he could do me no good he had no catheter but one that was for a female but he said if he could purge me right with that all would get right but he failed in doing so and he went home that evening I still suffered on in that way until Sunday night and found I was still getting worse I then prevailed on George Kesner to get some one to go for Dr. (?) up to Franklin he got Daniel Mallow to go and in the morning before day light the doctor came with his catheter and drained better than a half gallon of water from me I then rested quite easy and slept all day the Doctor told me I should send home and get my carriage and ride home in that and not proceed to ride home on horse back for he said it was that that caused my water to stop entirely so I got home safe with out being any ways injured he gave me some powders to use to keep my bowels in good order but still I had to drain my water with the catheter and did not seem to mind any in that way when I was at home a week I concluded to send to Doctor Henkel and sent my water by John Mithcell he said I had the inflamation of the bladder and that it had been coming on me for some time caused by the (?) he sent me a course of medicine after using his medicine for about two days I could begin to make water again and my water smelt just like the medicine since I used Henkels medicine the water that would stand over night in the chamber pot would have setlings at the bottom and (?) deep just like corruption so I have been mending slowly and have a good appetite to eat but I feel week but how it may terminate I cannot say Joseph is now tending to the Millers business and we hire our farming work done we are very dry here and has been all Spring the crops look very small the wheat will be very short and meadows like wise and the corn looks but poorly it is the tuffest times I ever saw in all my life time flour is better than ten dollars at New Market Jesse Cowger hauled our bacon over to New Market 12 hundred weight and got ten dollars and ten cents the hundred and 85.00 dollars cash and the balance in trade he is going over soon again hauling over a load of corn corn sells there at one dollar the bushel and wheat 2 dollars the bushel so any man that has grain can get the cash for it Joseph got a letter from Moses some few weeks ago he wanted to give me a wonderful raking about being so wonderfully glued to the world about my making so much money how does he know that I am glued to the world does he think I should give my grain away I think thats more than he would do as religious as he seems to be but such religious beings as them the world is full of by their fruits ye may know them so spoke one that spoke as never man spake I wonder if he did not marry old Leffels daughter for the fortune he expects to get by her I think he did although it is none of my business and I believe she is good a plenty for him but he may have some trouble yet with his old cracked brain father n law and he is not to be pittied much so no more on that score I can inform you of the death of Zebulon Coil on the tract poor fellow is gone he died about the latter part of February he still had them bad spells of the colic until they took him of I will now inform you of old Aunt Susy bad luck she got a right comfortable house and kitchen put up down at the lower place last fall and lived there all winter until the first day of April about 10 o'clock in the morning it took fire and burned up with nearly every thing that was in it there was no one at home but herself her girls was gone up to church Jackson Jr. was the first that got there and he helped to get out one bed the table and clock and three chairs this was all they got out and jackson says she would have burned up if he had not pushed her out of the door it was a very windy time and the fire got into the fencies and into the woods but people gathered in and put out the fire in the fencing and woods the wind blew upwards if it had blew downwards it would have burned up her meat house and barn and then she would have lost her grain and meat and they had hard work to save her meat house anyway she was then to be pittied and as Liz and them did not live so very agreeable she did not like to go back there we offered her out lower room and the use of our old kitchen she excepted of the offer and she is now living here the neighbors got at it put her up a larger house than the other was but it has no ruff on it yet the people helped her a good deal in bed clothing and some gave her some money she says the way her house got on fire was from the broom she says she swept up the kitchen floor hearth and swept down the back wall of the fire place and then sat her broom behind the kitchen door and there where the fire was first discerned old Bro Michael and family is all well the Cowgers also we have Esabel Shaver is now living with us has been for three weeks she is an industrious girl now I must inform you something of the Excitement thats among the people about knownothingism it seems to me that some people has got to be entire fools all the Wagoner neighborhood is all no nothings from little Bill Dyers up to Jacob Trumbo except Andersons family they have a lodge in old Cutlips shop and the head fellows is Jacob Cowger old Gilks and Joe Bangay our Election was last Thursday I rode up in my carriage the Democrats whiped them out they looked like sheep steelers Jame B Ree was the candidate for the democrats and John Wilson was the no know nothing candidate I am told that Ree has whiped them out in the County 190 votesI believe the Devil is the inventor of it so you may know what I think of it if any man will read the Dialogue of Devils will think so too John Warnsturf was up at our election he told them there that he under took to join them in Hardy and as he was going through the oath it got so bad that he could not stand it and he flew the track he said it was true and he was ashamed of it but it was true I must conclude I want you write soon Please inform me if any my sons fools big enough to join the know nothings give my love to all Enquiring friends yours in love John Shaver and Martha & the little chaps

Levi Trumbo


1820 Census, Pendleton County, Virginia, pg 72

3 males under 10

1 male 25-45

2 females under 10

1 female 25-45

Manufacturer business

Death Record says died 69y 8mo


Burial: Abt. 1860, Adamson Cemetary Ft Seybert, Pendleton County, Virginia (WV)

Census: 1820, Pendleton County, Virginia


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TRUMBO---Our dear mother passed away from earth on the fourteenth day of November 1871, (lacking only eight days of completing her seventy-nineth year), in great peace in Jesus Christ our Lord.

