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February 7, 1883, Vernon Banner
written by Needmore Blade (a local pen name, actual author unknown)

    Robert Elliott was born in "Good Old Kaintuck," more than four score years ago, and emigrated to Indiana more than sixty years ago, and settled at Zenas in the eastern part of Jennings county. Raised in a sparsely settled country he did not have the opportunity of much "book larnin" but nature blessed him with a bright intellect, sound judgement, and strong executive ability. Mr. Elliott saw this country in its infancy, and watched it develop to its present state of perfection. In early life Mr. Elliott was an uncompromising Whig and when the Republican party was organized he was one of its constitutant members, and has been one of its dilligent workers ever since.
    In the decade between 1840 and 1850 Mr. Elliott was one of the Probate Judges for six years, and filled the office with dignity and propriety.
    In 1855 he was high Sheriff of Jennings county - I don't know how many terms.
    Robert Elliott is the father of our late ex-treasurer, Hiram Elliott. He is now living near Zenas on his large farm, in his own quiet, modest, comfortable home, and in peace and retirement, in the evening of life, but is deeply interested in the wellfare of the county and especially in the success of the Republican party.
    Mr. Elliott has always been a very industrious man and he still takes pleasure in hating laziness. He is one of our oldest pioneers and best citizens, and is a thorough going man.

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