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July 31, 1903, Vernon Journal

   George Specht the subject of this sketch was born in Bergstagt, Germany, Oct. 14, 1829 and came to America with his parents in 1846. They settled in Phillidelphia where George learned the shoemakers trade. In 1850 they moved to Indianapolis and and a year later to Vernon occupying the house where John Hengstler now lives.
   His parents died about 20 years ago at a ripe old age.
   George Specht had by hard work and close saving accumulated a nice sum and in 1853 invested it in property on the site of his present building. In 1854 he married Elizabeth Laninger. To this union 9 children were born, four of whom-Charles, Frank, Anna and Katherine-are still living. The wife died three years ago on the eve of reaching the half century mark of wedded life.
   Mr. Specht suffered a heavy loss in the fire of 1859 when the entire block in which he is located was destroyed by fire, but being in the prime of life and full of vigor he immediately rebuilt and has since enjoyed a fair share of the worlds goods. He enjoys remarkable good health and has not missed a day at the bench for a long time.

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