She died of the black tongue typhoid fever, in the city of Springfield, Ohio. Her funeral was preached by Rev. Timothy Wans of the Methodist Episcopal Church, of which church she lived an upright Christian for sixty-seven years, having identified herself with said church at the age of twelve years. The services were conducted in the Methodist Episcopal Church at Donnelsville, west of Springfield. In the vicinity of the above named place, she requested to be buried; because the most of her children resided there. Her last sickness was at intervals attended with great suffering, but death came in the end, greatly and softly, without much apparent suffering, and took her away from all sorrowing and sighing.

Mary Trumbo was the consort of Levi Trumbo, deceased, of West Virginia, who died before the war. She lived a widow nearly twelve years with her children in Ohio. But she lived the most of her life in West Virginia, in Pendleton County. Her birth dates November 22, 1792. She was the daughter of Rev. Moses Henkle Sen., formerly of Pendleton Co., West Virginia on the south branch of the Potomac; but in his latter years was a resident of Clarke Co., O. She belonged to a large Christian family, had nine brothers, six of whom were ministers, and one sister. She was the last surviver, and the last to die, of this large family. Parents and children are now all in the happy spirit world.

Our mother was a woman of strong mind and strong will, She was therefore, not, a spasmodical Christian, but a habitual lover of Divine Truth, in doctrines, promises, and precepts. She was very decided and firm in her religious opinions and belief. Nor did her faith fail her or her religious enjoyment vanish in her last hours of affliction. I here pen for the benefit of the reader, a wonderful manifestation of the heavenly world, made to her just before she took seriously ill. She, resting upon her bed, and her daughter with whom she was living hearing her make a peculiar noise, went to her bed-room, and found her sitting upright with her eyes wide open, and her hands clenched, and stretch out before her, exclaiming: "O! what beautiful lights I see, one in each hand; don't you see them!" Then turning her eyes as to look at something at a great distance, she exclaimed again: "What a beautiful world I see! And what beautiful people I see there! I will soon be there!" "Who are they?" asked my sister, to which she replied, "They are too far off to tell." And when she awoke from the vision of the heavenly world, she was in an extacy of joy, repeating, "O! How good I feel!"

The day before she died, she awoke from her stupor. Then said one of her sons to her: "Almost over the river mother." "Yes" said she, "One more step, one step more and I will be over." This last step has been taken over the river of death, and a mother's freed spirit, washed in the blood of Jesus, bounded away, high over the plateans of that beautiful world, in company with the beautiful, which her spiritual vision described on this side the river. One son and one daughter passed away before her, and five sons and two daughters remain to follow after her. All her children rise up to call her blessed, for her influence has been strong over them, even from childhood.

A.H. Trumbo

West Middleburg, O., Nov. 24, 1871



Marriage: 03 Oct 1811, Pendleton County, Virginia

x. WILLIAM TRUMBO, b. 05 Jan 1797, Madison, Pendleton County, Virginia; d. 27 Apr 1853, Fort Seybert, Pendleton county, Virginia15; m. SUSAN M. HARSHBARGER16,17, 1820, Fort Seybert, Pendleton County, Virginia; b. 06 Oct 1796, Virginia; d. 1863.


1860 Census, Pendleton County VA Franklin PO

Note: William died 1853

68 57 Susannah Trumbo 63 F 2000 516 VA

Susan 24 F

Mary 23 F

George 20 M


1860 Census, Pendleton County, Virginia Franklin PO, pg 9

68 57

Savannah Trumbo 63 F 2000 516 VA

Susan ? 24 F VA

Mary 23 F VA

George 20 M Farmer VA




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17. Email correspondance with Brian French, Name: Brian French states her last name is Harshbarger, sourced from family bibles from 2 decendants. George Trumbo's bible. Feb 23, 2008.

Parents of George Trumbo


HANS JACOB2 TRUMBO (ANDREAS) was born Bef. 1709 in Palatinate Germany or France, and died Aft. 1789 in Rockingham County, Va.. He married MARY DORETHA KUSTER 1739 in Rockingham County, Virginia. She was born Abt. 1718.


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Hello, all!

I received the Trumbo Book by Conrad Feltner yesterday! Bless him! Some of you were wondering about the origins of the TRUMBOS so I'm sending information from the book, along with Trumbo, et al, history of migration, etc. This information covers pages 3-21.

Eunice Trumbo, sister of A.C., states, "Jean Von Trumbach stood high in the In the "Origin of the Trumbo Family", page 3, it says:

"There is a tradition that the Trumbos came from Switzerland and that one of them went to France and married there"....(Letter from Millie F. Hess Messenger to Levi S. Cates about 1938) Arthur Cook Trumbo, one of the better known of the Trumbos, worked on the family for a number of years. He gave his information to Silas B. Trumbo of Orlando, Florida who in turn worked on the family further and contributed significantly to the information in this history. A.C. Trumbo said*, "It is my opinion that the name originated from  Trumjmelbach Falls in the Bernese District of the Alps in Switzerland near Lauterbrennan. When Switzerland took her first census, the gave the surname to some descriptive location where the individual lived. The man who lived near the Trummelback Falls was called Trumback and Von Trumback was one who lived near the geographical location. But the word was so cumbersome that part of it was dropped. The easiest part to omit was "mel" and the name was naturally and easily shortened to Trumbach....(*Information on the family and "The Trumbo Family" by S.B. Trumbo, including information collected by A.C. Trumbo.)council of the ruling powers of Switzerland. He fought a duel and was the victor. He later swam the Rhine River into Alsace, France, where he met and married a beautiful French woman and the name was changed to Trumbeau meaning "beautiful". Two of his descendants came to America. Their names were Adam and Jacob. Adam settled in Maryland and Jacob settled in Virginia. Lewis Andrew Trumbo stated, "There was a Trumbo who was a German Baron on the Rhine who married a French woman and came to America and settled in Pennsylvania. Verbal accounts say they spelled their name Chumbeau*....(*Letters and notes collected on the family by Lews A. Trumbo


