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Jennings County's Prominent Citizens
Mentions of Early Settlers
From a Booklet at the Jennings County Public Library
Compiled from various newspapers

JEPTHA DUDLEY NEW-Was born in Vernon, Jennings County, Ind. Nov. 28, 1830. Son of HICKMAN AND SMYRA ANN (SMITHA) NEW. (Hickman New's father was a native of Delaware-his name Jethro, and removed to Gallatin Co. Ky, and in 1822 removed with his family of 12 children to Jennings Co.). JEPTHA NEW was educated in Vernon Seminary and at Bethany College. After leaving school he read law in the Office of Lucius Bingham. His wife was SALLIE (Butler) NEW daughter of Manlove Butler & Sarah "Sally" McGannon). Children were : Mary, wife of Dr. William Stemm, sons, Willard and Burt New-both prominent lawyers. Was a democrat and elected to Congress.

PIERSON CONKLING-Came to Jennings County., in 1868 and engaged in the general merchandising business at Nebraska, Ind., and later, 1874 located in North Vernon, Ind. Married in Nov. 1845 to Abby Conrey, daugher of Rev. J.D. Conrey of Butler Co.,Ohio. Children; James D. and Anna (died at age 6). Abby died in 1850. He married again 1855 to Sarah J. Travis. They had two children-Frank T. and Elmer P (dead). Sarah died and in 1872 he married Miss Martha M. Burke, of Bethel, Ohio.

LINCOLN DIXON-Prominent you lawyer and politician in North Vernon, was born at Vernon Feb. 9, 1860 son of Samuel and Belinda (Foster) Dixon. His was a native of Paris, Ind., Jennings Co., his mother a native of Jefferson Co., Ind. He graduated from Indiana U. in 1880. Was married to Kate Storey Oct. 1884. Member of the House of Representatives in 1882-1883, was Prosecuting Attorney of his Judicial District in 1884, 1886 and 1888. Children: Daughter-Claire, and son-Donald.

JOHN D. KIDD-Treasurer of Jennings Co., a native of Butler Co., Ohio. Born July 23, 1845. Son of Samuel C. and Sarah M. (Chancey) Kidd, natives of Ohio and Maryland, located in Sand Creek Township, Jennings Co., 1849. Married Sarah Jane Stewart, daughter of Jonathan Stewart. Children: Albion S., John C., Avanel Blanche, Mary Leora and George C. Was in Co. H (120th) Regiment of Indiana Infantry in Civil War-served 25 months. He was elected county treasurer in 1886 on Republican ticket and again in 1888.

JOHN OVERMYER-Lawyer, Ex-Speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives, a Republican, was born in Pickaway Co. Ohio, November 18, 1844. He was son of George and Harriet (Camp) Overmyer, natives of Ohio, who settled in Jackson Co., in 1849. He was educated in Asbury College (now DePauw) and graduated June 1867. During his last year of college he took up law, and upon leaving college he located in Jennings Co., and was admitted to the bar to practice law. He was associated with his brother David Overmyer as a law partner during the years 1871-1875, when his brother removed to Kansas. He was prominent in banking and was partner of Frank E. Little. He married Miss Mary F. Sherfey, of Greencastle. Children are: Florence and Isabelle.

JAMES SCHULTHEISS-Was born in Gibson Co., Ind. September 28, 1842 and is a son of John and Catharine (Schaffer) Schulteiss, both born in Germany, the former in Strasburg, and came to America in 1838, locating in Gibson Co. Ind. He was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools of his county. He served in Co. G 6th Inf. at the time of Civil War, and was in battles of Shiloh, Corinth, Stone River, Arkansas Post, Vicksburg, and Appomattox. He was married in 1866 to Miss Malinda Schmidt, born in Strasburg, Germany-came to America with parents in 1856-they settled in Indianapolis. They have these children: Amellia, August, Mary, Peter, Louis and George. (James Schulteiss's mother came to America about 1840 with her parents.)

HON. GREEN L. SMITH-Was born in Meigs Co., Ohio on the Ohio River, near Pomeroy, September 6, 1848. He was son of Harrison and Eliza L. (Alexander) Smith, both natives of Ohio. His grandparents on both sides were Virginians. His great-grandfather, Conrad Smith, was a soldier in the army of Virginia in Colonial days under Gov. Dunmore, and afterwards served for seven years under Gen. Washington in Revolutionary War. He was educated at Franklin College. He began the study of law at Pomeroy, Ohio in 1865, but taught school in the mean time. He was admitted to the bar of the Common Pleas Court of Jennings County, Ind. in 1867. He followed the law as a profession in Jennings Co., until 1884, when he was elected by the Democratic party as State Senator. He married in January 1879, Miss Ida J. Shellenberger, of North Vernon. Children: Florence and David Turpie. (Notations from the book-Biographical & Historical Souvenier-1889)

WILLIAM FITZGERALD-Lawyer of prominence, was born in Stark Co., near Canton Ohio, September 25, 1859. He was educated in the schools of Jennings Co., where father had come in 1865. He worked at jobs that required hard physical labor in order to secure funds for his education. He married Miss Lida Kelly of this county July 15, 1885. Two children were born only one survived.

