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Smith Family Bible
Original at the
The Jennings County Public Library

The Bible of the Family of Noah & Lizzie Miller Smith, this old bible is in very bad shape, but the pages with family records are intact. In the front of the bible is written
"Noah H. Smith's Feb. 6, 1899"


Noah Harris Smith,   Oct. 4, 1832
Lizzie Miller Smith,   May 4, 1839
Mary Elizabeth Smith,   Jan. 23, 1867
William Joseph Smith,  June 17, 1868
Edward Miller Smith,   Dec. 21, 1872
Grace Smith Wagner,   July 28, 1892
Frank Wagner,   April 22, 1861
Nannie Bell Hunter Smith,  born July 28, 1875


Noah H. Smith - Lizzie Miller,  Sept. 17, 1861
Frank Wagner - Mary E. Smith,  June 10, 1891
Will J. Smith - Nanie Bell Hunter,  March 22, 1900


Edward M. Smith,  March 31, 1881
Lizzie M. Smith,  Sept. 17, 1891
Mary E. Smith Wagner,  Nov. 6, 1897
Grace Smith Wagner,  Nov. 6, 1900
Noah H. Smith, May 27, 1907

Tucked inside the bible was Noah Harris Smith's Obituary


  Noah Harris Smith the subject of this obituary, was born near Stubenville Ohio, October 7, 1832. He was united in marriage to Lizzie Miller September 17, 1861. To them were born three children one daughter and two sons. The youngest son died when he was a little past eight years of age. In the spring of 1871 Brother Smith moved from Summit county, Ohio, to Jennings county, Indiana. Settling on a farm near Vernon where he had his home for more than twenty-five years. In November of 1878 he became a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Vernon. This church he served faithfully all his christian life as Class leader, Trustee, Sunday School teacher and Superintendent. He was deeply interested in all the departments and services of the church and never missed a preaching service or a session of the School unless providentially hindered. As student, teacher or Superintendent he was always in his place. In later years he took active interest in the Epworth League, being regular in attending its meetings, speaking and prayin for the "highest New Testament Standard of experience and life." September 17th, 1891, his beloved wife passed out of this life into the glorious life beyond, and six months later his only daughter went home to heaven. Thus bereft, his home was broken up. Although Brother Smith lived in a present experience, its joys, privilege, and duties never caused him to lose sight of the prize that lies at the end of the race. The christian life was to him, in no sense a life of mere duty, but a delightful service, a life "hid with Christ in God; a life abiding in Christ, abiding under the shadow of the Almighty." Brother Smith loved Christ with all his heart, served him with all his strength, was a loyal earnest helper to all his pastors, a true clean Christian man. He departed this life in the full triumph of the Christian faith, May 26th 1907 at the home of his son in North Vernon. Of him it may be truthfully said.
Servant of God well done
Thy glorious warfare's past
The battle's fought, the race is won

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