The preceding seems to tie in with a description of the Trumbach family contributed by Paul R. Trumbo brought to him by his son from Germany: The Trumbach family is an old German citizen family of the 15th century, from the Province of Hesse. Ancestors of this family joined in the crusades in the 12th and 13th century with bravery and courage. In the year 1651 the landowner and farmer Wilhelm Emanual Trumbach was decorated with the family seal and the great Coat of Arms in parchment paper from the Hessian royal government for his great helpfulness to the people. During the 30 years battles in a time of great hunger, W.E. Trumbach gave a large part of his land to the hungry and needy people without money. For his services, he was decorated and honed by the government. Descendants of this family emigrated in the following generations to Canada And America.

The librarian of the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Historical Society said the following spellings of the same family were found in original documents:

Trumbore, Drumbore, Trumpo, Trumbower, Trumbauer, Thrumbo, and Trumbo.

Edjward E. Becher*, an expert on heraldy, states: "The origin of the name traces back to a very ancient Nordic period havng been recorded in the Icelandic Book of Settlement as 'Trum ba bein'. This was a Norse personal name meaning either strong or bold, firm, and strong, or strong warrior. I appears, therefore, that the lineage of the family stems from the first Viking invaders who conquered Normandy, France. The name was later recorded and spelled Trumbeau, Trumeau (arms were registered under ths spelling), and Trumbo in France. Brances of the family were also located in the ancient Dutchy of Hesse spelling the name Trumbackde-Wehrda, Counts of Hesse. Brances in England may be found spelling the name Trumball, Trumble, Trumn, and Trummer."....(*Herldry on the Trumbos by Edward E. Becher from Marcus Trumbo.)

It was stated in "Mortons Centennial History of Allegheny County, Virginia" that JACOB TRUMBO was a native of Alsace. Howard Trumbo states that his father's papers said that the Trumbos were from Colmar in the Alsace Valley. Howard fought at Colmar in World War II.

"The Book O'Beggs" states the Trumbos were forgotten Huguenots, Huguenots
who fled from France to Germany when the Edict of Nantes was revoked, retained their religion, but took up the German language. John DeWinter Trumbo said that three Trumbo brothers came from Alsace, France. They each took a different spelling of the name; one settled in Maryland and one in Virgnia. He said they all spoke French and German fluently because in the constant wars over the territory, they would find themselves under German rule then French rule.

As can be seen from the preceding, there seem to be similarities in many of these legends with minor contradictions. It would appear possible that the Trumbos could have been among the Viking invaders of France then moved inland to Germany and/or Switzerland where they reached positions of prominence before traveling to the lands of the new world.

EARLY TRUMBOS IN THIS COUNTRY: Regardless of the origin of the name, the first of our family were thought of as Germanic people by their neighbors. They lived in neighborhoods which consisted of people of Germanic descent and migrated to different sections of the country with these same families. As was stated previously our first known ancestor, H. JACOB TRUMBO, was "a native of Alsace." Alsace is that part of Europe sometimes in Germany and sometimes in France, depending on which wins the war. It is not known exactly when or where the first Trumbo arrived in this country. They arrived in New York, Maryland, and the Carolinas as well as Pennsylvania and from there spread in all directions. The port of arrival was Philadelphia for the greater part of the Germanic immigrants but to this date no ship lists have been found to positively substantiate this as the Trumbo port of arrival.
Mrs. Derrell Dyke of Marysville, Ohio* advances this theory: "The Trumbo family might have been one of the Palatine families that came first into New York State and then came south, first to Pennsylvania, and then into Virginia and Kentucky". Our YOAKUMS, WESTFALLS, and HORNBECKS traveled this route, so why not the Trumbos. Niclas Trombauer with one son and two daughers appears on the Board of Trade List of the First Party of Palatines in London 3 May 1709. Tradition has it that in 1723 fifteen families of the Palatines removed to the Tulpenhocken District of Swatrara Creek in Pennsylvania although it does seem that there were Palatines on the Tulpenhocken as early as 1717"*...(*Letter from Mrs. Derell Dyke in the 1960s to Conrad Feltner.)

"The Palatinate was a country lying near France on both sides of the Rhine to the northeast of Alsace and Lorraine. It suffered most severely from war from 1618 to 1714. Among the places reduced to ruins were the towns of Heidelberg, Spires, and Worms. Crops were destroyed; upwards of a hundred thousand peasants were rendered homeless. The great tide of emigration began about 1697 at the end of the War of the Palatinate"*...("The German Element of the Shenandoah Valley" by J. W. Wayland, 1907, C.J. Carrier CFO., Bridgewater, Virginia 1964.)