FRANK E. LITTLE-City attorney of North Vernon, was born in the traditional "log cabin" within two miles of this city June 3, 1854. He obtained his education in the district schools and high school of North Vernon. In 1870 at the age of 16 he removed to Camden Co., Missouri, where he engaged in farming. Returning in 1817 to this county, he worked by the month during summer seasons on farms, in Bartholomew and Shelby counties. He also took a course in Fable's brick yard, Greer's stone quarry and on the O & M construction train. In 1874 he went to Indianapolis and entered the service of the father of William Forsythe the artist. In 1876 he returned to Jennings Co., and obtained a two year license to teach in the common schools. In 1882, 1882, 1884 he was employed in the high school of this city. He read law in the office of the Hon. John Overmyer, and in 1885 entered into a partnership. He married Ella Welsome on November 18, 1880.

WILLARD NEW-A son of Jeptha New was born December 4, 1861. Attended school Vernon and graduated from Indiana State University in 1881. After graduation he returned and began reading law in his father's office. Her was admitted to the bar in 1882.

BURT NEW-Attorney at law, one of the younger men of the Jennings Co. bar was born in Vernon August 26, 1870. Graduated from Vernon high school and graduated from State University at Bloomington, and Bethany College, West Virginia. His college career terminated in 1890, and he entered his father's law office and was admitted to the bar Oct. 14, 1891. Mr. New married in 1895 Miss Madge Graves of North Vernon.

HARRY MELOY-He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio August 7, 1871. About a year after that time his father removed to North Vernon and he has ever since lived in this city. He graduated from high school in the class of 1888. He entered State University of Indiana at Bloomington and graduated with the class of 1892. He entered the law office of Lincoln Dixon, and later spent a year and a half in the law office of Wait Howe, Indianapolis. He was admitted to the bar in 1894. He was married to Miss Grace Myres of Cincinnati in October last (1896).

SEBA A. BARNES-Lawyer, was born on his father's farm in Marion Township, December 17, 1864. He was educated in the common schools of Jennings Co., in the Seymour city schools, and at College Hill (Now Lancaster) Academy and later took a course in the State Normal at Terre Haute, Ind. At age 17 he started school teaching and taught with little interruption until 1889. He started the study of law under the Hon. Green Smith and was soon admitted to the bar. He opened his law office in 1890 in North Vernon. He belongs to the Democratic party and has held elected offices. He was married to Miss Lola Gasway of Lancaster, Ind. Has two daughters and a son

FRANK W. TECH-A merchant, was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1862. When a year old his parents moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where her was reared and educated. He accepted a clerkship in one of the largest wholesale drygoods and clothing houses of that city. Afterward he held a similar position with a firm in Philadelphia, Pa. and traveled etensively in the old world. While in Philadelphia he married Miss Maggie Fay of Cincinnati, and they have one son and one daughter. Reside here in North Vernon.

EDWARD W. TECH-He was born in Cincinnati in 1864, educated in the schools there and after graduation was given a clerkship in the Franklin Bank of that city, where he spent three years. He resigned that position and was in a large wholesale dry goods store until 1889. Came to North Vernon and is in business with his brother in operating a clothing and dry goods store. Married in September 1887, Miss Katie Bowman of Cincinnati, they have three daughters.

J.W. LINEHART-Grocery store owner in North Vernon, was born at Xenia, Clinton Co., Ohio in 1854, and was educated in the county schools. He married in 1874 Miss Libbie Gibney, and shortly there after came to Jennings Co. and engaged in farming-1879, and farmed until 1891, leased his farms and moved to North Vernon and opened a meat market and grocery.

JAMES R. ROBINSON-Business man and merchant was born in Philadelphia, Pa. in 1837 and was educated in the schools in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the age of 16 he left Woodward College and came to Jennings, Co. with his parents and worked on a farm. In 1858 he moved to Tipton, a small trading point, and launched his business, having in the meantime married Hannah Jane Roudebush. Joined a regiment and was in the Civil War, from 1861 until it's end. His wife looked after the interest in the store until the war's end. They had one son. Mrs. Robinson died March 26, 1896. On July 7, 1897 he married Miss Mary L. Meed of Pittsburg, Pa. His father was Mark Robinson.

M.L. LINDLEY-Dealer in wallpaper, mouldings and picture frames, etc...He is a native of Jennings County, born on a farm near Centerville, Jan. 18, 1848. He moved to Minn. in 1864 and came back to Jennings Co., in 1867. He opened his store in 1882. He married first Miss Dittlinger and they had four children: two sons and two daughters. She died in 1891 and in Feb. 1897 he married Miss Sarah E. Brown.

JOHN FABLE-Proprietor of the Whitcomb Opera House, and owner of a large hardware store. Mr. Fable was born in Jennings Co. in 1846, and moved at age thirteen to North Vernon, was educated in the schools here and entered the employment of E.S. Whitcomb. Married Ella J. Whitcomb, daughter of his employer, at the age of 21. He worked in the Whitcomb general store and soon rose to the position as chief clerk. A position he held until 1889 when he wa appointed postmaster of North Vernon by President Harrison-a position he for four years. He then went back to work in the Whitcomb stores. Later took over business after the death of Mr. Whitcomb.

DAVID B. REEDER-Was at one time city treasurer of North Vernon. He was a native of Columbiana Co., Ohio where he was born August 7, 1843. Was educated in the schools there, enlisted in 1861 was in the 115th Ohio Reg. during the Civil War. After the end of the war he came to Jennings County., and with his brother W.S. Reeder, engaged in business as carpenters. Later he had his own saddle and harness shop, selling to Tripp Bros. in 1892. He married in 1873, Miss Mary J. Reed, and has a grown daughter who married W.J. Lyons.