Mrs. Leila Ethington says that in 1709 ANDREAS TRUM and his wife, Margaretha Magdalena and five children and NICHOLAS TROMBOHR and wife, Magdalena, and four children left from Wurtenburg, Germany, in July and came to Hunterstown, New York. Whether or not the family first arrived in Pennsylvania, it appears they ended up there......(more text).....then: The fact that our H. JACOB TRUMBO of Virginia had sons, ANDREW, JOHN, GEORGE, AND JACOB, with Andrew benig the oldest son, indicates strongly a connection between the Pennsylvania Trumbos and the Virginia Trumbos.

Probably Andrew I of Pennsylvania was the father of our H. JACOB TRUMBO but this has not been proved. It is known for certan that H. JACOB TRUMBO was our ancestor. The area where he settled is described in some detail in "The Dyer Settlement, the Fort Seybert Massacre" authorized by the Roger Dyer Family Association.

"The Dyer Settlement, afterwards called Fort Seybert, was so remotely situated that it seems to be in the nature of a miracle that the first settlers found their way into the upper South Fork Valley. Very early word got into the middle colonies, especially Pennsylvania, that there was very beautiful and fertile country in the river valleys to the southward. The river valleys where the water flows swiftly north to join the North Branch and form the Potomac are three: they run parallel and are separated from each other by an intervening mountain, spurs of the eastern fringe of the Alleghanies. There is the South Fork of the South Branch of the Potmac which is the most easterly of the three; its valley is separated on the east from the Shenandoah Valley by the Shenandoah Mountain. It is separated on the west from the South Branch Valley by the South Fork Mountain. On maps today the South Fork River is called Moorefield River; it flows into the South Branch at Moorefield, West Virginia. The South Branch, called the Wappatomaka by the Indians, is the central stream which flows into the North Branch about twenty miles below present Cumberland, Maryland, and there forms the Potomac. The valley through which the South Branch flows is broad and its lands very fertile, causing them to be much sought after for farms by the hardy peioneers in the early days before the Revolution. It was then familiarly known as the upper tract of Virginia. "The North Fork of the South Branch is the most westerly of the three rivers. It flows into the South Branch higher up than the South Fork. Its valley is separated from the South Branch valley on the east by the Fork mountain. It was little known in the earliest days of settlement and was settled later.

"JOHN VAN METER, an Indian trader who wandered with the Delawares, took word back to his sons in New York that they should settle in the South Branch Bottom if they decided to settle in Virginia.

"The tradition is that the MCHAEL HARNESS family learned of the South Branch Valley from four men sent out by Lord Fairfax to investigate the country and set out from Pennsylvania with the family of  PHILIP POWELL YOAKUM in the spring of 1738. Instead of following the water courses to the valley, they traveled across Cacapon and South Branch Mountains with their wagons and belongings and took up land on the west side of the South Branch near the present site of Moorefield. ELIZABETH HARNESS, their eldest daughter, was only eleven years of age then. In crossing the mountains she went ahead of the wagons and with tomahawk, steel, and spunk in hand, helped to clear the way. She had a fire kindled at the river when the rest arrived. Thus she was the first whte woman to set foot in the South Branch Valley." Ths MARGARET HARNESS married H. JACOB TRUMBOS's oldest son, ANDREW. ......(more text).....then: The section of Virgnia comprising the Dyer Settlement was in 1745 Augusta County, Virginia. In November 1738, the counties of Frederick and Augusta were formed from Orange County as people had already settled on various rivers on the northwest side of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The South Fork and South Branch Valleys were chiefly in Augusta County until 1753, when that north of the Dyer Settlement was changed....(more text, including full text of deed to Jacob Trumbo dated 24 June 1752, Augusta Co., VA and the families of LINCOLN (President Lincoln's family) and the BOONES and BRYANS....and says, "The TRUMBOS were also acquaintances of the Lincolns and Bryans. WILLIAM BRYAN was a minister and he performed the wedding ceremony of RICHARD CUSTER and ELIZABETH TRUMBO, a granddaughter of JACOB TRUMBO. GEORGE TRUMBO, one of Jacob's sons, had some dealings with Deacon John LINCOLN. This John Lincoln was President LINCOLN's great uncle. It is noted that all these people came from Pennsylvania around 1750 and 1752 It is believed that H. JACOB TRUMBO and MARY were the parents of at least seven children:

            1. ELIZABETH TRUMBO married MATHIAS RHINEHART of Page County, Virginia.

         2. ANDREW TRUMBO was born 22 April 1743. He married MARGARET HARNESS and they lived for a time on the South Fork of the South Branch of the
             Potomac before moving to Bourbon County, Kentucky. They had nine children. After her death, ANDREW married a second time to MRS. MARTHA
             RATLIFF. The had one child.

         3. JOHN TRUMBO was born about 1747. He married MARY CUSTER. They lived for a time in Virginia before moving to near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. They
             had ten children. Deeds show his wives as SARAH and EUNICE, so he was married at least two times.

        4. GEORGE TRUMBO was born in 1750. He married MARGARET ROCKEFELLER OATS and they lived below Fort Seybert in what is now Hardy County,
            West Virginia. They had ten children.

        5. DOROTHY 'DOLLY' TRUMBO married and is supposed to have moved to Georgia.

        6. MARGARET TRUMBO is supposed to have married and moved to Georgia.

        7. JACOB TRUMBO, JR. was born in 1754. He remained on the homeplace in Virgnia. He married first ELIZABETH LAIR and they had five children. He
           married second HANNAH HAWES COWGER. They had two children.

An interview with GEORGE TRUMBO, grandson of H. JACOB TRUMBO, provides the most authentic view of the way of life of the early Trumbos in Virginia. The following s George's account (from an interview by John Shane in the Draper Papers in the University of Wisconsin Library):

"I was born September 29, 1769, on the South Branch of the Potomac. My grandfather, old MICHAEL HARNESS, was one of the first settlers there. Seventy-five men used to come up from old Virginia to guard him every year. My grandfather HARNESS was born January 1, 1700. He died in March and if he had lived till new year, he would have been eighty-five. He went to the South Branch a young man.

"His fort was about three miles from Moorefield on the Main South Branch. Blizzard Fort was about thirty-five miles from the mouth of South Fork. It was taken before I was born. My father, a young man yet, was a guard there. He obtained a furlough to go home about thirty miles from there on the Shenandoah; I think that it was only the day before. Had he not gone, he would have been killed and I would not be here. The fort was taken, burned, and evacuated." Blizzard Fort was also known as Fort Seybert." An account of the taking of this fort is provided in the aforementioned "Dyer Settlement, The Fort Seybert Massacre." (Source: "The Dyer Settlement, TheFort Seybert Massacre" by Mrs. Mary Lee Keister Talbot about 1936.)

To return to George, "My father was out in McIntosh's Campaign when I was eight or nine years old in 1777-1778, but it was all peace in general after I was so grown up."

H. JACOB TRUMBO is supposed to have died in 1783. This is not for certain though as both JACOB TRUMBO and JACOB TRUMBO, JR. are listed in 1789 as owning land in Rockingham County. Jacob was in Militia District 7 and owned four hundred twenty acres JACOB JR. was in Militia District 9 and owned one hundred fifty acres.

Children of HANS TRUMBO and MARY KUSTER are:

i. MARGERET3 TRUMBO, b. 16 May 1740, Rockingham County, Virginia; d. Lawrence County, Ohio; m. JOHN GRAY; b. 1745.


Burial: Hanging Rock Cemetary (unmarked)

ii. ANDREW TRUMBO2,3,4, b. 22 Apr 1743, Brocks Gap, Virginia; d. 15 Oct 1827, Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky; m. (1) MARTHA RATCLIFF; m. (2) MARGERETHA HARNESS, 22 Apr 1769, Hampshire County Va (now Hardy County WV)5; b. 16 May 1749, Moorefield, Hardy County, Virginia/West Virginia; d. 06 Aug 1792, Potomoc, Virginia.


In order to try and sort out the confusion as to the different locations for all family members I added the following note: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~bathcountykentucky/bathcountyky.html

Bath County, was formed in 1811 from part of Montgomery County. In 1818 parts of what was then Floyd County were added to Bath County. In 1823 parts of Bath County were included in the newly formed Morgan County. Bath County acquired its current boundaries in 1869 after parts of the county were removed to form Menifee County.

Note: From Kristy (Hornback Research): Andrew Trumbo m (1) Margaret Catherine Harness (2) Margaret Cassity b. Abt 1750 m. 22 May 1796 in Clark County, KY. Have not confirmed this.



Burial: Trumbo Cemetary

Census: 1820, Bath County, Kentucky

iii. ELIZABETH TRUMBO, b. 1745, Rockingham County, Virginia; d. 1819, Allegheny Pennsylvania; m. MATHIAS RHINEHART, Abt. 1765; b. 22 Apr 1743, Page County VA6.


Name 2: Mathias Rhienhart

iv. JOHN TRUMBO7,8, b. Abt. 1747, Rockingham County, Virginia; d. 1819, Mufflin Township, Allagheny County, Pennsylvania; m. (1) MARY CUSTER; b. Abt. 1752; m. (2) EUNICE UNKNOWN9.

Notes for JOHN TRUMBO:

Will of John Trumbo, Mifflin Township, Allegheny Co, Penn.

In the name of God, Amen, I John Trombo of Mifflin Township, Allegheny County and State of Pennsylvania being in perfect health of body and of sound mind and memory, bless be God for the same, but considering the uncertainty of this transtory life do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit:

Principally and first off I recommend my immortal soul into the hands of God who gave it and my body to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian-like manner at the discretion of my executors herein after named. And as to such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life, I give and dispose of the same in the following manner to wit:

I will that all my lawful debts and funeral expenses be duly paid.

Item: I give and bequeath unto my dear and loving wife (note: this was 2nd wife Eunice) one horse creature, one cow, two beds and bedding, one chest, two kettles, one pot, one tea kettle, one looking glass, one spider, hand irons, tongs, shovel, teawear, one saddle, and all her wearing apparel: also all the rent she has received or may yet receive from the plantation which belonged to her former husband. And as long as my said wife remains my widow, she is to have the lower end of the mentioned house and her horse and cow kept by my son George, and no longer.

I give and bequeath to my son Michael, the low end of the plantation I live on beginning at a white oak at Huffman's line from thence to run either ten or twelve feet of the graveyard, from thence to the sink hole other side of the fence, from thence to a marked white oak bush, form thence to a large sycamore across the creek, from thence up the creek to Weckerhaus' line: as long as he resides thereon. But in case of his death or removal from the premises, it is my will that in either case, the same shall descend to my son George.

I give and bequeath to my son George the remainder part of the place I live on.

I give and bequeath to my grandaughters to wit: Sarah Trombow daughter of my son Amos one dollar, and Sarah Trombow daughter of my son Jacob ten dollars each when they arrive to the age of eighteen years.