BEER AND BARTH-North Vernon Watch makers and Jewlers. Beer became a resident of the county in 1877, was born in Germany in 1850 came to U.S. in 1855 with parents settling in Olean, Ripley Co. He married in 1878 Agnes Barth, a sister to his business partner Herman Barth. Barth was born in Olean, Ripley Co., Ind., April 18, 1867. He married Miss Louise Wilkerson of North Vernon, Ind. on June 9, 1896.

V.C. MELOY-Druggest, was born in Eaton, Ohio in 1836. Was engaged in operating railroad eating houses in Cincinnati, Flora, Louisville and North Vernon with headquarters in North Vernon, to which he moved in 1872.
He disposed of this business in 1884 and associated himself with J.M. Jones and J.D. Cone, and about 1892 disposed of this interest and purchased the business he is now in. He married Miss Josephine Reynolds of Cincinnati, Ohio in 1864. Children; Harry a young lawyer, Frank an employee of the B & O railroad, and Paul, still in school.

J.A. ADAMS-A merchant, selling good quality shoes, honest goods and honest dealing and low prices.

GUY L. TRIPP-Oldest son of Co. Hagerman Tripp. He was born in this city on December 25, 1849, and resided here ever since. He learned the metal trade-tin, iron, and slate roofing. He married February 2, 1874, Miss Lucinda Tate of this city. Children; F.H. TRIPP and Hazel.

FRED H. TRIPP-The younger member of the firm-GUY L. TRIPP & SON, was born November 25, 1874. Married Miss Nannette Robinson of this city on Oct. 19, 1895.

COL. HAGERMAN TRIPP-Was born in Ohio, but was brought to Indiana when a child, and since age 16 he has been a resident of Jennings County. He has always worked hard and had many sterling traits of character that marked his whole life. It was largely through his efforts that the Ohio and Mississippi railroad was built through this section of the state. The town of North Vernon was first named Tripton in Mr. Tripp's honor. He was the first to answer the call come for aid when the rebellion broke out, forming Co. B., 6th Ind. Reg. of Volunteers. He was wounded at the Battle of Chickamauga and permanently disabled. He died February 23, 1891 at the age of 79 years. He was the founder of North Vernon and built the house where Dr. William Johnson now lives on Jennings Street.

J.D. CONE-Manufacturers of Spokes & Elm Hub Blocks. Native of Jennings Co. being born April 18, 1856, in Queensville, Ind.

J.M. JONES-Connected early with the firm of J.M. Jones, V.C. Meloy & J.D. Cone. A thriving Spoke and Hub manufacturing concern. After his death, his widow bought out Meloy's interest and the firm operated under Cone Jones. The men also operated a general merchandise store. The other business was established in 1879.

C.E. FOWINKLE-A Photographer-Has the Twentiety Century Art Studio in North Vernon.

H.J.BERKSHIRE-Is North Vernon Station agent for the B& O.S-W. The railroad has 936 miles of roads, the main line running from St. Louis to Parkersburg-a distance of 537 miles, over a beautiful part of the country-pretty scnery. Mr. Berkshire is a favorite official with the traveling public.

G.P. OSBORN-Propietor of an Up-To-Date House Furnishing Emporium, which is located on 6th Street near O&M Avenue. He was born in Cincinnati on April 10, 1857 and came to North Vernon in his childhood. He purchased his present business three years ago. He had been engaged in business in Seymour, Vernon and Ingalls.

DR. B. FIRSICH-A physican and pharmacist of North Vernon. He treats all classes of diseases, making a specialty of rheumatism, and diseases of the blood and kidneys. He always carries a line of drugs.

P.C. McGANNON-Was born in Jennings County November 11, 1829. After receiving the best education the common schools afforded in his youth, he took a course at the State University, Bloomington, Ind. In 1852 Mr. McGannon, with others embarked in the business of manufacturing plows and other implements, and erected a factory at Vernon, the firm being known as Butler, McGannon & Co. He continued in this business until 1858, when, with his father-in-law, E.P. Hicks erected a flour mill, the first built in this section and known as Tripton Mills. In 1859 Mr. McGannon took charge of the industry and successfully manged it until 1861, the outbreak of the Civil War, and he enlisted in Company B 6th Ind. Volunteers, serving under Col. Tripp. He was injured at the battle of Resaca, Georgia, was given an honerable discharge, and after recovering to some extent, resumed charge of the Tripton Mills. He operated the mill for 36 years before selling it to Eberts Bros. in 1896. Mr. McGannon was married to Miss Mar E. Hicks in 1857. Their children Mrs. E.C. Fable, Mrs. J.W. Carson, and Mrs W.B. Dobbins, and the son E.H. McGannon, who is in business in Louisville. Mr. McGannon is in business with his son-in-law, J.W. Carson in a meat market.

JACOB FRISZ-Was born in Madison in August 8, 1860, and has the leading Cigar Emporium in North Vernon, having established himself in this city in 1880. He has a bicycle and a bicycle repair shop and is doing well. He is a practical cigar maker and is an excellent judge of leaf tobacco so puts on the market the quality of cigars purchassable.

B.W. HOBSON-Undertaker and Embalmers-in business with his son, was born April 18, 1846 in Jefferson Co., Ohio. He received his education in the public schools of that county, and at an early learned the trade of cabinet maker...In 1867 he went to Westport, Ind. and having mastered the science of undertaking conducted an establishment there. He came to this city and opened a business on Fifth St. He now has an elegantly furnished quarters on Walnut St. He married Miss. Matilda A. Hillerman of Bartholomew Co., Ind. They have one son, born in Nov. 1875, who is the junior partner of the firm.