I will and bequeath that ehe remainder part of my estate real and personal be equally divided amongst my children to wit: Michael, John Presley, Margaret Swims, Bridget Lane, Clariey McMillin, Mary Robins, and Charlate.

And lastly I nominate constitute and appoint my loving friends Joel Ferree and Aaron Applegate to be the executors of this my last will hereby revoking all other wills, legacies, and bequests by me heretofore made, and declaring this and no other to be my last will and testament in witness whereof I ahve hereunto set my hand and seal this thirtieth day of March one thousand, eight hundre and thirteen.

Signed, sealed, published, pronounced, and declared by the testator as his last will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence ant at his request subscribed as witnesses,

William McClure, James McClure, Samuel McClure. (recorded 8 May 1819)

according to Felkner, John died in 1819 some time after the above will. Children listed in will:

John b. ca 1770, Amos b. ca 1783, Jacob b ca 1776, Presley b. ca 1788, Michael b. ca 1782, George b ca 1794, Margaret b ca 1775, Bridget, Clarissa b 1780-90, mary b ca 1776, Charlotte b ca 1786.

John Jr b. ca 1770 married Rebecca Dye. He left Allegheny Co in 1810 and moved to Tuscarawas Co, Ohio then to Morrow Co then Noble Co's Ohio(1852)

Amos and Jacob moved to Kentucky (Montgomery and Bath Co)(note: Bath Co was at one time part of Montgomery Co), Presley married Susannah Holmes they moved to Harrison Co Ohio and Wayne Co Iowa. Michael moved to Ky then to Tuscarawas Co Ohio. George stayed in Allegheny Co, Penn. Margaret died in Fleming Co, Ky, 1835 (per her will). Bridget married a Law or Lowe. Clarissa married Daniel McMillan moved to Tuscarawas and then Harrison Co Ohio Mary married James Robbins. Moved to Montgomery Co Ky


Marriage: 9

v. GEORGE TRUMBO10, b. 1750, Pendleton County, Virginia; d. 1830, Pendleton County, Virginia; m. MARGARET ROCKEFELLER UTZ, Abt. 1770, Pendleton County, Virginia11; b. Abt. 1754, Rockingham County, Virginia.

(see above)

vi. DOROTHY TRUMBO, b. 1753, Rockingham County, Virginia; m. ABEL N. ROBERTS.

vii. JACOB TRUMBO, b. 1755, Augusta County, Virginia; d. 30 Dec 1841, Trumbo Family Cemetery, Fulks Run, Rockingham County, Va.12,13; m. (1) ELIZABETH LAIR, Abt. 1774; b. Abt. 1756; d. Abt. 1799; m. (2) HANNAH ELIZABETH HAWES14, Abt. 1791; b. 1755, Augusta County, Va.; d. 1852.


From Harrisonburg Rockingham Historical Society

Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

Trumbo Family Cemetery

Location Fulks Run, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Fulks Run Grocery on Highway 259, travel east about 1-1/2 miles toward Broadway. Cemetery is on the left side of road under a large cedar tree on Roger Turner's property.

Notes Taken from J. Robert Swank's records done in 1967. Swank noted "there is evidence of other graves here." Notes in "Remarks" column were taken from Patricia Turner Ritchie's book in 1999 & 2002. Ritchie writes "The Trumbo family came to Brocks Gap in the 1740s. This cemetery is on a 400 acre tract that the first Trumbo, Jacob Trumbo [I], bought; it is likely that he is buried here, but there is no marker. The first recorded burial here was 1823."

Survey Date and Recorder 1999

Patricia Turner Ritchie

Cemetery Index

Surnames/ plot / row / grave sorted by section grave - only rows are shown

Surname Given Name & MI Birth Date Death Date Headstone Notes Remarks

-Riddle Amanda 1851 Aged 25 yrs w/J. R. Riddle; d/Jacob & Elizabeth Snyder Trumbo; buried here per Pat Ritchie records

-Trumbow Mrs. Benj. nee Cynthia Ann Riddle; 1st wife of Benj.; Trumbo history says b. 21 Dec 1827 d. 26 Sep 1865; 1st wife of Benj.

-Trumbow Benjamin 18 Dec 1821 30 Mar 1891 s/Jacob Trumbo III & Elizabeth Snyder Trumbo; Grandson of Mathias Snyder; 1st wife Cynthia Ann Riddle; 2nd wife Samantha C. Emswiler d. 1909 buried Oak Grove Cem.

-Trumbow Lafayette F. 17 Mar 1876 Aged 22y 1m 7d; S/Benj. & Cynthia A.

-Riddle John 14 Feb 1871 Aged 82y 3m 28d s/John Ruddell & Mary Lair Ruddell; only child Cynthia married Benjamin Trumbo

-Riddle Sarah 13 Dec 1875 Aged 84y 4d; w/John d/Andrew Byrd & Cynthia Ann Moore Byrd; b. 9 Dec 1791 - d. 3 Dec 1875

-Trumbo Mathias 3 Dec 1833 15 Sep 1869 Trumbo history says he died in LaSalle Co., IL and buried in Ottawa IL. Tombstone for him in this cemetery.

-Trumbo Jacob 30 Dec 1841 Aged 87 yrs s/H. Jacob & Mary Trumbo; 1st wife Elizabeth Lair; 2nd wife Hannah Hawes Cowger

-Trumbo Joseph 12 Nov 1819 Aged 4 yrs; s/Jacob & Elizabeth Elizabeth nee Snyder; Trumbo history says born 21 Nov 1819 & died 12 Nov 1823

-Trumbo Ephriam 15 Oct 1839 Aged 9m; s/Jacob & Elizabeth Elizabeth nee Snyder

-Stultz, Jr Philip According to Lewis Yankey & a Stultz descendant, Philip is buried here.


Rockingham County, VA - 1810 Federal Census

Transcribed by Richard Lebo for the USGenWeb Archives Census Project.

Thanks to S-K Publications for providing the census page photocopies from which this transcription was made. The complete original, handwritten census of this county is available in book form (including a typed index) from S-K Publications, P. O. Box 8173, Wichita KS 67208 (http://www.skpub.com/genie/census/html).


Census_Year 1810

Microfilm #

State Va

County Rockingham


Enumerator Daniel Bryan

PAGE # 1257 Trumbo Jacob


Will of Jacob Trumbo. Note: This will proves children from both wives.

From: "Virginia Valley Records: Genealogical and Historical Materials of Rockingham County, Virginia and Related Regions," by John W. Wayland, pub 1999, ISBN 0806303727.

Page 435 "Rockingham Wills"

Trumbo, Jacob; 1833 (?) (Hard to read)

My son ....The plantation I now live on and also my Miller pla....on the south side of the river .... blacksmith tools, & c. My s... Jacob Trumbo. Jacob to maintain ..... mother. Children and co-heirs of my son John Trumbo. My son Andrew Trumbo 100 acres of land I own in Ohio (Licking County). Heirs of my deceased daughter, Dorothy Baggs. My daughter Elizabeth Custer. My son Mathias Trumbo. Witnesses, Simon Nicholas, Jacob Snyder, John Rader. Codicile, July 19, 1833. My son Jacob hath this day .. my son-in-law Rochard Custer $154.18; said Jacob to be relieved from this in settlement with daughter Elizabeth, wife of Richard Custer. Witnesses, Geo H. Chresman, S.H. Hopkins, John Rader. Proved Feb 1842 by Phillip Tussing, John Rader, and Goe. Chrisman. Jacob Trumbo, Jr., exr.


Burial: Trumbo Cemetary

Census: 1810, Rockingham County, Brooks Gap, Virginia

Occupation: Blacksmith

Will: Feb 1842, Written July 19, 1833. Proved Feb 1852


One reference gives Hannahs last name as Hess. The same reference says she was once taken prisoner by Indians when she was 12 years old and held for several years until she was released in exchange for some prisoners. .

From Custer Genealogies, Bloomington IL, 1944, HeritageQuest Online Books:

Says Hannah was taken prisoner by some indians from Ohio when she was 10 or 12 years old and held for several years.

Misc research notes found while searching Cowger Name:

Henry Cowger - Pendleton Co VA Land Grant 1836

Regena Cogar (View posts) Posted: 8 Mar 2000 6:00AM

Classification: Deed


VA Grants 85, p. 571

Library of Virginia Digital Collection:

Land Office Patents and Grants


Henry Cowger

576 acres


Pendleton County

Delivd to Receipt

Feby 10 1837


Wyndham Robertson esqr. Lieut[enan]t Governor, acting pursuant to the Constitution as Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia: TO ALL TO WHOM these Presents shall come, GREETING: KNOW YE, That in conformity with an inclusive Survey, made on the 28th day of August 1835, by virtue of an order of the County Court of Pendleton & by virtue of land office treasury warrants Nos. 10372 & 12380, there is granted by the said Commonwealth unto Henry Cowger, a certain tract or parcel of land, containing five hundred & seventy six acres situate in Pendleton County on both sides of the South fork of the South branch of Potomac river, adjoining & between the lands of Levi Trumbo, Andrew Trumbo & Jacob Sneider & bounded as follows. Beginning at a red oak & two chesnut trees on the East side of the fork by a ledge of rocks his former corner, thence with his former lines [---?] 101 poles to a red oak at a cliff of rocks former corner North 18 poles to a birch & red oak by a former corner N27°E 66 ps. to a pine & gum former corner N15°W. 8 ps. to a red oak at the [fork?] former corner N13½°E 104 ps. leaving his Corner line, to a white oak, maple & locust on the bank of the river N20°E 73 ps. to a white oak former corner N31°E 63 ps. leaving his former line, to four chesnut oak saplings on a hill side N15°E 60 ps. to a maple & red oak on the side of a steep hill N39°W. 22 ps. to two spruce pines on the bank of the river, John [M?]itchel's corner N54°W. 20 poles crossing the [fork?] to two white oaks by a ledge of rocks former corner thence with his former line, N.18°E 128 ps. to two chesnut oaks former corner, N30°E [?] ps. with his line to two hickories & dogwood by a drain former corner N47°W 40 ps. to two white oaks former corner N33°W. 174 poles to three pines on the point of a ridge, former corner, thence leaving his line S30°W. 144 ps. to a large white oak & walnut among corner rocks S86°W 15 ps. to a white oak at the edge of some rocks former corner, thence with his former line [?]26°W 178 poles to two white oak Saplings former corner, S36°W. 136 ps. to a forked pine former corner S4°E 46 poles to a forked black oak by a path former corner, S24°W. 104 poles leaving his former line to a pine & locust Sapling on the side of a hill, thence S60°E [194?] ps. with the division line between him & Levi Trumbo, to a double maple on the bank of the fork, corner of same, S68½°E 17 poles to the beginning with its appurtenances

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said Tract or Parcel of Land, with its appurtenances, to the said Henry Cowger and his heirs forever.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the said Wyndham Robertson, esq. Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, hath hereunto set his Hand, and caused the Lesser Seal of the said Commonwealth to be affixed, at Richmond, on the 1st July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty 6 and of the Commonwealth the 60th ~

Wyndham Robertson



NOTE: Transcriber's comments are in brackets [ ].