JAS. N. PERKINS-He has a shoe store, purchasing the stock of O.P. Sprong in 1890.

C.S. CROCKER-Was born in Dearborn County, Ind. May 18, 1870. Mr. Crocker married Miss Katie Seddle of Gilford, Ind. was at the time of the paper which all thses names appeared, head of American Tea Co., which was considered one of the prominent factors in the mercantile field. The store is 18 X 70 feet and has all kinds of groceries and the line of teas and cofffee carried is most extensive and comprises everything from the cheapest to the highest grades. Free delivery is made of goods to all parts of the city.

JOHN SCHIERLING, JR.-is a native of Madison, Ind., born October 5, 1860. At the age of five he moved with his parents to North Vernon, Ind. He attended public schools here. After school days entered his father's bakery, and followed the trade of baker until he embarked in the general merchandise business, and is one of the foremost and progessive merchants of the city. He runs a free delivery wagon in connection with his store, and makes deliveries to all parts of the city and suburbs. He married Miss Tillie Kutchback on April 19, 1890.

S.C. MYERS-A popular nurseryman, He was born at Canal Dover, Ohio in 1851. With his business career he has visited nearly every state in the U.S.

J.C. COPE-Cashier of The North Vernon State Bank, is a well known citizen of the county, coming here in 1866. He has been connected with every movement of the city's welfare. Was postmaster for a few years and was elected mayor and re-elected in 1878, after serving since 1876. Then in 1886 he was elected auditor of Jennings Co.

DR. F.M. FEWELL-A leading dentist. Was born in Jefferson Co., Oct. 31, 1859 and getting the best schooling the county afforded, became a student of dentistry, and then he entered the dental office of Dr. Johnson at Vevay, Ind. where he served an apprenticeship and gained a thorough knowledge of the profession. Has offices in the handsome iron block in the second story.

CONRAD AND JACOB EBERTS-Present owners of Tripton Flowering Mills.

VINCENT McALLISTER-Manufacturer of cigars of fine quality and flavor. Mr. McAllister is a native of Youngstown, Ohio were he was born in 1876. His factory is located in the Overmyer Block.

W.W. OLCOTT-Real estate dealer, was a well known railroad conductor and train dispatcher. He was educated here and at Asbury College at Greencastle, Ind., and studied law at Indianapolis in the law office Hon. Green Smith. His father was Thomas Olcott, who was the first principal of the North Vernon, Ind. school.

WOLF GUMBLE & SON-Owners of a firm that sells clothing, shoes, dry goods, trunks, hats, window shades, oil cloth, etc., etc,. Wolf Gumble, the senior member of the firm was born in Germany in April 1836. Came to this country in 1866 and was in business with his brother in Marion, Ohio before coming to this county. In 1869 Mr. Gumble was married to Miss Bettie Cohen. Children: Lena and Hannah, and son Moses, who is the junior member of the firm, having been taken in as a partner three years ago. (this paper dated Dec. 29, 1887).

WALTER S. PRATHER-Walter Scott Prather was born on his father's farm three miles southeast of North Vernon, January 9, 1847. He was educated at the county schools and at Asbury College. His father was Lieutenant-Colonel of the Sixth Regiment of Indiana Volunteer Infantry, so young Prather at the age of fifteen years of age entered the army, being attached to his father's staff as orderly. Later he enlisted in Co. B 137th Ind. Reg. and served with honor until he was discharged in 1864. At age 22 he engaged with Dr. A.B. Light in a retail drug trade. He was a clerk in the postoffice and was the first postmaster appointed by a President-being appointed by President Grant in 1878.

WILLIAM M. MARTIN-Manufacturer and dealer in Boots and Shoes, was born in Newport, Ky. on October 29, 1857, and when quite young moved with parents to Scipio, Ind. on a farm. Schooling was in schools at Scipio, and after reaching man's estate, he launched in business for himself opening a feed store at Westport, Ind., was successful, but due to illness of father returned to his father's farm where he took charge until March 25, 1895 when his father died. In October 1889 Mr. Martin married Miss Leota May, of Scipio.

ORLANDO BACON-Has a prosperous business where he sells books, magazines, newspapers, school supplies, oil cloth, rugs carpets, trunks, valises, watches, clocks and jewlery, musical instruments, sheet music, etc.. Mr. Bacon at one time served as deputy clerk of the county. Has a family of two sons and a daughter. Frank the youngest son assists his father in his business.

ALEXANDER SHEPHERD-A leading real estate dealer, a native of this county, being born here October 6, 1840. He married Miss Barbara Glenn and they have two children. Frank O. Shepherd, who is in business in this city and a daughter Mrs. W.L. Vawter, wife of a train dispatcher of Washington. First wife died Dec. 24, 1875. Married Mrs. May E. Young.

ED. BECK-Proprieter of the leading hostelry in Jennings County, the Commercial Hotel, came to this city in 1890. His wife, formerly Miss Mollie Hess of Cincinnati, takes charge of housekeeping department and domestic affairs of the hotel.

E.A. PLATTER AND SONS-Manufacturers of pumps, formerly of Anderson, Ind. joins with J.H. Powell, owner of a lumber plant and planing mill of this city. The present members of the firm are: E.A. Platter, J.H. Powell, F.M. Platter, and C.E. Platter.

J.C. VORBURGER-Was born in the Republic of Switzerland on the Rhine in 1858. At the end of his school days he went to Zurich, where he learned the trade o mortuary sculptor. He went to Basle in Switzerland, where he followed the trade of journeyman, later removing to Mulhauses in the provence of Alsace, later he went to Berlin, where he gained valuable experience in architectual sculpture, being employed at the government gallery of paintings. His next move was to Paris. Mr. Vorburger came to the United States in April 1883 and settled temporarily at Paris Crossing where he was employed as stone mason for the B. & O.S.W. Railway Co., and coming to North Vernon later, he purchased the North Vernon Marble works. He married Miss Lottie Humphrey in 1887.

FREDERICK W. VERBARG-One time Mayor of North Vernon, leading merchant, was born in Germany, September 18, 1842. Receiving a fair education in his native country, and because his parents could not give him the kind of education they desired for him he emigrated to the United States in 1858, first locating in Cincinnati. Ohio. Coming to North Vernon at the end of the year, with no financial means, and hardly any knowledge of the English language, he took a position as clerk in a general store. He enlisted at the outbreak of the Civil War in the 6th Ind. Regiment, of which Colonel Tripp was captain. He again enlisted in the 32nd Ind. Reg. when a plea was made, and served honorably until discharged. He enlisted for the third time serving with the 13th Ind. Cavalry and saw considerable active service. He served until he was mustered out of service, having been promoted to the captain. Returning to North Vernon he went to work again for Mr. Meyer. In May 1866 Mr. Verbarg married Miss Eva Zimmer of North Vernon. They have six children: five sons, of which Leonard W. and Joseph W. work in the grocery business, along with Wilder G. Young and Fred O. Druman, and one daughter.

FRANK C. DOTY-A dentist, was born in Bartholomew Co., November 17, 1870, the son of William Doty, a well known farmer of that county. After he finished the school training in his county, he attended Hartsville College and graduated, going to Louisville College of Medicine, the Hospital Medical College, and the Louisville College of Dentistry. He is not married.

OTTO T. WHITE-A photographer was born in Carter Township near North Vernon, May 14, 1867. He was  in the common schools of the county, and at the early age of 17 began to teach and taught for several years. He had always been interested in photography and took up that profession along with teaching. He has a very modern room for first class work. He married Miss Cora VanCleave of this county De. 25, 1894.

V.C. MELOY-President of the First National Bank (1897). Other bank officials: John Overmyer, Albert A. Tripp, L.F. Brougher, J.B. McMillen, P.C. McGannon, K.F. Clapp, Wm. R. Fall, J.N. Dickerson, Joseph D. Cone. Present officers-J.D. Cone, Albert Tripp, J.E. Miller, Lincoln Dixon, Thomas Woods, Lester Neill, Charles Wright, Kennedy F. Clapp, Charles Butler....V.C. Meloy is one of the towns leading druggists. J.D. Cone is a partner of the firm of Cone & Jones, Albert Tripp is a member of the firm of Tripp Bros.-wholesale and retail hardware, implement and buggy business; J.B. Miller is a contractor and owner of a large manufacturing establishment: Lincoln Dixon is a prominent attorney; Thomas Woods is a wealthy citizen of Zenas, who at one time operated one of the largest merchantile businesses in the county, now devotes his time to farming: Lester J. Neill is proprieter of a large general store in Butlerville; Kennedy F. Clapp is a prosperous farmer and stock dealer in Geneva Township; Charles D. Butler is engaged in the merchantile business in Scipio; Charles Wright is a farmer near Paris Crossing; William R. Fall is a shrewd financier.

WILLIAM R. FALL-Was born in Burton on Trent, England January 31, 1848 and came with his parents to Jennings County in 1855. He graduated from the Ohio Valley Medical College of Cincinnati Class of 1879. For years he practiced this profession and conducted a drug business in this city. At age 15 he enlisted in the 22nd. Ind. Volunteers and served two years. In 1884 he married Miss Lydia Wilder. They have two children.

ERNEST LANG-Cashier of the First National Bank, married June 2, 1896 Miss Lulu Hill of this city. They have one daughter. Mr. Lang is of German parentage.

FRED H. NAUER-Was born January 27, 1858 in Illinois. At age four he came with parents to Vernon and grew up in this old historic town. He received his education in the common school and at thirteen entered the office of the Banner, at Vernon, as an apprentice, and gained a practical knowledge of the printer's trade. He purchased the paper in 1889 and conducted it until Feb. 1, 1891 when he moved to North Vernon and bought the Plain Dealer and consolidated the two papers calling it the Banner Plain Dealer and consolidated the two papers calling it the Banner Plain Dealer. Was twice trustee of Vernon Twsp., was postmaster of North Vernon. He married Miss Lizzie Hess of Vernon.