NOTE: Image format copyrighted by the Library of Virginia.







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Parents of Hans Jacob Trumbo

Note from Donald Trumbo: I have not proven any of the below information on Andreas. These are mostly notes for research purposes. All notes on Andreas are very sketchy.


ANDREAS1 TRUMBO was born 1685 in Palatinate Germany1, and died Unknown in Augusta County, Virginia. He married MARIA MAGDELENA SCHOPP Bef. 1710. She was born 1690, and died Unknown.


I am trying to verify and confirm the below information: Source is World Connect at Roots web, "Smith-Phillips Family", by Linda Smith. Ged com is posted in internet.

In "The Trumbo Family" by Conrad Feltner

Andrew Trumbo II Md Luise of Pennsylvania, had 7 children 1. Sophia was born about June 1746 and married Peter Trollinger of Montgomery County; 2. John was born about 1748; 3. Jacob was born about 1756; 4. Andrew III was born 30 Dec 1756; 5. George was born about 1758; 6. Henry was married by 1788; 7. Catherine married Jacob Mack of Bucks County in 1768. Feltner refers to Andrew Trumbo II (assuming this is a variation of Andreas) as a son.

Note from Donald Trumbo: The above information somewhat coincides with the information I found in the "Simmendinger Register." Especially if you consider how the English/Germans/French all had a habit of using variations of their birth name. The problem is figuring out which children are attached to which person/parent and who actually was born in America and who was born in Germany or France.

The following is something I have put together from bits and pieces of information:

Andreas Trumbo spoke both German and French. Many Trumbo researchers believe that ANDREAS TRUMBO came from France. This may be true, but if so, I feel that he is actually of German descent by way of France. I believe that ANDREAS TRUMBO was originally born in what is now Germany. He was from what was then (early 1700's) the state of Palatinate along the Rhine River, roughly where the modern German state of Rhineland-Pfalz is located. The confusion with ALSACE could have come about because Alsace is actually in the same area. Andreas actually left Palatinate (modern Germany) about 1709 to go to France to wait for transportation to the New World. According to "The Simmendinger Register of 1709," Trum, Andreas and his wife Margaretha Magdalena and 5 children settled in New York/Pennsylvania (depending on the date) at Hunderstown (East Camp). This reference is actually of the trip from France to America. Ulrich Simmendinger was a passenger that returned to his fatherland to write this pamphlet giving account of his experiences and containing a list of those people he left behind in New York. The land settled was the land on the East side of the Hudson River purchased by Robert Livingston for the purpose of providing settlement for the immigrants. West Camp and East Camp were settled by Palantinate refugees sent by Queen Anne around 1710. I also am trying to prove the origin of the Trumbo name. I believe it was actually VON TRUMBACH or a variation of the same. Some of the variations and possibilities I have found are Trumbeau, Trumbohr, Trumeau, Trum Von Trumbach, Trumph, Trumbourger, Trimbach, Trumbach, Trombauer, Trumpour, Trumpor, Trumpboor, and Drumbore. I am trying to find out what happened to the other children of Andreas Trumbo. It is possible that once in the New World the children assumed new variations of the name or it is possible that they did not live. Many of these families perished in these camps due to poor living conditions.

In the "Passenger and Immigration Index, 1500s-1900s," I found the following:

Port of arrival: New York

Date: 1710

Primary Immigrant: Trum, Andreas

Accompanying family members:

Child Trum, Maria Catherina

Child Trum, Anna Margaretha

Child Trum, Sophia Catherine

Child Trum, Maria Margaretha Engel

Child Trum, Johann Philip

Wife Trum, Maria Magdalena Schopp

Child Trum, Hans Theobald

Child Trum Hans Jacob

Source of record: Jones Henry Z., JR. The Palatine

Families of New york: A Study of the German Immigrants

Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710, VolI.

Universal City, CA. 624p


Possible Variations of the Trumbo name:

Von Trumbach Trum TrumboTrumbauer Trumble Trumbull Drumbore Thrumbo Trumbauer Trumbore Trumbower Trumpo Trumbore Trummel Trumpo Truscott Trustum Trzebiatowska Trumbeau, Trumbohr, Trumeau, Trumph, Trumbourger, Trimbach, Trumbach, Trumpour, Trumpor, Trumpboor, and Drumbore



ii. HANS JACOB TRUMBO, b. Bef. 1709, Palatinate Germany or France2; d. Aft. 1789, Rockingham County, Va.; m. MARY DORETHA KUSTER, 1739, Rockingham County, Virginia; b. Abt. 1718.





1. The Simmendinger Register, A personal account of the Persons that Journeyed from Germany to The New World in 1709 by Ulrich Simmendinger. Immigration Records: German and Swiss settlers in America, 1700s-1800s. Journeys from Germany to America, 1709.

2. The Simmendinger Register.

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