EDWARD P. HICKS-Mr. Edward Pitt Hicks is one of the oldest and most respected citizens of Jennings County, having been born January 30, 1813 in Rutland Co. Vermont. His father was of German extraction, and his mother English. At the age of five he moved with his parents to Ohio, and a year later they came to Indiana, settling near the town of Patriot, in Switzerland Co., then known as Troy. His father farmed a small piece of land, and pursued the vocation of tailor, traveling over the country. Edward grew up here and took unto himself a wife and lived in Lafayette, Ind. for four years, before coming to Vernon, where he took charge of a saw mill, in partnership with the late Col. Tripp. Later he moved to North Vernon and engaged in the lumber business and the manufacture of chairs. This he continued until 1857 when he went to Kansas. Coming back he helped form the town of Tripton. In 1859 he formed a partnership with P.C. McGannon and W.S. Allison and built the first flouring Mill under the name of E.P. Hicks and Co. He sold out in 1867 and moved to Calif. for his health, where he stayed for the greater part of 12 years. He returned to N. Vernon and has lived here ever since. He married Miss Eliza Robertson of Boone Co., in 1832. They have five children: Mrs. Mary McGannon, wife of P.C. McGannon: Eldo Hicks, a stone contractor; Mrs. Mary Alice Overmyer, wife of Hon. David Overmyer of Topeka, Kan. Two children have died.

LEWIS H. HILL-He was born in Jefferson Co., Feb. 11, 1836, but went with his parents to Ripley Co. when a mere child. He had scarcely any schooling, working on a farm. He in 1861 when President made a plea for volunteers for the cause of the Union, and served under Col. Tripp. After the close of the war Mr. Hill moved to North Vernon and here he married Miss Adelia McMillan. They had no children of their own, but adopted a daughter, now Mrs. E. H. Lange. Operates an exclusive furniture business.

F.X. GOTTWALLES-Was born in Dearborn Co., Ind. Nov. 30, 1856, but came with his father to Jennings Co., when in his childhood, and until the year 1881 was engaged in farming. In that year the young Gottwalles came to North Vernon and began business in a small way at the corner of Hoosier and Fifth Streets with a grocery store. He worked hard and his business thrived. In 1892 he built the handsome and commodious structure which he now occupies at 115 W. Hoosier Street, a fine building with two stories 25 X 52 feet. Mr. Gottwalles married November 15, 1888, Miss Katie Riehl. They have three children, two daughters and a son.

J.B. MILLER-Was born in Germany in the year 1848 but became a resident of the U.S. three years later. His first home in the U.S. was in Cincinnati, Ohio, where they lived for four years, then came to Dearborn Co. where he helped his father in the farming business, leaving the farm at age 17, he had a natural aptitude fo the builders trade and started a contractors business. He came to North Vernon in 1876 and operated a plant here, and bought out his brothers interest in 1881.

W.S. CAMPBELL-Secretary of North Vernon Building and Loan. Associated in this firm are: W.B. Prather, Robert C. Beer, Charles H. Everett, John Schierling, Jr., J.C. Cope, S.H. Grinstead, E.W. Tech, Henry Willman, Wolf Gumble and W.N. Mitchell.

HENRY HINCHMAN-Was born in Columbiana Co. Ohio in 1838, he removed to Ind. with his parents at age 15, settling in Jennings Co. Most of his life has been spent in farming persuits. Was sheriff of Jennings Co., being elected on the Republican party, was township assessor in 1864. Mr. Hinchman has been married twice, his first wife was Miss Irene Patrick. The present Mr.s Hinchman was Miss Sarah Baugher.

HARVEY M. BRADFORD-He is a native of this County, being born in Geneva Township near Hege. He was reared on a farm. Was elected sheriff of Jennings Co. in 1894, and was re-elected to same office in 1896. Has 8 children.

JOHN W. CORYA-A dealer in agriculture implements, buggies, carriages, harnesses, stoves, seeds and fertilizer. He was born September 22, 1865 on his father's farm in this county. He attended public schools and went to college at Danville, Ind. His early years was spent helping his father, a general merchant and agent for the Pennsylvania Railroad at Hege. He taught school in the winter. In 1892 he opened a branch store in North Vernon, and owned a store at Queensville. In Oct. 1890 Mr. Corya married Miss Lena Amick of Scipio. Has two sons and a daughter.

CHARLES P. PRUITT-A native of Columbus, Ind., is proprieter of the Millinery store called the Hustler. He married Miss Thresesa Myers of Columbus. They have two children. The millinery department of this store is headed by Miss Gertie Meyers.

R.F. POLING-He was born April 16, 1863 in Union County, Ohio and educated in his native state and graduated in 1885. Shortly he came to Indiana and engaged in farming & the butcher trade. In 1889 he married Miss Bessie Gordon, of Jennings Co. He has one son. He operates the Banner Hotel, located at corner of Fifth and O & M Avenue.

C.F. SCHIERLING-He was born October 12, 1866 in Madison, Ind. and at an early age started to work for a large bakery in the town of Madison, where he stayed for eleven years. He has a bakery in North Vernon and has a good trade. He married Miss Lizzie Kahn of Madison on October 26, 1892. They have three children-two boys and a daughter.

J.D. HUDSON-He is a native of Jennings Co. being born March 27, 1834, and is well liked and known throughout the county. He married in 1857 to Miss E.J. Thomas who has born him a son and a daughter. He has an insurance business that has prospered through the years. His son Lloyd G. is deputy county clerk and his daughter is Mrs. E.L. Hill.

GEORGE W. ALLEY-He was born May 18, 1859 in North Vernon, his father was Thomas P. Alley and among the pioneers of the county. He is a dealer of coal and also operates a livery stable, purchasing the latter from David Bray in 1881. He rents vehicles for fun or business, furnishing hacks for funerals. He also has a feed and boarding service for horses.

MORE BROTHERS-Manufacturers of Buggies etc...John Q. More was born July 21, 1851. The younger of the brothers, Wm. L. More was born July 20, 1857.

HARRY HICKS-He is the son of Eldo Hicks, the contractor, and has been in business since the fall of 1890 and has the agency for acetylene generatiors.

TERRENCE KELLY-Mr. Kelly is the proprieter of the Kelly House and with the aid of his wife Maria Kelly, began the hotel heeping 24 years ago. It is situated about 1 block east of the B & O S W railroad depot and has 25 rooms. The parents helped in the work by Miss ? J. Kelly, who was born in Canada and Miss Emma who was born in Canada. Both of the elder Kellys were born in Canada.

G.F. AMICK & SON-Owners of a general merchants store at Scipio, Ind. and Sand Creek Grain and Stock Farm. Mr. George Amick was born in Jennings County May 7, 1829 and was the youngest son in a family of thirteen children. In August 1856 he married Miss Margaret Cortner of Clarke Co. In his early life he was engaged in milling. His son, John E. Amick was born June 12, 1864 at Scipio. He attended DePauw University for three years. On June 15, 1893 he married Misss Mary Hutchinson, daughter of a well known Presbyterian devine of New Albany. He and his wife have one son George Ellsworth Amick, named for his grandfather.

DR. W. CASE-Was born in Ripley Co. July 14, 1860. He is the son of Dr. A. G. Case, deceased, who for many years dwelt among this community of Zenas. He attended schools of his community and then went to Ladoga, Ind. and then went to Keokuk, Iowa where he enrolled in medical college and graduated in 1886, returning to Jennings Co. and opened his office at Zenas. He married in March 1894, Miss Clara Little.

ORVILLE GADDY, MD-Is a well known physician of Paris Crossing, Ind. He was born November 14, 1847 in Montgomery Township. His father was Benjamin Gaddy and his mother was Sallie (Cobb) Gaddy, natives of Kentucky. He went to college at Franklin, Ind., then began the reading of medicine in the office of DR. N.D. Gaddy of this county, at the age of twenty. A year later he entered Ohio Medical College at Cincinnati from which he graduated March 1, 1872. He commenced practice of medicine in his native place. In 1879 he went to New York City to further his medical skills, returning in 1880. He first married Miss Emma Calhoun Feb. 13, 1873. After her death October 6, 1878 he married Miss Agnes Jolly the daughter of Jacob and Ursla Jolly of Spencer Township, on May 4, 1880. (Agnes (Jolly) Gaddy committed suicide March 2, 1914 just 4 months after Orville Gaddy died)

MEDAD GREEN-A general merchant of Queensville, Ind. He was born in Scipio November 3, 1868, the son of I.L. Green, who was postmaster at Scipio. He received a good education in the common schools of his district. he worked as a clerk in a general store, and then worked in Seymour, returning to Queensville he was in partnership with S.K. Amick, then bought out his share when Mr. Amick retired. He married Sarah E. Amick September 16, 1896. They have one son.

Asbury S. Corya-Founder of the town of Hege in Geneva Township was born March 7, 1838. At an early age he came to Jennings Co. and entered the service of R.R. Co., taking charge of a section of road, at which he was employed for 23 years. It was while in this service that he founded the little town of Hege in 1862.

JOHN W. CORYA-Was born in Jefferson Co. on his fathers farm. At age fourteen he was obliged to seek his own livelihood and for seven year worked for the firm of Grinstead Co.. In 1887 he married Miss Flora A. Galloway of Zenas. He operated a thriving general store in Nebraska, and also owns one in Kingwood, Ripley Co., which is run by L.B. Hughes.

LESTER J. NEILL-Proprieter of a general store in Butlerville is a native of Bigger Twsp. he was born March 20, 1870. His father was Dr. Morton S. Neill, a practicing physician of San Jacinto. Educated in the schools, finished at Earlham College. He runs a huckster wagon trough-out the community in charge of J.W. Gordon. D.S. Perkins assists him in the store. He was married December 27, 1892 to Miss Bella Beuley of Butlerville.

JOHN E. MURPHY-Was born in Columbiana Co. Ohio, April 17, 1857. Came to Jennings County with his parents in 1860. His father owned a farm and John helped on the farm, also learned the shoemaking trade and helped his father in this business until age 21, then he engaged in the livery business, purchasing the stock ow W.H. Hutton. He married Miss Alfaretta A. Case of Nebraska April 17, 1888.

ANDREW HENDERSON-a native of Glascow, Scotland. When he was of age he emigrated to Jennings County and clerked for the firm of Grinstead & Botton. He operates a fine general store in Butlerville, Ind. Nowhere can you get more for your money or receives better treatment than at his store. He buys and ships produce.

LINCOLN GALLOWAY-Was born December 26, 1857 in Columbia Township. He was educated in the common schools. He married February, 1886 Miss Missouri Jane Brogan. He is engaged in business with his brother-in-law, operating a store at Zenas.

MARTIN W. BROGAN-Native of Columbia Township, also educated in co. schools. Married April 12, 1894 Miss Ida Oliver of Zenas. Operates general store with Galloway who is the brother-in-law of Mr. Brogan.

GUY L. TRIPP-Oldest son of the late Col. Hagerman Tripp, founder of the town of North Vernon, was born in North Vernon December 25, 1849. Purchased the business of sheet metal and large dealer in stoves, tinware and other hardware merchandise. Mr. Tripp married February 2, 1874 Miss Lucinda Tate of North Vernon. They have two children Fred and Hazel. The son Fred is in business with his father. He married Miss Nannette Robinson of this city, October 19, 1895. Mr. Fred Tripp was born November 25, 1874.


JOHN LATTIMORE-Was probably the first permanent settler, having found recorded this data-He brought his wife and family from the Carolinas and settled on the banks of Graham Creek in September of 1811 (From: Forerunners of Lincoln-Rule)

JOHN VAWTER-Founder of Vernon, arrived near the town of Vernon in 1815.

WILLIAM SCOTT, DAVID McCLURE, ALEXANDER AND WILLIAM LEWIS all brought their families in 1816. JESSE VAWTER, soon followed-was first preacher. JOEL BUTLER was the first school teacher.

SOLOMON DEPUTYbrought his family and settled in Montgomery Township sometime early around 1815. The first white child to be born in Jennings County was Joshua Deputy-birth June 4, 1811.

ACHILLES VAWTER-Had early hotel in Vernon.

JAMES GRAVES-sued Isham Blankenship for a $100.00 debt, plus $50.00 damages.

DAVID CAMPBELL-was issued the first marriage license to marry ANN CLINTON-1818.
(Picture of the first marriage-book 1 page 1)

JOHN HUGHES-first divorce suit brought by Hughes against wife for drunkedness and being cruel to his children by his first wife.

WALTER CARSON-along with THOMAS HILT, ZACK TANNEHILL, GRAHAM & ARBUCKLE FAMILIES came along with settling of the DEPUTY family.

AMICKS-JOEL, OBED, FAUST, AND WILLIAM settled in Scipio along with two sisters-Mrs. MARK (ELIZABETH) CLAPP, and Mrs. MATILDA WILSON-these people came from North Carolina.

JOSEPH WILKERSON-From Chesterfield County, VA. A son Thomas married Louise Tyler-Tyler's Crossing was named for them. Another son WILLLIAM WILKERSON married Alice Bortz(she was from PA).


BASIL MEEK- With several relatives came from Pulaski Co. Ky. Settled on Muscatatuck about six miles southwest of Vernon. Families of NOAH SULLIVAN, JAMES BONER, JAMES KELLAN, THOMAS RICHEY, D. MARVIN, AND JAMES GREEN joined this settlement.



PATRICK COMMISKEY-A railroad contractor at Sherman's Crossing, later the town of Commiskey was named for him. Wife and daughter were buried on old Corya Farm near Commiskey. DR. LYLE served the community, DR. CHARLES LURTON, NIXON family lived near Commiskey (related to Richard Nixon, Vice. Pres.)

THOMAS CONBOY-Early pioneer of Rush Branch community.

JAMES SHIELDS-along with: CHAUNCEY BUTLER, LEONARD CUTLER, JUSTICE RICH, VAN KIRKWELL, families were in Sand Creek. ADAM KELLAR-built Kellar Mill, operation began in 1822 or 23. ABSALON ELLIOT came from Pa. was skilled in herb medicine.



W.D. EVANS-First fire chief in North Vernon. JAMES McCAULEY, DAVID OVERMEYER, WILLIAM G. NORRIS, ENOCH & THEODORE ALLEY, and THOMAS S. JONES-prominent in helping establish N. Vernon.

ST. JOHN-Three sisters came to county as wives of MARY--BENSON CURTIS, ELIZA--JOE SMITH, the third one became Mrs. WILDEY.

SARAH BOLTON-Was born in Newport, Ky., came to Jennings Co. with parents-settled on Six Mile Creek in 1819.

WILLIAM G. BRANWELL-Surveyed lots and laid off in Paris in Oct., 27-28, 1826. Settlers had been there for some time. He was county surveyor.



J.S. THOMAS-Early citizens of Lovett Twsp.---Wm. S. SAWYER, Z.T. DENSLOW, PHINEAS BAILIFF, JOHN JOHNSON, JOHN JOSEPH, Wm. LAUDER, Wm. PILMER, JOHN ROSS, JAS. W. BARCLAY, H.C. SETTLE-all farmers. CALEB J. GASKILL-carpenter & farmer. DR. N. D. GADDY-doctor and surgeon. JACOB MOUNTZ, blacksmith. JOHN SHORT-Steam saw;and grist miller. LOU RICHARDS-teacher.

LIN STANLEY-Early settler of Forks of the Graham-had early mill. GILL COX-store keeper, his brother JOHN H. COX mail carrier. JIM CRAIG-blacksmith. In Bigger Twsp.

DANIEL CARSON-Rush Branch neighborhood, had sons-JOHN THOMAS,P.& D. Thomas Conboy has already been mentioned-he had sons-Thomas, John, Samuel. A family by the name of Mosely. Some early citizens of Bigger Twsp. FRANCIS H. COX, Wm. DOWNING, J.F. HAYDEN, JOHN M. HEID.

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September 29, 1879      North Vernon Plain Dealer
ABSOLOM ELLIOTT, of Sandcreek township is 86 years old, came to this State in the year 1809, served his country in War of 1812, at the age of 19 years was engaged in the battle of Pigeon Roost Clark county at the time the savages killed Mr. Hoffman and wounded two women. Mr. Elliott is remarkably healthy and spry for his age and still retains his patriotic fire and zeal, steps quick at the tap of the drum, and says he can see good enough to shoot an enemy of his country at a distance of 60 yards. He knows of but one of his old comrades now living, and he is Mr. Pool, of Campbell township.

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